Frequencies - United States

These frequencies are in use:

Facility Name/Purpose Frequency Callsign
Emergency Frequency 121.50 *
Tower 122.800 KAQH_TWR
Tower 122.900 KDUY_TWR
Tower 122.900 KEWU_TWR
Tower 122.800 KIIK_TWR
Tower 122.800 KJON_TWR
0- Louisiana - Vicksburg Tallulah Rgnl Tower 123.000 KTVR_TWR
A L Mangham Jr. Regional Tower 122.800 KOCH_TWR
Aberdeen Regional Tower 122.700 KABR_TWR
Abernathy Field Tower 122.800 KGZS_TWR
Abilene Regional Approach 125.000 KABI_APP
Abilene Regional Departure 127.200 KABI_DEP
Abilene Regional Ground 121.700 KABI_GND
Abilene Regional Tower 120.100 KABI_TWR
Acadiana Regional Approach 121.100 KARA_APP
Acadiana Regional Clearance Delivery 121.700 KARA_DEL
Acadiana Regional Departure 121.100 KARA_DEP
Acadiana Regional Ground 121.700 KARA_GND
Acadiana Regional Tower 120.000 KARA_TWR
Accomack County Approach 126.050 KMFV_APP
Accomack County Departure 126.050 KMFV_DEP
Accomack County Tower 122.800 KMFV_TWR
Ada Muni Tower 122.800 KADH_TWR
Addington Field Approach 124.500 KEKX_APP
Addington Field Clearance Delivery 119.450 KEKX_DEL
Addington Field Departure 124.500 KEKX_DEP
Addington Field Tower 122.800 KEKX_TWR
Addison Approach 124.300 KADS_APP
Addison Clearance Delivery 119.550 KADS_DEL
Addison Departure 124.300 KADS_DEP
Addison Ground 121.600 KADS_GND
Addison Tower 120.000 KADS_TWR
Adirondack Regional Tower 123.000 KSLK_TWR
Afton Mun Tower 122.800 KAFO_TWR
Aiken Muni Approach 124.150 KAIK_APP
Aiken Muni Departure 124.150 KAIK_DEP
Aiken Muni Tower 122.800 KAIK_TWR
Ainsworth Muni Tower 122.800 KANW_TWR
Air Force Academy, Co. Ground 121.800 KAFF_GND
Air Force Academy, Co. Tower 120.000 KAFF_TWR
Airborne Airpark Approach 118.850 KILN_APP
Airborne Airpark Clearance Delivery 125.600 KILN_DEL
Airborne Airpark Departure 118.850 KILN_DEP
Airborne Airpark Ground 121.600 KILN_GND
Airborne Airpark Tower 120.000 KILN_TWR
Airlake Tower 123.000 KLVN_TWR
Aitkin Muni Tower 122.900 KAIT_TWR
Akron Canton Regnl Approach 125.500 KCAK_APP
Akron Canton Regnl Clearance Delivery 132.050 KCAK_DEL
Akron Canton Regnl Departure 126.400 KCAK_DEP
Akron Canton Regnl Ground 121.700 KCAK_GND
Akron Canton Regnl Tower 118.300 KCAK_TWR
Akron-Washington Tower 122.800 KAKO_TWR
Alamogordo - White Sands Rgnl Approach 120.600 KALM_APP
Alamogordo - White Sands Rgnl Departure 120.600 KALM_DEP
Alamogordo - White Sands Rgnl Tower 122.800 KALM_TWR
Alamosa Regional/bergman Fld Tower 122.800 KALS_TWR
Albany Co Approach 118.050 KALB_APP
Albany Co Clearance Delivery 127.500 KALB_DEL
Albany Co Departure 125.000 KALB_DEP
Albany Co Ground 121.700 KALB_GND
Albany Co Tower 119.500 KALB_TWR
Alberquerque - Angel Fire Tower 122.800 KAXX_TWR
Albert J Ellis Approach 121.400 KOAJ_APP
Albert J Ellis Departure 121.400 KOAJ_DEP
Albert J Ellis Tower 123.000 KOAJ_TWR
Albert Lea Muni Tower 123.000 KAEL_TWR
Albert Whitted Approach 125.300 KSPG_APP
Albert Whitted Departure 125.300 KSPG_DEP
Albert Whitted Ground 121.800 KSPG_GND
Albert Whitted Tower 120.000 KSPG_TWR
Albertus Approach 126.000 KFEP_APP
Albertus Departure 126.000 KFEP_DEP
Albertus Tower 122.800 KFEP_TWR
Albion Muni Tower 122.900 KBVN_TWR
Albuquerque Approach 123.900 KABQ_APP
Albuquerque Clearance Delivery 119.200 KABQ_DEL
Albuquerque Departure 134.800 KABQ_DEP
Albuquerque Ground 121.900 KABQ_GND
Albuquerque Tower 120.300 KABQ_TWR
Albuquerque Center 135.320 KZAB_CTR
Alexander Field South Wood County Tower 122.800 KISW_TWR
Alexander Salamon Tower 122.800 KAMT_TWR
Alexandria Esler Regional Approach 125.400 KESF_APP
Alexandria Esler Regional Clearance Delivery 121.700 KESF_DEL
Alexandria Esler Regional Departure 125.400 KESF_DEP
Alexandria Esler Regional Ground 121.700 KESF_GND
Alexandria Esler Regional Tower 120.000 KESF_TWR
Alexandria Intl Approach 125.400 KAEX_APP
Alexandria Intl Clearance Delivery 121.900 KAEX_DEL
Alexandria Intl Departure 125.400 KAEX_DEP
Alexandria Intl Ground 121.900 KAEX_GND
Alexandria Intl Tower 120.000 KAEX_TWR
Algona Tower 122.800 KAXA_TWR
Alice Intl Approach 119.900 KALI_APP
Alice Intl Departure 119.900 KALI_DEP
Alice Intl Tower 123.000 KALI_TWR
Allaire Approach 120.250 KBLM_APP
Allaire Clearance Delivery 120.950 KBLM_DEL
Allaire Departure 120.250 KBLM_DEP
Allaire Tower 123.000 KBLM_TWR
Allen Parish Approach 123.700 LA31_APP
Allen Parish Departure 123.700 LA31_DEP
Allentown Lehigh Valley Intl Approach 119.650 KABE_APP
Allentown Lehigh Valley Intl Clearance Delivery 124.050 KABE_DEL
Allentown Lehigh Valley Intl Departure 124.450 KABE_DEP
Allentown Lehigh Valley Intl Ground 121.900 KABE_GND
Allentown Lehigh Valley Intl Tower 120.500 KABE_TWR
Alliance Municipal Tower 123.000 KAIA_TWR
Alpena Approach 128.425 KAPN_APP
Alpena Departure 128.425 KAPN_DEP
Alpena Ground 121.900 KAPN_GND
Alpena Tower 121.350 KAPN_TWR
Altoona-Blair County Tower 123.600 KAOO_TWR
Altus Air Force Base, Ok. Approach 125.100 KLTS_APP
Altus Air Force Base, Ok. Clearance Delivery 120.650 KLTS_DEL
Altus Air Force Base, Ok. Departure 125.100 KLTS_DEP
Altus Air Force Base, Ok. Ground 121.850 KLTS_GND
Altus Air Force Base, Ok. Tower 120.000 KLTS_TWR
Altus Muni Approach 125.100 KAXS_APP
Altus Muni Departure 125.100 KAXS_DEP
Altus Muni Tower 122.800 KAXS_TWR
Amarillo - Tradewind Approach 121.150 KTDW_APP
Amarillo - Tradewind Clearance Delivery 125.400 KTDW_DEL
Amarillo - Tradewind Departure 121.150 KTDW_DEP
Amarillo - Tradewind Tower 122.800 KTDW_TWR
Amarillo Intl Approach 124.800 KAMA_APP
Amarillo Intl Clearance Delivery 121.650 KAMA_DEL
Amarillo Intl Departure 124.800 KAMA_DEP
Amarillo Intl Ground 121.900 KAMA_GND
Amarillo Intl Tower 120.000 KAMA_TWR
Ambler AK Tower 122.800 KAFM_TWR
Amedee Aaf Tower 126.200 KAHC_TWR
Amery Muni Tower 122.800 KAHH_TWR
Ames Muni Approach 123.900 KAMW_APP
Ames Muni Clearance Delivery 126.000 KAMW_DEL
Ames Muni Departure 123.900 KAMW_DEP
Ames Muni Tower 122.800 KAMW_TWR
Anchorage Center 132.300 PAZA_CTR
Anchorage Intl Approach 119.100 PANC_APP
Anchorage Intl Departure 118.600 PANC_DEP
Anchorage Intl Ground 121.900 PANC_GND
Anchorage Intl Tower 118.300 PANC_TWR
Anchorage Merrill Fld Tower 126.000 PMRI_TWR
Anderson County Approach 118.800 KAND_APP
Anderson County Departure 118.800 KAND_DEP
Anderson County Tower 123.600 KAND_TWR
Anderson Municipal-Darlington Field Ground 121.600 KAID_GND
Anderson Municipal-Darlington Field Tower 120.000 KAID_TWR
Andrau Airpark Approach 123.800 KAAP_APP
Andrau Airpark Clearance Delivery 118.850 KAAP_DEL
Andrau Airpark Departure 123.800 KAAP_DEP
Andrau Airpark Tower 123.000 KAAP_TWR
Andrews AFB Clearance Delivery 127.550 KADW_DEL
Andrews AFB Ground 121.800 KADW_GND
Andrews AFB Tower 120.000 KADW_TWR
Andrews Muni Tower 122.900 KPHH_TWR
Angelina County Tower 123.000 KLFK_TWR
Aniak Tower 122.100 KANI_TWR
Ankeny Regional Approach 123.900 KIKV_APP
Ankeny Regional Clearance Delivery 126.650 KIKV_DEL
Ankeny Regional Departure 123.900 KIKV_DEP
Ankeny Regional Tower 122.700 KIKV_TWR
Ann Arbor Muni Ground 121.600 KARB_GND
Ann Arbor Muni Tower 120.300 KARB_TWR
Anniston Metropolitan Approach 125.450 KANB_APP
Anniston Metropolitan Departure 125.450 KANB_DEP
Anniston Metropolitan Tower 123.600 KANB_TWR
Anoka County-Blaine Arpt (Janes Field) Clearance Delivery 121.300 KANE_DEL
Anoka County-Blaine Arpt (Janes Field) Ground 121.850 KANE_GND
Anoka County-Blaine Arpt (Janes Field) Tower 126.050 KANE_TWR
Anthony Muni Tower 122.800 KANY_TWR
Antrim County Tower 122.700 KACB_TWR
Apache Creek - Artesia Muni Approach 119.600 KATS_APP
Apache Creek - Artesia Muni Departure 119.600 KATS_DEP
Apache Creek - Artesia Muni Tower 122.800 KATS_TWR
Apalachicola Muni Approach 124.150 KAAF_APP
Apalachicola Muni Departure 124.150 KAAF_DEP
Apalachicola Muni Tower 122.800 KAAF_TWR
Apex Airpark Tower 122.800 KS42_TWR
Apple Valley Approach 124.550 KAPV_APP
Apple Valley Departure 124.550 KAPV_DEP
Apple Valley Tower 122.800 KAPV_TWR
Appleton Ground 121.700 KATW_GND
Appleton Tower 119.600 KATW_TWR
Appleton Muni Tower 122.900 KAQP_TWR
Arcata Eureka / Arcata Tower 123.650 KACV_TWR
Arco-Butte Co Tower 122.800 KAOC_TWR
Ardmore Muni Ground 121.800 KADM_GND
Ardmore Muni Tower 120.000 KADM_TWR
Arens Field Approach 132.050 KRWN_APP
Arens Field Departure 132.050 KRWN_DEP
Arens Field Tower 122.800 KRWN_TWR
Arkansas International Tower 122.700 KBYH_TWR
Arlington Muni Tower 122.700 KAWO_TWR
Arlington Muni Approach 135.970 KGKY_APP
Arlington Muni Clearance Delivery 118.850 KGKY_DEL
Arlington Muni Departure 135.970 KGKY_DEP
Arlington Muni Approach 125.800 KLHC_APP
Arlington Muni Departure 124.150 KLHC_DEP
Arlington Muni Tower 122.800 KLHC_TWR
Ash Flat - Cherokee Village Tower 122.700 KCVK_TWR
Asheville Regional Approach 125.800 KAVL_APP
Asheville Regional Departure 125.800 KAVL_DEP
Asheville Regional Ground 121.900 KAVL_GND
Asheville Regional Tower 120.000 KAVL_TWR
Ashland-boyd county Approach 132.950 KDWU_APP
Ashland-boyd county Clearance Delivery 121.700 KDWU_DEL
Ashland-boyd county Departure 132.950 KDWU_DEP
Ashland-John F Kennedy Mem Tower 122.800 KASX_TWR
Ashley Mun Tower 122.900 KASY_TWR
Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy Field Approach 123.800 KASE_APP
Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy Field Clearance Delivery 123.750 KASE_DEL
Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy Field Departure 123.800 KASE_DEP
Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy Field Ground 121.900 KASE_GND
Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy Field Tower 118.850 KASE_TWR
Astoria Regional Tower 122.800 KAST_TWR
Athens/Ben Epps Ground 121.800 KAHN_GND
Athens/Ben Epps Tower 126.300 KAHN_TWR
Atkinson Muni Tower 123.000 KPTS_TWR
Atlanta Center 135.000 KZTL_CTR
Atlanta Dekalb-Peachtree Approach 119.300 KPDK_APP
Atlanta Dekalb-Peachtree Clearance Delivery 125.200 KPDK_DEL
Atlanta Dekalb-Peachtree Departure 119.300 KPDK_DEP
Atlanta Dekalb-Peachtree Ground 121.600 KPDK_GND
Atlanta Dekalb-Peachtree Tower 120.900 KPDK_TWR
Atlanta Fulton Co Arpt-Brown Approach 121.000 KFTY_APP
Atlanta Fulton Co Arpt-Brown Clearance Delivery 123.700 KFTY_DEL
Atlanta Fulton Co Arpt-Brown Departure 121.000 KFTY_DEP
Atlanta Fulton Co Arpt-Brown Ground 121.700 KFTY_GND
Atlanta Fulton Co Arpt-Brown Tower 118.500 KFTY_TWR
Atlanta Intl/ Wllm B Hartsfld Approach 126.900 KATL_APP
Atlanta Intl/ Wllm B Hartsfld Departure 125.700 KATL_DEP
Atlanta Intl/ Wllm B Hartsfld Ground 121.900 KATL_GND
Atlanta Intl/ Wllm B Hartsfld Tower 119.100 KATL_TWR
Atlanta Muni Tower 122.900 KATA_TWR
Atlantic Tower 122.700 KAIO_TWR
Atlantic City International Approach 134.250 KACY_APP
Atlantic City International Clearance Delivery 127.850 KACY_DEL
Atlantic City International Departure 134.250 KACY_DEP
Atlantic City International Ground 121.900 KACY_GND
Atlantic City International Tower 120.000 KACY_TWR
Atlantic City Muni/Bader Field Approach 134.250 KAIY_APP
Atlantic City Muni/Bader Field Clearance Delivery 121.700 KAIY_DEL
Atlantic City Muni/Bader Field Departure 134.250 KAIY_DEP
Atlantic City Muni/Bader Field Tower 123.000 KAIY_TWR
Atwood-Rawlins Co Tower 122.700 KADT_TWR
Auburn Muni Approach 119.100 KAUN_APP
Auburn Muni Departure 119.100 KAUN_DEP
Auburn Muni Tower 122.700 KAUN_TWR
Auburn-Opelika Robert G. Pitts Approach 125.500 KAUO_APP
Auburn-Opelika Robert G. Pitts Departure 125.500 KAUO_DEP
Auburn-Opelika Robert G. Pitts Tower 123.000 KAUO_TWR
Auburn/Lewiston Muni Approach 125.500 KLEW_APP
Auburn/Lewiston Muni Departure 125.500 KLEW_DEP
Auburn/Lewiston Muni Tower 122.800 KLEW_TWR
Audubon County Tower 122.800 KADU_TWR
Augusta State Approach 128.350 KAUG_APP
Augusta State Clearance Delivery 119.950 KAUG_DEL
Augusta State Departure 128.350 KAUG_DEP
Augusta State Ground 123.000 KAUG_GND
Augusta State Tower 133.200 KAUG_TWR
Aurora Muni Approach 133.500 KARR_APP
Aurora Muni Clearance Delivery 121.700 KARR_DEL
Aurora Muni Departure 133.500 KARR_DEP
Aurora Muni Ground 121.700 KARR_GND
Aurora Muni Tower 120.000 KARR_TWR
Aurora Muni Tower 122.800 KAUH_TWR
Aurora State Approach 126.000 KUAO_APP
Aurora State Clearance Delivery 119.950 KUAO_DEL
Aurora State Departure 126.000 KUAO_DEP
Austin Muni Approach 119.800 KAUM_APP
Austin Muni Departure 119.800 KAUM_DEP
Austin Muni Tower 122.700 KAUM_TWR
Austin-Robert Mueller Muni Approach 118.800 KAUS_APP
Austin-Robert Mueller Muni Tower 121.000 KAUS_TWR
Ava Bill Martin Memorial Tower 122.700 KAOV_TWR
Avenger Field Approach 127.200 KSWW_APP
Avenger Field Departure 127.200 KSWW_DEP
Avenger Field Tower 122.800 KSWW_TWR
Avon Park Muni Tower 122.800 KAVO_TWR
Babelthuap/Koror Tower 123.600 KROR_TWR
Bacon County Tower 122.700 KAMG_TWR
Baker City Municipal Tower 123.000 KBKE_TWR
Baker, Baker Municipal Airport Tower 122.900 KBHK_TWR
Baldwin County Approach 124.200 KMLJ_APP
Baldwin County Departure 124.200 KMLJ_DEP
Baldwin County Tower 122.800 KMLJ_TWR
Baltimore/ Washington Intl Clearance Delivery 118.050 KBWI_DEL
Baltimore/ Washington Intl Ground 121.900 KBWI_GND
Baltimore/ Washington Intl Tower 119.400 KBWI_TWR
Bangor Intl Approach 124.500 KBGR_APP
Bangor Intl Clearance Delivery 135.900 KBGR_DEL
Bangor Intl Departure 124.500 KBGR_DEP
Bangor Intl Ground 121.900 KBGR_GND
Bangor Intl Tower 120.700 KBGR_TWR
Banning Muni Tower 122.800 KBNG_TWR
Baraboo Wisconsin Dells Tower 123.000 KDLL_TWR
Barbers Point NAS Approach 118.300 PHNA_APP
Barbers Point NAS Departure 118.300 PHNA_DEP
Barbers Point NAS Ground 123.800 PHNA_GND
Barbers Point NAS Tower 132.650 PHNA_TWR
Barking Sands Pmrf Tower 126.200 PHBK_TWR
Barkley Regional Ground 121.700 KPAH_GND
Barkley Regional Tower 120.000 KPAH_TWR
Barksdale AFB Approach 121.400 KBAD_APP
Barksdale AFB Departure 121.400 KBAD_DEP
Barksdale AFB Ground 121.800 KBAD_GND
Barksdale AFB Tower 120.000 KBAD_TWR
Barnstable Muni-Boardman/Polando Field Approach 118.200 KHYA_APP
Barnstable Muni-Boardman/Polando Field Clearance Delivery 125.150 KHYA_DEL
Barnstable Muni-Boardman/Polando Field Departure 118.200 KHYA_DEP
Barnstable Muni-Boardman/Polando Field Ground 121.900 KHYA_GND
Barnstable Muni-Boardman/Polando Field Tower 120.000 KHYA_TWR
Barnwell County Tower 122.800 KBNL_TWR
Barstow-Daggett Tower 123.000 KDAG_TWR
Bartlesville Muni Tower 120.000 KBVO_TWR
Bartow Muni Approach 120.650 KBOW_APP
Bartow Muni Departure 120.650 KBOW_DEP
Bartow Muni Ground 121.900 KBOW_GND
Bartow Muni Tower 120.000 KBOW_TWR
Bassett-Rock Co Tower 122.900 KRBE_TWR
Batesville Regional Tower 122.800 KBVX_TWR
Baton Rouge Metro/ Ryan Fld Approach 126.500 KBTR_APP
Baton Rouge Metro/ Ryan Fld Clearance Delivery 119.400 KBTR_DEL
Baton Rouge Metro/ Ryan Fld Departure 126.500 KBTR_DEP
Baton Rouge Metro/ Ryan Fld Ground 121.900 KBTR_GND
Baton Rouge Metro/ Ryan Fld Tower 120.000 KBTR_TWR
Battle Creek/ W K Kellogg Approach 121.200 KBTL_APP
Battle Creek/ W K Kellogg Departure 121.200 KBTL_DEP
Battle Creek/ W K Kellogg Ground 121.700 KBTL_GND
Battle Creek/ W K Kellogg Tower 120.000 KBTL_TWR
Battle Mountain Tower 122.800 KBAM_TWR
Baudette Intl Tower 122.800 KBDE_TWR
Baytown Approach 134.450 KHPY_APP
Baytown Departure 134.450 KHPY_DEP
Baytown Tower 122.800 KHPY_TWR
Beale AFB Approach 125.400 KBAB_APP
Beale AFB Departure 125.400 KBAB_DEP
Beale AFB Ground 121.600 KBAB_GND
Beale AFB Tower 120.000 KBAB_TWR
Beatrice Municipal Tower 122.800 KBIE_TWR
Beatty Tower 122.900 KBTY_TWR
Beaufort MCAS /Merritt Field/ Approach 123.700 KNBC_APP
Beaufort MCAS /Merritt Field/ Clearance Delivery 128.150 KNBC_DEL
Beaufort MCAS /Merritt Field/ Departure 123.700 KNBC_DEP
Beaufort MCAS /Merritt Field/ Ground 128.150 KNBC_GND
Beaufort MCAS /Merritt Field/ Tower 119.050 KNBC_TWR
Beaufort, Smith Field Approach 124.100 KMRH_APP
Beaufort, Smith Field Clearance Delivery 125.650 KMRH_DEL
Beaufort, Smith Field Departure 124.100 KMRH_DEP
Beaufort, Smith Field Tower 122.800 KMRH_TWR
Beaumont Muni Approach 121.300 KBMT_APP
Beaumont Muni Clearance Delivery 121.750 KBMT_DEL
Beaumont Muni Departure 121.300 KBMT_DEP
Beaumont Muni Tower 123.000 KBMT_TWR
Beaumont/ Port Arthur-Jeff Co Approach 124.850 KBPT_APP
Beaumont/ Port Arthur-Jeff Co Clearance Delivery 118.300 KBPT_DEL
Beaumont/ Port Arthur-Jeff Co Departure 124.850 KBPT_DEP
Beaumont/ Port Arthur-Jeff Co Ground 121.900 KBPT_GND
Beaumont/ Port Arthur-Jeff Co Tower 120.000 KBPT_TWR
Beauregard Parish Approach 123.700 KDRI_APP
Beauregard Parish Departure 123.700 KDRI_DEP
Beauregard Parish Tower 122.800 KDRI_TWR
Beaver County Ground 121.800 KBVI_GND
Beaver County Tower 120.300 KBVI_TWR
Beaver Island Tower 122.800 KSJX_TWR
Bedford/ Laurence G Hanscom Fd Approach 124.400 KBED_APP
Bedford/ Laurence G Hanscom Fd Clearance Delivery 121.850 KBED_DEL
Bedford/ Laurence G Hanscom Fd Departure 124.400 KBED_DEP
Bedford/ Laurence G Hanscom Fd Ground 121.700 KBED_GND
Bedford/ Laurence G Hanscom Fd Tower 118.900 KBED_TWR
Belfast Muni Approach 125.300 KBST_APP
Belfast Muni Clearance Delivery 119.500 KBST_DEL
Belfast Muni Departure 125.300 KBST_DEP
Belfast Muni Tower 122.800 KBST_TWR
Belle Fourche Muni Tower 122.800 KEFC_TWR
Belleville Muni Tower 122.800 KRPB_TWR
Bellingham Intl Approach 132.700 KBLI_APP
Bellingham Intl Departure 132.700 KBLI_DEP
Bellingham Intl Ground 127.400 KBLI_GND
Bellingham Intl Tower 120.000 KBLI_TWR
Bemidji-Beltrami County Tower 122.800 KBJI_TWR
Benedum Approach 121.150 KCKB_APP
Benedum Departure 121.150 KCKB_DEP
Benedum Ground 121.900 KCKB_GND
Benedum Tower 126.700 KCKB_TWR
Benson Muni Tower 122.800 KBBB_TWR
Bentonville Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting Approach 121.000 KVBT_APP
Bentonville Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting Clearance Delivery 121.750 KVBT_DEL
Bentonville Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting Departure 121.000 KVBT_DEP
Bergstrom Afb Approach 124.900 KBSM_APP
Bergstrom Afb Clearance Delivery 121.700 KBSM_DEL
Bergstrom Afb Departure 124.900 KBSM_DEP
Bergstrom Afb Ground 121.700 KBSM_GND
Bergstrom Afb Tower 118.220 KBSM_TWR
Berlin Muni Tower 122.700 KBML_TWR
Bermuda Dunes Approach 118.850 KUDD_APP
Bermuda Dunes Departure 118.850 KUDD_DEP
Bermuda Dunes Tower 122.800 KUDD_TWR
Berz-Macomb Departure 119.600 KUIZ_DEP
Berz-Macomb Tower 122.800 KUIZ_TWR
Bessemer Approach 123.800 KEKY_APP
Bessemer Clearance Delivery 123.750 KEKY_DEL
Bessemer Departure 123.800 KEKY_DEP
Beverly Muni Approach 124.400 KBVY_APP
Beverly Muni Departure 124.400 KBVY_DEP
Beverly Muni Ground 121.600 KBVY_GND
Beverly Muni Tower 120.000 KBVY_TWR
Big Piney Marbletn Tower 122.800 KBPI_TWR
Biggs AAF Approach 124.150 KBIF_APP
Biggs AAF Clearance Delivery 125.000 KBIF_DEL
Biggs AAF Departure 119.700 KBIF_DEP
Biggs AAF Ground 121.600 KBIF_GND
Biggs AAF Tower 127.900 KBIF_TWR
Billings Logan Intl Approach 120.500 KBIL_APP
Billings Logan Intl Clearance Delivery 121.900 KBIL_DEL
Billings Logan Intl Departure 120.500 KBIL_DEP
Billings Logan Intl Ground 121.900 KBIL_GND
Billings Logan Intl Tower 124.200 KBIL_TWR
Billy Mitchell Tower 122.900 KHSE_TWR
Binghamton Regional/Edwin A Link Field Approach 118.600 KBGM_APP
Binghamton Regional/Edwin A Link Field Clearance Delivery 125.050 KBGM_DEL
Binghamton Regional/Edwin A Link Field Departure 127.550 KBGM_DEP
Binghamton Regional/Edwin A Link Field Ground 121.900 KBGM_GND
Binghamton Regional/Edwin A Link Field Tower 119.300 KBGM_TWR
Birmingham Intl Approach 127.670 KBHM_APP
Birmingham Intl Departure 127.670 KBHM_DEP
Birmingham Intl Ground 121.700 KBHM_GND
Birmingham Intl Tower 120.000 KBHM_TWR
Bisbee Douglas Intl Tower 123.000 KDUG_TWR
Bishop Tower 123.000 KBIH_TWR
Bismarck Muni Approach 126.300 KBIS_APP
Bismarck Muni Departure 126.300 KBIS_DEP
Bismarck Muni Ground 121.900 KBIS_GND
Bismarck Muni Tower 118.300 KBIS_TWR
Black River Falls Area Tower 122.900 KBCK_TWR
Blackstone AAF-Allen C. Perkinson Muni Tower 120.000 KBKT_TWR
Blanding Muni Tower 122.800 KBDG_TWR
Block Island State Approach 125.750 KBID_APP
Block Island State Clearance Delivery 120.100 KBID_DEL
Block Island State Departure 125.750 KBID_DEP
Block Island State Tower 123.000 KBID_TWR
Bloomington/Normal Approach 118.050 KBMI_APP
Bloomington/Normal Departure 118.050 KBMI_DEP
Bloomington/Normal Ground 121.650 KBMI_GND
Bloomington/Normal Tower 120.000 KBMI_TWR
Blue Canyon - Nyack Tower 122.900 KBLU_TWR
Blue Earth Muni Tower 122.800 KSBU_TWR
Blue Ridge Approach 124.350 KMTV_APP
Blue Ridge Clearance Delivery 124.850 KMTV_DEL
Blue Ridge Departure 124.350 KMTV_DEP
Blue Ridge Tower 122.700 KMTV_TWR
Blythe Tower 122.800 KBLH_TWR
Blytheville Muni Tower 122.800 KHKA_TWR
Bob Sikes Approach 124.050 KCEW_APP
Bob Sikes Departure 124.050 KCEW_DEP
Bob Sikes Tower 123.600 KCEW_TWR
Bobby L Chain Muni Tower 122.800 KHBG_TWR
Boca Raton Tower 122.800 KBCT_TWR
Bogue Field MCALF Approach 124.100 KNJM_APP
Bogue Field MCALF Departure 124.100 KNJM_DEP
Bogue Field MCALF Tower 119.500 KNJM_TWR
Boire Field Approach 124.900 KASH_APP
Boire Field Departure 124.900 KASH_DEP
Boire Field Ground 121.800 KASH_GND
Boire Field Tower 133.200 KASH_TWR
Boise-Gowen Fld Approach 119.600 KBOI_APP
Boise-Gowen Fld Clearance Delivery 125.900 KBOI_DEL
Boise-Gowen Fld Departure 126.900 KBOI_DEP
Boise-Gowen Fld Ground 121.700 KBOI_GND
Boise-Gowen Fld Tower 118.100 KBOI_TWR
Bolinder Field-Tooele Valley Approach 135.500 KTVY_APP
Bolinder Field-Tooele Valley Departure 135.500 KTVY_DEP
Bolinder Field-Tooele Valley Tower 123.000 KTVY_TWR
Bolton Field Approach 132.300 KTZR_APP
Bolton Field Departure 132.300 KTZR_DEP
Bolton Field Ground 121.800 KTZR_GND
Bolton Field Tower 128.100 KTZR_TWR
Bomar Field-Shelbyville Muni Tower 122.800 KSYI_TWR
Boone County Tower 123.000 KHRO_TWR
Boone Municipal Approach 123.900 KBNW_APP
Boone Municipal Departure 123.900 KBNW_DEP
Boone Municipal Tower 120.000 KBNW_TWR
Boonville-Jesse Viertel Mem Approach 124.370 KVER_APP
Boonville-Jesse Viertel Mem Departure 124.370 KVER_DEP
Boonville-Jesse Viertel Mem Tower 122.700 KVER_TWR
Borger-Hutchinson County Approach 124.800 KBGD_APP
Borger-Hutchinson County Departure 124.800 KBGD_DEP
Borger-Hutchinson County Tower 123.000 KBGD_TWR
Boscobel Tower 122.800 KOVS_TWR
Boston Center 134.700 KZBW_CTR
Boston/ Gen E Lawrence-Logan Approach 120.600 KBOS_APP
Boston/ Gen E Lawrence-Logan Clearance Delivery 121.650 KBOS_DEL
Boston/ Gen E Lawrence-Logan Departure 133.000 KBOS_DEP
Boston/ Gen E Lawrence-Logan Ground 121.900 KBOS_GND
Boston/ Gen E Lawrence-Logan Tower 128.800 KBOS_TWR
Boulder Junction Tower 122.900 KBDJ_TWR
Bowers Field Tower 123.000 KELN_TWR
Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Tower 123.600 KBWG_TWR
Boyne Mountain Tower 122.800 KBFA_TWR
Bozeman - Broadus Tower 122.900 KBDX_TWR
Brackett Field Approach 125.500 KPOC_APP
Brackett Field Departure 125.500 KPOC_DEP
Brackett Field Ground 125.000 KPOC_GND
Brackett Field Tower 118.200 KPOC_TWR
Bradford Regional Tower 123.650 KBFD_TWR
Brady-Curtis Field Tower 122.800 KBBD_TWR
Brainerd-Crow Wing Co Regional Tower 122.700 KBRD_TWR
Brawley Muni Tower 122.900 KBWC_TWR
Brazoria County Approach 134.450 KLBX_APP
Brazoria County Clearance Delivery 125.200 KLBX_DEL
Brazoria County Departure 134.450 KLBX_DEP
Brazoria County Tower 123.000 KLBX_TWR
Breckenridge-Stephens County Tower 122.800 KBKD_TWR
Bremerton National Approach 127.100 KPWT_APP
Bremerton National Departure 127.100 KPWT_DEP
Bremerton National Tower 122.700 KPWT_TWR
Brenner Tower 122.800 KFNB_TWR
Bridgeport-Igor I Sikorsky Mem Approach 126.950 KBDR_APP
Bridgeport-Igor I Sikorsky Mem Clearance Delivery 121.750 KBDR_DEL
Bridgeport-Igor I Sikorsky Mem Departure 126.950 KBDR_DEP
Bridgeport-Igor I Sikorsky Mem Ground 121.900 KBDR_GND
Bridgeport-Igor I Sikorsky Mem Tower 120.900 KBDR_TWR
Bridgewater Air Park Approach 132.850 KVBW_APP
Bridgewater Air Park Departure 132.850 KVBW_DEP
