What is all this about?

The Maastricht UAC is responsible for air traffic control in the upper airspace of the Benelux and the north-west of Germany. IVAO Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands in co-operation wih the ATC Operations Department are currently conducting trials to determine whether full implementation of the UAC on IVAO is desirable.

The trial period commences December 1 2007 and will continue for several months. During the trials Maastricht UAC will be opened in various configurations with different levels of traffic.

Trial dates will always be published in advance, please visit the ATC Operations forum for a list of dates.

Who may take part

Only controllers having received written approval from the ATC Operations Manager, or his local delegate, may open Maastricht.

If you are interested in controlling, are C3 or higher, and are a member of the BE/DE/NL division please contact your AOC or DIR.

All pilots are welcome to take part in the trial simply by flying through the airspace. If you wish to leave feedback about your experience with Maastricht UAC please e-mail atcops@ivao.aero or use the ATC Operations forum.

Sectors and Frequencies

Three sectors will be implemented during the trial period, they have been modelled on the three real-world sector groups. The ICAO code for Maastricht is EDYY. Controllers will log in as EDYY_***_CTR where *** is the three letter identifier of the sector, as portrayed in the diagram below.

These sectors have not been loaded into IvAe/dlmn/QT so please be alert when flying in the area and check the network page regularly.

Sector name IvAc identifier Frequency Radio Callsign
Hannover EDYY_HNN_CTR 133.855 Maastricht Radar
Brussels EDYY_BRU_CTR 132.205 Maastricht Radar
Delta Coastal (DeCo) EDYY_DEC_CTR 134.705 Maastricht Radar

All the frequencies are based on 8.33 khz spacing, but have been tested and are fully compatible with FS radios.

They should be pronounced with all six digits, including the trailing 5, for example "One-tree-four-decimal-two-zero-fife"