RegionTunis FIR Tunisia (DTTC)
CoordinatesN 36� 4' 33" - E 10� 26' 19"
Elevation21 ft / 6 m
Magnetic Variation-0� East
Transition Altitude (TA)0 ft
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Facility information:
Name Frequency Callsign
Tunis Center 119.5 DTTC_CTR
ENFIDA Approach 119.3 DTNH_APP
ENFIDA Tower 118.55 DTNH_TWR
ENFIDA Ground 121.675 DTNH_GND

Runway information:
Number Category Heading Length Width Surface
No runway-info available yet

Approach information:
Number Type Id Frequency Heading Angle Range
No Approach-info available yet

SID information:
Name Description
No SID-info available yet

STAR information:
Name Description
No STAR-info available yet

Sector files:
Filename Info Author IvAc Size File to d/l
No custom made sectorfiles available yet
(generated) Tunis Center I.V.A.O. No n/a DTTC_CTR

Approach Maps:
Filename Info Author Size File to d/l
No maps available yet

Recommended Sceneries:
Filename Info Author Size File to d/l
No sceneries available yet
Even though all frequencies and codes SHOULD be real,
they are only for use with IvAc, IvAp, and Flight Simulator,
and should NOT be used for real life aviation.

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