Bridgewater Air Park Tower 122.700 KVBW_TWR
Brigham City Approach 121.100 KBMC_APP
Brigham City Departure 121.100 KBMC_DEP
Brigham City Tower 122.800 KBMC_TWR
Britton Muni Tower 122.800 KBTN_TWR
Broken Bow Muni Tower 122.800 KBBW_TWR
Brookfield-Gen J. Pershing Mem Tower 122.900 KBZK_TWR
Brookhaven Clearance Delivery 133.200 KHWV_DEL
Brookhaven Tower 122.800 KHWV_TWR
Brookings Muni Tower 122.800 KBKX_TWR
Brookings State Tower 122.800 KBOK_TWR
Brown County Tower 122.900 KGEO_TWR
Browns Tower 122.900 KEPG_TWR
Brownsville/ S Padre Island In Approach 119.500 KBRO_APP
Brownsville/ S Padre Island In Departure 119.500 KBRO_DEP
Brownsville/ S Padre Island In Ground 121.900 KBRO_GND
Brownsville/ S Padre Island In Tower 120.000 KBRO_TWR
Brownwood Rgnl Tower 122.800 KBWD_TWR
Bruce Campbell Field Approach 125.250 KMBO_APP
Bruce Campbell Field Clearance Delivery 125.900 KMBO_DEL
Bruce Campbell Field Departure 125.250 KMBO_DEP
Bruce Campbell Field Tower 122.800 KMBO_TWR
Brunswick County Approach 118.250 KSUT_APP
Brunswick County Departure 118.250 KSUT_DEP
Brunswick County Tower 123.000 KSUT_TWR
Brunswick NAS Approach 118.150 KNHZ_APP
Brunswick NAS Departure 118.150 KNHZ_DEP
Brunswick NAS Ground 134.550 KNHZ_GND
Brunswick NAS Tower 119.600 KNHZ_TWR
Brunswick, Mc Kinnon Airport Tower 122.700 KSSI_TWR
Brunswick-Glynco Jetport Clearance Delivery 126.750 KBQK_DEL
Brunswick-Glynco Jetport Tower 122.800 KBQK_TWR
Bryan - Coulter Field Tower 123.000 KCFD_TWR
Bryce Canyon Tower 122.800 KBCE_TWR
Buchanan Field Approach 119.900 KCCR_APP
Buchanan Field Clearance Delivery 118.750 KCCR_DEL
Buchanan Field Departure 119.900 KCCR_DEP
Buchanan Field Ground 121.900 KCCR_GND
Buchanan Field Tower 120.000 KCCR_TWR
Bucholz A A F/ Kwajalein Usaka Approach 126.200 PKWA_APP
Bucholz A A F/ Kwajalein Usaka Tower 126.200 PKWA_TWR
Buckeye Muni Tower 122.800 KBXK_TWR
Buckland AK Tower 122.900 KBVK_TWR
Buckley ANGB Approach 128.450 KBKF_APP
Buckley ANGB Departure 128.450 KBKF_DEP
Buckley ANGB Ground 121.600 KBKF_GND
Buckley ANGB Tower 121.000 KBKF_TWR
Buffalo Johnson County Tower 122.800 KBYG_TWR
Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Approach 134.200 KBUR_APP
Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Departure 135.050 KBUR_DEP
Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Ground 123.900 KBUR_GND
Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Tower 118.700 KBUR_TWR
Burke County Approach 126.800 KBXG_APP
Burke County Departure 126.800 KBXG_DEP
Burke County Tower 122.900 KBXG_TWR
Burke Lakefront Ground 121.900 KBKL_GND
Burke Lakefront Tower 124.300 KBKL_TWR
Burley Muni Approach 126.700 KBYI_APP
Burley Muni Departure 126.700 KBYI_DEP
Burley Muni Tower 122.900 KBYI_TWR
Burlington Coffey Co Tower 123.000 KUKL_TWR
Burlington Intl Approach 121.100 KBTV_APP
Burlington Intl Departure 121.100 KBTV_DEP
Burlington Intl Ground 121.900 KBTV_GND
Burlington Intl Tower 118.300 KBTV_TWR
Burlington Regional Tower 123.000 KBRL_TWR
Burlington, Carson County Airport Tower 122.800 KITR_TWR
Burlington-Alamance Regional Approach 118.500 KBUY_APP
Burlington-Alamance Regional Clearance Delivery 120.250 KBUY_DEL
Burlington-Alamance Regional Departure 118.500 KBUY_DEP
Burlington-Alamance Regional Tower 122.800 KBUY_TWR
Burnett County Tower 122.800 KRZN_TWR
Burns Muni Tower 122.800 KBNO_TWR
Bush Field Approach 126.800 KAGS_APP
Bush Field Departure 126.800 KAGS_DEP
Bush Field Ground 121.900 KAGS_GND
Bush Field Tower 120.000 KAGS_TWR
Butler County/K W Scholter Field Clearance Delivery 128.700 KBTP_DEL
Butler Memorial Tower 122.900 KBUM_TWR
Butte - Bert Mooney Tower 123.000 KBTM_TWR
Butts Aaf-Fort Carson Approach 124.000 KFCS_APP
Butts Aaf-Fort Carson Departure 124.000 KFCS_DEP
Butts Aaf-Fort Carson Tower 125.500 KFCS_TWR
Cabin Creek Tower 122.900 KI08_TWR
Cable Approach 125.500 KCCB_APP
Cable Departure 125.500 KCCB_DEP
Cable Tower 123.000 KCCB_TWR
Cabool Mem Tower 122.900 KTVB_TWR
Caen Tower 124.420 KCFR_TWR
Cairns AAF Approach 133.750 KOZR_APP
Cairns AAF Departure 133.750 KOZR_DEP
Cairns AAF Ground 121.900 KOZR_GND
Cairns AAF Tower 120.000 KOZR_TWR
Cairo Tower 122.800 KCIR_TWR
Caldwell Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting Sys Approach 119.600 KEUL_APP
Caldwell Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting Sys Departure 119.600 KEUL_DEP
Caldwell Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting Sys Tower 122.800 KEUL_TWR
Calexico Intl Tower 122.800 KCXL_TWR
Callaway Approach 125.500 KLGC_APP
Callaway Clearance Delivery 120.450 KLGC_DEL
Callaway Departure 125.500 KLGC_DEP
Callaway Tower 123.000 KLGC_TWR
Callaway Gardens-Harris County Approach 127.700 KPIM_APP
Callaway Gardens-Harris County Clearance Delivery 120.450 KPIM_DEL
Callaway Gardens-Harris County Departure 127.700 KPIM_DEP
Callaway Gardens-Harris County Tower 122.800 KPIM_TWR
Camarillo Approach 124.700 KCMA_APP
Camarillo Clearance Delivery 120.750 KCMA_DEL
Camarillo Departure 124.700 KCMA_DEP
Camarillo Ground 121.800 KCMA_GND
Camarillo Tower 120.000 KCMA_TWR
Cambridge Muni Tower 122.800 KCBG_TWR
Cambridge Muni Tower 122.800 KCDI_TWR
Cambridge Muni Tower 122.800 KCSB_TWR
Cambridge-Dorchester Approach 134.100 KCGE_APP
Cambridge-Dorchester Departure 134.100 KCGE_DEP
Cambridge-Dorchester Tower 122.700 KCGE_TWR
Camden - Harrell Fld Tower 122.700 KCDH_TWR
Cameron Mem Approach 132.950 KEZZ_APP
Cameron Mem Clearance Delivery 121.800 KEZZ_DEL
Cameron Mem Departure 132.950 KEZZ_DEP
Cameron Mem Tower 122.800 KEZZ_TWR
Camilla-Mitchell County Tower 122.800 KCXU_TWR
Camp Guernsey Tower 122.700 K7V6_TWR
Camp Pendleton MCAS/Munn Field Approach 127.300 KNFG_APP
Camp Pendleton MCAS/Munn Field Departure 127.300 KNFG_DEP
Camp Pendleton MCAS/Munn Field Tower 128.770 KNFG_TWR
Campbell AAF Approach 130.650 KHOP_APP
Campbell AAF Clearance Delivery 138.800 KHOP_DEL
Campbell AAF Departure 118.100 KHOP_DEP
Campbell AAF Ground 121.800 KHOP_GND
Campbell AAF Tower 126.200 KHOP_TWR
Campbell County Tower 122.800 KJAU_TWR
Canadian-Hemphill Co Tower 122.900 KHHF_TWR
Cannon AFB Approach 125.500 KCVS_APP
Cannon AFB Clearance Delivery 120.200 KCVS_DEL
Cannon AFB Departure 125.500 KCVS_DEP
Cannon AFB Ground 121.900 KCVS_GND
Cannon AFB Tower 120.000 KCVS_TWR
Cape Canaveral AS Skid Strip Approach 134.950 KXMR_APP
Cape Canaveral AS Skid Strip Departure 134.950 KXMR_DEP
Cape Canaveral AS Skid Strip Tower 120.000 KXMR_TWR
Cape Girardeau Regional Ground 121.600 KCGI_GND
Cape Girardeau Regional Tower 119.000 KCGI_TWR
Cape May County Approach 124.600 KWWD_APP
Cape May County Clearance Delivery 121.700 KWWD_DEL
Cape May County Departure 124.600 KWWD_DEP
Cape May County Tower 122.700 KWWD_TWR
Capital Approach 126.150 KSPI_APP
Capital Clearance Delivery 121.700 KSPI_DEL
Capital Departure 126.150 KSPI_DEP
Capital Ground 121.900 KSPI_GND
Capital Tower 120.000 KSPI_TWR
Capital City Approach 126.450 KCXY_APP
Capital City Departure 126.450 KCXY_DEP
Capital City Ground 121.900 KCXY_GND
Capital City Tower 119.500 KCXY_TWR
Capital City Approach 120.750 KFFT_APP
Capital City Clearance Delivery 118.100 KFFT_DEL
Capital City Departure 120.750 KFFT_DEP
Capital City Tower 120.000 KFFT_TWR
Capital City Approach 118.650 KLAN_APP
Capital City Clearance Delivery 120.400 KLAN_DEL
Capital City Departure 125.900 KLAN_DEP
Capital City Ground 121.900 KLAN_GND
Capital City Tower 119.900 KLAN_TWR
Caribou Muni Clearance Delivery 124.750 KCAR_DEL
Caribou Muni Tower 122.800 KCAR_TWR
Carl R Keller Field Tower 122.800 KPCW_TWR
Carlsbad - Clayton Muni Arpk Tower 122.800 KCAO_TWR
Carmi Muni Approach 127.350 KCUL_APP
Carmi Muni Departure 127.350 KCUL_DEP
Carmi Muni Tower 122.800 KCUL_TWR
Carrizo Springs-Dimmit Co Tower 122.800 KCZT_TWR
Carroll Tower 122.800 KCIN_TWR
Carroll County Tower 122.800 KHZD_TWR
Carroll County-Tolson Approach 125.500 KTSO_APP
Carroll County-Tolson Departure 125.500 KTSO_DEP
Carroll County-Tolson Tower 122.700 KTSO_TWR
Cartersville Approach 121.000 KVPC_APP
Cartersville Departure 121.000 KVPC_DEP
Cartersville Tower 123.050 KVPC_TWR
Casa Grande Muni Tower 122.700 KCGZ_TWR
Cascade Locks State Tower 122.900 KCZK_TWR
Casper Harford Fld Tower 122.900 KHAD_TWR
Casper/ Natrona Co Intl Approach 120.650 KCPR_APP
Casper/ Natrona Co Intl Clearance Delivery 121.900 KCPR_DEL
Casper/ Natrona Co Intl Departure 120.650 KCPR_DEP
Casper/ Natrona Co Intl Ground 121.900 KCPR_GND
Casper/ Natrona Co Intl Tower 118.300 KCPR_TWR
Cassville Tower 122.900 KC74_TWR
Castle Approach 120.950 KMER_APP
Castle Departure 120.950 KMER_DEP
Castle Tower 120.000 KMER_TWR
Catalina Approach 127.400 KAVX_APP
Catalina Departure 127.400 KAVX_DEP
Catalina Tower 122.700 KAVX_TWR
Cattaraugus County-Olean Tower 122.800 KOLE_TWR
Cavern City Air Trml Tower 122.950 KCNM_TWR
Cecil Field NAS Approach 123.800 KNZC_APP
Cecil Field NAS Departure 124.900 KNZC_DEP
Cecil Field NAS Ground 118.350 KNZC_GND
Cecil Field NAS Tower 126.100 KNZC_TWR
Cedar City Muni Tower 123.600 KCDC_TWR
Cedar Rapids Muni Approach 134.050 KCID_APP
Cedar Rapids Muni Clearance Delivery 125.450 KCID_DEL
Cedar Rapids Muni Departure 134.050 KCID_DEP
Cedar Rapids Muni Ground 121.600 KCID_GND
Cedar Rapids Muni Tower 120.000 KCID_TWR
Centennial Approach 132.750 KAPA_APP
Centennial Clearance Delivery 128.600 KAPA_DEL
Centennial Departure 132.750 KAPA_DEP
Centennial Ground 121.800 KAPA_GND
Centennial Tower 118.900 KAPA_TWR
Centerville Muni Tower 122.800 KGHM_TWR
Centerville Muni Tower 122.800 KTVK_TWR
Central Maine Arpt Of Norridgewock Approach 128.350 KOWK_APP
Central Maine Arpt Of Norridgewock Departure 128.350 KOWK_DEP
Central Maine Arpt Of Norridgewock Tower 122.800 KOWK_TWR
Central Wisconsin Ground 121.900 KCWA_GND
Central Wisconsin Tower 119.750 KCWA_TWR
Centralia Muni Tower 122.800 KENL_TWR
Cessna ACFT Field Approach 134.800 KCEA_APP
Cessna ACFT Field Clearance Delivery 125.000 KCEA_DEL
Cessna ACFT Field Departure 134.800 KCEA_DEP
Cessna ACFT Field Tower 122.900 KCEA_TWR
Chadron Muni Tower 122.800 KCDR_TWR
Chan Gurney Muni Tower 122.800 KYKN_TWR
Chandler Field Tower 123.000 KAXN_TWR
Chandler Muni Approach 123.700 KCHD_APP
Chandler Muni Departure 123.700 KCHD_DEP
Chandler Muni Ground 124.400 KCHD_GND
Chandler Muni Tower 126.100 KCHD_TWR
Chanute, Chanute Martin Johnson Airport Tower 122.700 KCNU_TWR
Chappell Billy G Ray Fld Tower 122.900 KCNP_TWR
Chariton Approach 135.200 KCNC_APP
Chariton Departure 135.200 KCNC_DEP
Chariton Tower 122.800 KCNC_TWR
Charles City Muni Approach 118.900 KCCY_APP
Charles City Muni Departure 118.900 KCCY_DEP
Charles City Muni Tower 122.800 KCCY_TWR
Charleston - Yeager Approach 128.500 KCRW_APP
Charleston - Yeager Clearance Delivery 118.550 KCRW_DEL
Charleston - Yeager Departure 128.500 KCRW_DEP
Charleston - Yeager Ground 121.800 KCRW_GND
Charleston - Yeager Tower 120.000 KCRW_TWR
Charleston A F B/ Intl Approach 135.800 KCHS_APP
Charleston A F B/ Intl Departure 135.800 KCHS_DEP
Charleston A F B/ Intl Ground 121.900 KCHS_GND
Charleston A F B/ Intl Tower 120.000 KCHS_TWR
Charleston Executive Approach 120.700 KJZI_APP
Charleston Executive Clearance Delivery 127.150 KJZI_DEL
Charleston Executive Departure 120.700 KJZI_DEP
Charleston Executive Tower 122.800 KJZI_TWR
Charleston Mississippi Co Tower 122.900 KCHQ_TWR
Charlevoix Muni Tower 122.800 KCVX_TWR
Charlotte County Approach 126.800 KPGD_APP
Charlotte County Clearance Delivery 127.050 KPGD_DEL
Charlotte County Departure 126.800 KPGD_DEP
Charlotte County Tower 122.700 KPGD_TWR
Charlotte/ Douglas Intl Approach 125.350 KCLT_APP
Charlotte/ Douglas Intl Clearance Delivery 127.150 KCLT_DEL
Charlotte/ Douglas Intl Departure 134.750 KCLT_DEP
Charlotte/ Douglas Intl Ground 121.900 KCLT_GND
Charlotte/ Douglas Intl Tower 118.100 KCLT_TWR
Charlottesville-Albemarle Approach 132.850 KCHO_APP
Charlottesville-Albemarle Departure 132.850 KCHO_DEP
Charlottesville-Albemarle Ground 121.900 KCHO_GND
Charlottesville-Albemarle Tower 120.000 KCHO_TWR
Chase City Muni Tower 122.900 KCXE_TWR
Chatham Muni Approach 118.200 KCQX_APP
Chatham Muni Clearance Delivery 127.300 KCQX_DEL
Chatham Muni Departure 118.200 KCQX_DEP
Chatham Muni Tower 122.800 KCQX_TWR
Chattanooga/ Lovell Fld Approach 126.500 KCHA_APP
Chattanooga/ Lovell Fld Clearance Delivery 120.950 KCHA_DEL
Chattanooga/ Lovell Fld Departure 125.100 KCHA_DEP
Chattanooga/ Lovell Fld Ground 121.700 KCHA_GND
Chattanooga/ Lovell Fld Tower 120.000 KCHA_TWR
Chehalis-Centralia Tower 122.800 KCLS_TWR
Chennault Industrial Airpark Approach 119.800 KCWF_APP
Chennault Industrial Airpark Departure 119.800 KCWF_DEP
Chennault Industrial Airpark Ground 121.650 KCWF_GND
Chennault Industrial Airpark Tower 120.000 KCWF_TWR
Cherokee Muni Tower 122.800 KCKP_TWR
Cherry Point MCAS /Cunningham Field/ Approach 124.100 KNKT_APP
Cherry Point MCAS /Cunningham Field/ Clearance Delivery 125.950 KNKT_DEL
Cherry Point MCAS /Cunningham Field/ Departure 132.570 KNKT_DEP
Cherry Point MCAS /Cunningham Field/ Ground 128.620 KNKT_GND
Cherry Point MCAS /Cunningham Field/ Tower 121.300 KNKT_TWR
Chesapeake Muni Approach 118.900 KCPK_APP
Chesapeake Muni Clearance Delivery 119.100 KCPK_DEL
Chesapeake Muni Departure 118.900 KCPK_DEP
Chesapeake Muni Tower 122.700 KCPK_TWR
Cheyenne Approach 124.550 KCYS_APP
Cheyenne Departure 124.550 KCYS_DEP
Cheyenne Ground 121.900 KCYS_GND
Cheyenne Tower 118.700 KCYS_TWR
Cheyenne County Muni Tower 122.800 KSYF_TWR
Chicago / Merrill C Meigs Approach 126.050 KCGX_APP
Chicago / Merrill C Meigs Departure 126.050 KCGX_DEP
Chicago / Merrill C Meigs Ground 121.800 KCGX_GND
Chicago / Merrill C Meigs Tower 121.300 KCGX_TWR
Chicago Center 133.320 KZAU_CTR
Chicago Midway Approach 126.050 KMDW_APP
Chicago Midway Clearance Delivery 100.000 KMDW_DEL
Chicago Midway Departure 126.050 KMDW_DEP
Chicago Midway Ground 121.650 KMDW_GND
Chicago Midway Tower 118.700 KMDW_TWR
Chicago Palwaukee Muni Approach 125.000 KPWK_APP
Chicago Palwaukee Muni Clearance Delivery 124.700 KPWK_DEL
Chicago Palwaukee Muni Departure 125.000 KPWK_DEP
Chicago Palwaukee Muni Ground 121.700 KPWK_GND
Chicago Palwaukee Muni Tower 120.000 KPWK_TWR
Chicago/ O Hare Intl Approach 119.000 KORD_APP
Chicago/ O Hare Intl Clearance Delivery 100.000 KORD_DEL
Chicago/ O Hare Intl Departure 125.000 KORD_DEP
Chicago/ O Hare Intl Ground 121.900 KORD_GND
Chicago/ O Hare Intl Tower 126.900 KORD_TWR
Chickasha Muni Approach 124.600 KCHK_APP
Chickasha Muni Departure 124.600 KCHK_DEP
Chickasha Muni Tower 123.000 KCHK_TWR
Chico Muni Ground 121.900 KCIC_GND
Chico Muni Tower 120.000 KCIC_TWR
Chignik Tower 128.000 KAJC_TWR
Childress Muni Tower 122.800 KCDS_TWR
Chillicothe Muni Tower 122.800 KCHT_TWR
China Lake NAWS/Armitage Field Approach 133.650 KNID_APP
China Lake NAWS/Armitage Field Departure 133.650 KNID_DEP
China Lake NAWS/Armitage Field Tower 120.150 KNID_TWR
Chino Approach 135.400 KCNO_APP
Chino Departure 135.400 KCNO_DEP
Chino Ground 121.600 KCNO_GND
Chino Tower 118.500 KCNO_TWR
Chisholm-Hibbing Tower 123.000 KHIB_TWR
Choteau Tower 122.800 KCII_TWR
Church Tower 122.800 KCJJ_TWR
Chuuk International Tower 123.600 KTKK_TWR
Cincinnati - Muni Lunken Fld Approach 121.000 KLUK_APP
Cincinnati - Muni Lunken Fld Clearance Delivery 124.900 KLUK_DEL
Cincinnati - Muni Lunken Fld Departure 121.000 KLUK_DEP
Cincinnati - Muni Lunken Fld Ground 121.900 KLUK_GND
Cincinnati - Muni Lunken Fld Tower 120.000 KLUK_TWR
Cincinnati-Blue Ash Approach 121.000 KISZ_APP
Cincinnati-Blue Ash Clearance Delivery 124.900 KISZ_DEL
Cincinnati-Blue Ash Departure 121.000 KISZ_DEP
Cincinnati-Blue Ash Tower 123.000 KISZ_TWR
Cincinnati/ Nrthn Kentucky Int Approach 119.700 KCVG_APP
Cincinnati/ Nrthn Kentucky Int Clearance Delivery 127.170 KCVG_DEL
Cincinnati/ Nrthn Kentucky Int Departure 128.700 KCVG_DEP
Cincinnati/ Nrthn Kentucky Int Ground 121.700 KCVG_GND
Cincinnati/ Nrthn Kentucky Int Tower 118.300 KCVG_TWR
Claremont Muni Tower 122.700 KCNH_TWR
Clarinda Tower 122.800 KICL_TWR
Clarion Tower 122.800 KCAV_TWR
Clark County Approach 123.700 KJVY_APP
Clark County Clearance Delivery 118.350 KJVY_DEL
Clark County Departure 123.700 KJVY_DEP
Clark County Tower 122.700 KJVY_TWR
Clark Field Municipal, Tx. Tower 122.800 KSEP_TWR
Claxton-Evans County Tower 122.800 KCWV_TWR
Clay Center Muni Tower 122.800 KCYW_TWR
Clay Co Regl Approach 119.000 KGPH_APP
Clay Co Regl Departure 119.000 KGPH_DEP
Clearwater Air Park Approach 125.300 KCLW_APP
Clearwater Air Park Departure 125.300 KCLW_DEP
Clearwater Air Park Tower 123.000 KCLW_TWR
Clemson-Oconee County Approach 118.800 KCEU_APP
Clemson-Oconee County Departure 118.800 KCEU_DEP
Clemson-Oconee County Tower 122.700 KCEU_TWR
Cleveland Center 133.375 KZOB_CTR
Cleveland Muni Tower 122.800 KRNV_TWR
Cleveland/ Hopkins Intl Approach 124.000 KCLE_APP
Cleveland/ Hopkins Intl Departure 118.150 KCLE_DEP
Cleveland/ Hopkins Intl Ground 121.700 KCLE_GND
Cleveland/ Hopkins Intl Tower 120.900 KCLE_TWR
Cliff Hatfield Meml Tower 122.900 KCLR_TWR
Clinton Co Approach 126.300 KPLB_APP
Clinton Co Clearance Delivery 121.700 KPLB_DEL
Clinton Co Departure 126.300 KPLB_DEP
Clinton Co Tower 122.700 KPLB_TWR
Clinton Memorial Approach 127.450 KGLY_APP
Clinton Memorial Departure 125.920 KGLY_DEP
Clinton Memorial Tower 122.800 KGLY_TWR
Clinton Muni Tower 122.800 KCLK_TWR
Clinton Muni Approach 125.950 KCWI_APP
Clinton Muni Clearance Delivery 118.500 KCWI_DEL
Clinton Muni Departure 125.950 KCWI_DEP
Clinton Muni Tower 122.800 KCWI_TWR
Clinton-Sherman Ground 121.700 KCSM_GND
Clinton-Sherman Tower 120.000 KCSM_TWR
Clintonville Muni Approach 126.300 KCLI_APP
Clintonville Muni Departure 126.300 KCLI_DEP
Clintonville Muni Tower 122.800 KCLI_TWR
Cloquet Carlton County Approach 125.450 KCOQ_APP
Cloquet Carlton County Clearance Delivery 122.150 KCOQ_DEL
Cloquet Carlton County Departure 125.450 KCOQ_DEP
Cloquet Carlton County Tower 122.800 KCOQ_TWR
Clover Field Approach 134.450 KLVJ_APP
Clover Field Clearance Delivery 124.000 KLVJ_DEL
Clover Field Departure 134.450 KLVJ_DEP
Clovis Muni Approach 125.500 KCVN_APP
Clovis Muni Clearance Delivery 119.000 KCVN_DEL
Clovis Muni Departure 125.500 KCVN_DEP
Clovis Muni Tower 122.800 KCVN_TWR
Coalinga Muni Tower 122.800 KCLG_TWR
Cobb County-McCollum Field Approach 121.000 KRYY_APP
Cobb County-McCollum Field Clearance Delivery 121.000 KRYY_DEL
Cobb County-McCollum Field Departure 121.000 KRYY_DEP
Cobb County-McCollum Field Ground 119.000 KRYY_GND
Cobb County-McCollum Field Tower 125.900 KRYY_TWR
Cody-Yellowstone Regnl Tower 122.800 KCOD_TWR
Coeur d'Alene Air Term Approach 132.100 KCOE_APP
Coeur d'Alene Air Term Departure 132.100 KCOE_DEP
Coeur d'Alene Air Term Tower 120.000 KCOE_TWR
Coffeyville, Coffeyville Municipal Airport Tower 123.000 KCFV_TWR
Coffield Regl Tower 122.850 KRCK_TWR
Coldwater/Branch County Memor. Approach 121.200 KOEB_APP
Coldwater/Branch County Memor. Departure 121.200 KOEB_DEP
Coleman Muni Tower 122.800 KCOM_TWR
Coles County Memorial Approach 132.850 KMTO_APP
Coles County Memorial Departure 132.850 KMTO_DEP
Coles County Memorial Tower 122.700 KMTO_TWR
College Park Approach 119.850 KCGS_APP
College Park Departure 119.850 KCGS_DEP
College Park Tower 123.000 KCGS_TWR
Colorado City Muni Tower 122.700 KAZC_TWR
Colorado Springs Muni Approach 118.500 KCOS_APP
Colorado Springs Muni Clearance Delivery 134.450 KCOS_DEL
Colorado Springs Muni Departure 124.000 KCOS_DEP
Colorado Springs Muni Ground 121.700 KCOS_GND
Colorado Springs Muni Tower 133.150 KCOS_TWR
Columbia Gorge Regional/The Dalles Muni Tower 123.000 KDLS_TWR
Columbia Metropolitan Approach 133.400 KCAE_APP
Columbia Metropolitan Clearance Delivery 119.750 KCAE_DEL
Columbia Metropolitan Departure 133.400 KCAE_DEP
Columbia Metropolitan Ground 121.900 KCAE_GND
Columbia Metropolitan Tower 120.000 KCAE_TWR
Columbia Owens Downtown Approach 133.400 KCUB_APP
Columbia Owens Downtown Clearance Delivery 124.400 KCUB_DEL
Columbia Owens Downtown Departure 133.400 KCUB_DEP
Columbia Owens Downtown Tower 122.800 KCUB_TWR
Columbia Regional Approach 124.370 KCOU_APP
Columbia Regional Departure 124.370 KCOU_DEP
Columbia Regional Ground 121.600 KCOU_GND
Columbia Regional Tower 120.000 KCOU_TWR
Columbus AFB Approach 135.600 KCBM_APP
Columbus AFB Departure 132.025 KCBM_DEP
Columbus AFB Ground 121.900 KCBM_GND
Columbus AFB Tower 128.650 KCBM_TWR
Columbus County Muni Approach 119.200 KCPC_APP
Columbus County Muni Departure 119.200 KCPC_DEP
Columbus County Muni Tower 122.800 KCPC_TWR
Columbus Metropolitan Approach 126.550 KCSG_APP
Columbus Metropolitan Departure 126.550 KCSG_DEP
Columbus Metropolitan Ground 121.900 KCSG_GND
Columbus Metropolitan Tower 120.000 KCSG_TWR
Columbus Muni Approach 134.850 KBAK_APP
Columbus Muni Clearance Delivery 134.850 KBAK_DEL
Columbus Muni Departure 134.850 KBAK_DEP
Columbus Muni Ground 121.600 KBAK_GND
Columbus Muni Tower 120.000 KBAK_TWR
Columbus Muni Tower 122.950 KOLU_TWR
Columbus-Lowndes County Approach 135.600 KUBS_APP
Columbus-Lowndes County Departure 135.600 KUBS_DEP
Columbus-Lowndes County Tower 122.800 KUBS_TWR
Compton Tower 122.900 KCPM_TWR
Conchas Dam - Deming Muni Tower 122.800 KDMN_TWR
Concord Muni Approach 127.350 KCON_APP
Concord Muni Clearance Delivery 133.650 KCON_DEL
Concord Muni Departure 127.350 KCON_DEP
Concord Muni Tower 122.700 KCON_TWR
Concord Regional Approach 120.050 KJQF_APP
Concord Regional Clearance Delivery 127.250 KJQF_DEL
Concord Regional Departure 120.050 KJQF_DEP
Concordia, Blosser Municipal Airport Tower 122.800 KCNK_TWR
Conway-Horry County Approach 127.400 KHYW_APP
Conway-Horry County Departure 127.400 KHYW_DEP
Conway-Horry County Tower 122.700 KHYW_TWR
Cook Muni Tower 122.900 KCQM_TWR
Corcoran Tower 122.900 KCRO_TWR
Corning Muni Tower 122.900 KCRZ_TWR
Corona Muni Approach 135.400 KAJO_APP
Corona Muni Departure 135.400 KAJO_DEP
Corpus Christi Intl Approach 125.400 KCRP_APP
Corpus Christi Intl Clearance Delivery 118.550 KCRP_DEL
Corpus Christi Intl Departure 124.800 KCRP_DEP
Corpus Christi Intl Ground 121.900 KCRP_GND
Corpus Christi Intl Tower 120.000 KCRP_TWR
Corpus Christi Nas-Traux Fld Approach 125.400 KNGP_APP
Corpus Christi Nas-Traux Fld Departure 125.400 KNGP_DEP
Corpus Christi Nas-Traux Fld Ground 135.300 KNGP_GND
Corpus Christi Nas-Traux Fld Tower 134.850 KNGP_TWR
Corsicana Muni-Cd Campbell Fld Tower 122.800 KCRS_TWR
Cortez-Montezuma Co Tower 122.800 KCEZ_TWR
Corvallis Muni Approach 127.500 KCVO_APP
Corvallis Muni Departure 127.500 KCVO_DEP
Corvallis Muni Tower 123.000 KCVO_TWR
Cotulla - La Salle Co Tower 122.700 KCOT_TWR
Council Bluffs Approach 124.500 KCBF_APP
Council Bluffs Departure 124.500 KCBF_DEP
Council Bluffs Tower 122.800 KCBF_TWR
Cozad Municipal Tower 122.800 KCZD_TWR
Craig Field Approach 124.000 KSEM_APP
Craig Field Departure 124.000 KSEM_DEP
Craig Field Tower 122.700 KSEM_TWR
Craig Muni Approach 120.750 KCRG_APP
Craig Muni Departure 120.750 KCRG_DEP
Craig Muni Ground 121.800 KCRG_GND
Craig Muni Tower 120.000 KCRG_TWR
Craig-Moffat Tower 122.800 KCAG_TWR
Craven County Regional Approach 120.520 KEWN_APP
Craven County Regional Clearance Delivery 120.520 KEWN_DEL
Craven County Regional Departure 120.520 KEWN_DEP
Craven County Regional Tower 120.000 KEWN_TWR
Crawfordsville Muni Approach 124.650 KCFJ_APP
Crawfordsville Muni Departure 124.650 KCFJ_DEP
Crawfordsville Muni Tower 122.800 KCFJ_TWR
Creston Tower 122.800 KCSQ_TWR
Crete Muni Approach 124.000 KCEK_APP
Crete Muni Departure 124.000 KCEK_DEP
Crete Muni Tower 122.800 KCEK_TWR
Crisp County-Cordele Tower 122.800 KCKF_TWR
Crookston Muni Kirkwood Fld Approach 132.300 KCKN_APP
Crookston Muni Kirkwood Fld Clearance Delivery 118.150 KCKN_DEL
Crookston Muni Kirkwood Fld Departure 132.300 KCKN_DEP
Crookston Muni Kirkwood Fld Tower 122.700 KCKN_TWR
