Welcome to the IVAO routes DB. These IFR routes are based on real world routings published by ATS providers, or used by Airlines.

The database currently has 21394 flight plans. Below you can browse the routes, or if you know the exact routing you want to fly, you can use the search function at the bottom.

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With return leg :

  • All: All routes, even if no return leg is available
  • Yes: Return leg must be available
  • No : Only routes for which no return leg is available


Route Type :

  • A: All Altitudes
  • L : Low Altitude
  • H : High Altitude
  • LSD : US FAA Low altitude Single Direction
  • HSD : US FAA High Altitude Single Direction
  • SLD : US FAA Special Low altitude Directional
  • SHD : US FAA Special High altitude Directional
  • TEC : US FAA Tower Enroute Control


For updates and corrections contact your Division staff (FOC/FOAC)