Swiss Radar


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Communication frequencies:
Name Frequency Callsign
Swiss Radar 128.05 LSAZ_CTR
Swiss Radar Flight Service Station 124.7 LSAZ_FSS

Center area:
Altitude Area
GND-UNL  N047.35.00.000 E009.35.00.000 N047.48.00.000 E009.35.00.000
N047.48.00.000 E009.35.00.000 N047.52.00.000 E008.51.00.000
N047.52.00.000 E008.51.00.000 N047.40.00.000 E007.35.00.000
N047.40.00.000 E007.35.00.000 N047.10.00.000 E007.00.00.000
N047.10.00.000 E007.00.00.000 N046.30.00.000 E006.10.00.000
N046.30.00.000 E006.10.00.000 N046.08.00.000 E006.00.00.000
N046.08.00.000 E006.00.00.000 N046.25.00.000 E006.45.00.000
N046.25.00.000 E006.45.00.000 N045.55.00.000 E007.05.00.000
N045.55.00.000 E007.05.00.000 N046.20.00.000 E008.20.00.000
N046.20.00.000 E008.20.00.000 N045.40.00.000 E009.00.00.000
N045.40.00.000 E009.00.00.000 N046.15.00.000 E009.10.00.000
N046.15.00.000 E009.10.00.000 N046.15.00.000 E010.10.00.000
N046.15.00.000 E010.10.00.000 N046.40.00.000 E010.30.00.000
N046.40.00.000 E010.30.00.000 N046.50.00.000 E010.30.00.000
N046.50.00.000 E010.30.00.000 N047.05.00.000 E009.30.00.000
N047.05.00.000 E009.30.00.000 N047.35.00.000 E009.35.00.000
N047.35.00.000 E009.35.00.000 N047.35.00.000 E009.35.00.000

Filename Info Author IvAc Size File to d/l
lszh_gnd_1.sct Zurich Ground v.1 n/a No n/a n/a
lsza_gnd_1.sct Salsburg Ground v.1 n/a No n/a
zurich_app.sct Zurich Approach Dirk Veen No n/a
(generated) Swiss Radar I.V.A.O. No n/a LSAZ_CTR

Approach Maps:
Filename Info Author Size File to d/l Zurich SASFSS n/a Zurich SASFSS n/a

Recommended Sceneries:
Filename Info Author Size File to d/l
No sceneries available yet
Even though all frequencies and codes SHOULD be real,
they are only for use with IvAc, IvAp, and Flight Simulator,
and should NOT be used for real life aviation.

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