Cross City Tower 122.800 KCTY_TWR
Crossett - Z M Jack Stell Fld Tower 122.800 KCRT_TWR
Crossville Memorial Tower 122.700 KCSV_TWR
Crystal Clearance Delivery 121.600 KMIC_DEL
Crystal Ground 121.600 KMIC_GND
Crystal Tower 120.700 KMIC_TWR
Cuba Muni Tower 122.800 KUBX_TWR
Culpeper Approach 124.650 KCJR_APP
Culpeper Departure 124.650 KCJR_DEP
Cumberland Muni Tower 122.800 KUBE_TWR
Cushing Muni Tower 122.800 KCUH_TWR
Cut Bank Muni Tower 122.800 KCTB_TWR
Cuyahoga County Ground 121.850 KCGF_GND
Cuyahoga County Tower 118.500 KCGF_TWR
Dahlgren Nswc Tower 120.150 KNDY_TWR
Dalhart Muni Tower 122.950 KDHT_TWR
Dallas Love Fld Approach 125.200 KDAL_APP
Dallas Love Fld Clearance Delivery 127.900 KDAL_DEL
Dallas Love Fld Departure 125.200 KDAL_DEP
Dallas Love Fld Ground 121.750 KDAL_GND
Dallas Love Fld Tower 120.000 KDAL_TWR
Dallas/ Fort Worth Intl Approach 125.050 KDFW_APP
Dallas/ Fort Worth Intl Clearance Delivery 128.250 KDFW_DEL
Dallas/ Fort Worth Intl Departure 126.470 KDFW_DEP
Dallas/ Fort Worth Intl Ground 121.850 KDFW_GND
Dallas/ Fort Worth Intl Tower 126.550 KDFW_TWR
Dalton Muni Approach 125.100 KDNN_APP
Dalton Muni Clearance Delivery 120.250 KDNN_DEL
Dalton Muni Departure 125.100 KDNN_DEP
Dalton Muni Tower 122.700 KDNN_TWR
Danbury Muni Approach 126.400 KDXR_APP
Danbury Muni Clearance Delivery 128.600 KDXR_DEL
Danbury Muni Departure 126.400 KDXR_DEP
Danbury Muni Ground 121.600 KDXR_GND
Danbury Muni Tower 119.400 KDXR_TWR
Daniel Field Approach 126.800 KDNL_APP
Daniel Field Clearance Delivery 128.100 KDNL_DEL
Daniel Field Departure 126.800 KDNL_DEP
Daniel Field Tower 122.800 KDNL_TWR
Danville Regional Tower 123.000 KDAN_TWR
Dare County Regional Tower 122.800 KMQI_TWR
Darke County Approach 134.450 KVES_APP
Darke County Departure 134.450 KVES_DEP
Darke County Tower 122.800 KVES_TWR
Darlington County Jetport Approach 118.600 KUDG_APP
Darlington County Jetport Departure 118.600 KUDG_DEP
Dave Wall Field Tower 122.800 KSZT_TWR
Davenport Muni Approach 125.950 KDVN_APP
Davenport Muni Clearance Delivery 118.350 KDVN_DEL
Davenport Muni Departure 125.950 KDVN_DEP
Davenport Muni Tower 123.000 KDVN_TWR
David Wayne Hooks Memorial Approach 123.800 KDWH_APP
David Wayne Hooks Memorial Clearance Delivery 119.450 KDWH_DEL
David Wayne Hooks Memorial Departure 123.800 KDWH_DEP
David Wayne Hooks Memorial Ground 121.800 KDWH_GND
David Wayne Hooks Memorial Tower 120.000 KDWH_TWR
Davidson County Approach 118.500 KEXX_APP
Davidson County Departure 118.500 KEXX_DEP
Davidson County Tower 122.800 KEXX_TWR
Daviess Approach 126.400 KOWB_APP
Daviess Departure 126.400 KOWB_DEP
Daviess Ground 121.700 KOWB_GND
Daviess Tower 120.000 KOWB_TWR
Daviess County Approach 125.600 KDCY_APP
Daviess County Departure 125.600 KDCY_DEP
Daviess County Tower 122.800 KDCY_TWR
Davis Tower 123.000 KW52_TWR
Davis-Monthan AFB Approach 125.100 KDMA_APP
Davis-Monthan AFB Clearance Delivery 121.800 KDMA_DEL
Davis-Monthan AFB Departure 125.100 KDMA_DEP
Davis-Monthan AFB Ground 121.800 KDMA_GND
Davis-Monthan AFB Tower 118.850 KDMA_TWR
Davison AAF Ground 121.900 KDAA_GND
Davison AAF Tower 120.000 KDAA_TWR
Dayton-Wright Brothers Approach 118.850 KMGY_APP
Dayton-Wright Brothers Clearance Delivery 119.400 KMGY_DEL
Dayton-Wright Brothers Departure 126.500 KMGY_DEP
Dayton-Wright Brothers Tower 122.800 KMGY_TWR
Daytona Beach Intl Approach 127.070 KDAB_APP
Daytona Beach Intl Clearance Delivery 119.300 KDAB_DEL
Daytona Beach Intl Departure 123.900 KDAB_DEP
Daytona Beach Intl Ground 121.900 KDAB_GND
Daytona Beach Intl Tower 120.000 KDAB_TWR
De Kalb Taylor Muni Approach 133.500 KDKB_APP
De Kalb Taylor Muni Departure 133.500 KDKB_DEP
De Kalb Taylor Muni Tower 122.700 KDKB_TWR
Decatur Approach 132.850 KDEC_APP
Decatur Departure 132.850 KDEC_DEP
Decatur Ground 121.750 KDEC_GND
Decatur Tower 120.000 KDEC_TWR
Decatur County Industrial Air Park Approach 128.700 KBGE_APP
Decatur County Industrial Air Park Departure 128.700 KBGE_DEP
Decatur County Industrial Air Park Tower 122.800 KBGE_TWR
Decatur Hi-Way Tower 122.900 KDCR_TWR
Decorah Tower 122.800 KDEH_TWR
Del Rio Intl Approach 119.600 KDRT_APP
Del Rio Intl Clearance Delivery 120.500 KDRT_DEL
Del Rio Intl Departure 119.600 KDRT_DEP
Del Rio Intl Tower 122.800 KDRT_TWR
Deland Muni-Sidney H Taylor Field Approach 125.350 KDED_APP
Deland Muni-Sidney H Taylor Field Departure 125.350 KDED_DEP
Deland Muni-Sidney H Taylor Field Tower 122.800 KDED_TWR
Delano Muni Approach 118.900 KDLO_APP
Delano Muni Departure 118.900 KDLO_DEP
Delano Muni Tower 122.800 KDLO_TWR
Delaware County-Johnson Field Ground 121.900 KMIE_GND
Delaware County-Johnson Field Tower 120.000 KMIE_TWR
Delaware Muni Approach 120.200 KDLZ_APP
Delaware Muni Departure 120.200 KDLZ_DEP
Delaware Muni Tower 122.700 KDLZ_TWR
Delta County Tower 122.800 KESC_TWR
Delta Muni Tower 122.800 KDTA_TWR
Denison Tower 122.800 KDNS_TWR
Denton Muni Approach 118.100 KDTO_APP
Denton Muni Clearance Delivery 123.950 KDTO_DEL
Denton Muni Departure 118.100 KDTO_DEP
Denton Muni Tower 122.700 KDTO_TWR
Denver Center 135.400 KZDV_CTR
Denver Intl Approach 128.250 KDEN_APP
Denver Intl Clearance Delivery 118.750 KDEN_DEL
Denver Intl Departure 126.100 KDEN_DEP
Denver Intl Ground 121.850 KDEN_GND
Denver Intl Tower 124.300 KDEN_TWR
Derby Field Tower 122.800 KLOL_TWR
Des Moines Intl Approach 123.900 KDSM_APP
Des Moines Intl Clearance Delivery 134.150 KDSM_DEL
Des Moines Intl Departure 135.200 KDSM_DEP
Des Moines Intl Ground 121.900 KDSM_GND
Des Moines Intl Tower 118.300 KDSM_TWR
Destin-Fort Walton Beach Approach 132.100 KDTS_APP
Destin-Fort Walton Beach Clearance Delivery 127.700 KDTS_DEL
Destin-Fort Walton Beach Departure 132.100 KDTS_DEP
Detroit City Ground 121.850 KDET_GND
Detroit City Tower 121.300 KDET_TWR
Detroit Lakes Tower 122.800 KDTL_TWR
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Co Approach 124.050 KDTW_APP
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Co Departure 134.300 KDTW_DEP
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Co Ground 121.800 KDTW_GND
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Co Tower 118.400 KDTW_TWR
Detroit Willow Run Ground 121.750 KYIP_GND
Detroit Willow Run Tower 125.275 KYIP_TWR
Devils Lake Muni Tower 122.800 KDVL_TWR
Dexter Muni Tower 122.800 KDXE_TWR
Dickinson Muni Tower 123.000 KDIK_TWR
Dillant-Hopkins Tower 123.000 KEEN_TWR
Dillon Tower 122.800 KDLN_TWR
Dillon County Approach 118.600 KDLC_APP
Dillon County Departure 118.600 KDLC_DEP
Dillon County Tower 122.800 KDLC_TWR
Dobbins Air Reserve Base Approach 121.000 KMGE_APP
Dobbins Air Reserve Base Departure 121.000 KMGE_DEP
Dobbins Air Reserve Base Ground 125.300 KMGE_GND
Dobbins Air Reserve Base Tower 120.000 KMGE_TWR
Dodge Center Approach 119.800 KTOB_APP
Dodge Center Departure 119.800 KTOB_DEP
Dodge City Regional Tower 122.700 KDDC_TWR
Dodge County Approach 119.150 KUNU_APP
Dodge County Departure 119.150 KUNU_DEP
Dodge County Tower 122.700 KUNU_TWR
Donaldson Center Approach 118.800 KGYH_APP
Donaldson Center Clearance Delivery 125.950 KGYH_DEL
Donaldson Center Departure 118.800 KGYH_DEP
Door County Cherryland Tower 122.700 KSUE_TWR
Dorchester Co Approach 120.700 KDYB_APP
Dorchester Co Departure 120.700 KDYB_DEP
Dorchester Co Tower 123.000 KDYB_TWR
Dothan Approach 125.400 KDHN_APP
Dothan Departure 125.400 KDHN_DEP
Dothan Ground 121.700 KDHN_GND
Dothan Tower 120.000 KDHN_TWR
Double Eagle II Approach 124.400 KAEG_APP
Double Eagle II Clearance Delivery 124.800 KAEG_DEL
Double Eagle II Departure 124.400 KAEG_DEP
Double Eagle II Tower 122.800 KAEG_TWR
Douglas County Tower 122.800 KMEV_TWR
Douglas Muni Tower 122.800 KDGL_TWR
Douglas Muni Tower 122.800 KDQH_TWR
Douglas-Converse County Tower 122.800 KDGW_TWR
Dover AFB Approach 142.200 KDOV_APP
Dover AFB Clearance Delivery 125.550 KDOV_DEL
Dover AFB Ground 121.900 KDOV_GND
Dover AFB Tower 126.350 KDOV_TWR
Doylestown Approach 123.800 KDYL_APP
Doylestown Clearance Delivery 118.550 KDYL_DEL
Doylestown Departure 123.800 KDYL_DEP
Drake Field Approach 121.000 KFYV_APP
Drake Field Departure 121.000 KFYV_DEP
Drake Field Ground 121.800 KFYV_GND
Drake Field Tower 120.000 KFYV_TWR
Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Approach 132.050 KTPL_APP
Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Clearance Delivery 125.900 KTPL_DEL
Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Tower 123.000 KTPL_TWR
Dreamland Tower Approach 125.250 KXTA_APP
Dreamland Tower Clearance Delivery 118.000 KXTA_DEL
Dreamland Tower Departure 125.850 KXTA_DEP
Dreamland Tower Ground 120.200 KXTA_GND
Dreamland Tower Tower 132.250 KXTA_TWR
Drummond Tower 122.900 KDRU_TWR
Du Bois-Jefferson County Tower 123.600 KDUJ_TWR
Dubois Tower 122.900 KU25_TWR
Dubuque Ground 121.800 KDBQ_GND
Dubuque Tower 120.000 KDBQ_TWR
Duluth Intl Approach 125.450 KDLH_APP
Duluth Intl Departure 125.450 KDLH_DEP
Duluth Intl Ground 121.900 KDLH_GND
Duluth Intl Tower 118.300 KDLH_TWR
Duluth/Sky Harbor Arpt Approach 125.450 KDYT_APP
Duluth/Sky Harbor Arpt Clearance Delivery 124.800 KDYT_DEL
Duluth/Sky Harbor Arpt Departure 125.450 KDYT_DEP
Dumas - Moore Co Tower 122.800 KDUX_TWR
Dupage Approach 133.500 KDPA_APP
Dupage Clearance Delivery 119.750 KDPA_DEL
Dupage Departure 133.500 KDPA_DEP
Dupage Ground 121.800 KDPA_GND
Dupage Tower 120.000 KDPA_TWR
Duplin Co Approach 119.700 KDPL_APP
Duplin Co Departure 119.700 KDPL_DEP
Duplin Co Tower 123.000 KDPL_TWR
Durango-La Plata County Tower 122.800 KDRO_TWR
Durant - Eaker Fld Tower 122.800 KDUA_TWR
Dutchess County Approach 132.750 KPOU_APP
Dutchess County Clearance Delivery 121.800 KPOU_DEL
Dutchess County Departure 132.750 KPOU_DEP
Dutchess County Ground 121.800 KPOU_GND
Dutchess County Tower 124.000 KPOU_TWR
Dwight Tower 122.800 KDTG_TWR
Dyersburg Muni Tower 123.050 KDYR_TWR
Dyess AFB Approach 127.200 KDYS_APP
Dyess AFB Departure 127.200 KDYS_DEP
Dyess AFB Ground 120.250 KDYS_GND
Dyess AFB Tower 133.000 KDYS_TWR
Eagle County Regional Ground 121.800 KEGE_GND
Eagle County Regional Tower 119.800 KEGE_TWR
Eagle creek airpark Approach 124.950 KEYE_APP
Eagle creek airpark Clearance Delivery 128.600 KEYE_DEL
Eagle creek airpark Departure 119.050 KEYE_DEP
Eagle Grove Muni Tower 122.800 KEAG_TWR
Eagle Lake Tower 122.900 KELA_TWR
Eagle River Union Tower 122.800 KEGV_TWR
East Hampton Approach 132.250 KHTO_APP
East Hampton Clearance Delivery 132.250 KHTO_DEL
East Hampton Departure 132.250 KHTO_DEP
East Hampton Tower 122.700 KHTO_TWR
Eastern Oregon Regional At Pendleton Approach 133.150 KPDT_APP
Eastern Oregon Regional At Pendleton Departure 133.150 KPDT_DEP
Eastern Oregon Regional At Pendleton Ground 121.900 KPDT_GND
Eastern Oregon Regional At Pendleton Tower 120.000 KPDT_TWR
Eastern Slopes Regional Approach 125.500 KIZG_APP
Eastern Slopes Regional Departure 125.500 KIZG_DEP
Eastern Slopes Regional Tower 122.800 KIZG_TWR
Eastern Wv Regional/Shepherd Approach 126.100 KMRB_APP
Eastern Wv Regional/Shepherd Departure 126.100 KMRB_DEP
Eastern Wv Regional/Shepherd Ground 121.800 KMRB_GND
Eastern Wv Regional/Shepherd Tower 120.000 KMRB_TWR
Easterwood Field Ground 121.700 KCLL_GND
Easterwood Field Tower 120.000 KCLL_TWR
Eastland Muni Tower 122.800 KETN_TWR
Easton Tower 122.700 KN44_TWR
Easton Newnam Field Approach 124.550 KESN_APP
Easton Newnam Field Clearance Delivery 126.900 KESN_DEL
Easton Newnam Field Departure 124.550 KESN_DEP
Easton Newnam Field Tower 122.950 KESN_TWR
Easton State Tower 122.900 KESW_TWR
Eastport Muni Tower 122.800 KEPM_TWR
Eau Claire Ground 120.925 KEAU_GND
Eau Claire Tower 118.575 KEAU_TWR
Echo Bay Tower 122.800 K0L9_TWR
Edgar County Approach 125.450 KPRG_APP
Edgar County Departure 125.450 KPRG_DEP
Edgar County Tower 123.000 KPRG_TWR
Edward F Knapp State Tower 122.800 KMPV_TWR
Edwards AFB Approach 134.050 KEDW_APP
Edwards AFB Departure 133.650 KEDW_DEP
Edwards AFB Ground 121.800 KEDW_GND
Edwards AFB Tower 120.000 KEDW_TWR
El Dorado-Capt Jack Thomas Approach 134.800 KEQA_APP
El Dorado-Capt Jack Thomas Departure 134.800 KEQA_DEP
El Dorado-Capt Jack Thomas Tower 122.800 KEQA_TWR
El Monte Approach 125.500 KEMT_APP
El Monte Departure 125.500 KEMT_DEP
El Monte Ground 125.900 KEMT_GND
El Monte Tower 121.200 KEMT_TWR
El Paso Approach 119.500 KELP_APP
El Paso Clearance Delivery 125.000 KELP_DEL
El Paso Departure 119.700 KELP_DEP
El Paso Ground 121.900 KELP_GND
El Paso Tower 118.300 KELP_TWR
El Toro MCAS Approach 133.100 KNZJ_APP
El Toro MCAS Clearance Delivery 120.450 KNZJ_DEL
El Toro MCAS Departure 132.700 KNZJ_DEP
El Toro MCAS Ground 120.450 KNZJ_GND
El Toro MCAS Tower 133.100 KNZJ_TWR
Elgin AF Aux Nr 3 Duke Approach 124.050 KEGI_APP
Elgin AF Aux Nr 3 Duke Departure 120.900 KEGI_DEP
Elgin AF Aux Nr 3 Duke Tower 120.000 KEGI_TWR
Elgin AFB Approach 133.000 KVPS_APP
Elgin AFB Clearance Delivery 127.700 KVPS_DEL
Elgin AFB Departure 132.100 KVPS_DEP
Elgin AFB Ground 121.800 KVPS_GND
Elgin AFB Tower 120.000 KVPS_TWR
Elizabeth City Cg Air Station/Muni Approach 124.720 KECG_APP
Elizabeth City Cg Air Station/Muni Departure 124.720 KECG_DEP
Elizabeth City Cg Air Station/Muni Ground 121.900 KECG_GND
Elizabeth City Cg Air Station/Muni Tower 120.000 KECG_TWR
Elk City Muni Tower 122.800 KELK_TWR
Elkhart Muni Approach 118.550 KEKM_APP
Elkhart Muni Clearance Delivery 121.800 KEKM_DEL
Elkhart Muni Departure 118.550 KEKM_DEP
Elkhart Muni Ground 121.800 KEKM_GND
Elkhart Muni Tower 120.000 KEKM_TWR
Elkhart-Morton Co Tower 122.800 KEHA_TWR
Elkin Muni Tower 122.800 KZEF_TWR
Elkins-Randolph Co-Jennings Randolph Fld Approach 121.150 KEKN_APP
Elkins-Randolph Co-Jennings Randolph Fld Departure 121.150 KEKN_DEP
Elkins-Randolph Co-Jennings Randolph Fld Tower 123.600 KEKN_TWR
Elko Muni-J.C. Harris Field Ground 121.750 KEKO_GND
Elko Muni-J.C. Harris Field Tower 120.000 KEKO_TWR
Ellington Tower 122.800 KLUG_TWR
Ellington Field Approach 134.450 KEFD_APP
Ellington Field Departure 134.450 KEFD_DEP
Ellington Field Ground 121.600 KEFD_GND
Ellington Field Tower 120.000 KEFD_TWR
Ellsworth AFB Approach 119.500 KRCA_APP
Ellsworth AFB Departure 119.500 KRCA_DEP
Ellsworth AFB Ground 121.800 KRCA_GND
Ellsworth AFB Tower 126.050 KRCA_TWR
Elmira/Corning Regional Approach 118.150 KELM_APP
Elmira/Corning Regional Departure 119.450 KELM_DEP
Elmira/Corning Regional Ground 121.900 KELM_GND
Elmira/Corning Regional Tower 121.100 KELM_TWR
Ely Arpt /Yelland Fld/ Tower 122.800 KELY_TWR
Ely Muni Tower 122.800 KELO_TWR
Emanuel County Tower 122.800 KSBO_TWR
Emmetsburg Muni Tower 122.800 KEGQ_TWR
Emporia Muni Tower 122.800 KEMP_TWR
Emporia-Greensville Regional Tower 123.000 KEMV_TWR
Enid Woodring Muni Approach 119.770 KWDG_APP
Enid Woodring Muni Departure 119.770 KWDG_DEP
Enid Woodring Muni Ground 121.900 KWDG_GND
Enid Woodring Muni Tower 120.000 KWDG_TWR
Enterprise Muni Approach 133.450 KEDN_APP
Enterprise Muni Departure 133.450 KEDN_DEP
Enterprise Muni Tower 122.800 KEDN_TWR
Ephrata Muni Approach 126.400 KEPH_APP
Ephrata Muni Departure 126.400 KEPH_DEP
Ephrata Muni Tower 122.800 KEPH_TWR
Erie Intl Approach 121.000 KERI_APP
Erie Intl Clearance Delivery 126.800 KERI_DEL
Erie Intl Departure 121.000 KERI_DEP
Erie Intl Ground 121.900 KERI_GND
Erie Intl Tower 118.100 KERI_TWR
Ernest A. Love Field Ground 121.700 KPRC_GND
Ernest A. Love Field Tower 120.000 KPRC_TWR
Errol Tower 122.800 KERR_TWR
Essex County Approach 127.600 KCDW_APP
Essex County Clearance Delivery 121.100 KCDW_DEL
Essex County Departure 119.200 KCDW_DEP
Essex County Ground 121.900 KCDW_GND
Essex County Tower 126.500 KCDW_TWR
Estherville, Estherville Municipal Airport Tower 122.800 KEST_TWR
Eugenio Maria de Hostos Tower 122.800 KMAZ_TWR
Evanston, Evanston-Uinta County Burns Field Tower 122.800 KEVW_TWR
Evansville Regional Approach 127.350 KEVV_APP
Evansville Regional Clearance Delivery 126.600 KEVV_DEL
Evansville Regional Departure 127.350 KEVV_DEP
Evansville Regional Ground 121.900 KEVV_GND
Evansville Regional Tower 120.000 KEVV_TWR
Eveleth-Virginia Muni Approach 125.450 KEVM_APP
Eveleth-Virginia Muni Departure 125.450 KEVM_DEP
Eveleth-Virginia Muni Tower 122.700 KEVM_TWR
Everett-Stewart Tower 122.700 KUCY_TWR
Everett/ Snohomish Co Clearance Delivery 126.750 KPAE_DEL
Everett/ Snohomish Co Ground 121.800 KPAE_GND
Everett/ Snohomish Co Tower 120.200 KPAE_TWR
Executive Clearance Delivery 128.450 KORL_DEL
Executive Ground 121.400 KORL_GND
Executive Tower 120.000 KORL_TWR
Fair Field Tower 122.700 KFFL_TWR
Fairbanks intl Tower 122.950 KFAI_TWR
Fairbanks Intl Approach 118.100 PAFA_APP
Fairbanks Intl Departure 126.500 PAFA_DEP
Fairbanks Intl Ground 121.900 PAFA_GND
Fairbanks Intl Tower 118.300 PAFA_TWR
Fairbanks Intl Tower 122.800 PFAI_TWR
Fairbury Municipal Tower 122.700 KFBY_TWR
Fairchild AFB Approach 133.350 KSKA_APP
Fairchild AFB Departure 133.350 KSKA_DEP
Fairchild AFB Ground 121.850 KSKA_GND
Fairchild AFB Tower 126.200 KSKA_TWR
Fairfield County Approach 133.400 KFDW_APP
Fairfield County Departure 133.400 KFDW_DEP
Fairfield County Tower 122.800 KFDW_TWR
Fairfield County Approach 132.300 KLHQ_APP
Fairfield County Clearance Delivery 121.650 KLHQ_DEL
Fairfield County Departure 132.300 KLHQ_DEP
Fairfield County Tower 122.800 KLHQ_TWR
Fairfield Muni Tower 122.900 KFWC_TWR
Fairmont Muni Tower 122.800 KFRM_TWR
Fairmont State Airfield Tower 122.900 KFMZ_TWR
Falcon Fld Approach 120.700 KFFZ_APP
Falcon Fld Departure 120.700 KFFZ_DEP
Falcon Fld Ground 121.300 KFFZ_GND
Falcon Fld Tower 120.000 KFFZ_TWR
Fallon Muni Approach 126.200 KFLX_APP
Fallon Muni Departure 126.200 KFLX_DEP
Fallon Muni Tower 122.800 KFLX_TWR
Fallon NAS /Van Voorhis Fld/ Approach 118.300 KNFL_APP
Fallon NAS /Van Voorhis Fld/ Departure 118.300 KNFL_DEP
Fallon NAS /Van Voorhis Fld/ Tower 134.100 KNFL_TWR
Fanning Field Ground 121.700 KIDA_GND
Fanning Field Tower 120.000 KIDA_TWR
Fargo Approach 120.400 KFAR_APP
Fargo Clearance Delivery 121.900 KFAR_DEL
Fargo Departure 127.700 KFAR_DEP
Fargo Ground 121.900 KFAR_GND
Fargo Tower 118.600 KFAR_TWR
Faribault Muni Approach 125.000 KFBL_APP
Faribault Muni Departure 125.000 KFBL_DEP
Faribault Muni Tower 122.800 KFBL_TWR
Farmingdale Republic Approach 134.350 KFRG_APP
Farmingdale Republic Clearance Delivery 128.250 KFRG_DEL
Farmingdale Republic Departure 134.350 KFRG_DEP
Farmingdale Republic Ground 121.600 KFRG_GND
Farmingdale Republic Tower 118.800 KFRG_TWR
Farmington - Fort Sumner Muni Tower 122.800 KFSU_TWR
Farmington - Grants-Milan Muni Tower 122.800 KGNT_TWR
Farmington Regional Tower 122.800 KFAM_TWR
Farmville Muni Tower 122.800 KFVX_TWR
Fayette County Approach 125.800 KFYE_APP
Fayette County Departure 124.150 KFYE_DEP
Fayette County Tower 122.900 KFYE_TWR
Fayetteville Muni Approach 125.600 KFYM_APP
Fayetteville Muni Departure 125.600 KFYM_DEP
Fayetteville Muni Tower 122.800 KFYM_TWR
Fayetteville Regional/Grannis Field Approach 133.000 KFAY_APP
Fayetteville Regional/Grannis Field Departure 133.000 KFAY_DEP
Fayetteville Regional/Grannis Field Ground 121.700 KFAY_GND
Fayetteville Regional/Grannis Field Tower 120.000 KFAY_TWR
Felker AAF Approach 125.700 KFAF_APP
Felker AAF Departure 125.700 KFAF_DEP
Felker AAF Ground 121.350 KFAF_GND
Felker AAF Tower 126.300 KFAF_TWR
Fentress, Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Approach 119.600 KNFE_APP
Fergus Falls Muni-Einar Mickelson Fld Tower 122.800 KFFM_TWR
Festus Mem Tower 122.700 KFES_TWR
Finger Lakes Tower 122.800 K0G7_TWR
First Flight Tower 122.900 KFFA_TWR
Fitchburg Muni Approach 124.400 KFIT_APP
Fitchburg Muni Departure 124.400 KFIT_DEP
Fitchburg Muni Tower 122.700 KFIT_TWR
Fitzgerald Muni Approach 126.600 KFZG_APP
Fitzgerald Muni Departure 126.600 KFZG_DEP
Fitzgerald Muni Tower 123.000 KFZG_TWR
Flabob Tower 122.800 KRIR_TWR
Flagstaff Pulliam Ground 121.900 KFLG_GND
Flagstaff Pulliam Tower 120.000 KFLG_TWR
Fleming-Mason Tower 123.000 KFGX_TWR
Fletcher Field Tower 122.800 KCKM_TWR
Flint Bishop Intl Approach 118.800 KFNT_APP
Flint Bishop Intl Clearance Delivery 121.750 KFNT_DEL
Flint Bishop Intl Departure 128.550 KFNT_DEP
Flint Bishop Intl Ground 121.900 KFNT_GND
Flint Bishop Intl Tower 126.300 KFNT_TWR
Flippin - Marion Co Regional Tower 123.000 KFLP_TWR
Flora Muni Tower 122.700 KFOA_TWR
Florence Regional Approach 135.250 KFLO_APP
Florence Regional Departure 135.250 KFLO_DEP
Florence Regional Ground 121.900 KFLO_GND
Florence Regional Tower 120.000 KFLO_TWR
Flying Cloud Ground 121.700 KFCM_GND
Flying Cloud Tower 118.100 KFCM_TWR
Fond Du Lac County Tower 122.800 KFLD_TWR
Forbes Field Ground 121.700 KFOE_GND
Forbes Field Tower 120.000 KFOE_TWR
Ford Tower 122.800 KIMT_TWR
Forest City Muni Tower 122.800 KFXY_TWR
Forney AAF Tower 120.000 KTBN_TWR
Forrest City Muni Tower 122.800 KFCY_TWR
Fort Bridger Tower 122.800 KFBR_TWR
Fort Collins-Loveland Muni Approach 134.850 KFNL_APP
Fort Collins-Loveland Muni Clearance Delivery 120.250 KFNL_DEL
Fort Collins-Loveland Muni Departure 134.850 KFNL_DEP
Fort Collins-Loveland Muni Tower 122.700 KFNL_TWR
Fort Dodge Regional Tower 122.950 KFOD_TWR
Fort Hood Aaf Approach 118.000 KHLR_APP
Fort Hood Aaf Departure 118.000 KHLR_DEP
Fort Hood Aaf Ground 133.850 KHLR_GND
Fort Hood Aaf Tower 119.650 KHLR_TWR
Fort Lauderdale Executive Clearance Delivery 127.950 KFXE_DEL
Fort Lauderdale Executive Ground 121.750 KFXE_GND
Fort Lauderdale Executive Tower 120.900 KFXE_TWR
Fort Lauderdale/hollywood Intl Approach 133.770 KFLL_APP
Fort Lauderdale/hollywood Intl Departure 128.600 KFLL_DEP
Fort Lauderdale/hollywood Intl Ground 121.700 KFLL_GND
Fort Lauderdale/hollywood Intl Tower 119.300 KFLL_TWR
Fort Leavenworth-Sherman Aaf Approach 126.600 KFLV_APP
Fort Leavenworth-Sherman Aaf Departure 126.600 KFLV_DEP
Fort Leavenworth-Sherman Aaf Tower 120.000 KFLV_TWR
Fort Madison Tower 122.800 KFSW_TWR
Fort Myers/ S W Florida Intl Approach 126.800 KRSW_APP
Fort Myers/ S W Florida Intl Departure 125.150 KRSW_DEP
Fort Myers/ S W Florida Intl Ground 121.900 KRSW_GND
Fort Myers/ S W Florida Intl Tower 120.000 KRSW_TWR
Fort Pierce-St Lucie Co Intl Ground 119.550 KFPR_GND
Fort Pierce-St Lucie Co Intl Tower 120.000 KFPR_TWR
Fort Scott Muni Tower 122.800 KFSK_TWR
Fort Smith Regional Approach 120.900 KFSM_APP
Fort Smith Regional Clearance Delivery 133.850 KFSM_DEL
Fort Smith Regional Departure 120.900 KFSM_DEP
Fort Smith Regional Ground 121.900 KFSM_GND
Fort Smith Regional Tower 118.300 KFSM_TWR
Fort Stockton - Pecos Co Tower 122.800 KFST_TWR
Fort Wayne Intl Approach 135.320 KFWA_APP
Fort Wayne Intl Clearance Delivery 124.750 KFWA_DEL
Fort Wayne Intl Departure 135.320 KFWA_DEP
Fort Wayne Intl Ground 121.900 KFWA_GND
Fort Wayne Intl Tower 120.000 KFWA_TWR
Fort Worth Alliance Approach 118.100 KAFW_APP
Fort Worth Alliance Clearance Delivery 128.720 KAFW_DEL
Fort Worth Alliance Departure 118.100 KAFW_DEP
Fort Worth Alliance Ground 132.650 KAFW_GND
Fort Worth Alliance Tower 120.000 KAFW_TWR
Fort Worth Center 135.750 KZFW_CTR
Fort Worth Meacham Intl Approach 135.970 KFTW_APP
Fort Worth Meacham Intl Clearance Delivery 124.650 KFTW_DEL
Fort Worth Meacham Intl Departure 135.970 KFTW_DEP
Fort Worth Meacham Intl Ground 121.900 KFTW_GND
Fort Worth Meacham Intl Tower 120.000 KFTW_TWR
Fort Worth NAS/Carswell Field Approach 125.800 KNFW_APP
Fort Worth NAS/Carswell Field Departure 125.800 KNFW_DEP
Fort Worth NAS/Carswell Field Ground 126.400 KNFW_GND
Fort Worth NAS/Carswell Field Tower 120.950 KNFW_TWR
Fort Worth Spinks Approach 135.970 KFWS_APP
Fort Worth Spinks Departure 135.970 KFWS_DEP
Fort Worth Spinks Tower 120.000 KFWS_TWR
Fosston Muni Tower 122.900 KFSE_TWR
Four Corners Regional Ground 121.700 KFMN_GND
Four Corners Regional Tower 120.000 KFMN_TWR
Frankfort Muni Tower 123.000 KFKR_TWR
Franklin County Tower 122.800 KUOS_TWR
Franklin County State Approach 126.300 KFSO_APP
Franklin County State Departure 126.300 KFSO_DEP
