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We have 59 Member SO Groups

Clean this list from time to time by checking the website of SOGs (click on name)
If the website is closed or does not work, delete the SOG completely (be very careful!).
If Main Id is different from Member Id or either one is missing, contact the DBA.

Main Id Code Name Type
631 AFP Portuguese Air Force M
723 ALF Allied Command Europe (Mobile Force) M
746 AME Aeronave Militar Espanola. Ministerio De Defensa M
879 ASY Royal Australian Air Force M
976 AYB Force Terrestre Belge M
1001 BAF Belgian Air Force M
1161 BRS Brazilian Air Force M
1282 CEF Czech Air Force M
1293 CFC Canadian Armed Forces M
1448 CPF U S Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol (Maxwell Afb, Al) M
1517 CTG Canadian Coast Guard S
1587 DAF Danish Air Force M
1610 DCN Federal Armed Forces, Federal Republic Of Germany M
1907 FAF Force Aerienne Francaise M
2005 FNF Finnish Air Force M
2006 FNG Frontier Guard, Finland S
2080 GAF German Air Force M
2239 HAF Hellenic Air Force M
2395 ICG Icelandic Coast Guard S
2412 IFC Indian Air Force M

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