Franklin County State Tower 122.800 KFSO_TWR
Franklin Muni-John Beverly Rose Approach 127.900 KFKN_APP
Franklin Muni-John Beverly Rose Departure 127.900 KFKN_DEP
Franklin Muni-John Beverly Rose Tower 122.800 KFKN_TWR
Frederick Muni Approach 126.750 KFDK_APP
Frederick Muni Clearance Delivery 126.900 KFDK_DEL
Frederick Muni Departure 126.750 KFDK_DEP
Frederick Muni Tower 123.000 KFDK_TWR
Frederick Muni Approach 125.100 KFDR_APP
Frederick Muni Tower 120.000 KFDR_TWR
Freeman Muni Tower 122.800 KSER_TWR
Fremont Municipal Airport Approach 120.100 KFET_APP
Fremont Municipal Airport Departure 120.100 KFET_DEP
Fremont Municipal Airport Tower 122.800 KFET_TWR
French Lick Muni Approach 124.500 KFRH_APP
French Lick Muni Departure 124.500 KFRH_DEP
French Lick Muni Tower 122.800 KFRH_TWR
Frenchville-Northern Aroostook Tower 122.800 KFVE_TWR
Fresno Air Terminal Approach 132.350 KFAT_APP
Fresno Air Terminal Clearance Delivery 124.350 KFAT_DEL
Fresno Air Terminal Departure 132.350 KFAT_DEP
Fresno Air Terminal Ground 121.700 KFAT_GND
Fresno Air Terminal Tower 120.000 KFAT_TWR
Fresno-Chandler Downtown Approach 119.600 KFCH_APP
Fresno-Chandler Downtown Departure 119.000 KFCH_DEP
Fresno-Chandler Downtown Tower 123.000 KFCH_TWR
Friday Harbor Approach 118.200 KFHR_APP
Friday Harbor Clearance Delivery 124.150 KFHR_DEL
Friday Harbor Departure 118.200 KFHR_DEP
Friday Harbor Tower 128.250 KFHR_TWR
Front Range Approach 128.250 KFTG_APP
Front Range Clearance Delivery 121.750 KFTG_DEL
Front Range Departure 128.250 KFTG_DEP
Front Range Ground 124.700 KFTG_GND
Front Range Tower 120.200 KFTG_TWR
Front Royal-Warren County Tower 123.000 KFRR_TWR
Fullerton Muni Approach 124.650 KFUL_APP
Fullerton Muni Departure 124.650 KFUL_DEP
Fullerton Muni Ground 121.800 KFUL_GND
Fullerton Muni Tower 119.100 KFUL_TWR
Fulton County Approach 132.050 KRCR_APP
Fulton County Departure 132.050 KRCR_DEP
Fulton County Tower 122.700 KRCR_TWR
Fulton County Approach 118.050 NY27_APP
Fulton County Departure 118.050 NY27_DEP
Fulton-Elton Hensley Mem Approach 124.370 KFTT_APP
Fulton-Elton Hensley Mem Departure 124.370 KFTT_DEP
Fulton-Elton Hensley Mem Tower 122.700 KFTT_TWR
Fulton/Oswego County Arpt Approach 124.200 KFZY_APP
Fulton/Oswego County Arpt Departure 124.200 KFZY_DEP
Gabbs Tower 122.900 KGAB_TWR
Gadsden Muni Approach 120.050 KGAD_APP
Gadsden Muni Departure 120.050 KGAD_DEP
Gadsden Muni Tower 122.800 KGAD_TWR
Gage Tower 123.000 KGAG_TWR
Gainesville Muni Tower 123.000 KGLE_TWR
Gainesville Regional Approach 124.720 KGNV_APP
Gainesville Regional Departure 124.720 KGNV_DEP
Gainesville Regional Ground 121.700 KGNV_GND
Gainesville Regional Tower 120.000 KGNV_TWR
Galena Tower 123.000 KGAL_TWR
Galesburg Muni Approach 118.200 KGBG_APP
Galesburg Muni Clearance Delivery 120.700 KGBG_DEL
Galesburg Muni Departure 118.200 KGBG_DEP
Galesburg Muni Tower 123.000 KGBG_TWR
Galion Muni Clearance Delivery 126.800 KGQQ_DEL
Gallatin Field Tower 123.600 KBZN_TWR
Gallia-Meigs Regional Approach 132.950 KGAS_APP
Gallia-Meigs Regional Clearance Delivery 124.550 KGAS_DEL
Gallia-Meigs Regional Departure 132.950 KGAS_DEP
Gallia-Meigs Regional Tower 123.000 KGAS_TWR
Gallup Municipal Tower 122.950 KGUP_TWR
Galveston - Scholes Fld Approach 134.450 KGLS_APP
Galveston - Scholes Fld Clearance Delivery 135.350 KGLS_DEL
Galveston - Scholes Fld Departure 134.450 KGLS_DEP
Galveston - Scholes Fld Tower 123.050 KGLS_TWR
Garden City Regional Tower 123.000 KGCK_TWR
Garden County Tower 122.800 KOKS_TWR
Gardner Muni Tower 122.800 KGDM_TWR
Garfield County Regional Tower 122.800 KRIL_TWR
Gary Regional Approach 133.100 KGYY_APP
Gary Regional Departure 133.100 KGYY_DEP
Gary Regional Ground 121.900 KGYY_GND
Gary Regional Tower 120.000 KGYY_TWR
Gastonia Muni Approach 134.750 KAKH_APP
Gastonia Muni Clearance Delivery 127.200 KAKH_DEL
Gastonia Muni Departure 134.750 KAKH_DEP
Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Approach 132.800 KGKT_APP
Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Departure 132.800 KGKT_DEP
Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Tower 123.000 KGKT_TWR
General Wm J Fox Airfield Approach 126.100 KWJF_APP
General Wm J Fox Airfield Departure 126.100 KWJF_DEP
General Wm J Fox Airfield Ground 121.700 KWJF_GND
General Wm J Fox Airfield Tower 120.000 KWJF_TWR
Genesee County Clearance Delivery 121.800 KGVQ_DEL
George Downer Tower 122.800 KAIV_TWR
George M Bryan Approach 135.600 KSTF_APP
George M Bryan Clearance Delivery 126.250 KSTF_DEL
George M Bryan Departure 135.600 KSTF_DEP
George M Bryan Tower 122.700 KSTF_TWR
George R Carr Memorial Air Fld Tower 122.800 KBXA_TWR
George T Lewis Tower 122.900 KCDK_TWR
Georgetown Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting S Approach 119.000 KGTU_APP
Georgetown Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting S Clearance Delivery 121.100 KGTU_DEL
Georgetown Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting S Departure 119.000 KGTU_DEP
Georgetown County Approach 127.400 KGGE_APP
Georgetown County Clearance Delivery 119.700 KGGE_DEL
Georgetown County Departure 127.400 KGGE_DEP
Georgetown County Tower 123.000 KGGE_TWR
Gibson County Tower 122.800 KTGC_TWR
Gillespie Field Approach 124.350 KSEE_APP
Gillespie Field Clearance Delivery 125.100 KSEE_DEL
Gillespie Field Departure 124.350 KSEE_DEP
Gillespie Field Ground 121.700 KSEE_GND
Gillespie Field Tower 120.000 KSEE_TWR
Gillette-Campbell County Ground 121.700 KGCC_GND
Gillette-Campbell County Tower 118.500 KGCC_TWR
Glasgow Intl Tower 122.800 KGGW_TWR
Glasgow Muni Tower 122.800 KGLW_TWR
Glendale Municipal Approach 125.450 KGEU_APP
Glendale Municipal Departure 125.450 KGEU_DEP
Glendale Municipal Ground 118.000 KGEU_GND
Glendale Municipal Tower 121.000 KGEU_TWR
Glendive-Dawson Community Tower 122.800 KGDV_TWR
Glengary-Gooding Municipal Tower 122.800 KGNG_TWR
Glens Falls-Warren Co Approach 125.000 KGFL_APP
Glens Falls-Warren Co Departure 125.000 KGFL_DEP
Glens Falls-Warren Co Tower 123.000 KGFL_TWR
Glenwood Muni Tower 122.900 KGHW_TWR
Glenwood Springs Muni Tower 122.800 KGWS_TWR
Godman AAF Approach 124.500 KFTK_APP
Godman AAF Departure 124.500 KFTK_DEP
Godman AAF Ground 121.900 KFTK_GND
Godman AAF Tower 126.200 KFTK_TWR
Gogebic County Tower 122.800 KIWD_TWR
Golden Triangle Regional Approach 135.600 KGTR_APP
Golden Triangle Regional Clearance Delivery 126.250 KGTR_DEL
Golden Triangle Regional Departure 135.600 KGTR_DEP
Golden Triangle Regional Tower 122.800 KGTR_TWR
Goldsboro-Wayne Muni Approach 123.700 KGWW_APP
Goldsboro-Wayne Muni Departure 123.700 KGWW_DEP
Goldsboro-Wayne Muni Tower 122.700 KGWW_TWR
Goodspeed Tower 122.800 K42B_TWR
Gordon Municipal Tower 122.800 KGRN_TWR
Gordonsville Muni Approach 132.850 KGVE_APP
Gordonsville Muni Departure 132.850 KGVE_DEP
Gordonsville Muni Tower 123.000 KGVE_TWR
Goshen Muni Approach 132.050 KGSH_APP
Goshen Muni Clearance Delivery 125.250 KGSH_DEL
Goshen Muni Departure 132.050 KGSH_DEP
Goshen Muni Tower 123.000 KGSH_TWR
Gothenburg-Quinn Fld Tower 122.800 KGTE_TWR
Grafton Muni Approach 132.300 KGAF_APP
Grafton Muni Departure 132.300 KGAF_DEP
Grafton Muni Tower 122.800 KGAF_TWR
Granby-Grand Co Tower 123.000 KGNB_TWR
Grand Canyon National Park Approach 100.000 KGCN_APP
Grand Canyon National Park Ground 121.900 KGCN_GND
Grand Canyon National Park Tower 120.000 KGCN_TWR
Grand Forks Intl Approach 118.100 KGFK_APP
Grand Forks Intl Departure 118.100 KGFK_DEP
Grand Forks Intl Ground 124.575 KGFK_GND
Grand Forks Intl Tower 118.400 KGFK_TWR
Grand Island Clearance Delivery 126.050 KGRI_DEL
Grand Island Ground 121.900 KGRI_GND
Grand Island Tower 118.200 KGRI_TWR
Grand Marais Cook County Tower 122.800 KCKC_TWR
Grand Prairie Muni Approach 135.970 KGPM_APP
Grand Prairie Muni Departure 135.970 KGPM_DEP
Grand Prairie Muni Ground 121.150 KGPM_GND
Grand Prairie Muni Tower 128.550 KGPM_TWR
Grand Rapids-Kent County Intl Approach 128.400 KGRR_APP
Grand Rapids-Kent County Intl Clearance Delivery 119.300 KGRR_DEL
Grand Rapids-Kent County Intl Departure 128.400 KGRR_DEP
Grand Rapids-Kent County Intl Ground 121.800 KGRR_GND
Grand Rapids-Kent County Intl Tower 120.000 KGRR_TWR
Grand Rapids/Itasca Co-Gordon Newstrom Fld Tower 122.800 KGPZ_TWR
Grand Strand Approach 119.200 KCRE_APP
Grand Strand Departure 119.200 KCRE_DEP
Grand Strand Ground 121.800 KCRE_GND
Grand Strand Tower 120.000 KCRE_TWR
Grant County Approach 134.350 KMWH_APP
Grant County Departure 134.350 KMWH_DEP
Grant County Ground 121.900 KMWH_GND
Grant County Tower 120.000 KMWH_TWR
Grant County Tower 122.800 KSVC_TWR
Grant Muni Tower 122.800 KGGF_TWR
Grantsburg Muni Tower 122.900 KGTG_TWR
Gratiot Community Clearance Delivery 119.250 KAMN_DEL
Gray AAF Approach 120.100 KGRF_APP
Gray AAF Clearance Delivery 121.900 KGRF_DEL
Gray AAF Departure 120.100 KGRF_DEP
Gray AAF Ground 121.900 KGRF_GND
Gray AAF Tower 126.200 KGRF_TWR
Grayling AAF Ground 121.900 KGOV_GND
Grayling AAF Tower 126.200 KGOV_TWR
Great Barrington Approach 125.000 KGBR_APP
Great Barrington Departure 125.000 KGBR_DEP
Great Barrington Tower 122.800 KGBR_TWR
Great Bend Muni Tower 122.800 KGBD_TWR
Great Falls Intl Approach 119.300 KGTF_APP
Great Falls Intl Clearance Delivery 121.700 KGTF_DEL
Great Falls Intl Departure 119.300 KGTF_DEP
Great Falls Intl Ground 121.700 KGTF_GND
Great Falls Intl Tower 118.700 KGTF_TWR
Greater Buffalo Intl Approach 126.500 KBUF_APP
Greater Buffalo Intl Departure 126.500 KBUF_DEP
Greater Buffalo Intl Ground 121.900 KBUF_GND
Greater Buffalo Intl Tower 120.500 KBUF_TWR
Greater Cumberland Regional Tower 122.800 KCBE_TWR
Greater Kankakee Tower 123.000 KIKK_TWR
Greater Portsmouth Regional Approach 132.950 KPMH_APP
Greater Portsmouth Regional Departure 132.950 KPMH_DEP
Greater Portsmouth Regional Tower 122.800 KPMH_TWR
Greater Rochester Intl Approach 123.700 KROC_APP
Greater Rochester Intl Departure 127.320 KROC_DEP
Greater Rochester Intl Ground 121.700 KROC_GND
Greater Rochester Intl Tower 118.300 KROC_TWR
Greater Rockford Approach 121.000 KRFD_APP
Greater Rockford Clearance Delivery 119.250 KRFD_DEL
Greater Rockford Departure 126.000 KRFD_DEP
Greater Rockford Ground 121.900 KRFD_GND
Greater Rockford Tower 118.300 KRFD_TWR
Greater St. Tammany Approach 133.150 LA08_APP
Greater St. Tammany Departure 133.150 LA08_DEP
Greeley-Weld County Approach 134.850 KGXY_APP
Greeley-Weld County Clearance Delivery 126.650 KGXY_DEL
Greeley-Weld County Departure 134.850 KGXY_DEP
Greeley-Weld County Tower 122.800 KGXY_TWR
Green Bay Approach 119.400 KGRB_APP
Green Bay Clearance Delivery 121.750 KGRB_DEL
Green Bay Departure 126.550 KGRB_DEP
Green Bay Ground 121.900 KGRB_GND
Green Bay Tower 118.700 KGRB_TWR
Greenbrier Valley Clearance Delivery 120.850 KLWB_DEL
Greenbrier Valley Ground 121.900 KLWB_GND
Greenbrier Valley Tower 120.000 KLWB_TWR
Greene County Tower 122.800 KWAY_TWR
Greeneville Muni Approach 119.250 KGCY_APP
Greeneville Muni Departure 119.250 KGCY_DEP
Greeneville Muni Tower 122.700 KGCY_TWR
Greenfield Muni Tower 122.900 KGFZ_TWR
Greenlee County Tower 122.900 KCFT_TWR
Greensboro-Piedmont Triad Intl Approach 124.350 KGSO_APP
Greensboro-Piedmont Triad Intl Clearance Delivery 121.750 KGSO_DEL
Greensboro-Piedmont Triad Intl Departure 124.350 KGSO_DEP
Greensboro-Piedmont Triad Intl Ground 121.900 KGSO_GND
Greensboro-Piedmont Triad Intl Tower 120.000 KGSO_TWR
Greenville Tower 122.800 KGRE_TWR
Greenville Downtown Approach 118.800 KGMU_APP
Greenville Downtown Departure 118.800 KGMU_DEP
Greenville Downtown Ground 121.250 KGMU_GND
Greenville Downtown Tower 120.000 KGMU_TWR
Greenville Muni Tower 122.800 KPRN_TWR
Greenwood County Approach 120.600 KGRD_APP
Greenwood County Departure 120.600 KGRD_DEP
Greenwood County Tower 122.800 KGRD_TWR
Greenwood Muni Approach 124.950 KHFY_APP
Greenwood Muni Departure 124.950 KHFY_DEP
Greenwood Muni Tower 123.000 KHFY_TWR
Greenwood-Leflore Clearance Delivery 125.550 KGWO_DEL
Greenwood-Leflore Ground 125.550 KGWO_GND
Greenwood-Leflore Tower 120.000 KGWO_TWR
Greer - Greenville Spartanburg Approach 120.600 KGSP_APP
Greer - Greenville Spartanburg Departure 120.600 KGSP_DEP
Greer - Greenville Spartanburg Ground 121.900 KGSP_GND
Greer - Greenville Spartanburg Tower 120.000 KGSP_TWR
Gregg County Approach 133.100 KGGG_APP
Gregg County Departure 133.100 KGGG_DEP
Gregg County Ground 121.600 KGGG_GND
Gregg County Tower 120.000 KGGG_TWR
Grenada Muni Tower 122.800 KGNF_TWR
Greybull-South Big Horn Co Tower 122.800 KGEY_TWR
Grider Field Approach 119.850 KPBF_APP
Grider Field Clearance Delivery 119.850 KPBF_DEL
Grider Field Departure 119.850 KPBF_DEP
Grider Field Tower 120.000 KPBF_TWR
Griffing-Sandusky Tower 123.000 KSKY_TWR
Griffiss Airfield Approach 126.650 KRME_APP
Griffiss Airfield Departure 126.650 KRME_DEP
Griffiss Airfield Ground 121.800 KRME_GND
Griffiss Airfield Tower 126.250 KRME_TWR
Grinnell Regional Tower 122.800 KGGI_TWR
Grissom AFB Approach 121.050 KGUS_APP
Grissom AFB Departure 121.050 KGUS_DEP
Grissom AFB Ground 139.900 KGUS_GND
Grissom AFB Tower 120.000 KGUS_TWR
Groton - New London Approach 125.750 KGON_APP
Groton - New London Clearance Delivery 118.550 KGON_DEL
Groton - New London Departure 125.750 KGON_DEP
Groton - New London Ground 121.650 KGON_GND
Groton - New London Tower 120.000 KGON_TWR
Grove Field Clearance Delivery 121.650 WA10_DEL
Grundy Muni Tower 122.900 KGDY_TWR
Guam Center 119.800 PGZU_CTR
Gulfport-Biloxi Regnl Approach 127.500 KGPT_APP
Gulfport-Biloxi Regnl Departure 127.500 KGPT_DEP
Gulfport-Biloxi Regnl Ground 120.400 KGPT_GND
Gulfport-Biloxi Regnl Tower 120.000 KGPT_TWR
Gulkana Tower 123.600 PGKN_TWR
Gunnison County Tower 122.700 KGUC_TWR
Guthrie Center Tower 122.800 KGCT_TWR
Guthrie Muni Approach 124.200 KGOK_APP
Guthrie Muni Departure 124.200 KGOK_DEP
Guthrie Muni Tower 122.800 KGOK_TWR
Guymon Muni Tower 122.700 KGUY_TWR
Gwinner Roger Melroe Fld Tower 122.700 KGWR_TWR
Gwinnett County - Briscoe Field Approach 119.300 KLZU_APP
Gwinnett County - Briscoe Field Clearance Delivery 134.000 KLZU_DEL
Gwinnett County - Briscoe Field Departure 119.300 KLZU_DEP
Gwinnett County - Briscoe Field Ground 121.800 KLZU_GND
Gwinnett County - Briscoe Field Tower 123.050 KLZU_TWR
Habersham County Tower 122.700 KAJR_TWR
Hailey - Friedman Mem Ground 121.700 KSUN_GND
Hailey - Friedman Mem Tower 120.000 KSUN_TWR
Half Moon Bay Approach 135.100 KHAF_APP
Half Moon Bay Departure 135.100 KHAF_DEP
Half Moon Bay Tower 122.800 KHAF_TWR
Halifax County Tower 122.800 KRZZ_TWR
Halliburton Field Approach 118.600 KDUC_APP
Halliburton Field Clearance Delivery 118.400 KDUC_DEL
Halliburton Field Departure 118.600 KDUC_DEP
Halliburton Field Tower 122.800 KDUC_TWR
Hamilton Muni Approach 118.000 KMNZ_APP
Hamilton Muni Departure 118.000 KMNZ_DEP
Hamilton Muni Tower 122.700 KMNZ_TWR
Hamilton-Fairfield Approach 121.000 KHAO_APP
Hamilton-Fairfield Clearance Delivery 126.250 KHAO_DEL
Hamilton-Fairfield Departure 121.000 KHAO_DEP
Hamilton-Fairfield Tower 123.050 KHAO_TWR
Hammond Mun Approach 125.500 KHMU_APP
Hammond Mun Departure 125.500 KHMU_DEP
Hampton Muni Tower 122.700 KHPT_TWR
Hampton Roads Approach 118.900 KPVG_APP
Hampton Roads Departure 118.900 KPVG_DEP
Hampton Roads Tower 123.000 KPVG_TWR
Hancock County-Bar Harbor Approach 124.500 KBHB_APP
Hancock County-Bar Harbor Clearance Delivery 119.900 KBHB_DEL
Hancock County-Bar Harbor Departure 124.500 KBHB_DEP
Hancock County-Bar Harbor Tower 123.000 KBHB_TWR
Hanford Muni Approach 123.900 KHJO_APP
Hanford Muni Departure 123.900 KHJO_DEP
Hanksville Tower 122.800 KHVE_TWR
Hannibal Muni Tower 122.800 KHAE_TWR
Hanover County Muni Approach 134.700 KOFP_APP
Hanover County Muni Clearance Delivery 125.400 KOFP_DEL
Hanover County Muni Departure 134.700 KOFP_DEP
Hanover County Muni Tower 122.700 KOFP_TWR
Happy Camp Tower 122.900 K36S_TWR
Hardwick Field Approach 125.100 KHDI_APP
Hardwick Field Departure 125.100 KHDI_DEP
Hardwick Field Tower 122.800 KHDI_TWR
Hardy-Anders Field Natchez-Adams County Tower 122.800 KHEZ_TWR
Harlan Muni Approach 124.500 KHNR_APP
Harlan Muni Departure 124.500 KHNR_DEP
Harlan Muni Tower 122.800 KHNR_TWR
Harlowton Wheatland Co Tower 122.900 KHWQ_TWR
Harriman-And-West Tower 122.800 KAQW_TWR
Harrisburg Intl Approach 124.150 KMDT_APP
Harrisburg Intl Departure 126.450 KMDT_DEP
Harrisburg Intl Ground 121.700 KMDT_GND
Harrisburg Intl Tower 124.800 KMDT_TWR
Harrisburg-Raleigh Tower 122.800 KHSB_TWR
Harrison - Heber Springs Muni Tower 122.700 KHBZ_TWR
Harry P Williams Memorial Approach 124.300 KPTN_APP
Harry P Williams Memorial Departure 124.300 KPTN_DEP
Harry P Williams Memorial Tower 122.800 KPTN_TWR
Hartford Muni Approach 125.350 KHXF_APP
Hartford Muni Departure 125.350 KHXF_DEP
Hartford Muni Tower 123.000 KHXF_TWR
Hartford-Brainard Approach 127.800 KHFD_APP
Hartford-Brainard Clearance Delivery 121.600 KHFD_DEL
Hartford-Brainard Departure 127.800 KHFD_DEP
Hartford-Brainard Ground 121.600 KHFD_GND
Hartford-Brainard Tower 120.000 KHFD_TWR
Hartness State (Springfield) Tower 122.800 KVSF_TWR
Hartsville Muni Approach 125.400 KHVS_APP
Hartsville Muni Departure 125.400 KHVS_DEP
Hartsville Muni Tower 122.800 KHVS_TWR
Hastings Muni Tower 122.800 KHSI_TWR
Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Tower 123.000 KPIB_TWR
Havre City-Co Tower 122.800 KHVR_TWR
Hawaii Tower 126.300 PHSF_TWR
Hawkins County Approach 119.250 KRVN_APP
Hawkins County Departure 119.250 KRVN_DEP
Hawkins County Tower 122.800 KRVN_TWR
Hawkins Field Approach 125.250 KHKS_APP
Hawkins Field Clearance Delivery 121.900 KHKS_DEL
Hawkins Field Departure 125.250 KHKS_DEP
Hawkins Field Ground 121.900 KHKS_GND
Hawkins Field Tower 120.000 KHKS_TWR
Hawthorne Muni Tower 122.800 KHTH_TWR
Hays Muni Tower 122.800 KHYS_TWR
Hayward Air Terminal Approach 134.500 KHWD_APP
Hayward Air Terminal Clearance Delivery 128.050 KHWD_DEL
Hayward Air Terminal Departure 124.400 KHWD_DEP
Hayward Air Terminal Ground 121.400 KHWD_GND
Hayward Air Terminal Tower 120.000 KHWD_TWR
Hayward Muni Tower 122.800 KHYR_TWR
Hazlehurst Tower 122.800 KAZE_TWR
Hazleton Muni Approach 126.300 KHZL_APP
Hazleton Muni Clearance Delivery 121.700 KHZL_DEL
Hazleton Muni Departure 126.300 KHZL_DEP
Hazleton Muni Tower 123.000 KHZL_TWR
Heart Of Georgia Regl Tower 122.900 KEZM_TWR
Hebron Muni Tower 122.900 KHJH_TWR
Helena Regnl Approach 119.500 KHLN_APP
Helena Regnl Departure 119.500 KHLN_DEP
Helena Regnl Ground 121.900 KHLN_GND
Helena Regnl Tower 120.000 KHLN_TWR
Helena West/ Thompson-Robbins Tower 122.800 KHEE_TWR
Hemet-Ryan Approach 134.000 KHMT_APP
Hemet-Ryan Departure 134.000 KHMT_DEP
Hemet-Ryan Tower 123.000 KHMT_TWR
Henderson City Tower 122.800 KI28_TWR
Henderson City-County Approach 126.400 KEHR_APP
Henderson City-County Departure 126.400 KEHR_DEP
Henderson Field Approach 121.400 KACZ_APP
Henderson Field Departure 121.400 KACZ_DEP
Henderson Field Tower 122.800 KACZ_TWR
Henderson-Oxford Approach 132.350 KHNZ_APP
Henderson-Oxford Departure 132.350 KHNZ_DEP
Henderson-Oxford Tower 122.800 KHNZ_TWR
Henry County Tower 123.000 KPHT_TWR
Henry County Approach 126.100 OH17_APP
Henry County Departure 126.100 OH17_DEP
Henry Post Aaf-Fort Sill Approach 127.300 KFSI_APP
Henry Post Aaf-Fort Sill Clearance Delivery 118.600 KFSI_DEL
Henry Post Aaf-Fort Sill Departure 127.300 KFSI_DEP
Henry Post Aaf-Fort Sill Ground 121.700 KFSI_GND
Henry Post Aaf-Fort Sill Tower 124.950 KFSI_TWR
Henry Tift Myers Approach 126.600 KTMA_APP
Henry Tift Myers Departure 126.600 KTMA_DEP
Henry Tift Myers Tower 122.700 KTMA_TWR
Herbert Smart Downtown Approach 124.800 KMAC_APP
Herbert Smart Downtown Departure 124.800 KMAC_DEP
Herbert Smart Downtown Tower 123.000 KMAC_TWR
Hereford Muni Approach 121.150 KHRX_APP
Hereford Muni Departure 121.150 KHRX_DEP
Hereford Muni Tower 122.800 KHRX_TWR
Herington Muni Tower 122.900 KHRU_TWR
Hernando County Approach 120.650 KBKV_APP
Hernando County Departure 120.650 KBKV_DEP
Hernando County Tower 123.000 KBKV_TWR
Hesler-Noble Field Tower 122.800 KLUL_TWR
Hettinger, Hettinger Municipal Airport Tower 122.800 KHEI_TWR
Hickam AFB Approach 118.300 PHIK_APP
Hickam AFB Departure 124.800 PHIK_DEP
Hickam AFB Ground 121.900 PHIK_GND
Hickam AFB Tower 118.100 PHIK_TWR
Hickory Regional Clearance Delivery 124.250 KHKY_DEL
Hickory Regional Ground 121.700 KHKY_GND
Hickory Regional Tower 120.000 KHKY_TWR
Higginsville Industrial Muni Tower 122.800 KHIG_TWR
Highland County Tower 123.000 KHOC_TWR
Hill AFB Approach 135.500 KHIF_APP
Hill AFB Clearance Delivery 124.100 KHIF_DEL
Hill AFB Departure 121.100 KHIF_DEP
Hill AFB Ground 121.600 KHIF_GND
Hill AFB Tower 127.150 KHIF_TWR
Hill City, Hill City Municipal Airport Tower 122.900 KHLC_TWR
Hilo international Approach 119.700 PHTO_APP
Hilo international Departure 119.700 PHTO_DEP
Hilo international Ground 121.900 PHTO_GND
Hilo international Tower 118.100 PHTO_TWR
Hilton Head Approach 125.300 KHXD_APP
Hilton Head Clearance Delivery 121.100 KHXD_DEL
Hilton Head Departure 125.300 KHXD_DEP
Hobart Muni Approach 125.100 KHBR_APP
Hobart Muni Departure 125.100 KHBR_DEP
Hobart Muni Tower 122.800 KHBR_TWR
Hobbs - Las Vegas Muni Tower 122.800 KLVS_TWR
Holdrege-Brewster Fld Tower 122.800 KHDE_TWR
Holloman AFB Approach 120.600 KHMN_APP
Holloman AFB Clearance Delivery 126.700 KHMN_DEL
Holloman AFB Departure 128.100 KHMN_DEP
Holloman AFB Ground 127.050 KHMN_GND
Holloman AFB Tower 119.300 KHMN_TWR
Homer AK Tower 123.600 PHOM_TWR
Homerville Approach 126.600 KHOE_APP
Homerville Departure 126.600 KHOE_DEP
Homerville Tower 122.900 KHOE_TWR
Homestead Afb Approach 125.500 KHST_APP
Homestead Afb Departure 125.500 KHST_DEP
Homestead Afb Tower 120.000 KHST_TWR
Hondo Muni Tower 120.000 KHDO_TWR
Honolulu Center 124.100 PHZH_CTR
Honolulu Intl/ Hickam A F B Approach 120.900 PHNL_APP
Honolulu Intl/ Hickam A F B Clearance Delivery 121.400 PHNL_DEL
Honolulu Intl/ Hickam A F B Departure 124.800 PHNL_DEP
Honolulu Intl/ Hickam A F B Ground 121.900 PHNL_GND
Honolulu Intl/ Hickam A F B Tower 123.900 PHNL_TWR
Hook Field Muni Approach 118.850 KMWO_APP
Hook Field Muni Clearance Delivery 119.400 KMWO_DEL
Hook Field Muni Departure 126.500 KMWO_DEP
Hook Field Muni Tower 123.000 KMWO_TWR
Hooker Co. Tower 122.900 KMHN_TWR
Hooper Bay AK Tower 122.900 KHPB_TWR
Hopkinsville-Christian County Approach 118.100 KHVC_APP
Hopkinsville-Christian County Clearance Delivery 120.900 KHVC_DEL
Hopkinsville-Christian County Departure 118.100 KHVC_DEP
Hopkinsville-Christian County Tower 122.800 KHVC_TWR
Hoquiam-Bowerman Tower 122.700 KHQM_TWR
Horace Williams Approach 132.350 KIGX_APP
Horace Williams Clearance Delivery 126.500 KIGX_DEL
Horace Williams Departure 132.350 KIGX_DEP
Hot Springs Co-Mun Tower 122.800 KTHP_TWR
Hot Springs Muni Tower 122.800 KHSR_TWR
Houghton County Memorial Tower 122.700 KCMX_TWR
Houlton Intl Tower 122.800 KHUL_TWR
Houma-Terrebonne Approach 118.900 KHUM_APP
Houma-Terrebonne Clearance Delivery 118.350 KHUM_DEL
Houma-Terrebonne Departure 118.900 KHUM_DEP
Houma-Terrebonne Ground 121.800 KHUM_GND
Houma-Terrebonne Tower 120.000 KHUM_TWR
Houston Center 134.350 KZHU_CTR
Houston County Tower 122.900 KCHU_TWR
Houston Gulf Approach 134.450 KSPX_APP
Houston Gulf Clearance Delivery 127.250 KSPX_DEL
Houston Gulf Departure 134.450 KSPX_DEP
Houston Gulf Tower 122.700 KSPX_TWR
Houston Intercontinental Approach 124.350 KIAH_APP
Houston Intercontinental Clearance Delivery 128.100 KIAH_DEL
Houston Intercontinental Departure 133.600 KIAH_DEP
Houston Intercontinental Ground 121.700 KIAH_GND
Houston Intercontinental Tower 127.300 KIAH_TWR
Houston Oceanic CTA/FIR 125.300 KZHO_CTR
Houston-Southwest Approach 123.800 KAXH_APP
Houston-Southwest Clearance Delivery 120.800 KAXH_DEL
Houston-Southwest Departure 123.800 KAXH_DEP
Houston-Southwest Tower 123.000 KAXH_TWR
Hugo - Stan Stamper Muni Tower 122.800 KHHW_TWR
Hugoton Muni Tower 122.800 KHQG_TWR
Hulman Regional Approach 125.450 KHUF_APP
Hulman Regional Departure 125.450 KHUF_DEP
Hulman Regional Ground 121.600 KHUF_GND
Hulman Regional Tower 120.000 KHUF_TWR
Hunter AAF Approach 125.300 KSVN_APP
Hunter AAF Departure 125.300 KSVN_DEP
Hunter AAF Ground 121.800 KSVN_GND
Hunter AAF Tower 133.550 KSVN_TWR
Huntingburg Approach 126.400 KHNB_APP
Huntingburg Clearance Delivery 118.800 KHNB_DEL
Huntingburg Departure 126.400 KHNB_DEP
Huntingburg Tower 122.800 KHNB_TWR
Huntingdon County Tower 122.900 KMUU_TWR
Huntington - Tri State Approach 132.950 KHTS_APP
Huntington - Tri State Clearance Delivery 118.050 KHTS_DEL
Huntington - Tri State Departure 132.950 KHTS_DEP
Huntington - Tri State Ground 121.900 KHTS_GND
Huntington - Tri State Tower 120.000 KHTS_TWR
Huntington Muni Approach 127.200 KHHG_APP
Huntington Muni Departure 127.200 KHHG_DEP
Huntington Muni Tower 122.800 KHHG_TWR
Huntsville Intl -Carl T Jones Approach 125.600 KHSV_APP
Huntsville Intl -Carl T Jones Clearance Delivery 120.350 KHSV_DEL
Huntsville Intl -Carl T Jones Departure 125.600 KHSV_DEP
Huntsville Intl -Carl T Jones Ground 121.900 KHSV_GND
Huntsville Intl -Carl T Jones Tower 127.600 KHSV_TWR
Huron Regional Tower 123.600 KHON_TWR
Hutchinson Muni Approach 125.500 KHUT_APP
Hutchinson Muni Departure 125.500 KHUT_DEP
Hutchinson Muni Ground 121.900 KHUT_GND
Hutchinson Muni Tower 120.000 KHUT_TWR
Hutchinson Muni-Butler Field Tower 122.800 KHCD_TWR
Ida Grove Mun Tower 122.800 KIDG_TWR
Illinois Valley Rgnl-Walter A Duncan Field Tower 123.000 KVYS_TWR
Immokalee Approach 119.750 KIMM_APP
Immokalee Departure 119.750 KIMM_DEP
Immokalee Tower 122.900 KIMM_TWR
Imperial Beach NOLF Approach 127.300 KNRS_APP
Imperial Beach NOLF Departure 127.300 KNRS_DEP
Imperial Beach NOLF Tower 120.650 KNRS_TWR
Imperial County Tower 122.700 KIPL_TWR
Imperial Muni Tower 122.800 KIML_TWR
Independence Muni Clearance Delivery 121.650 KIDP_DEL
Independence Muni Tower 122.700 KIDP_TWR
Independence Muni Approach 118.900 KIIB_APP
Independence Muni Departure 118.900 KIIB_DEP
Independence Muni Tower 122.800 KIIB_TWR
Indian Mountain LRRS Tower 126.200 KUTO_TWR
Indian Springs AF Aux. Ground 118.300 KINS_GND
Indian Springs AF Aux. Tower 118.300 KINS_TWR
Indiana County/Jimmy Stewart Fld/ Tower 122.800 KIDI_TWR
Indianapolis Center 119.550 KZID_CTR
Indianapolis Intl Approach 119.300 KIND_APP
Indianapolis Intl Departure 124.950 KIND_DEP
Indianapolis Intl Ground 121.900 KIND_GND
Indianapolis Intl Tower 120.900 KIND_TWR
Indianapolis Metropolitan Approach 127.150 KUMP_APP
Indianapolis Metropolitan Clearance Delivery 121.620 KUMP_DEL
Indianapolis Metropolitan Departure 127.150 KUMP_DEP
Indianapolis Metropolitan Tower 123.000 KUMP_TWR
Indianapolis Terry Approach 127.150 KTYQ_APP
Indianapolis Terry Departure 127.150 KTYQ_DEP
Indianola Muni Tower 122.800 KIDL_TWR
Ine Tower 123.000 KN22_TWR
Ingalls Field Tower 123.000 KHSP_TWR
Ingersoll Approach 119.950 KCTK_APP
Ingersoll Departure 119.950 KCTK_DEP
Ingersoll Tower 122.800 KCTK_TWR
International Falls Tower 122.800 KINL_TWR
Inyokern Tower 122.800 KIYK_TWR
Iowa City, Iowa City Municipal Airport Approach 119.700 KIOW_APP
Iowa City, Iowa City Municipal Airport Clearance Delivery 119.050 KIOW_DEL
Iowa City, Iowa City Municipal Airport Departure 119.700 KIOW_DEP
Iowa City, Iowa City Municipal Airport Tower 122.800 KIOW_TWR
Iowa Falls Muni Approach 118.900 KIFA_APP
Iowa Falls Muni Departure 118.900 KIFA_DEP
Iowa Falls Muni Tower 122.800 KIFA_TWR
Islip-Long Island Mac Arthur Approach 118.000 KISP_APP
Islip-Long Island Mac Arthur Clearance Delivery 121.900 KISP_DEL
Islip-Long Island Mac Arthur Departure 118.000 KISP_DEP
Islip-Long Island Mac Arthur Ground 135.300 KISP_GND
Islip-Long Island Mac Arthur Tower 119.300 KISP_TWR
Jaars-Townsend Approach 120.050 NC18_APP
Jaars-Townsend Departure 120.050 NC18_DEP
Jack McNamara Field Tower 122.800 KCEC_TWR
Jack Northrop Field/Hawthorne Municipal Approach 128.500 KHHR_APP
Jack Northrop Field/Hawthorne Municipal Departure 124.300 KHHR_DEP
Jack Northrop Field/Hawthorne Municipal Ground 125.000 KHHR_GND
Jack Northrop Field/Hawthorne Municipal Tower 121.100 KHHR_TWR
Jackson County-Reynolds Field Ground 121.900 KJXN_GND
Jackson County-Reynolds Field Tower 128.475 KJXN_TWR
Jackson Hole Tower 122.800 KJAC_TWR
Jackson Intl Approach 125.250 KJAN_APP
Jackson Intl Departure 125.250 KJAN_DEP
Jackson Intl Ground 121.700 KJAN_GND
Jackson Intl Tower 120.900 KJAN_TWR
Jackson Muni Tower 122.800 KMJQ_TWR
Jacksonville / Cherokee Co Approach 128.750 KJSO_APP
Jacksonville / Cherokee Co Departure 128.750 KJSO_DEP
Jacksonville / Cherokee Co Tower 122.700 KJSO_TWR
Jacksonville Center 135.050 KZJX_CTR
Jacksonville Intl Approach 127.000 KJAX_APP
Jacksonville Intl Departure 127.000 KJAX_DEP
Jacksonville Intl Ground 121.900 KJAX_GND
Jacksonville Intl Tower 118.300 KJAX_TWR
Jacksonville Muni Approach 118.450 KIJX_APP
Jacksonville Muni Clearance Delivery 118.450 KIJX_DEL
Jacksonville Muni Departure 118.450 KIJX_DEP
Jacksonville Muni Tower 122.800 KIJX_TWR
Jacksonville NAS /Towers Field/ Approach 123.800 KNIP_APP
Jacksonville NAS /Towers Field/ Clearance Delivery 135.900 KNIP_DEL
Jacksonville NAS /Towers Field/ Departure 124.900 KNIP_DEP
Jacksonville NAS /Towers Field/ Ground 128.600 KNIP_GND
Jacksonville NAS /Towers Field/ Tower 120.000 KNIP_TWR
Jaffrey Muni-Silver Ranch Tower 122.800 KAFN_TWR
Jal - Las Cruces Intl Tower 122.700 KLRU_TWR
James a johnson petersburg Tower 122.500 KPSG_TWR
James M Cox Dayton Intl Approach 134.450 KDAY_APP
James M Cox Dayton Intl Clearance Delivery 121.750 KDAY_DEL
James M Cox Dayton Intl Departure 134.450 KDAY_DEP
James M Cox Dayton Intl Ground 121.900 KDAY_GND
James M Cox Dayton Intl Tower 119.900 KDAY_TWR
Jamestown Muni Tower 123.000 KJMS_TWR
Janesville Ground 121.650 KJVL_GND
Janesville Tower 118.800 KJVL_TWR
Jasper County Tower 122.800 KRZL_TWR
Jasper County-Bell Fld Tower 122.800 KJAS_TWR
Jeffco Approach 126.100 KBJC_APP
Jeffco Departure 126.100 KBJC_DEP
Jeffco Ground 121.700 KBJC_GND
Jeffco Tower 118.600 KBJC_TWR
Jefferson City Meml Approach 124.370 KJEF_APP
Jefferson City Meml Departure 124.370 KJEF_DEP
Jefferson City Meml Ground 121.700 KJEF_GND
Jefferson City Meml Tower 120.000 KJEF_TWR
Jefferson Muni Tower 122.800 KEFW_TWR
Jerome Approach 126.700 KJER_APP
Jerome Departure 126.700 KJER_DEP
Jesup-Wayne County Tower 122.800 KJES_TWR
John C Tune Approach 119.350 KJWN_APP
John C Tune Clearance Delivery 124.550 KJWN_DEL
John C Tune Departure 119.350 KJWN_DEP
John C Tune Tower 122.700 KJWN_TWR
John F Kennedy Intl Clearance Delivery 135.100 KJFK_DEL
John F Kennedy Intl Departure 135.900 KJFK_DEP
John F Kennedy Intl Ground 121.900 KJFK_GND
John F Kennedy Intl Tower 119.100 KJFK_TWR
John Wayne Airport-Orange County Approach 121.300 KSNA_APP
John Wayne Airport-Orange County Clearance Delivery 121.850 KSNA_DEL
John Wayne Airport-Orange County Departure 128.100 KSNA_DEP
John Wayne Airport-Orange County Ground 120.800 KSNA_GND
John Wayne Airport-Orange County Tower 126.800 KSNA_TWR
Johnson County Executive Approach 118.900 KOJC_APP
Johnson County Executive Departure 118.900 KOJC_DEP
Johnson County Executive Ground 121.600 KOJC_GND
Johnson County Executive Tower 120.000 KOJC_TWR
Johnston County Approach 125.300 KJNX_APP
Johnston County Departure 125.300 KJNX_DEP
Johnston County Tower 122.800 KJNX_TWR
Johnstown-Cambria County Ground 121.600 KJST_GND
Johnstown-Cambria County Tower 125.750 KJST_TWR
Joliet Park District Approach 133.500 KJOT_APP
Joliet Park District Departure 133.500 KJOT_DEP
Joliet Park District Tower 122.700 KJOT_TWR
Jonesboro Muni Tower 123.000 KJBR_TWR
Joplin Regional Ground 121.600 KJLN_GND
Joplin Regional Tower 120.000 KJLN_TWR
Jordan Tower 122.900 KJDN_TWR
Joslin Field - Magic Valley Rgnl Approach 126.700 KTWF_APP
Joslin Field - Magic Valley Rgnl Departure 126.700 KTWF_DEP
Joslin Field - Magic Valley Rgnl Ground 121.700 KTWF_GND
Joslin Field - Magic Valley Rgnl Tower 120.000 KTWF_TWR
Julian Carroll Tower 122.800 KJKL_TWR
Junction-Kimble Co Tower 122.800 KJCT_TWR
June Lakes Tower 122.800 KMMH_TWR
Juneau International Tower 118.700 PAJN_TWR
Kahului Approach 120.200 PHOG_APP
Kahului Clearance Delivery 120.600 PHOG_DEL
Kahului Departure 119.500 PHOG_DEP
Kahului Ground 121.900 PHOG_GND
Kahului Tower 118.700 PHOG_TWR
Kailua-Kona Clearance Delivery 121.900 PHKO_DEL
Kailua-Kona Tower 120.300 PHKO_TWR
Kaiser/l.Ozark-Lee C Fine Mem Approach 124.100 KAIZ_APP
Kaiser/l.Ozark-Lee C Fine Mem Departure 124.100 KAIZ_DEP
Kaiser/l.Ozark-Lee C Fine Mem Tower 122.800 KAIZ_TWR
Kalamazoo Battle Creek Intl Approach 123.800 KAZO_APP
Kalamazoo Battle Creek Intl Clearance Delivery 121.750 KAZO_DEL
Kalamazoo Battle Creek Intl Departure 123.800 KAZO_DEP
Kalamazoo Battle Creek Intl Ground 121.900 KAZO_GND
Kalamazoo Battle Creek Intl Tower 120.000 KAZO_TWR
Kalispell Glacier Park Intl Tower 123.000 KFCA_TWR
Kaltag AK Tower 122.900 PKAL_TWR
Kamp Approach 118.500 NK03_APP
Kamp Departure 118.500 NK03_DEP
Kanab Mun Tower 122.800 KKNB_TWR
Kansas City Center 132.325 KZKC_CTR
Kansas City Downtown Approach 119.000 KMKC_APP
Kansas City Downtown Departure 119.000 KMKC_DEP
Kansas City Downtown Ground 121.900 KMKC_GND
Kansas City Downtown Tower 120.000 KMKC_TWR
Kansas City Intl Approach 132.950 KMCI_APP
Kansas City Intl Clearance Delivery 135.700 KMCI_DEL
Kansas City Intl Departure 132.950 KMCI_DEP
Kansas City Intl Ground 121.800 KMCI_GND
Kansas City Intl Tower 120.000 KMCI_TWR
Kaolin Field Approach 124.200 KOKZ_APP
Kaolin Field Departure 124.200 KOKZ_DEP
Kaolin Field Tower 123.000 KOKZ_TWR
Karl Stefan Memorial Tower 122.700 KOFK_TWR
Kaunakakai Ground 121.900 PHMK_GND
Kaunakakai Tower 125.700 PHMK_TWR
Kearney Muni Tower 122.800 KEAR_TWR
Keesler Afb-Biloxi Approach 127.500 KBIX_APP
Keesler Afb-Biloxi Clearance Delivery 121.800 KBIX_DEL
Keesler Afb-Biloxi Departure 127.500 KBIX_DEP
Keesler Afb-Biloxi Ground 121.800 KBIX_GND
Keesler Afb-Biloxi Tower 120.000 KBIX_TWR
Kelly Afb Approach 127.100 KSKF_APP
Kelly Afb Departure 125.700 KSKF_DEP
Kelly Afb Ground 121.800 KSKF_GND
Kelly Afb Tower 124.300 KSKF_TWR
Kelso-Longveiw Automatic Weather Observing/Reporti Tower 122.800 KKLS_TWR
Kemmerer Muni Tower 122.800 KEMM_TWR
Kenai muni Tower 121.300 KENA_TWR
Kennett Mem Tower 122.800 KTKX_TWR
Kenosha Regnl Clearance Delivery 118.600 KENW_DEL
Kenosha Regnl Ground 121.870 KENW_GND
Kenosha Regnl Tower 118.600 KENW_TWR
Keokuk Municipal Tower 122.800 KEOK_TWR
Kern Valley Tower 122.800 KL05_TWR
Kerrville Muni/Louis Schreiner Field Clearance Delivery 124.200 KERV_DEL
Kerrville Muni/Louis Schreiner Field Tower 122.700 KERV_TWR
Kewanee Muni Approach 118.200 KEZI_APP
Kewanee Muni Departure 118.200 KEZI_DEP
Kewanee Muni Tower 122.800 KEZI_TWR
Key Field Approach 120.500 KMEI_APP
Key Field Departure 120.500 KMEI_DEP
Key Field Ground 121.900 KMEI_GND
Key Field Tower 120.000 KMEI_TWR
Key West Intl Approach 124.450 KEYW_APP
Key West Intl Clearance Delivery 121.900 KEYW_DEL
Key West Intl Departure 124.450 KEYW_DEP
Key West Intl Ground 121.900 KEYW_GND
Key West Intl Tower 120.000 KEYW_TWR
Key West NAS /Boca Chica Field/ Approach 124.450 KNQX_APP
Key West NAS /Boca Chica Field/ Clearance Delivery 121.200 KNQX_DEL
Key West NAS /Boca Chica Field/ Departure 124.450 KNQX_DEP
Key West NAS /Boca Chica Field/ Ground 121.700 KNQX_GND
Key West NAS /Boca Chica Field/ Tower 126.100 KNQX_TWR
Killeen Muni Approach 118.000 KILE_APP
Killeen Muni Clearance Delivery 121.700 KILE_DEL
Killeen Muni Departure 118.000 KILE_DEP
Killeen Muni Tower 122.700 KILE_TWR
Kimball Muni E Arraj Fld Tower 122.800 KIBM_TWR
King Salmon Approach 100.000 PAKN_APP
King Salmon Ground 121.900 PAKN_GND
King Salmon Tower 118.300 PAKN_TWR
Kingman Tower 122.800 KIGM_TWR
Kings Land O' Lakes Tower 122.800 KLNL_TWR
Kingsville NAS Approach 119.900 KNQI_APP
Kingsville NAS Departure 119.900 KNQI_DEP
Kingsville NAS Tower 120.000 KNQI_TWR
Kinston Regional Jetport At Stallings Fld Approach 127.300 KISO_APP
Kinston Regional Jetport At Stallings Fld Departure 127.300 KISO_DEP
Kinston Regional Jetport At Stallings Fld Ground 121.900 KISO_GND
Kinston Regional Jetport At Stallings Fld Tower 120.000 KISO_TWR
Kirk Field Tower 122.800 KPGR_TWR
Kirksville Regional Tower 122.800 KIRK_TWR
Kirsch Muni Approach 121.200 KIRS_APP
Kirsch Muni Clearance Delivery 133.550 KIRS_DEL
Kirsch Muni Departure 121.200 KIRS_DEP
Kirsch Muni Tower 123.050 KIRS_TWR
Kissimmee Muni Approach 119.400 KISM_APP
Kissimmee Muni Clearance Delivery 121.700 KISM_DEL
Kissimmee Muni Departure 119.400 KISM_DEP
Kissimmee Muni Ground 121.700 KISM_GND
Kissimmee Muni Tower 122.725 KISM_TWR
Kivalina Tower 122.800 PKVL_TWR
Klamath Falls Intl Ground 121.900 KLMT_GND
Klamath Falls Intl Tower 120.000 KLMT_TWR
Knox County Regional Approach 123.800 KRKD_APP
Knox County Regional Departure 123.800 KRKD_DEP
Knox County Regional Tower 122.800 KRKD_TWR
Knoxville Approach 123.900 KOXV_APP
Knoxville Departure 123.900 KOXV_DEP
Knoxville Tower 122.800 KOXV_TWR
Knoxville Downtown Island Approach 123.900 KDKX_APP
Knoxville Downtown Island Departure 123.900 KDKX_DEP
Knoxville Downtown Island Tower 120.000 KDKX_TWR
Knoxville/ Mc Ghee Tyson Approach 132.800 KTYS_APP
Knoxville/ Mc Ghee Tyson Clearance Delivery 121.650 KTYS_DEL
Knoxville/ Mc Ghee Tyson Departure 132.800 KTYS_DEP
Knoxville/ Mc Ghee Tyson Ground 121.900 KTYS_GND
Knoxville/ Mc Ghee Tyson Tower 120.000 KTYS_TWR
Kodiak Tower 119.800 PADQ_TWR
Kokomo Muni Approach 121.050 KOKK_APP
Kokomo Muni Clearance Delivery 120.000 KOKK_DEL
Kokomo Muni Departure 121.050 KOKK_DEP
Kokomo Muni Tower 123.000 KOKK_TWR
Kosciusko-Attala County Tower 122.900 KOSX_TWR
Kyle-Oakley Field Tower 122.700 KCEY_TWR
L O Simenstad Muni Tower 122.900 KOEO_TWR
La Crosse Ground 121.800 KLSE_GND
La Crosse Tower 118.450 KLSE_TWR
La Grande/Union County Tower 122.800 KLGD_TWR
La Junta Muni Tower 123.000 KLHX_TWR
La Porte Muni Approach 132.050 KPPO_APP
La Porte Muni Departure 132.050 KPPO_DEP
Laconia Muni Approach 134.750 KLCI_APP
Laconia Muni Clearance Delivery 119.850 KLCI_DEL
Laconia Muni Departure 134.750 KLCI_DEP
Laconia Muni Tower 123.000 KLCI_TWR
Lafayette Regional Approach 128.700 KLFT_APP
Lafayette Regional Clearance Delivery 125.550 KLFT_DEL
Lafayette Regional Departure 128.700 KLFT_DEP
Lafayette Regional Ground 121.800 KLFT_GND
Lafayette Regional Tower 120.000 KLFT_TWR
Laguna AAF Approach 120.000 KLGF_APP
Laguna AAF Departure 120.000 KLGF_DEP
Laguna AAF Tower 127.650 KLGF_TWR
Lake Charles Regional Approach 119.800 KLCH_APP
Lake Charles Regional Clearance Delivery 126.250 KLCH_DEL
Lake Charles Regional Departure 119.800 KLCH_DEP
Lake Charles Regional Ground 121.800 KLCH_GND
Lake Charles Regional Tower 120.000 KLCH_TWR
Lake City Muni Ground 121.900 KLCQ_GND
Lake City Muni Tower 119.200 KLCQ_TWR
Lake County Tower 122.800 KLKV_TWR
Lake Havasu City Tower 122.700 KHII_TWR
Lake Placid Tower 122.800 KLKP_TWR
Lake Tahoe Ground 121.900 KTVL_GND
Lake Tahoe Tower 120.000 KTVL_TWR
Lakefield Approach 134.450 KCQA_APP
Lakefield Departure 134.450 KCQA_DEP
Lakefield Tower 122.800 KCQA_TWR
Lakehurst Naes /Maxfield Field/ Approach 127.500 KNEL_APP
Lakehurst Naes /Maxfield Field/ Departure 127.500 KNEL_DEP
Lakehurst Naes /Maxfield Field/ Ground 121.000 KNEL_GND
Lakehurst Naes /Maxfield Field/ Tower 127.770 KNEL_TWR
Lakeland Linder Regional Approach 120.650 KLAL_APP
Lakeland Linder Regional Departure 120.650 KLAL_DEP
Lakeland Linder Regional Ground 121.400 KLAL_GND
Lakeland Linder Regional Tower 120.000 KLAL_TWR
Lamar Muni Tower 122.800 KLAA_TWR
Lamur Muni Tower 122.900 KLLU_TWR
Lancaster Approach 125.200 KLNC_APP
Lancaster Departure 125.200 KLNC_DEP
Lancaster Tower 122.700 KLNC_TWR
Lancaster Approach 126.450 KLNS_APP
Lancaster Departure 126.450 KLNS_DEP
Lancaster Ground 121.800 KLNS_GND
Lancaster Tower 120.900 KLNS_TWR
Lancaster County-McWhirter Field Approach 120.050 KLKR_APP
Lancaster County-McWhirter Field Departure 120.050 KLKR_DEP
Lancaster County-McWhirter Field Tower 122.800 KLKR_TWR
Lander Hunt Field Tower 122.800 KLND_TWR
Langlade County Tower 122.800 KAIG_TWR
Langley AFB Approach 127.900 KLFI_APP
Langley AFB Clearance Delivery 118.850 KLFI_DEL
Langley AFB Departure 127.900 KLFI_DEP
Langley AFB Ground 121.700 KLFI_GND
Langley AFB Tower 125.000 KLFI_TWR
Lansing Muni Approach 118.400 KIGQ_APP
Lansing Muni Departure 118.400 KIGQ_DEP
Laramie Regional Tower 123.050 KLAR_TWR
Laredo Intl Ground 121.800 KLRD_GND
Laredo Intl Tower 120.000 KLRD_TWR
Larned-Pawnee County Tower 122.800 KLQR_TWR
Las Vegas/ Mc Carran Intl Approach 127.150 KLAS_APP
Las Vegas/ Mc Carran Intl Clearance Delivery 118.000 KLAS_DEL
Las Vegas/ Mc Carran Intl Departure 133.950 KLAS_DEP
Las Vegas/ Mc Carran Intl Ground 121.900 KLAS_GND
Las Vegas/ Mc Carran Intl Tower 120.000 KLAS_TWR
Laughlin AFB Approach 119.600 KDLF_APP
Laughlin AFB Clearance Delivery 120.500 KDLF_DEL
Laughlin AFB Departure 119.600 KDLF_DEP
Laughlin AFB Tower 125.200 KDLF_TWR
Laughlin/Bullhead International Ground 118.250 KIFP_GND
Laughlin/Bullhead International Tower 120.000 KIFP_TWR
Laurinburg-Maxton Approach 127.800 KMEB_APP
Laurinburg-Maxton Departure 127.800 KMEB_DEP
Laurinburg-Maxton Tower 122.800 KMEB_TWR
Lawrence County Airpark Tower 122.800 KHTW_TWR
Lawrence Muni Tower 123.000 KLWC_TWR
Lawrence Muni Approach 124.400 KLWM_APP
Lawrence Muni Clearance Delivery 126.150 KLWM_DEL
Lawrence Muni Departure 124.400 KLWM_DEP
Lawrence Muni Ground 126.150 KLWM_GND
Lawrence Muni Tower 120.000 KLWM_TWR
Lawrenceville-Vincennes Intl Approach 125.600 KLWV_APP
Lawrenceville-Vincennes Intl Departure 125.600 KLWV_DEP
Lawrenceville-Vincennes Intl Tower 122.800 KLWV_TWR
Lawrenceville/Brunswick Muni Tower 122.800 KLVL_TWR
Lawson AAF Approach 126.550 KLSF_APP
Lawson AAF Clearance Delivery 121.700 KLSF_DEL
Lawson AAF Departure 126.550 KLSF_DEP
Lawson AAF Ground 121.050 KLSF_GND
Lawson AAF Tower 126.200 KLSF_TWR
Lawton Muni Approach 120.550 KLAW_APP
Lawton Muni Departure 120.550 KLAW_DEP
Lawton Muni Ground 121.900 KLAW_GND
Lawton Muni Tower 120.000 KLAW_TWR
Le Marine Aviation Reporting Station Approach 124.600 KLRJ_APP
Le Marine Aviation Reporting Station Departure 124.600 KLRJ_DEP
Le Marine Aviation Reporting Station Tower 122.800 KLRJ_TWR
Lea County/Hobbs/ Ground 121.900 KHOB_GND
Lea County/Hobbs/ Tower 120.000 KHOB_TWR
Leadville Lake Co Tower 122.800 KLXV_TWR
Lebanon Muni Ground 121.600 KLEB_GND
Lebanon Muni Tower 120.000 KLEB_TWR
Lebanon-Floyd W Jones Lebanon Tower 122.800 KLBO_TWR
Lee Tower 122.900 KANP_TWR
Lee County Approach 119.250 KPTG_APP
Lee County Departure 119.250 KPTG_DEP
Lee County Tower 122.900 KPTG_TWR
Lee Gilmer Memorial Clearance Delivery 134.800 KGVL_DEL
Lee Gilmer Memorial Tower 122.800 KGVL_TWR
Lee's Summit Municipal Approach 119.000 KLXT_APP
Lee's Summit Municipal Clearance Delivery 118.450 KLXT_DEL
Lee's Summit Municipal Departure 119.000 KLXT_DEP
Leesburg Muni Approach 121.100 KLEE_APP
Leesburg Muni Clearance Delivery 121.720 KLEE_DEL
Leesburg Muni Departure 121.100 KLEE_DEP
Leesburg Muni Tower 122.700 KLEE_TWR
Leesburg Muni/Godfrey Field Approach 126.100 KJYO_APP
Leesburg Muni/Godfrey Field Clearance Delivery 135.100 KJYO_DEL
Leesburg Muni/Godfrey Field Departure 126.100 KJYO_DEP
Leesburg Muni/Godfrey Field Tower 122.800 KJYO_TWR
Leesville Approach 123.700 LA24_APP
Leesville Departure 123.700 LA24_DEP
Lemmon Muni Tower 122.800 KLEM_TWR
Lemoore NAS /Reeves Field/ Approach 124.100 KNLC_APP
Lemoore NAS /Reeves Field/ Clearance Delivery 124.100 KNLC_DEL
Lemoore NAS /Reeves Field/ Departure 124.100 KNLC_DEP
Lemoore NAS /Reeves Field/ Ground 121.650 KNLC_GND
Lemoore NAS /Reeves Field/ Tower 128.300 KNLC_TWR
Lewis University Approach 133.500 KLOT_APP
Lewis University Departure 133.500 KLOT_DEP
Lewis University Tower 122.800 KLOT_TWR
Lewiston-Nez Perce County Ground 121.900 KLWS_GND
Lewiston-Nez Perce County Tower 120.000 KLWS_TWR
Lewistown Muni Tower 123.000 KLWT_TWR
Lexington, Blue Grass Airport Approach 125.000 KLEX_APP
Lexington, Blue Grass Airport Clearance Delivery 132.350 KLEX_DEL
Lexington, Blue Grass Airport Departure 125.000 KLEX_DEP
Lexington, Blue Grass Airport Ground 121.900 KLEX_GND
Lexington, Blue Grass Airport Tower 120.000 KLEX_TWR
Lexington-Jim Kelly Fld Tower 123.000 KLXN_TWR
Libby AAF/Sierra Vista Muni Approach 127.050 KFHU_APP
Libby AAF/Sierra Vista Muni Departure 127.050 KFHU_DEP
Libby AAF/Sierra Vista Muni Ground 121.700 KFHU_GND
Libby AAF/Sierra Vista Muni Tower 120.000 KFHU_TWR
Liberal Muni Tower 122.800 KLBL_TWR
Lihue Ground 121.900 PHLI_GND
Lihue Tower 118.900 PHLI_TWR
Lima Allen County Tower 122.700 KAOH_TWR
Limon Muni Tower 122.900 KLIC_TWR
Lincoln County Approach 134.750 KIPJ_APP
Lincoln County Clearance Delivery 124.900 KIPJ_DEL
Lincoln County Departure 134.750 KIPJ_DEP
Lincoln Muni Approach 124.800 KLNK_APP
Lincoln Muni Clearance Delivery 120.700 KLNK_DEL
Lincoln Muni Departure 124.000 KLNK_DEP
Lincoln Muni Ground 121.900 KLNK_GND
Lincoln Muni Tower 118.500 KLNK_TWR
Lincoln Regional Tower 122.800 KLRG_TWR
Lincoln Regional/Karl Harder Field Approach 125.400 KLHM_APP
Lincoln Regional/Karl Harder Field Departure 125.400 KLHM_DEP
Linden Approach 135.350 KLDJ_APP
Linden Clearance Delivery 128.350 KLDJ_DEL
Linden Departure 126.700 KLDJ_DEP
Linden Tower 123.000 KLDJ_TWR
Little Falls-Morrison County Tower 122.800 KLXL_TWR
Little Rock - Adams Fld Approach 135.400 KLIT_APP
Little Rock - Adams Fld Clearance Delivery 118.950 KLIT_DEL
Little Rock - Adams Fld Departure 135.400 KLIT_DEP
Little Rock - Adams Fld Ground 121.900 KLIT_GND
Little Rock - Adams Fld Tower 118.700 KLIT_TWR
Little Rock - Magnolia Muni Tower 122.800 KAGO_TWR
Little Rock - Manila Muni Tower 122.800 KMXA_TWR
Little Rock Afb Approach 119.500 KLRF_APP
Little Rock Afb Clearance Delivery 132.800 KLRF_DEL
Little Rock Afb Departure 119.500 KLRF_DEP
Little Rock Afb Ground 132.800 KLRF_GND
Little Rock Afb Tower 120.000 KLRF_TWR
Livermore Muni Approach 123.850 KLVK_APP
Livermore Muni Departure 135.400 KLVK_DEP
Livermore Muni Ground 121.600 KLVK_GND
Livermore Muni Tower 120.000 KLVK_TWR
Livingston County Clearance Delivery 121.720 KOZW_DEL
Livingston-Mission Fld Tower 123.000 KLVM_TWR
Logan - Cache Tower 122.800 KLGU_TWR
Logan - Lordsburg Muni Tower 122.800 KLSB_TWR
Logansport Muni Approach 121.050 KGGP_APP
Logansport Muni Departure 121.050 KGGP_DEP
Logansport Muni Tower 122.800 KGGP_TWR
Lompoc Tower 122.700 KLPC_TWR
London-Corbin Arpt-Magee Fld Tower 123.600 KLOZ_TWR
Lonesome Pine Tower 123.000 KLNP_TWR
Long Beach/ Daugherty Fld Approach 124.650 KLGB_APP
Long Beach/ Daugherty Fld Clearance Delivery 118.150 KLGB_DEL
Long Beach/ Daugherty Fld Departure 127.200 KLGB_DEP
Long Beach/ Daugherty Fld Ground 135.800 KLGB_GND
Long Beach/ Daugherty Fld Tower 119.400 KLGB_TWR
Lorain County Regional Approach 124.000 KLPR_APP
Lorain County Regional Clearance Delivery 125.700 KLPR_DEL
Lorain County Regional Departure 125.700 KLPR_DEP
Los Alamitos AAF Approach 124.650 KSLI_APP
Los Alamitos AAF Departure 124.650 KSLI_DEP
Los Alamitos AAF Ground 126.950 KSLI_GND
Los Alamitos AAF Tower 123.850 KSLI_TWR
Los Angeles Center 125.800 KZLA_CTR
Los Angeles Intl Approach 124.500 KLAX_APP
Los Angeles Intl Clearance Delivery 121.400 KLAX_DEL
Los Angeles Intl Departure 125.200 KLAX_DEP
Los Angeles Intl Ground 121.650 KLAX_GND
Los Angeles Intl Tower 120.950 KLAX_TWR
Los Banos Muni Approach 124.800 KLSN_APP
Los Banos Muni Departure 124.800 KLSN_DEP
Los Banos Muni Tower 122.800 KLSN_TWR
Louisa County/Freeman Field Approach 132.850 KLKU_APP
Louisa County/Freeman Field Departure 132.850 KLKU_DEP
Louisa County/Freeman Field Tower 122.700 KLKU_TWR
Louisville Intl Approach 120.500 KSDF_APP
Louisville Intl Departure 124.500 KSDF_DEP
Louisville Intl Ground 121.700 KSDF_GND
Louisville Intl Tower 120.300 KSDF_TWR
Louisville Winston County Tower 122.700 KLMS_TWR
Louisville/ Bowman Fld Approach 124.500 KLOU_APP
Louisville/ Bowman Fld Clearance Delivery 118.900 KLOU_DEL
Louisville/ Bowman Fld Departure 124.500 KLOU_DEP
Louisville/ Bowman Fld Ground 121.800 KLOU_GND
Louisville/ Bowman Fld Tower 120.000 KLOU_TWR
Lt Warren Eaton Tower 122.800 KOIC_TWR
Lubbock Intl Approach 119.900 KLBB_APP
Lubbock Intl Clearance Delivery 125.800 KLBB_DEL
Lubbock Intl Departure 124.450 KLBB_DEP
Lubbock Intl Ground 121.900 KLBB_GND
Lubbock Intl Tower 120.500 KLBB_TWR
Luce County Tower 122.800 KERY_TWR
Luke AFB Approach 125.950 KLUF_APP
Luke AFB Clearance Delivery 119.800 KLUF_DEL
Luke AFB Departure 125.950 KLUF_DEP
Luke AFB Ground 121.400 KLUF_GND
Luke AFB Tower 119.100 KLUF_TWR
Lumberton Muni Approach 133.000 KLBT_APP
Lumberton Muni Departure 133.000 KLBT_DEP
Lumberton Muni Tower 122.800 KLBT_TWR
Lusk Muni Tower 122.800 KLSK_TWR
Lynchburg Regional/Preston Glenn Field Ground 121.900 KLYH_GND
Lynchburg Regional/Preston Glenn Field Tower 120.000 KLYH_TWR
Lyons-Rice Co Mun Tower 122.800 KLYO_TWR
Mac Dill AFB Approach 124.950 KMCF_APP
Mac Dill AFB Departure 119.900 KMCF_DEP
Mac Dill AFB Ground 121.650 KMCF_GND
Mac Dill AFB Tower 120.000 KMCF_TWR
Machias Valley Tower 122.800 KMVM_TWR
MacKall AAF Approach 127.800 KHFF_APP
MacKall AAF Departure 127.800 KHFF_DEP
MacKall AAF Ground 128.350 KHFF_GND
MacKall AAF Tower 121.000 KHFF_TWR
Macomb Muni Tower 122.800 KMQB_TWR
Madera Muni Approach 119.450 KMAE_APP
Madera Muni Departure 119.450 KMAE_DEP
Madera Muni Tower 122.800 KMAE_TWR
Madision Approach 124.000 KMSN_APP
Madision Departure 126.850 KMSN_DEP
Madision Ground 121.900 KMSN_GND
Madision Tower 119.300 KMSN_TWR
Madison County Approach 118.850 KUYF_APP
Madison County Departure 126.500 KUYF_DEP
Madison County Tower 123.000 KUYF_TWR
Madison Muni Approach 123.700 KIMS_APP
Madison Muni Departure 123.700 KIMS_DEP
Madison Muni Tower 122.800 KIMS_TWR
Madison Muni. Tower 122.800 KMDS_TWR
Madison-Lac Qui Parle County Tower 122.800 KDXX_TWR
Magic City Ground 121.900 KMOT_GND
Magic City Tower 118.200 KMOT_TWR
Mahlon Sweet Field Approach 120.250 KEUG_APP
Mahlon Sweet Field Clearance Delivery 121.700 KEUG_DEL
Mahlon Sweet Field Departure 120.250 KEUG_DEP
Mahlon Sweet Field Ground 121.700 KEUG_GND
Mahlon Sweet Field Tower 120.000 KEUG_TWR
Majors Ground 121.700 KGVT_GND
Majors Tower 120.000 KGVT_TWR
Majuro Atoll Tower 123.600 KMAJ_TWR
Malad City Tower 122.900 KMLD_TWR
Malden Muni Tower 122.800 KMAW_TWR
Malone-Dufort Tower 122.800 KMAL_TWR
Malta Tower 122.800 KMLK_TWR
Manassas Regional/Harry P Davis Field Clearance Delivery 118.150 KHEF_DEL
Manassas Regional/Harry P Davis Field Ground 121.800 KHEF_GND
Manassas Regional/Harry P Davis Field Tower 120.000 KHEF_TWR
Manchester Approach 124.900 KMHT_APP
Manchester Clearance Delivery 135.900 KMHT_DEL
Manchester Departure 124.900 KMHT_DEP
Manchester Ground 121.900 KMHT_GND
Manchester Tower 121.300 KMHT_TWR
Manhattan Muni Ground 121.850 KMHK_GND
Manhattan Muni Tower 120.000 KMHK_TWR
Manistee Co.-Blacker Tower 122.800 KMBL_TWR
Manitowoc County Tower 122.800 KMTW_TWR
Mankato Tower 122.900 KTKO_TWR
Mankato Muni Tower 122.700 KMKT_TWR
Mansfield Lahm Muni Approach 124.200 KMFD_APP
Mansfield Lahm Muni Ground 121.800 KMFD_GND
Mansfield Lahm Muni Tower 119.800 KMFD_TWR
Maple Lake Muni Approach 126.500 KMGG_APP
Maple Lake Muni Departure 126.500 KMGG_DEP
Mapleton Muni Approach 124.600 KMEY_APP
Mapleton Muni Departure 124.600 KMEY_DEP
Mapleton Muni Tower 122.800 KMEY_TWR
Maquoketa Muni Tower 122.800 KOQW_TWR
Marathon, Marathon Airport Tower 122.800 KMTH_TWR
March Field Approach 135.400 KRIV_APP
March Field Departure 135.400 KRIV_DEP
March Field Ground 125.000 KRIV_GND
March Field Tower 120.000 KRIV_TWR
Marco Island Approach 119.750 KMKY_APP
Marco Island Clearance Delivery 120.800 KMKY_DEL
Marco Island Departure 119.750 KMKY_DEP
Marco Island Tower 122.800 KMKY_TWR
Marfa Muni Tower 122.800 KMRF_TWR
Marianna Muni Approach 133.750 KMAI_APP
Marianna Muni Departure 133.750 KMAI_DEP
Marianna Muni Tower 123.000 KMAI_TWR
Marina Municipal Tower 122.900 KOAR_TWR
Marion County Approach 135.250 KMAO_APP
Marion County Departure 135.250 KMAO_DEP
Marion County Tower 122.800 KMAO_TWR
Marion County-Brown Field Approach 119.200 KAPT_APP
Marion County-Brown Field Departure 119.200 KAPT_DEP
Marion County-Brown Field Tower 122.800 KAPT_TWR
Marion County-Rankin Fite Tower 122.800 KHAB_TWR
Marion Muni Clearance Delivery 126.800 KMNN_DEL
Marion Muni Approach 121.050 KMZZ_APP
Marion Muni Clearance Delivery 120.000 KMZZ_DEL
Marion Muni Departure 121.050 KMZZ_DEP
Marion Muni Tower 122.700 KMZZ_TWR
Marlboro County Approach 118.600 KBBP_APP
Marlboro County Departure 118.600 KBBP_DEP
Marlboro County Tower 122.800 KBBP_TWR
Marshall - Harrison Co Approach 121.400 KASL_APP
Marshall - Harrison Co Departure 121.400 KASL_DEP
Marshall - Harrison Co Tower 122.800 KASL_TWR
Marshall Mem Muni Approach 127.450 KMHL_APP
Marshall Mem Muni Departure 125.920 KMHL_DEP
Marshall Mem Muni Tower 122.800 KMHL_TWR
Marshall Muni-Ryan Field Tower 122.800 KMML_TWR
Marshall/Brooks Field Approach 121.200 KRMY_APP
Marshall/Brooks Field Departure 121.200 KRMY_DEP
Marshalltown, Marshalltown Municipal Airport Approach 120.900 KMIW_APP
Marshalltown, Marshalltown Municipal Airport Clearance Delivery 120.900 KMIW_DEL
Marshalltown, Marshalltown Municipal Airport Departure 120.900 KMIW_DEP
Marshalltown, Marshalltown Municipal Airport Tower 122.800 KMIW_TWR
Marshfield Muni Tower 123.000 KMFI_TWR
Marthas Vineyard Approach 124.700 KMVY_APP
Marthas Vineyard Clearance Delivery 124.700 KMVY_DEL
Marthas Vineyard Departure 124.700 KMVY_DEP
Marthas Vineyard Ground 121.800 KMVY_GND
Marthas Vineyard Tower 120.000 KMVY_TWR
Martin Campbell Tower 123.000 K1A3_TWR
Martin County Tower 122.800 KMCZ_TWR
Martin State Clearance Delivery 121.800 KMTN_DEL
Martin State Ground 121.800 KMTN_GND
Martin State Tower 120.000 KMTN_TWR
Mary Esther Approach 132.100 KHRT_APP
Mary Esther Departure 132.100 KHRT_DEP
Mary Esther Tower 120.000 KHRT_TWR
Marysville Muni Tower 122.800 KMYZ_TWR
Maryville Mem Tower 122.800 KEVU_TWR
Mason City Muni Tower 123.000 KMCW_TWR
Mason County Tower 123.000 KLDM_TWR
Massena Intl -Richards Fld Tower 123.000 KMSS_TWR
Mathis Field Approach 125.350 KSJT_APP
Mathis Field Departure 125.350 KSJT_DEP
Mathis Field Ground 121.900 KSJT_GND
Mathis Field Tower 120.000 KSJT_TWR
Maury County Tower 122.800 KMRC_TWR
Maxwell AFB Approach 124.000 KMXF_APP
Maxwell AFB Departure 124.000 KMXF_DEP
Maxwell AFB Ground 127.150 KMXF_GND
Maxwell AFB Tower 120.000 KMXF_TWR
May Approach 118.500 NC01_APP
May Departure 118.500 NC01_DEP
Mayport NS Approach 124.400 KNRB_APP
Mayport NS Departure 124.400 KNRB_DEP
Mayport NS Ground 126.500 KNRB_GND
Mayport NS Tower 118.750 KNRB_TWR
Mc Allen Miller Intl Approach 121.000 KMFE_APP
Mc Allen Miller Intl Departure 121.000 KMFE_DEP
Mc Allen Miller Intl Ground 121.800 KMFE_GND
Mc Allen Miller Intl Tower 120.000 KMFE_TWR
Mc Call Tower 122.800 KMYL_TWR
Mc Gregor Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting Sy Approach 135.200 KPWG_APP
Mc Gregor Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting Sy Departure 133.450 KPWG_DEP
Mc Pherson Approach 125.500 KMPR_APP
Mc Pherson Departure 125.500 KMPR_DEP
Mc Pherson Tower 122.800 KMPR_TWR
McAlester Regional Tower 123.000 KMLC_TWR
McChord AFB Approach 126.500 KTCM_APP
McChord AFB Departure 126.500 KTCM_DEP
McChord AFB Ground 121.650 KTCM_GND
McChord AFB Tower 124.800 KTCM_TWR
McClellan AFB Approach 127.400 KMCC_APP
McClellan AFB Clearance Delivery 118.200 KMCC_DEL
McClellan AFB Departure 127.400 KMCC_DEP
McClellan AFB Ground 118.200 KMCC_GND
McClellan AFB Tower 124.600 KMCC_TWR
McClellan-Palomar Approach 127.300 KCRQ_APP
McClellan-Palomar Clearance Delivery 134.850 KCRQ_DEL
McClellan-Palomar Departure 127.300 KCRQ_DEP
McClellan-Palomar Ground 121.800 KCRQ_GND
McClellan-Palomar Tower 118.600 KCRQ_TWR
McComb/Pike County/John E Lewis Field Tower 122.950 KMCB_TWR
McConnell AFB Approach 134.800 KIAB_APP
McConnell AFB Departure 134.800 KIAB_DEP
McConnell AFB Ground 118.000 KIAB_GND
McConnell AFB Tower 127.250 KIAB_TWR
Mccook Muni Tower 122.800 KMCK_TWR
McEntire Angs Approach 118.850 KMMT_APP
McEntire Angs Departure 118.850 KMMT_DEP
McEntire Angs Tower 132.400 KMMT_TWR
McGuire AFB Approach 120.250 KWRI_APP
McGuire AFB Clearance Delivery 135.200 KWRI_DEL
McGuire AFB Departure 127.500 KWRI_DEP
McGuire AFB Ground 121.800 KWRI_GND
McGuire AFB Tower 118.650 KWRI_TWR
McKellar-Sipes Regional Flight Service Station 122.650 KMKL_FSS
McKellar-Sipes Regional Ground 120.900 KMKL_GND
McKellar-Sipes Regional Tower 127.150 KMKL_TWR
McKinney Muni Approach 124.300 KTKI_APP
McKinney Muni Departure 124.300 KTKI_DEP
McKinney Muni Ground 121.870 KTKI_GND
McKinney Muni Tower 123.000 KTKI_TWR
McMinn County Approach 123.900 KMMI_APP
McMinn County Departure 123.900 KMMI_DEP
McMinn County Tower 122.800 KMMI_TWR
McMinnville Muni Approach 126.000 KMMV_APP
McMinnville Muni Clearance Delivery 118.350 KMMV_DEL
McMinnville Muni Departure 126.000 KMMV_DEP
McMinnville Muni Tower 123.000 KMMV_TWR
McNary Fld Ground 121.900 KSLE_GND
McNary Fld Tower 120.000 KSLE_TWR
Meade Muni Tower 122.800 KMEJ_TWR
Meadow Brook Field Approach 124.350 NC28_APP
Meadow Brook Field Departure 124.350 NC28_DEP
Meadows Field Approach 118.900 KBFL_APP
Meadows Field Departure 126.450 KBFL_DEP
Meadows Field Ground 121.700 KBFL_GND
Meadows Field Tower 120.000 KBFL_TWR
Meadville/Port Meadville Arpt Clearance Delivery 124.950 KGKJ_DEL
Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional Tower 122.800 KAVC_TWR
Meeker, Meeker Airport Tower 122.800 KEEO_TWR
Mefford Field Approach 118.500 KTLR_APP
Mefford Field Departure 118.500 KTLR_DEP
Mefford Field Tower 122.700 KTLR_TWR
Melbourne International Ground 121.900 KMLB_GND
Melbourne International Tower 118.200 KMLB_TWR
Memorial Field Tower 123.000 KHOT_TWR
Memphis Center 118.625 KZME_CTR
Memphis Intl Approach 125.800 KMEM_APP
Memphis Intl Clearance Delivery 125.200 KMEM_DEL
Memphis Intl Departure 124.150 KMEM_DEP
Memphis Intl Ground 121.900 KMEM_GND
Memphis Intl Tower 119.700 KMEM_TWR
Menominee-Marinette Twin County Approach 119.500 KMNM_APP
Menominee-Marinette Twin County Departure 119.500 KMNM_DEP
Menominee-Marinette Twin County Tower 122.800 KMNM_TWR
Merced Municipal/MacReady Field Approach 124.800 KMCE_APP
Merced Municipal/MacReady Field Departure 124.800 KMCE_DEP
Merced Municipal/MacReady Field Tower 122.700 KMCE_TWR
Mercedita Tower 122.700 KPSE_TWR
Mercer County Tower 122.900 KBLF_TWR
Mercer County Approach 128.400 KTTN_APP
Mercer County Clearance Delivery 121.900 KTTN_DEL
Mercer County Departure 128.400 KTTN_DEP
Mercer County Ground 121.900 KTTN_GND
Mercer County Tower 120.000 KTTN_TWR
Mercury Tower 122.800 KDRA_TWR
Meriden Markham Muni Approach 127.800 KMMK_APP
Meriden Markham Muni Clearance Delivery 120.650 KMMK_DEL
Meriden Markham Muni Departure 127.800 KMMK_DEP
Meriden Markham Muni Tower 122.800 KMMK_TWR
Meridian NAS /McCain Field/ Approach 120.950 KNMM_APP
Meridian NAS /McCain Field/ Departure 124.800 KNMM_DEP
Meridian NAS /McCain Field/ Tower 126.200 KNMM_TWR
Merkel Field Sylacauga Muni Approach 123.800 KSCD_APP
Merkel Field Sylacauga Muni Departure 123.800 KSCD_DEP
Merkel Field Sylacauga Muni Tower 122.800 KSCD_TWR
Merrill Muni Tower 122.800 KRRL_TWR
Merritt Island Approach 132.650 KCOI_APP
Merritt Island Departure 132.650 KCOI_DEP
Merritt Island Tower 123.050 KCOI_TWR
Mesa Del Rey Tower 122.900 KKIC_TWR
Mesquite Metro Approach 125.200 KHQZ_APP
Mesquite Metro Departure 125.200 KHQZ_DEP
Mesquite Metro Tower 123.050 KHQZ_TWR
Metcalf Field Clearance Delivery 125.600 KTDZ_DEL
Metropolitan Approach 123.950 KPMX_APP
Metropolitan Departure 123.950 KPMX_DEP
Metropolitan Tower 122.800 KPMX_TWR
Mettel Field Approach 134.450 KCEV_APP
Mettel Field Departure 134.450 KCEV_DEP
Mettel Field Tower 122.800 KCEV_TWR
Metter Muni Tower 123.000 KMHP_TWR
Miami - Opa Locka Approach 128.600 KOPF_APP
Miami - Opa Locka Clearance Delivery 119.200 KOPF_DEL
Miami - Opa Locka Departure 128.600 KOPF_DEP
Miami - Opa Locka Ground 121.900 KOPF_GND
Miami - Opa Locka Tower 120.000 KOPF_TWR
Miami Center 126.325 KZMA_CTR
Miami Intl Approach 120.500 KMIA_APP
Miami Intl Clearance Delivery 135.350 KMIA_DEL
Miami Intl Departure 119.450 KMIA_DEP
Miami Intl Ground 127.500 KMIA_GND
Miami Intl Tower 118.300 KMIA_TWR
Miami Kendall-Tamiami Exec. Clearance Delivery 133.000 KTMB_DEL
Miami Kendall-Tamiami Exec. Ground 121.700 KTMB_GND
Miami Kendall-Tamiami Exec. Tower 120.000 KTMB_TWR
Miami Muni Tower 122.800 KMIO_TWR
Miami Oceanic CTA/FIR 126.900 KZMO_CTR
Miami University Approach 121.000 KOXD_APP
Miami University Departure 121.000 KOXD_DEP
Miami University Tower 122.800 KOXD_TWR
Michigan City Muni Approach 118.550 KMGC_APP
Michigan City Muni Clearance Delivery 134.800 KMGC_DEL
Michigan City Muni Departure 118.550 KMGC_DEP
Michigan City Muni Tower 122.700 KMGC_TWR
Mid Delta Regl Ground 121.800 KGLH_GND
Mid Delta Regl Tower 120.000 KGLH_TWR
Mid-State Tower 120.000 KPSB_TWR
Middle Georgia Regional Approach 124.800 KMCN_APP
Middle Georgia Regional Departure 124.800 KMCN_DEP
Middle Georgia Regional Ground 121.650 KMCN_GND
Middle Georgia Regional Tower 120.000 KMCN_TWR
Midland Airpark Approach 124.600 KMDD_APP
Midland Airpark Clearance Delivery 121.800 KMDD_DEL
Midland Airpark Departure 124.600 KMDD_DEP
Midland Airpark Tower 122.700 KMDD_TWR
Midland Intl Approach 124.600 KMAF_APP
Midland Intl Clearance Delivery 118.050 KMAF_DEL
Midland Intl Departure 124.600 KMAF_DEP
Midland Intl Ground 121.900 KMAF_GND
Midland Intl Tower 118.700 KMAF_TWR
Mifflin County Tower 122.700 KRVL_TWR
Miles City-Frank Wiley Fld Tower 123.000 KMLS_TWR
Milford Muni Tower 122.800 KMLF_TWR
Millard Approach 120.100 KMLE_APP
Millard Clearance Delivery 125.400 KMLE_DEL
Millard Departure 120.100 KMLE_DEP
Millard Tower 123.000 KMLE_TWR
Miller Muni Tower 122.900 KMKA_TWR
Millington-Memphis Nas Approach 126.700 KNQA_APP
Millington-Memphis Nas Departure 124.650 KNQA_DEP
Millington-Memphis Nas Ground 121.370 KNQA_GND
Millington-Memphis Nas Tower 120.000 KNQA_TWR
Millinocket Muni Tower 122.800 KMLT_TWR
Millville Muni Approach 124.600 KMIV_APP
Millville Muni Departure 124.600 KMIV_DEP
Millville Muni Tower 123.650 KMIV_TWR
Milwaukee Approach 126.500 KMKE_APP
Milwaukee Departure 125.350 KMKE_DEP
Milwaukee Ground 121.800 KMKE_GND
Milwaukee Tower 119.100 KMKE_TWR
Minden-Webster Tower 122.800 KF24_TWR
Mineral Wells Tower 123.050 KMWL_TWR
Minneapolis Approach 126.950 KMSP_APP
Minneapolis Clearance Delivery 133.200 KMSP_DEL
Minneapolis Departure 125.750 KMSP_DEP
Minneapolis Ground 121.800 KMSP_GND
Minneapolis Tower 126.700 KMSP_TWR
Minneapolis Center 133.400 KZMP_CTR
Minocqua-Noble F Lee Memorial Tower 122.700 KARV_TWR
Minot Approach 119.600 KMIB_APP
Minot Departure 119.600 KMIB_DEP
Minot Ground 134.000 KMIB_GND
Minot Tower 120.650 KMIB_TWR
Miramar NAS /Mitscher Field/ Approach 132.200 KNKX_APP
Miramar NAS /Mitscher Field/ Departure 132.200 KNKX_DEP
Miramar NAS /Mitscher Field/ Ground 128.625 KNKX_GND
Miramar NAS /Mitscher Field/ Tower 135.200 KNKX_TWR
Missoula International Approach 124.900 KMSO_APP
Missoula International Departure 124.900 KMSO_DEP
Missoula International Ground 121.900 KMSO_GND
Missoula International Tower 120.000 KMSO_TWR
Mitchell Muni Tower 122.800 KMHE_TWR
Moab - Canyonlands Fld Tower 122.800 KCNY_TWR
Moberly-Omar N Bradley Tower 122.700 KMBY_TWR
Mobile Downtown Approach 118.500 KBFM_APP
Mobile Downtown Departure 118.500 KBFM_DEP
Mobile Downtown Ground 121.700 KBFM_GND
Mobile Downtown Tower 120.000 KBFM_TWR
Mobile Regional Approach 121.000 KMOB_APP
Mobile Regional Clearance Delivery 119.850 KMOB_DEL
Mobile Regional Departure 121.000 KMOB_DEP
Mobile Regional Ground 121.900 KMOB_GND
Mobile Regional Tower 120.000 KMOB_TWR
Mobridge Muni Tower 122.800 KMBG_TWR
Modesto City-County Approach 125.100 KMOD_APP
Modesto City-County Departure 125.100 KMOD_DEP
Modesto City-County Ground 121.700 KMOD_GND
Modesto City-County Tower 120.000 KMOD_TWR
Moffett Federal Airfield Approach 134.500 KNUQ_APP
Moffett Federal Airfield Departure 121.300 KNUQ_DEP
Moffett Federal Airfield Ground 121.850 KNUQ_GND
Moffett Federal Airfield Tower 119.550 KNUQ_TWR
Mohall Muni Approach 119.600 KHBC_APP
Mohall Muni Departure 119.600 KHBC_DEP
Mohall Muni Tower 122.800 KHBC_TWR
Mojave Approach 133.650 KMHV_APP
Mojave Departure 133.650 KMHV_DEP
Mojave Ground 123.900 KMHV_GND
Mojave Tower 127.600 KMHV_TWR
Mokapu-Kanoehe Bay Mcas Approach 125.000 PHNG_APP
Mokapu-Kanoehe Bay Mcas Departure 125.000 PHNG_DEP
Mokapu-Kanoehe Bay Mcas Tower 120.700 PHNG_TWR
Moline Quad City Approach 125.950 KMLI_APP
Moline Quad City Clearance Delivery 123.950 KMLI_DEL
Moline Quad City Departure 125.950 KMLI_DEP
Moline Quad City Ground 121.900 KMLI_GND
Moline Quad City Tower 120.000 KMLI_TWR
Monroe Approach 120.050 KEQY_APP
Monroe Clearance Delivery 132.550 KEQY_DEL
Monroe Departure 120.050 KEQY_DEP
Monroe Tower 122.700 KEQY_TWR
Monroe County Approach 124.150 KBMG_APP
Monroe County Departure 124.150 KBMG_DEP
Monroe County Ground 121.900 KBMG_GND
Monroe County Tower 120.000 KBMG_TWR
Monroe County Approach 123.900 KMNV_APP
Monroe County Departure 123.900 KMNV_DEP
Monroe County Tower 123.000 KMNV_TWR
Monroe County Tower 123.000 KMVC_TWR
Monroe Muni Approach 126.000 KEFT_APP
Monroe Muni Departure 126.000 KEFT_DEP
Monroe Regional Approach 126.900 KMLU_APP
Monroe Regional Clearance Delivery 121.650 KMLU_DEL
Monroe Regional Departure 126.900 KMLU_DEP
Monroe Regional Ground 121.900 KMLU_GND
Monroe Regional Tower 120.000 KMLU_TWR
Montauk Approach 132.250 KMTP_APP
Montauk Departure 125.750 KMTP_DEP
Montauk Tower 122.700 KMTP_TWR
Monte Vista Muni Tower 122.800 KMVI_TWR
Monterey Peninsula Approach 133.000 KMRY_APP
Monterey Peninsula Clearance Delivery 135.450 KMRY_DEL
Monterey Peninsula Departure 133.000 KMRY_DEP
Monterey Peninsula Ground 121.900 KMRY_GND
Monterey Peninsula Tower 120.000 KMRY_TWR
Montevideo-Chippewa County Tower 122.800 KMVE_TWR
Montgomery County Approach 119.700 KCXO_APP
Montgomery County Clearance Delivery 119.550 KCXO_DEL
Montgomery County Departure 119.700 KCXO_DEP
Montgomery County Tower 122.950 KCXO_TWR
Montgomery County Arpk Approach 128.700 KGAI_APP
Montgomery County Arpk Clearance Delivery 121.600 KGAI_DEL
Montgomery County Arpk Departure 128.700 KGAI_DEP
Montgomery County Arpk Tower 122.700 KGAI_TWR
Montgomery Field Approach 124.350 KMYF_APP
Montgomery Field Clearance Delivery 127.450 KMYF_DEL
Montgomery Field Departure 119.600 KMYF_DEP
Montgomery Field Ground 121.900 KMYF_GND
Montgomery Field Tower 120.000 KMYF_TWR
Montgomery-Dannelly Fld Approach 132.450 KMGM_APP
Montgomery-Dannelly Fld Clearance Delivery 118.300 KMGM_DEL
Montgomery-Dannelly Fld Departure 132.450 KMGM_DEP
Montgomery-Dannelly Fld Ground 121.700 KMGM_GND
Montgomery-Dannelly Fld Tower 120.000 KMGM_TWR
Monticello Municipal Approach 134.050 KMXO_APP
Monticello Municipal Departure 134.050 KMXO_DEP
Monticello Municipal Tower 122.800 KMXO_TWR
Montrose Regional Tower 122.800 KMTJ_TWR
Moore County Approach 127.800 KSOP_APP
Moore County Clearance Delivery 127.000 KSOP_DEL
Moore County Departure 127.800 KSOP_DEP
Moore County Tower 122.700 KSOP_TWR
Moore-Murrell Approach 132.800 KMOR_APP
Moore-Murrell Departure 132.800 KMOR_DEP
Moore-Murrell Tower 122.800 KMOR_TWR
Moose Lake Carlton County Approach 125.450 KMZH_APP
Moose Lake Carlton County Departure 125.450 KMZH_DEP
Moose Lake Carlton County Tower 122.900 KMZH_TWR
Morey Tower 122.800 KC32_TWR
Morey Tower 123.050 KC33_TWR
Morgan County Tower 122.800 K42U_TWR
Morganton-Lenoir Tower 122.700 KMRN_TWR
Morgantown Muni-Walter L. Bill Hart Fld Ground 121.700 KMGW_GND
Morgantown Muni-Walter L. Bill Hart Fld Tower 125.100 KMGW_TWR
Morrilton - Petit Jean Park Tower 122.800 KMPJ_TWR
Morrilton Muni Tower 122.800 KBDQ_TWR
Morris Muni Tower 122.800 KMOX_TWR
Morristown Approach 127.600 KMMU_APP
Morristown Clearance Delivery 121.200 KMMU_DEL
Morristown Departure 119.200 KMMU_DEP
Morristown Ground 121.700 KMMU_GND
Morristown Tower 118.100 KMMU_TWR
Morrisville-Stowe State Tower 122.800 KMVL_TWR
Moultrie Muni Approach 126.600 KMGR_APP
Moultrie Muni Departure 126.600 KMGR_DEP
Moultrie Muni Tower 122.800 KMGR_TWR
Mount Airy/Surry County Approach 124.350 KMWK_APP
Mount Airy/Surry County Departure 124.350 KMWK_DEP
Mount Airy/Surry County Tower 123.000 KMWK_TWR
Mount Carmel Muni Approach 125.600 KAJG_APP
Mount Carmel Muni Departure 125.600 KAJG_DEP
Mount Carmel Muni Tower 122.700 KAJG_TWR
Mount Comfort Approach 127.150 KMQJ_APP
Mount Comfort Clearance Delivery 119.250 KMQJ_DEL
Mount Comfort Departure 127.150 KMQJ_DEP
Mount Comfort Tower 122.700 KMQJ_TWR
Mount Pleasant Muni Tower 122.900 KMPZ_TWR
Mount Pleasant Muni Tower 122.700 KMSA_TWR
Mount Sterling-Montgomery County Approach 120.150 KIOB_APP
Mount Sterling-Montgomery County Departure 120.150 KIOB_DEP
Mount Sterling-Montgomery County Tower 122.800 KIOB_TWR
Mount Vernon Tower 123.000 KMVN_TWR
Mount Washington Regional Tower 122.800 KHIE_TWR
Mountain Empire Tower 122.700 KMKJ_TWR
Mountain Home - Baxter Co Rgnl Tower 123.000 KBPK_TWR
Mountain Home AFB Approach 124.800 KMUO_APP
Mountain Home AFB Clearance Delivery 127.100 KMUO_DEL
Mountain Home AFB Departure 124.800 KMUO_DEP
Mountain Home AFB Ground 120.500 KMUO_GND
Mountain Home AFB Tower 120.000 KMUO_TWR
Mountain View Tower 122.800 KMNF_TWR
Muir AAF Approach 118.250 KMUI_APP
Muir AAF Departure 118.250 KMUI_DEP
Muir AAF Ground 139.000 KMUI_GND
Muir AAF Tower 126.200 KMUI_TWR
Murfreesboro Muni Approach 128.450 KMBT_APP
Murfreesboro Muni Departure 128.450 KMBT_DEP
Murfreesboro Muni Tower 122.700 KMBT_TWR
Murray Field Tower 122.700 KEKA_TWR
Muscatine Approach 118.200 KMUT_APP
Muscatine Clearance Delivery 124.250 KMUT_DEL
Muscatine Departure 118.200 KMUT_DEP
Muscatine Tower 122.700 KMUT_TWR
Muscle Shoals Regional Tower 123.600 KMSL_TWR
Muskegon County Approach 119.800 KMKG_APP
Muskegon County Departure 119.800 KMKG_DEP
Muskegon County Ground 121.600 KMKG_GND
Muskegon County Tower 120.000 KMKG_TWR
Muskogee - Davis Fld Tower 122.800 KMKO_TWR
Muskogee - Hatbox Fld Tower 122.800 KHAX_TWR
Myrtle Beach Intl Approach 127.400 KMYR_APP
Myrtle Beach Intl Departure 127.400 KMYR_DEP
Myrtle Beach Intl Ground 120.300 KMYR_GND
Myrtle Beach Intl Tower 120.000 KMYR_TWR
NAF El Centro Ground 121.900 KNJK_GND
NAF El Centro Tower 119.100 KNJK_TWR
Nantucket Memorial Approach 126.100 KACK_APP
Nantucket Memorial Clearance Delivery 119.375 KACK_DEL
Nantucket Memorial Departure 133.750 KACK_DEP
Nantucket Memorial Ground 121.700 KACK_GND
Nantucket Memorial Tower 118.300 KACK_TWR
Napa County Ground 121.700 KAPC_GND
Napa County Tower 120.000 KAPC_TWR
Naples Muni Clearance Delivery 121.600 KAPF_DEL
Naples Muni Ground 121.600 KAPF_GND
Naples Muni Tower 120.000 KAPF_TWR
Nartron Field Tower 122.900 KRCT_TWR
NASA Crows Landing Approach 120.950 KNRC_APP
NASA Crows Landing Departure 120.950 KNRC_DEP
NASA Crows Landing Tower 126.200 KNRC_TWR
Nasa Shuttle Landing Tower 128.550 KTTS_TWR
Nashville Intl Approach 127.170 KBNA_APP
Nashville Intl Clearance Delivery 126.050 KBNA_DEL
Nashville Intl Departure 118.400 KBNA_DEP
Nashville Intl Ground 121.900 KBNA_GND
Nashville Intl Tower 118.600 KBNA_TWR
Natchitoches Regional Approach 125.400 KIER_APP
Natchitoches Regional Departure 125.400 KIER_DEP
Natchitoches Regional Tower 122.800 KIER_TWR
Nebraska City Municipal Approach 120.100 KAFK_APP
Nebraska City Municipal Departure 120.100 KAFK_DEP
Nebraska City Municipal Tower 122.700 KAFK_TWR
Necedah Tower 122.700 KDAF_TWR
Needles Tower 123.000 KEED_TWR
Neil Armstrong Approach 134.450 KAXV_APP
Neil Armstrong Departure 134.450 KAXV_DEP
Neil Armstrong Tower 122.800 KAXV_TWR
Neillsville Muni Tower 122.800 KVIQ_TWR
Nellis AFB Approach 124.950 KLSV_APP
Nellis AFB Clearance Delivery 120.900 KLSV_DEL
Nellis AFB Departure 135.100 KLSV_DEP
Nellis AFB Ground 121.800 KLSV_GND
Nellis AFB Tower 132.550 KLSV_TWR
Neosho Memorial Tower 122.800 KEOS_TWR
Nevada Muni Tower 122.800 KNVD_TWR
New Bedford Regional Approach 128.700 KEWB_APP
New Bedford Regional Departure 128.700 KEWB_DEP
New Bedford Regional Ground 121.900 KEWB_GND
New Bedford Regional Tower 120.000 KEWB_TWR
New Braunfels, New Braunfels Municipal Airport Approach 124.450 KBAZ_APP
New Braunfels, New Braunfels Municipal Airport Clearance Delivery 134.750 KBAZ_DEL
New Braunfels, New Braunfels Municipal Airport Departure 124.450 KBAZ_DEP
New Castle-Henry Co. Muni. Approach 135.450 KUWL_APP
New Castle-Henry Co. Muni. Departure 135.450 KUWL_DEP
New Castle-Henry Co. Muni. Tower 123.050 KUWL_TWR
New Century Aircenter Approach 118.900 KIXD_APP
New Century Aircenter Departure 118.900 KIXD_DEP
New Century Aircenter Ground 124.300 KIXD_GND
New Century Aircenter Tower 120.000 KIXD_TWR
New Haven - Tweed New Haven Approach 126.950 KHVN_APP
New Haven - Tweed New Haven Departure 126.950 KHVN_DEP
New Haven - Tweed New Haven Ground 121.700 KHVN_GND
New Haven - Tweed New Haven Tower 124.800 KHVN_TWR
New Madrid County Mem Tower 122.800 KEIW_TWR
New Orleans - Lakefront Approach 133.150 KNEW_APP
New Orleans - Lakefront Clearance Delivery 127.400 KNEW_DEL
New Orleans - Lakefront Departure 133.150 KNEW_DEP
New Orleans - Lakefront Ground 121.700 KNEW_GND
New Orleans - Lakefront Tower 120.000 KNEW_TWR
New Orleans Intl/ Moisant Fld Approach 120.100 KMSY_APP
New Orleans Intl/ Moisant Fld Clearance Delivery 127.200 KMSY_DEL
New Orleans Intl/ Moisant Fld Departure 133.150 KMSY_DEP
New Orleans Intl/ Moisant Fld Ground 121.900 KMSY_GND
New Orleans Intl/ Moisant Fld Tower 119.500 KMSY_TWR
New Orleans NAS Jrb/Alvin Callender Field/ Approach 123.850 KNBG_APP
New Orleans NAS Jrb/Alvin Callender Field/ Departure 123.850 KNBG_DEP
New Orleans NAS Jrb/Alvin Callender Field/ Ground 121.600 KNBG_GND
New Orleans NAS Jrb/Alvin Callender Field/ Tower 123.800 KNBG_TWR
New Richmond Muni Tower 122.900 KRNH_TWR
New River MCAS /H/ /McCutcheon Fld/ Approach 119.350 KNCA_APP
New River MCAS /H/ /McCutcheon Fld/ Departure 119.350 KNCA_DEP
New River MCAS /H/ /McCutcheon Fld/ Ground 121.800 KNCA_GND
New River MCAS /H/ /McCutcheon Fld/ Tower 120.000 KNCA_TWR
New River Valley Approach 126.000 KPSK_APP
New River Valley Clearance Delivery 121.700 KPSK_DEL
New River Valley Departure 126.000 KPSK_DEP
New River Valley Tower 122.700 KPSK_TWR
New Smyrna Beach Muni Ground 121.325 KEVB_GND
New Smyrna Beach Muni Tower 119.675 KEVB_TWR
New Town Tower 122.900 K05D_TWR
New Ulm Muni Tower 122.800 KULM_TWR
New York Approach 127.400 KZNY_APP
New York Center 132.150 KZNY_CTR
New York Departure 135.900 KZNY_DEP
New York Center 132.150 KZNY_CTR
New York Oceanic 130.700 KZWY_CTR
New York/ La Guardia Clearance Delivery 132.850 KLGA_DEL
New York/ La Guardia Departure 121.900 KLGA_DEP
New York/ La Guardia Ground 121.700 KLGA_GND
New York/ La Guardia Tower 118.700 KLGA_TWR
Newark Intl Clearance Delivery 118.900 KEWR_DEL
Newark Intl Departure 119.200 KEWR_DEP
Newark Intl Ground 121.800 KEWR_GND
Newark Intl Tower 118.300 KEWR_TWR
Newark-Heath Approach 120.200 KVTA_APP
Newark-Heath Clearance Delivery 124.850 KVTA_DEL
Newark-Heath Departure 120.200 KVTA_DEP
Newburgh/ Stewart Intl Approach 132.750 KSWF_APP
Newburgh/ Stewart Intl Departure 132.750 KSWF_DEP
Newburgh/ Stewart Intl Ground 121.900 KSWF_GND
Newburgh/ Stewart Intl Tower 121.000 KSWF_TWR
Newcastle-Mondell Fld Tower 122.800 KECS_TWR
Newnan Coweta County Approach 119.800 KCCO_APP
Newnan Coweta County Departure 119.800 KCCO_DEP
Newnan Coweta County Tower 122.800 KCCO_TWR
Newport Muni Tower 122.800 KONP_TWR
Newport News/williamsburg Intl Approach 125.700 KPHF_APP
Newport News/williamsburg Intl Clearance Delivery 124.900 KPHF_DEL
Newport News/williamsburg Intl Departure 124.900 KPHF_DEP
Newport News/williamsburg Intl Ground 121.900 KPHF_GND
Newport News/williamsburg Intl Tower 120.000 KPHF_TWR
Newport State Tower 122.800 KEFK_TWR
Newport State Approach 128.700 KUUU_APP
Newport State Clearance Delivery 127.250 KUUU_DEL
Newport State Departure 128.700 KUUU_DEP
Newport State Tower 122.800 KUUU_TWR
Newton Muni Approach 123.900 KTNU_APP
Newton Muni Clearance Delivery 126.300 KTNU_DEL
Newton Muni Departure 123.900 KTNU_DEP
Newton Muni Tower 122.800 KTNU_TWR
Newton-City-County Approach 125.500 KEWK_APP
Newton-City-County Clearance Delivery 126.550 KEWK_DEL
Newton-City-County Departure 125.500 KEWK_DEP
Newton-City-County Tower 123.000 KEWK_TWR
Niagara Falls Intl Clearance Delivery 119.250 KIAG_DEL
Niagara Falls Intl Ground 121.700 KIAG_GND
Niagara Falls Intl Tower 118.500 KIAG_TWR
Nogales Intl Approach 125.100 KOLS_APP
Nogales Intl Departure 125.100 KOLS_DEP
Nogales Intl Tower 122.800 KOLS_TWR
NorCal Approach 135.650 KSFO_APP
NorCal Clearance Delivery 118.200 KSFO_DEL
NorCal Departure 135.100 KSFO_DEP
NorCal Ground 128.650 KSFO_GND
NorCal Tower 120.500 KSFO_TWR
NorCal Approach Approach 121.800 KNCT_APP
NorCal Approach Ground 121.800 KNCT_GND
Norfolk Intl Approach 118.900 KORF_APP
Norfolk Intl Departure 125.200 KORF_DEP
Norfolk Intl Ground 121.900 KORF_GND
Norfolk Intl Tower 120.000 KORF_TWR
Norfolk NAS /Chambers Field/ Approach 125.700 KNGU_APP
Norfolk NAS /Chambers Field/ Clearance Delivery 120.700 KNGU_DEL
Norfolk NAS /Chambers Field/ Departure 125.200 KNGU_DEP
Norfolk NAS /Chambers Field/ Ground 121.800 KNGU_GND
Norfolk NAS /Chambers Field/ Tower 126.370 KNGU_TWR
North Bend Muni Tower 122.700 KOTH_TWR
North Island NAS /Halsey Field/ Approach 125.150 KNZY_APP
North Island NAS /Halsey Field/ Clearance Delivery 128.400 KNZY_DEL
North Island NAS /Halsey Field/ Departure 125.150 KNZY_DEP
North Island NAS /Halsey Field/ Ground 118.000 KNZY_GND
North Island NAS /Halsey Field/ Tower 135.100 KNZY_TWR
North Kingstown-Quonset State Approach 135.400 KOQU_APP
North Kingstown-Quonset State Departure 135.400 KOQU_DEP
North Kingstown-Quonset State Ground 134.500 KOQU_GND
North Kingstown-Quonset State Tower 120.000 KOQU_TWR
North Las Vegas Approach 133.950 KVGT_APP
North Las Vegas Clearance Delivery 124.000 KVGT_DEL
North Las Vegas Departure 133.950 KVGT_DEP
North Las Vegas Ground 121.700 KVGT_GND
North Las Vegas Tower 120.000 KVGT_TWR
North Perry Ground 120.450 KHWO_GND
North Perry Tower 120.000 KHWO_TWR
North Platte Rgnl Airport Lee Bird Field Clearance Delivery 132.700 KLBF_DEL
North Platte Rgnl Airport Lee Bird Field Tower 123.000 KLBF_TWR
North Vernon Tower 122.700 KOVO_TWR
Northeast Philadelphia Approach 123.800 KPNE_APP
Northeast Philadelphia Clearance Delivery 127.250 KPNE_DEL
Northeast Philadelphia Departure 123.800 KPNE_DEP
Northeast Philadelphia Ground 121.700 KPNE_GND
Northeast Philadelphia Tower 120.000 KPNE_TWR
Northeastern Rgnl Tower 122.800 KEDE_TWR
Northwest Arkansas Regl Approach 121.000 KXNA_APP
Northwest Arkansas Regl Departure 121.000 KXNA_DEP
Northwest Arkansas Regl Ground 121.900 KXNA_GND
Northwest Arkansas Regl Tower 127.100 KXNA_TWR
Norton Muni Tower 122.800 KNRN_TWR
Norwalk-Huron County Approach 124.200 OH21_APP
Norwalk-Huron County Departure 124.200 OH21_DEP
Norwood Memorial Approach 124.100 KOWD_APP
Norwood Memorial Clearance Delivery 121.800 KOWD_DEL
Norwood Memorial Departure 124.100 KOWD_DEP
Norwood Memorial Ground 121.800 KOWD_GND
Norwood Memorial Tower 120.000 KOWD_TWR
Nulato Approach 100.000 PAUL_APP
Nut Tree Approach 126.600 KVCB_APP
Nut Tree Departure 126.600 KVCB_DEP
O'Neal Approach 125.600 KOEA_APP
O'Neal Departure 125.600 KOEA_DEP
O'Neal Tower 123.000 KOEA_TWR
Oakland ATRCC Center 132.200 KZOA_CTR
Oakland Center 132.200 KZOA_CTR
Oakland Oceanic 132.200 KZAK_CTR
Oakland ODAPS Center 132.200 KZAK_CTR
Oakland ODAPS Flight Service Station 131.950 KZAK_FSS
Oakland/ Metropolitan Intl Approach 135.650 KOAK_APP
Oakland/ Metropolitan Intl Clearance Delivery 121.100 KOAK_DEL
Oakland/ Metropolitan Intl Departure 135.400 KOAK_DEP
Oakland/ Metropolitan Intl Ground 121.900 KOAK_GND
Oakland/ Metropolitan Intl Tower 127.200 KOAK_TWR
Oakley Muni Tower 122.800 KOEL_TWR
Oberlin Muni Tower 122.800 KOIN_TWR
Ocala Regional/Jim Taylor Field Approach 118.600 KOCF_APP
Ocala Regional/Jim Taylor Field Departure 118.600 KOCF_DEP
Ocala Regional/Jim Taylor Field Tower 123.000 KOCF_TWR
Ocean City Muni Approach 127.950 KOXB_APP
Ocean City Muni Clearance Delivery 121.750 KOXB_DEL
Ocean City Muni Departure 127.950 KOXB_DEP
Oceana NAS /Apollo Soucek Field/ Approach 126.050 KNTU_APP
Oceana NAS /Apollo Soucek Field/ Departure 125.200 KNTU_DEP
Oceana NAS /Apollo Soucek Field/ Tower 120.870 KNTU_TWR
Oconto Muni Approach 119.500 KOCQ_APP
Oconto Muni Departure 119.500 KOCQ_DEP
Oconto Muni Tower 122.800 KOCQ_TWR
Odessa, Odessa-Schlemeyer Field Approach 124.600 KODO_APP
Odessa, Odessa-Schlemeyer Field Clearance Delivery 121.700 KODO_DEL
Odessa, Odessa-Schlemeyer Field Departure 124.600 KODO_DEP
Oelwen Approach 118.900 KOLZ_APP
Oelwen Departure 118.900 KOLZ_DEP
Oelwen Tower 122.800 KOLZ_TWR
Offutt AFB Ground 121.700 KOFF_GND
Offutt AFB Tower 123.700 KOFF_TWR
Ogallala Searle Fld Tower 122.800 KOGA_TWR
Ogden-Hinckley Approach 121.100 KOGD_APP
Ogden-Hinckley Departure 121.100 KOGD_DEP
Ogden-Hinckley Ground 121.700 KOGD_GND
Ogden-Hinckley Tower 120.000 KOGD_TWR
Ogdensburg Intl Tower 122.800 KOGS_TWR
Ohio State University Approach 120.200 KOSU_APP
Ohio State University Clearance Delivery 121.700 KOSU_DEL
Ohio State University Departure 120.200 KOSU_DEP
Ohio State University Ground 121.700 KOSU_GND
Ohio State University Tower 120.000 KOSU_TWR
Ohio University Approach 132.950 KUNI_APP
Ohio University Clearance Delivery 120.950 KUNI_DEL
Ohio University Departure 132.950 KUNI_DEP
Ohio University Tower 123.000 KUNI_TWR
Okeechobee County Tower 123.000 KOBE_TWR
Oklahoma City-Will Rogers Wrld Approach 124.600 KOKC_APP
Oklahoma City-Will Rogers Wrld Departure 124.600 KOKC_DEP
Oklahoma City-Will Rogers Wrld Ground 121.900 KOKC_GND
Oklahoma City-Will Rogers Wrld Tower 119.350 KOKC_TWR
Okmulgee Muni Approach 119.850 KOKM_APP
Okmulgee Muni Departure 119.850 KOKM_DEP
Okmulgee Muni Tower 123.000 KOKM_TWR
Old Town - Dewitt Fld Approach 124.500 KOLD_APP
Old Town - Dewitt Fld Clearance Delivery 119.500 KOLD_DEL
Old Town - Dewitt Fld Departure 124.500 KOLD_DEP
Old Town - Dewitt Fld Tower 122.800 KOLD_TWR
OLIKTOK (DEW) Tower 126.200 KOLI_TWR
Olive Branch Approach 125.800 KOLV_APP
Olive Branch Clearance Delivery 121.300 KOLV_DEL
Olive Branch Departure 124.150 KOLV_DEP
Olive Branch Tower 122.700 KOLV_TWR
Olney Muni Tower 122.800 KONY_TWR
Olney-Noble Tower 123.000 KOLY_TWR
Olympia Approach 121.100 KOLM_APP
Olympia Departure 121.100 KOLM_DEP
Olympia Ground 121.600 KOLM_GND
Olympia Tower 120.000 KOLM_TWR
Omaha Approach 124.500 KOMA_APP
Omaha Clearance Delivery 119.900 KOMA_DEL
Omaha Departure 120.100 KOMA_DEP
Omaha Ground 121.900 KOMA_GND
Omaha Tower 132.100 KOMA_TWR
Omak Tower 122.800 KOMK_TWR
Oneida County Approach 126.650 KUCA_APP
Oneida County Clearance Delivery 121.900 KUCA_DEL
Oneida County Departure 126.650 KUCA_DEP
Oneida County Ground 121.900 KUCA_GND
Oneida County Tower 120.000 KUCA_TWR
Oneill-John L Baker Fld. Tower 122.800 KONL_TWR
Ontario Intl Approach 127.250 KONT_APP
Ontario Intl Clearance Delivery 118.100 KONT_DEL
Ontario Intl Departure 135.400 KONT_DEP
Ontario Intl Ground 121.900 KONT_GND
Ontario Intl Tower 120.000 KONT_TWR
Ontario Muni Tower 122.800 KONO_TWR
Ontonagon County Tower 122.900 KOGM_TWR
Orange City Tower 122.800 KORC_TWR
Orange Co Approach 121.300 KORG_APP
Orange Co Departure 121.300 KORG_DEP
Orange Co Tower 122.800 KORG_TWR
Orange County Approach 132.750 KMGJ_APP
Orange County Clearance Delivery 123.850 KMGJ_DEL
Orange County Departure 132.750 KMGJ_DEP
Orange County Tower 122.700 KMGJ_TWR
Orange Grove NALF Approach 119.900 KNOG_APP
Orange Grove NALF Departure 119.900 KNOG_DEP
Orange Grove NALF Tower 119.350 KNOG_TWR
Orange Muni Tower 122.800 KORE_TWR
Orangeburg Muni Approach 124.150 KOGB_APP
Orangeburg Muni Departure 124.150 KOGB_DEP
Orangeburg Muni Tower 122.700 KOGB_TWR
Orcas Island Tower 128.250 KORS_TWR
Ord-Evelyn Sharp Fld Tower 122.800 KODX_TWR
Orlando Intl Approach 135.300 KMCO_APP
Orlando Intl Clearance Delivery 134.700 KMCO_DEL
Orlando Intl Departure 135.300 KMCO_DEP
Orlando Intl Ground 121.800 KMCO_GND
Orlando Intl Tower 120.000 KMCO_TWR
Orlando Sanford Approach 121.100 KSFB_APP
Orlando Sanford Clearance Delivery 123.970 KSFB_DEL
Orlando Sanford Departure 121.100 KSFB_DEP
Orlando Sanford Ground 121.350 KSFB_GND
Orlando Sanford Tower 120.000 KSFB_TWR
Ormond Beach Muni Approach 125.800 KOMN_APP
Ormond Beach Muni Departure 125.800 KOMN_DEP
Ormond Beach Muni Tower 122.700 KOMN_TWR
Oroville Muni Approach 125.400 KOVE_APP
Oroville Muni Departure 125.400 KOVE_DEP
Oroville Muni Tower 122.800 KOVE_TWR
Orr Regional Tower 122.800 KORB_TWR
Ortonville Muni-Martinson Field Tower 122.800 KVVV_TWR
Oscoda-Wurtsmith Tower 123.000 KOSC_TWR
Oshkosh Ground 121.900 KOSH_GND
Oshkosh Tower 118.500 KOSH_TWR
Oskaloosa Muni Tower 122.800 KOOA_TWR
Otis ANGB Approach 126.300 KFMH_APP
Otis ANGB Ground 121.600 KFMH_GND
Otis ANGB Tower 120.000 KFMH_TWR
Otsego County Tower 122.800 KGLR_TWR
Ottawa Muni Tower 122.800 KOWI_TWR
Ottumwa Industrial Tower 123.000 KOTM_TWR
Outlaw Field Approach 118.100 KCKV_APP
Outlaw Field Departure 118.100 KCKV_DEP
Outlaw Field Tower 122.800 KCKV_TWR
Ovid Tower 122.800 KD83_TWR
Owatonna Muni Tower 122.700 KOWA_TWR
Oxnard Approach 124.700 KOXR_APP
Oxnard Departure 124.700 KOXR_DEP
Oxnard Ground 121.900 KOXR_GND
Oxnard Tower 120.000 KOXR_TWR
Ozona Muni Tower 122.800 KOZA_TWR
Pacific City State Tower 122.900 KPFC_TWR
Page Field Approach 126.800 KFMY_APP
Page Field Clearance Delivery 121.700 KFMY_DEL
Page Field Departure 126.800 KFMY_DEP
Page Field Ground 121.700 KFMY_GND
Page Field Tower 120.000 KFMY_TWR
Page Muni Tower 122.800 KPGA_TWR
Pageland Approach 120.050 KPYG_APP
Pageland Departure 120.050 KPYG_DEP
Pageland Tower 122.900 KPYG_TWR
Pago pago intl Tower 118.300 KPPG_TWR
Palacios Muni Tower 122.800 KPSX_TWR
Palestine Muni Tower 122.700 KPSN_TWR
Palm Beach Co Glades Approach 124.600 KPHK_APP
Palm Beach Co Glades Departure 124.600 KPHK_DEP
Palm Beach Co Glades Tower 122.800 KPHK_TWR
Palm Beach County Park Approach 127.350 KLNA_APP
Palm Beach County Park Departure 127.350 KLNA_DEP
Palm Beach County Park Tower 122.700 KLNA_TWR
Palm Beach Intl Approach 124.600 KPBI_APP
Palm Beach Intl Clearance Delivery 121.600 KPBI_DEL
Palm Beach Intl Departure 128.300 KPBI_DEP
Palm Beach Intl Ground 121.900 KPBI_GND
Palm Beach Intl Tower 119.100 KPBI_TWR
Palm Springs Regional Approach 126.700 KPSP_APP
Palm Springs Regional Clearance Delivery 128.350 KPSP_DEL
Palm Springs Regional Departure 126.700 KPSP_DEP
Palm Springs Regional Ground 121.900 KPSP_GND
Palm Springs Regional Tower 120.000 KPSP_TWR
Palmdale Prodn Flt/Test Instln AF Plant 42 Approach 124.550 KPMD_APP
Palmdale Prodn Flt/Test Instln AF Plant 42 Departure 124.550 KPMD_DEP
Palmdale Prodn Flt/Test Instln AF Plant 42 Ground 121.900 KPMD_GND
Palmdale Prodn Flt/Test Instln AF Plant 42 Tower 120.000 KPMD_TWR
Palmer AK Tower 123.600 PPAQ_TWR
Palo Alto Arpt Of Santa Clara Co Approach 135.200 KPAO_APP
Palo Alto Arpt Of Santa Clara Co Departure 121.300 KPAO_DEP
Palo Alto Arpt Of Santa Clara Co Ground 125.000 KPAO_GND
Palo Alto Arpt Of Santa Clara Co Tower 118.600 KPAO_TWR
Pampa - Perry Lefors Fld Tower 122.700 KPPA_TWR
Panama City Ground 121.650 KECP_GND
Panama City Tower 118.950 KECP_TWR
Panama City-Bay Co Intl Approach 119.750 KPFN_APP
Panama City-Bay Co Intl Departure 119.750 KPFN_DEP
Panama City-Bay Co Intl Ground 121.650 KPFN_GND
Panama City-Bay Co Intl Tower 120.000 KPFN_TWR
Pangborn Memorial Tower 123.000 KEAT_TWR
Paris - Cox Fld Tower 122.975 KPRX_TWR
Park Falls Muni Tower 122.900 KPKF_TWR
Park Rapids Muni Tower 122.800 KPKD_TWR
Park Township Approach 119.800 KHLM_APP
Park Township Departure 119.800 KHLM_DEP
Park Township Tower 122.800 KHLM_TWR
Parsons, Tri-City Airport Tower 123.000 KPPF_TWR
Paso Robles Muni Tower 123.000 KPRB_TWR
Patrick AFB Approach 134.950 KCOF_APP
Patrick AFB Clearance Delivery 118.400 KCOF_DEL
Patrick AFB Departure 134.950 KCOF_DEP
Patrick AFB Ground 124.350 KCOF_GND
Patrick AFB Tower 120.000 KCOF_TWR
Patuxent River NAS/Trapnell Field/ Approach 127.950 KNHK_APP
Patuxent River NAS/Trapnell Field/ Clearance Delivery 135.200 KNHK_DEL
Patuxent River NAS/Trapnell Field/ Departure 127.950 KNHK_DEP
Patuxent River NAS/Trapnell Field/ Ground 120.600 KNHK_GND
Patuxent River NAS/Trapnell Field/ Tower 123.700 KNHK_TWR
Pawtucket-North Central State Approach 135.400 KSFZ_APP
Pawtucket-North Central State Clearance Delivery 124.350 KSFZ_DEL
Pawtucket-North Central State Departure 135.400 KSFZ_DEP
Pawtucket-North Central State Tower 122.700 KSFZ_TWR
Peachtree City-Falcon Field Approach 119.800 KFFC_APP
Peachtree City-Falcon Field Clearance Delivery 119.800 KFFC_DEL
Peachtree City-Falcon Field Departure 119.800 KFFC_DEP
Peachtree City-Falcon Field Tower 123.050 KFFC_TWR
Pearson Field Approach 133.000 KVUO_APP
Pearson Field Clearance Delivery 121.650 KVUO_DEL
Pearson Field Departure 133.000 KVUO_DEP
Pecos Muni Tower 122.800 KPEQ_TWR
Pella Muni Approach 123.900 KPEA_APP
Pella Muni Departure 123.900 KPEA_DEP
Pella Muni Tower 122.800 KPEA_TWR
Pellston Regional Airport Of Emmet County Tower 123.000 KPLN_TWR
Pembina Muni Tower 122.800 KPMB_TWR
Penn Valley Approach 118.250 KSEG_APP
Penn Valley Departure 118.250 KSEG_DEP
Penn Valley Tower 122.700 KSEG_TWR
Penn Yan Approach 124.300 KPEO_APP
Penn Yan Departure 124.300 KPEO_DEP
Pensacola NAS /Forrest Sherman Field/ Approach 120.650 KNPA_APP
Pensacola NAS /Forrest Sherman Field/ Departure 125.350 KNPA_DEP
Pensacola NAS /Forrest Sherman Field/ Ground 121.700 KNPA_GND
Pensacola NAS /Forrest Sherman Field/ Tower 126.200 KNPA_TWR
Pensacola Regional Approach 120.050 KPNS_APP
Pensacola Regional Clearance Delivery 121.900 KPNS_DEL
Pensacola Regional Departure 120.050 KPNS_DEP
Pensacola Regional Ground 121.900 KPNS_GND
Pensacola Regional Tower 120.000 KPNS_TWR
Peoria Greater Peoria Reg Approach 125.800 KPIA_APP
Peoria Greater Peoria Reg Clearance Delivery 121.850 KPIA_DEL
Peoria Greater Peoria Reg Departure 125.800 KPIA_DEP
Peoria Greater Peoria Reg Ground 121.600 KPIA_GND
Peoria Greater Peoria Reg Tower 119.100 KPIA_TWR
Perry County Muni Approach 126.400 KTEL_APP
Perry County Muni Departure 126.400 KTEL_DEP
Perry County Muni Tower 122.700 KTEL_TWR
Perry Muni Approach 135.200 KPRO_APP
Perry Muni Departure 135.200 KPRO_DEP
Perry Muni Tower 122.800 KPRO_TWR
Perry-Houston County Approach 124.800 KPXE_APP
Perry-Houston County Departure 124.800 KPXE_DEP
Perry-Houston County Tower 122.700 KPXE_TWR
Perryton - Ochiltree Co Tower 122.800 KPYX_TWR
Person County Approach 132.350 KTDF_APP
Person County Departure 132.350 KTDF_DEP
Person County Tower 122.700 KTDF_TWR
Peter O Knight Approach 119.900 KTPF_APP
Peter O Knight Clearance Delivery 119.800 KTPF_DEL
Peter O Knight Departure 119.900 KTPF_DEP
Peter O Knight Tower 122.800 KTPF_TWR
Petersburg Muni Approach 134.700 KPTB_APP
Petersburg Muni Departure 134.700 KPTB_DEP
Petersburg Muni Tower 122.700 KPTB_TWR
Philadelphia Intl Approach 128.400 KPHL_APP
Philadelphia Intl Clearance Delivery 118.850 KPHL_DEL
Philadelphia Intl Departure 124.350 KPHL_DEP
Philadelphia Intl Ground 121.900 KPHL_GND
Philadelphia Intl Tower 120.000 KPHL_TWR
Philadelphia Muni Tower 123.000 KMPE_TWR
Philip Tower 122.800 KPHP_TWR
Philip Billard Muni Clearance Delivery 121.900 KTOP_DEL
Philip Billard Muni Ground 121.900 KTOP_GND
Philip Billard Muni Tower 120.000 KTOP_TWR
Phillips AAF Approach 126.750 KAPG_APP
Phillips AAF Departure 126.750 KAPG_DEP
Phillips AAF Ground 121.900 KAPG_GND
Phillips AAF Tower 126.150 KAPG_TWR
Phillipsburg Muni Tower 122.800 KPHG_TWR
Phoenix Approach 119.200 KPHX_APP
Phoenix Clearance Delivery 118.100 KPHX_DEL
Phoenix Departure 128.650 KPHX_DEP
Phoenix Ground 119.750 KPHX_GND
Phoenix Tower 118.700 KPHX_TWR
Phoenix-Deer Valley Muni Approach 120.700 KDVT_APP
Phoenix-Deer Valley Muni Clearance Delivery 123.900 KDVT_DEL
Phoenix-Deer Valley Muni Departure 120.700 KDVT_DEP
Phoenix-Deer Valley Muni Ground 121.800 KDVT_GND
Phoenix-Deer Valley Muni Tower 120.000 KDVT_TWR
Phoenix-Goodyear Municipal Approach 134.100 KGYR_APP
Phoenix-Goodyear Municipal Departure 134.100 KGYR_DEP
Phoenix-Goodyear Municipal Ground 121.700 KGYR_GND
Phoenix-Goodyear Municipal Tower 120.100 KGYR_TWR
Picayune Pearl River County Approach 126.750 KPCU_APP
Picayune Pearl River County Departure 126.750 KPCU_DEP
Picayune Pearl River County Tower 122.800 KPCU_TWR
Pickaway County Memorial Approach 132.300 KCYO_APP
Pickaway County Memorial Departure 132.300 KCYO_DEP
Pickaway County Memorial Tower 122.700 KCYO_TWR
Pickens County Tower 122.800 KJZP_TWR
Pickens County Approach 118.800 KLQK_APP
Pickens County Departure 118.800 KLQK_DEP
Pickens County Tower 122.800 KLQK_TWR
Pierre Regional Tower 123.600 KPIR_TWR
Pinal Airpark Tower 123.050 KMZJ_TWR
Pinckneyville-Du Quoin Tower 122.800 KPJY_TWR
Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge Airport Tower 122.900 KIEN_TWR
Pinedale Ralph Wenz Fld Tower 122.800 KPNA_TWR
Pipestone Muni Tower 122.800 KPQN_TWR
Pitt-Greenville Tower 122.800 KPGV_TWR
Pittsburgh Intl Approach 123.950 KPIT_APP
Pittsburgh Intl Departure 119.350 KPIT_DEP
Pittsburgh Intl Ground 121.900 KPIT_GND
Pittsburgh Intl Tower 128.300 KPIT_TWR
Pittsburgh-Allegheny Ground 121.700 KAGC_GND
Pittsburgh-Allegheny Tower 121.100 KAGC_TWR
Pittsfield Muni Approach 125.000 KPSF_APP
Pittsfield Muni Clearance Delivery 128.600 KPSF_DEL
Pittsfield Muni Departure 125.000 KPSF_DEP
Pittsfield Muni Tower 122.700 KPSF_TWR
Pittsfield Penstone Muni Tower 122.800 KPPQ_TWR
Placerville Approach 119.100 KPVF_APP
Placerville Departure 119.100 KPVF_DEP
Placerville Tower 122.800 KPVF_TWR
Plainview - Hale Co Approach 119.900 KPVW_APP
Plainview - Hale Co Clearance Delivery 121.700 KPVW_DEL
Plainview - Hale Co Departure 119.900 KPVW_DEP
Plainview - Hale Co Tower 120.000 KPVW_TWR
Plant City Muni Approach 120.650 KPCM_APP
Plant City Muni Departure 120.650 KPCM_DEP
Plant City Muni Tower 123.000 KPCM_TWR
Plantation Arpk Tower 122.800 KJYL_TWR
Platteville Municipal Tower 122.700 KPVB_TWR
Plattsburgh Intl Tower 120.000 KPBG_TWR
Plattsmouth Muni Approach 120.100 KPMV_APP
Plattsmouth Muni Departure 120.100 KPMV_DEP
Plattsmouth Muni Tower 122.700 KPMV_TWR
Pleasanton Muni Approach 118.050 KPEZ_APP
Pleasanton Muni Clearance Delivery 126.550 KPEZ_DEL
Pleasanton Muni Departure 125.700 KPEZ_DEP
Pleasanton Muni Tower 122.700 KPEZ_TWR
Plentywood Sher-Wood Tower 122.800 KPWD_TWR
Plymouth Muni Tower 122.800 KPMZ_TWR
Plymouth Muni Approach 126.300 KPYM_APP
Plymouth Muni Clearance Delivery 127.750 KPYM_DEL
Plymouth Muni Departure 126.300 KPYM_DEP
Plymouth Muni Tower 123.000 KPYM_TWR
Pocahontas Muni Tower 122.800 KPOH_TWR
Pocatello Regional Ground 121.900 KPIH_GND
Pocatello Regional Tower 119.100 KPIH_TWR
Pocono Mountains Muni Approach 124.500 KMPO_APP
Pocono Mountains Muni Clearance Delivery 125.300 KMPO_DEL
Pocono Mountains Muni Departure 124.500 KMPO_DEP
Pocono Mountains Muni Tower 122.700 KMPO_TWR
Pohnpei Intl Tower 123.600 KPNI_TWR
Point Hope AK Tower 122.100 KPHO_TWR
Point Lookout-M Graham Clark Approach 126.350 KPLK_APP
Point Lookout-M Graham Clark Departure 126.350 KPLK_DEP
Point Lookout-M Graham Clark Tower 122.700 KPLK_TWR
Point Mugu NAWS Approach 128.650 KNTD_APP
Point Mugu NAWS Clearance Delivery 120.750 KNTD_DEL
Point Mugu NAWS Departure 128.650 KNTD_DEP
Point Mugu NAWS Ground 121.600 KNTD_GND
Point Mugu NAWS Tower 120.000 KNTD_TWR
Polk AAF Approach 123.700 KPOE_APP
Polk AAF Departure 123.700 KPOE_DEP
Polk AAF Ground 121.800 KPOE_GND
Polk AAF Tower 120.000 KPOE_TWR
Pompano Beach Airpark Ground 121.900 KPMP_GND
Pompano Beach Airpark Tower 119.700 KPMP_TWR
Ponca City Muni Tower 123.000 KPNC_TWR
Pontiac - Oakland Pontiac Clearance Delivery 118.250 KPTK_DEL
Pontiac - Oakland Pontiac Ground 121.900 KPTK_GND
Pontiac - Oakland Pontiac Tower 120.500 KPTK_TWR
Pope AFB Approach 133.000 KPOB_APP
Pope AFB Departure 133.000 KPOB_DEP
Pope AFB Ground 124.550 KPOB_GND
Pope AFB Tower 120.000 KPOB_TWR
Pope Field Tower 122.900 KGFD_TWR
Poplar Bluff Muni Tower 123.000 KPOF_TWR
Port Angeles Cgas Tower 120.000 KNOW_TWR
Port Angeles-W R Fairchild Int Approach 118.200 KCLM_APP
Port Angeles-W R Fairchild Int Clearance Delivery 124.150 KCLM_DEL
Port Angeles-W R Fairchild Int Departure 118.200 KCLM_DEP
Port Angeles-W R Fairchild Int Tower 123.000 KCLM_TWR
Port Columbus Intl Approach 125.950 KCMH_APP
Port Columbus Intl Clearance Delivery 126.300 KCMH_DEL
Port Columbus Intl Departure 132.300 KCMH_DEP
Port Columbus Intl Ground 121.900 KCMH_GND
Port Columbus Intl Tower 132.700 KCMH_TWR
Port Isabel-Cameron County Approach 119.500 KPIL_APP
Port Isabel-Cameron County Clearance Delivery 119.200 KPIL_DEL
Port Isabel-Cameron County Departure 119.500 KPIL_DEP
PORT RICHEY (ASOS) Tower 122.800 KX41_TWR
Porter County Muni Approach 132.050 KVPZ_APP
Porter County Muni Clearance Delivery 135.200 KVPZ_DEL
Porter County Muni Departure 132.050 KVPZ_DEP
Porter County Muni Tower 122.800 KVPZ_TWR
Porterville Muni Approach 120.500 KPTV_APP
Porterville Muni Departure 120.500 KPTV_DEP
Porterville Muni Tower 122.800 KPTV_TWR
Portland Intl Approach 133.000 KPDX_APP
Portland Intl Clearance Delivery 120.120 KPDX_DEL
Portland Intl Departure 133.000 KPDX_DEP
Portland Intl Ground 121.900 KPDX_GND
Portland Intl Tower 120.000 KPDX_TWR
Portland Intl Jetport Approach 132.400 KPWM_APP
Portland Intl Jetport Clearance Delivery 121.650 KPWM_DEL
Portland Intl Jetport Departure 132.400 KPWM_DEP
Portland Intl Jetport Ground 121.900 KPWM_GND
Portland Intl Jetport Tower 120.000 KPWM_TWR
Portland Muni Approach 132.150 KPLD_APP
Portland Muni Departure 132.150 KPLD_DEP
Portland Muni Tower 122.800 KPLD_TWR
Portland, Portland-Hillsboro Airport Approach 126.000 KHIO_APP
Portland, Portland-Hillsboro Airport Departure 126.000 KHIO_DEP
Portland, Portland-Hillsboro Airport Ground 121.700 KHIO_GND
Portland, Portland-Hillsboro Airport Tower 120.000 KHIO_TWR
Portland-Troutdale Approach 133.000 KTTD_APP
Portland-Troutdale Departure 133.000 KTTD_DEP
Portland-Troutdale Ground 121.800 KTTD_GND
Portland-Troutdale Tower 120.000 KTTD_TWR
Portsmouth - Pease Intl Approach 125.050 KPSM_APP
Portsmouth - Pease Intl Departure 125.050 KPSM_DEP
Portsmouth - Pease Intl Ground 120.950 KPSM_GND
Portsmouth - Pease Intl Tower 120.000 KPSM_TWR
Poteau-Robert S.Kerr Approach 125.400 KRKR_APP
Poteau-Robert S.Kerr Departure 125.400 KRKR_DEP
Poteau-Robert S.Kerr Tower 122.800 KRKR_TWR
Potomac Approach 124.000 KPCT_APP
Potomac Departure 125.650 KPCT_DEP
Potomac Airfield Approach 125.650 KVKX_APP
Potomac Airfield Departure 125.650 KVKX_DEP
Potomac Airfield Tower 122.800 KVKX_TWR
Potsdam Muni/Damon Fld/ Tower 122.800 KPTD_TWR
Pottstown Limerick Approach 126.850 KPTW_APP
Pottstown Limerick Clearance Delivery 118.550 KPTW_DEL
Pottstown Limerick Departure 126.850 KPTW_DEP
Pottstown Limerick Tower 122.700 KPTW_TWR
Powell Muni. Tower 122.700 KPOY_TWR
Prairie Du Chien Muni Tower 122.800 KPDC_TWR
Pratt Municipal Tower 122.800 KPTT_TWR
Presque Isle - N. Maine Regnl Clearance Delivery 121.600 KPQI_DEL
Presque Isle - N. Maine Regnl Tower 122.800 KPQI_TWR
Presque Isle County Approach 118.500 KPZQ_APP
Presque Isle County Departure 118.500 KPZQ_DEP
Presque Isle County Tower 122.900 KPZQ_TWR
Price - Carbon Co Tower 122.800 KPUC_TWR
Price County Tower 122.800 KPBH_TWR
Princeton Muni Tower 123.000 KPNM_TWR
Princeton Muni Tower 122.800 KPNN_TWR
Providence-Theodore Francis Approach 135.400 KPVD_APP
Providence-Theodore Francis Clearance Delivery 126.650 KPVD_DEL
Providence-Theodore Francis Departure 135.400 KPVD_DEP
Providence-Theodore Francis Ground 121.900 KPVD_GND
Providence-Theodore Francis Tower 120.700 KPVD_TWR
Provincetown Muni Approach 118.200 KPVC_APP
Provincetown Muni Clearance Delivery 120.650 KPVC_DEL
Provincetown Muni Departure 118.200 KPVC_DEP
Provincetown Muni Tower 122.800 KPVC_TWR
Provo Muni Approach 124.300 KPVU_APP
Provo Muni Departure 118.850 KPVU_DEP
Provo Muni Tower 122.800 KPVU_TWR
Pryor Field Regl Approach 118.050 KDCU_APP
Pryor Field Regl Departure 118.050 KDCU_DEP
Pryor Field Regl Tower 123.000 KDCU_TWR
Pueblo Memorial Approach 120.100 KPUB_APP
Pueblo Memorial Departure 120.100 KPUB_DEP
Pueblo Memorial Ground 121.900 KPUB_GND
Pueblo Memorial Tower 119.100 KPUB_TWR
Pullman/Moscow Regional Tower 122.800 KPUW_TWR
Purdue University Ground 121.900 KLAF_GND
Purdue University Tower 120.000 KLAF_TWR
Quakertown Approach 123.800 KUKT_APP
Quakertown Clearance Delivery 118.550 KUKT_DEL
Quakertown Departure 123.800 KUKT_DEP
Quakertown Tower 122.800 KUKT_TWR
Quantico MCAF /Turner Field/ Approach 126.200 KNYG_APP
Quantico MCAF /Turner Field/ Departure 126.200 KNYG_DEP
Quantico MCAF /Turner Field/ Ground 127.050 KNYG_GND
Quantico MCAF /Turner Field/ Tower 118.600 KNYG_TWR
Quillayute, Quillayute State Airport Tower 122.900 KUIL_TWR
Quincy Muni Baldwin Field Ground 121.750 KUIN_GND
Quincy Muni Baldwin Field Tower 123.000 KUIN_TWR
Racine-John H Batten Fld Tower 123.075 KRAC_TWR
Rafael Hernandez Tower 123.000 KBQN_TWR
Raleigh County Memorial Approach 118.950 KBKW_APP
Raleigh County Memorial Departure 118.950 KBKW_DEP
Raleigh County Memorial Tower 123.000 KBKW_TWR
Raleigh/ Durham Intl Approach 128.300 KRDU_APP
Raleigh/ Durham Intl Clearance Delivery 120.100 KRDU_DEL
Raleigh/ Durham Intl Departure 132.350 KRDU_DEP
Raleigh/ Durham Intl Ground 121.900 KRDU_GND
Raleigh/ Durham Intl Tower 120.000 KRDU_TWR
Ralph wien memorial Tower 123.600 KOTZ_TWR
Ramona Approach 132.200 KRNM_APP
Ramona Departure 127.300 KRNM_DEP
Rancho Murieta Tower 122.800 KRIU_TWR
Randolph AFB Approach 128.050 KRND_APP
Randolph AFB Departure 128.050 KRND_DEP
Randolph AFB Ground 134.050 KRND_GND
Randolph AFB Tower 128.250 KRND_TWR
Rapid City Ground 121.900 KRAP_GND
Rapid City Tower 125.850 KRAP_TWR
Raton Muni/crews Fld Tower 122.800 KRTN_TWR
Rawlins Muni Tower 123.000 KRWL_TWR
Ray S Miller AAF (NG) Clearance Delivery 126.200 KRYM_DEL
Ray S Miller AAF (NG) Tower 126.200 KRYM_TWR
Reading Regional/Carl A Spaatz Field Approach 125.150 KRDG_APP
Reading Regional/Carl A Spaatz Field Departure 125.150 KRDG_DEP
Reading Regional/Carl A Spaatz Field Ground 121.900 KRDG_GND
Reading Regional/Carl A Spaatz Field Tower 119.900 KRDG_TWR
Red Bluff Muni Tower 122.800 KRBL_TWR
Red Lodge Tower 122.900 KRED_TWR
Red Oak Approach 124.500 KRDK_APP
Red Oak Departure 124.500 KRDK_DEP
Red Oak Tower 122.800 KRDK_TWR
Red River Clearance Delivery 119.150 KRDR_DEL
Red River Ground 119.150 KRDR_GND
Red River Tower 124.900 KRDR_TWR
Red Wing Muni Approach 121.200 KRGK_APP
Red Wing Muni Departure 121.200 KRGK_DEP
Red Wing Muni Tower 123.050 KRGK_TWR
Redbird Approach 125.200 KRBD_APP
Redbird Clearance Delivery 118.620 KRBD_DEL
Redbird Departure 125.200 KRBD_DEP
Redbird Ground 121.700 KRBD_GND
Redbird Tower 120.000 KRBD_TWR
Redding Muni Ground 121.700 KRDD_GND
Redding Muni Tower 120.000 KRDD_TWR
Redstone AAF Approach 125.600 KHUA_APP
Redstone AAF Departure 125.600 KHUA_DEP
Redstone AAF Tower 126.950 KHUA_TWR
Redwood Falls Muni Tower 123.000 KRWF_TWR
Reid-Hillview Of Santa Clara County Approach 134.500 KRHV_APP
Reid-Hillview Of Santa Clara County Departure 121.300 KRHV_DEP
Reid-Hillview Of Santa Clara County Ground 121.650 KRHV_GND
Reid-Hillview Of Santa Clara County Tower 120.000 KRHV_TWR
Reidsville Tower 122.900 KRVJ_TWR
Renner Fld /Goodland Muni/ Tower 122.950 KGLD_TWR
Reno/ Tahoe Intl Approach 126.300 KRNO_APP
Reno/ Tahoe Intl Clearance Delivery 124.900 KRNO_DEL
Reno/ Tahoe Intl Departure 126.300 KRNO_DEP
Reno/ Tahoe Intl Ground 121.900 KRNO_GND
Reno/ Tahoe Intl Tower 120.000 KRNO_TWR
Renton Muni Approach 126.500 KRNT_APP
Renton Muni Departure 126.500 KRNT_DEP
Renton Muni Ground 121.600 KRNT_GND
Renton Muni Tower 120.000 KRNT_TWR
Rhinelander-Oneida County Tower 123.000 KRHI_TWR
Rice Lake Regional - Carl's Field Tower 122.700 KRPD_TWR
Richard B Helgeson Approach 125.450 KTWM_APP
Richard B Helgeson Departure 125.450 KTWM_DEP
Richard B Helgeson Tower 122.900 KTWM_TWR
Richard B Russell Tower 123.000 KRMG_TWR
Richard I Bong Approach 125.450 KSUW_APP
Richard I Bong Clearance Delivery 124.800 KSUW_DEL
Richard I Bong Departure 125.450 KSUW_DEP
Richard I Bong Tower 122.700 KSUW_TWR
Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Approach 134.700 KRVS_APP
Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Departure 134.700 KRVS_DEP
Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Ground 121.700 KRVS_GND
Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Tower 120.000 KRVS_TWR
Richards-Gebaur Memorial Approach 118.900 KGVW_APP
Richards-Gebaur Memorial Departure 118.900 KGVW_DEP
Richards-Gebaur Memorial Ground 119.200 KGVW_GND
Richards-Gebaur Memorial Tower 120.000 KGVW_TWR
Richfield Muni Tower 122.800 KRIF_TWR
Richland Approach 128.750 KRLD_APP
Richland Clearance Delivery 122.400 KRLD_DEL
Richland Departure 128.750 KRLD_DEP
Richland Tower 122.700 KRLD_TWR
Richmond Intl Byrd Fld Approach 134.700 KRIC_APP
Richmond Intl Byrd Fld Departure 134.700 KRIC_DEP
Richmond Intl Byrd Fld Ground 121.900 KRIC_GND
Richmond Intl Byrd Fld Tower 120.000 KRIC_TWR
Richmond Muni Approach 134.450 KRID_APP
Richmond Muni Clearance Delivery 133.550 KRID_DEL
Richmond Muni Departure 134.450 KRID_DEP
Richmond Muni Tower 122.700 KRID_TWR
Richmond-Chesterfield Approach 134.700 KFCI_APP
Richmond-Chesterfield Clearance Delivery 124.600 KFCI_DEL
Richmond-Chesterfield Departure 134.700 KFCI_DEP
Richmond-Chesterfield Tower 123.050 KFCI_TWR
Rickenbacker International Approach 119.150 KLCK_APP
Rickenbacker International Departure 119.150 KLCK_DEP
Rickenbacker International Ground 121.850 KLCK_GND
Rickenbacker International Tower 120.000 KLCK_TWR
Rio Grande Valley Intl Approach 120.700 KHRL_APP
Rio Grande Valley Intl Departure 120.700 KHRL_DEP
Rio Grande Valley Intl Ground 121.700 KHRL_GND
Rio Grande Valley Intl Tower 120.000 KHRL_TWR
Riverside Muni Approach 135.400 KRAL_APP
Riverside Muni Departure 135.400 KRAL_DEP
Riverside Muni Ground 121.700 KRAL_GND
Riverside Muni Tower 121.000 KRAL_TWR
Riverton Regional Tower 122.800 KRIW_TWR
Roanoke Regional/Woodrum Field Approach 126.900 KROA_APP
Roanoke Regional/Woodrum Field Clearance Delivery 119.700 KROA_DEL
Roanoke Regional/Woodrum Field Departure 126.900 KROA_DEP
Roanoke Regional/Woodrum Field Ground 121.900 KROA_GND
Roanoke Regional/Woodrum Field Tower 120.000 KROA_TWR
Robert Gray AAF Approach 118.000 KGRK_APP
Robert Gray AAF Clearance Delivery 118.600 KGRK_DEL
Robert Gray AAF Departure 118.000 KGRK_DEP
Robert Gray AAF Ground 126.200 KGRK_GND
Robert Gray AAF Tower 120.000 KGRK_TWR
Robert j. Miller air park Approach 127.500 KMJX_APP
Robert j. Miller air park Departure 127.500 KMJX_DEP
Robert Sibley Tower 122.700 KSZY_TWR
Roberts Field Ground 121.800 KRDM_GND
Roberts Field Tower 123.600 KRDM_TWR
Robins AFB Approach 124.800 KWRB_APP
Robins AFB Departure 124.800 KWRB_DEP
Robins AFB Ground 121.850 KWRB_GND
Robins AFB Tower 126.200 KWRB_TWR
Robinson Tower 122.900 K8I1_TWR
Robinson AAF Tower 139.200 KRBM_TWR
Robinson Muni Approach 125.600 KRSV_APP
Robinson Muni Departure 125.600 KRSV_DEP
Robinson Muni Tower 123.000 KRSV_TWR
Rochester International Approach 119.800 KRST_APP
Rochester International Departure 119.200 KRST_DEP
Rochester International Ground 121.900 KRST_GND
Rochester International Tower 118.300 KRST_TWR
Rock Rapids Muni Approach 126.900 KRRQ_APP
Rock Rapids Muni Departure 126.900 KRRQ_DEP
Rock Rapids Muni Tower 122.800 KRRQ_TWR
Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Tower 122.800 KRKS_TWR
Rockingham County Nc Shiloh Approach 124.350 NC14_APP
Rockingham County Nc Shiloh Departure 124.350 NC14_DEP
Rockport - Aransas Co Approach 120.900 KRKP_APP
Rockport - Aransas Co Clearance Delivery 121.700 KRKP_DEL
Rockport - Aransas Co Departure 120.900 KRKP_DEP
Rockport - Aransas Co Tower 122.800 KRKP_TWR
Rockwood Muni Tower 122.800 KRKW_TWR
Rocky Mount-Wilson Clearance Delivery 122.300 KRWI_DEL
Rocky Mount-Wilson Tower 122.950 KRWI_TWR
Rogers Municipal-Carter Field Approach 128.150 KROG_APP
Rogers Municipal-Carter Field Clearance Delivery 121.750 KROG_DEL
Rogers Municipal-Carter Field Departure 128.150 KROG_DEP
Rogers Municipal-Carter Field Tower 123.000 KROG_TWR
Rogue Valley International - Medford Approach 124.300 KMFR_APP
Rogue Valley International - Medford Departure 124.300 KMFR_DEP
Rogue Valley International - Medford Ground 121.800 KMFR_GND
Rogue Valley International - Medford Tower 120.000 KMFR_TWR
Rohnerville Tower 122.800 KFOT_TWR
Rolla National Tower 123.000 KVIH_TWR
Rome State Tower 122.900 KREO_TWR
Romulus-Seneca Aaf Approach 119.550 KSSN_APP
Romulus-Seneca Aaf Departure 119.550 KSSN_DEP
Romulus-Seneca Aaf Tower 122.800 KSSN_TWR
Rooke Tower 122.800 KRFG_TWR
Roscoe Turner Tower 122.800 KCRX_TWR
Roscommon County Tower 122.800 KHTL_TWR
Roseau Muni Tower 122.800 KROX_TWR
Roseburg Regional Tower 122.800 KRBG_TWR
Rosecrans Memorial Approach 124.700 KSTJ_APP
Rosecrans Memorial Departure 124.700 KSTJ_DEP
Rosecrans Memorial Ground 121.900 KSTJ_GND
Rosecrans Memorial Tower 120.000 KSTJ_TWR
Ross County Approach 132.300 KRZT_APP
Ross County Departure 132.300 KRZT_DEP
Ross County Tower 122.800 KRZT_TWR
Roswell Industrial Air Center Approach 120.350 KROW_APP
Roswell Industrial Air Center Clearance Delivery 127.770 KROW_DEL
Roswell Industrial Air Center Departure 120.350 KROW_DEP
Roswell Industrial Air Center Ground 121.900 KROW_GND
Roswell Industrial Air Center Tower 120.000 KROW_TWR
Roundup Tower 122.800 KRPX_TWR
Rowan County Approach 120.050 KRUQ_APP
Rowan County Clearance Delivery 127.350 KRUQ_DEL
Rowan County Departure 120.050 KRUQ_DEP
Rowan County Tower 122.800 KRUQ_TWR
Rugby Muni Tower 122.800 KRUG_TWR
Rusk County Tower 122.800 KRCX_TWR
Russell, Russell Municipal Airport Tower 122.700 KRSL_TWR
Ruston Rgnl Approach 126.900 KRSN_APP
Ruston Rgnl Clearance Delivery 118.800 KRSN_DEL
Ruston Rgnl Departure 126.900 KRSN_DEP
Rutherfordton/Marchman Field Approach 119.400 KFQD_APP
Rutherfordton/Marchman Field Departure 119.400 KFQD_DEP
Rutland State Tower 122.800 KRUT_TWR
rvidsjaur Tower 123.000 Karj_TWR
Ryan Field Approach 128.500 KRYN_APP
Ryan Field Departure 128.500 KRYN_DEP
Ryan Field Ground 118.200 KRYN_GND
Ryan Field Tower 120.000 KRYN_TWR
Sac City Muni Tower 122.800 KSKI_TWR
Sacramento Executive Approach 127.400 KSAC_APP
Sacramento Executive Departure 127.400 KSAC_DEP
Sacramento Executive Ground 125.000 KSAC_GND
Sacramento Executive Tower 120.000 KSAC_TWR
Sacramento International Approach 134.800 KSMF_APP
Sacramento International Departure 134.800 KSMF_DEP
Sacramento International Ground 121.700 KSMF_GND
Sacramento International Tower 120.000 KSMF_TWR
Sacramento Mather Approach 127.400 KMHR_APP
Sacramento Mather Clearance Delivery 119.150 KMHR_DEL
Sacramento Mather Departure 127.400 KMHR_DEP
Sacramento Mather Tower 120.000 KMHR_TWR
Safford Muni Tower 122.800 KSAD_TWR
Saginaw - Mbs Intl Approach 126.450 KMBS_APP
Saginaw - Mbs Intl Clearance Delivery 121.850 KMBS_DEL
Saginaw - Mbs Intl Departure 126.450 KMBS_DEP
Saginaw - Mbs Intl Ground 121.700 KMBS_GND
Saginaw - Mbs Intl Tower 120.100 KMBS_TWR
Salem-Leckrone Tower 122.800 KSLO_TWR
Salina Muni Ground 121.900 KSLN_GND
Salina Muni Tower 120.000 KSLN_TWR
Salinas Muni Approach 133.000 KSNS_APP
Salinas Muni Departure 133.000 KSNS_DEP
Salinas Muni Ground 121.700 KSNS_GND
Salinas Muni Tower 120.000 KSNS_TWR
Salisbury-Wicomico County Regional Approach 127.950 KSBY_APP
Salisbury-Wicomico County Regional Clearance Delivery 118.550 KSBY_DEL
Salisbury-Wicomico County Regional Departure 127.950 KSBY_DEP
Salisbury-Wicomico County Regional Tower 123.600 KSBY_TWR
Salmon - Lemhi Co Tower 122.800 KSMN_TWR
Salt Lake City Center 134.350 KZLC_CTR
Salt Lake City Intl Approach 121.100 KSLC_APP
Salt Lake City Intl Departure 128.100 KSLC_DEP
Salt Lake City Intl Ground 121.900 KSLC_GND
Salt Lake City Intl Tower 119.050 KSLC_TWR
Salton Sea Tower 122.900 KSAS_TWR
Sampson County Approach 133.000 KCTZ_APP
Sampson County Departure 133.000 KCTZ_DEP
Sampson County Tower 122.800 KCTZ_TWR
Samuels Field Approach 124.500 KBRY_APP
Samuels Field Departure 124.500 KBRY_DEP
Samuels Field Tower 122.800 KBRY_TWR
San Antonio - Stinson Muni Approach 125.700 KSSF_APP
San Antonio - Stinson Muni Clearance Delivery 121.700 KSSF_DEL
San Antonio - Stinson Muni Departure 125.700 KSSF_DEP
San Antonio - Stinson Muni Ground 121.700 KSSF_GND
San Antonio - Stinson Muni Tower 120.000 KSSF_TWR
San Antonio Intl Approach 127.100 KSAT_APP
San Antonio Intl Clearance Delivery 126.700 KSAT_DEL
San Antonio Intl Departure 128.050 KSAT_DEP
San Antonio Intl Ground 121.900 KSAT_GND
San Antonio Intl Tower 119.800 KSAT_TWR
San Bernardino International Approach 135.400 KSBD_APP
San Bernardino International Departure 135.400 KSBD_DEP
San Bernardino International Tower 122.900 KSBD_TWR
San Carlos Approach 134.500 KSQL_APP
San Carlos Departure 135.650 KSQL_DEP
San Carlos Ground 121.600 KSQL_GND
San Carlos Tower 119.000 KSQL_TWR
San Clemente Is NALF/Frederick Sherman Fld Approach 100.000 KNUC_APP
San Clemente Is NALF/Frederick Sherman Fld Ground 119.550 KNUC_GND
San Clemente Is NALF/Frederick Sherman Fld Tower 126.750 KNUC_TWR
San Diego Brown Field Muni Approach 124.350 KSDM_APP
San Diego Brown Field Muni Clearance Delivery 124.400 KSDM_DEL
San Diego Brown Field Muni Departure 125.150 KSDM_DEP
San Diego Brown Field Muni Ground 124.400 KSDM_GND
San Diego Brown Field Muni Tower 120.000 KSDM_TWR
San Diego Intl/ Lindbergh Fld Approach 119.600 KSAN_APP
San Diego Intl/ Lindbergh Fld Departure 124.350 KSAN_DEP
San Diego Intl/ Lindbergh Fld Ground 123.900 KSAN_GND
San Diego Intl/ Lindbergh Fld Tower 118.300 KSAN_TWR
San Jose Intl Approach 135.400 KSJC_APP
San Jose Intl Clearance Delivery 118.000 KSJC_DEL
San Jose Intl Departure 121.300 KSJC_DEP
San Jose Intl Ground 121.700 KSJC_GND
San Jose Intl Tower 124.000 KSJC_TWR
San Luis Obispo County-McChesney Field Ground 121.600 KSBP_GND
San Luis Obispo County-McChesney Field Tower 120.000 KSBP_TWR
SAN MARCOS (AWOS) Tower 123.050 KT98_TWR
San Marcos Muni Approach 119.000 KHYI_APP
San Marcos Muni Clearance Delivery 121.350 KHYI_DEL
San Marcos Muni Departure 119.000 KHYI_DEP
San Nicolas Island NOLF Tower 126.850 KNSI_TWR
Sanderson Field Approach 120.100 KSHN_APP
Sanderson Field Departure 120.100 KSHN_DEP
Sanderson Field Tower 122.800 KSHN_TWR
Sanford Regional Approach 119.750 KSFM_APP
Sanford Regional Clearance Delivery 126.050 KSFM_DEL
Sanford Regional Departure 119.750 KSFM_DEP
Sanford Regional Tower 122.800 KSFM_TWR
Santa Barbara Muni Approach 125.400 KSBA_APP
Santa Barbara Muni Clearance Delivery 132.900 KSBA_DEL
Santa Barbara Muni Departure 125.400 KSBA_DEP
Santa Barbara Muni Ground 121.700 KSBA_GND
Santa Barbara Muni Tower 120.000 KSBA_TWR
Santa Fe Muni Ground 121.700 KSAF_GND
Santa Fe Muni Tower 120.000 KSAF_TWR
Santa Maria Pub/Capt G Allan Hancock Fld Ground 121.900 KSMX_GND
Santa Maria Pub/Capt G Allan Hancock Fld Tower 120.000 KSMX_TWR
Santa Monica Municipal Approach 128.500 KSMO_APP
Santa Monica Municipal Departure 125.200 KSMO_DEP
Santa Monica Municipal Ground 121.900 KSMO_GND
Santa Monica Municipal Tower 120.100 KSMO_TWR
Santa Paula Tower 122.900 KSZP_TWR
Santa Ynez Tower 122.800 KIZA_TWR
Santee Cooper Regional Approach 118.850 KMNI_APP
Santee Cooper Regional Departure 118.850 KMNI_DEP
Santee Cooper Regional Tower 122.800 KMNI_TWR
Sarasota/Bradenton Intl Approach 124.950 KSRQ_APP
Sarasota/Bradenton Intl Departure 124.950 KSRQ_DEP
Sarasota/Bradenton Intl Ground 121.900 KSRQ_GND
Sarasota/Bradenton Intl Tower 120.100 KSRQ_TWR
Saratoga-Shively Fld. Tower 122.800 KSAA_TWR
Sauk Centre Muni Tower 122.900 KD40_TWR
Sault Ste Marie Chippewa Intl Tower 123.000 KCIU_TWR
Savannah Intl Approach 125.300 KSAV_APP
Savannah Intl Clearance Delivery 119.550 KSAV_DEL
Savannah Intl Departure 125.300 KSAV_DEP
Savannah Intl Ground 121.900 KSAV_GND
Savannah Intl Tower 120.000 KSAV_TWR
Savannah-Hardin County Tower 122.800 KSNH_TWR
Sawyer Ground 121.650 KSAW_GND
Sawyer Tower 119.975 KSAW_TWR
Schenectady Approach 118.050 KSCH_APP
Schenectady Departure 118.050 KSCH_DEP
Schenectady Ground 121.900 KSCH_GND
Schenectady Tower 120.000 KSCH_TWR
Schoolcraft County Tower 122.800 KISQ_TWR
Schuylkill County /Joe Zerbey/ Approach 118.250 KZER_APP
Schuylkill County /Joe Zerbey/ Departure 118.250 KZER_DEP
Schuylkill County /Joe Zerbey/ Tower 122.800 KZER_TWR
Scott AFB Approach 125.200 KBLV_APP
Scott AFB Departure 125.200 KBLV_DEP
Scott AFB Ground 120.650 KBLV_GND
Scott AFB Tower 120.000 KBLV_TWR
Scott City Muni Tower 122.800 KTQK_TWR
Scott Muni Tower 122.800 KSCX_TWR
Scottsdale Approach 120.700 KSDL_APP
Scottsdale Clearance Delivery 124.800 KSDL_DEL
Scottsdale Departure 120.700 KSDL_DEP
Scottsdale Ground 121.600 KSDL_GND
Scottsdale Tower 120.000 KSDL_TWR
Scribner State Approach 120.100 KSCB_APP
Scribner State Departure 120.100 KSCB_DEP
Scribner State Tower 122.900 KSCB_TWR
Seattle - Boeing Fld King Co Clearance Delivery 118.900 KBFI_DEL
Seattle - Boeing Fld King Co Ground 121.900 KBFI_GND
Seattle - Boeing Fld King Co Tower 120.000 KBFI_TWR
Seattle Center 124.200 KZSE_CTR
Seattle/ Tacoma Intl Approach 123.900 KSEA_APP
Seattle/ Tacoma Intl Clearance Delivery 128.000 KSEA_DEL
Seattle/ Tacoma Intl Departure 126.500 KSEA_DEP
Seattle/ Tacoma Intl Ground 121.700 KSEA_GND
Seattle/ Tacoma Intl Tower 119.900 KSEA_TWR
Sebring Regional Tower 122.700 KSEF_TWR
Sedalia Muni Approach 127.450 KDMO_APP
Sedalia Muni Departure 125.920 KDMO_DEP
Sedalia Muni Tower 122.800 KDMO_TWR
Sedona Tower 122.800 KSEZ_TWR
Sekiu Tower 122.900 K11S_TWR
Selfridge ANGB Approach 119.600 KMTC_APP
Selfridge ANGB Clearance Delivery 119.000 KMTC_DEL
Selfridge ANGB Departure 119.600 KMTC_DEP
Selfridge ANGB Ground 128.300 KMTC_GND
Selfridge ANGB Tower 120.150 KMTC_TWR
Selfs Tower 122.900 KMMS_TWR
Seward Municipal Approach 124.000 KSWT_APP
Seward Municipal Departure 124.000 KSWT_DEP
Seward Municipal Tower 122.800 KSWT_TWR
Seymour Johnson AFB Approach 123.700 KGSB_APP
Seymour Johnson AFB Departure 123.700 KGSB_DEP
Seymour Johnson AFB Tower 120.000 KGSB_TWR
Shafter-Minter Field Approach 126.450 KMIT_APP
Shafter-Minter Field Departure 126.450 KMIT_DEP
Shafter-Minter Field Tower 122.900 KMIT_TWR
Shaltz Field Tower 122.800 KCBK_TWR
Shannon Approach 126.200 KEZF_APP
Shannon Departure 126.200 KEZF_DEP
Shannon Tower 122.800 KEZF_TWR
Shaw AFB Approach 125.400 KSSC_APP
Shaw AFB Clearance Delivery 121.800 KSSC_DEL
Shaw AFB Departure 125.400 KSSC_DEP
Shaw AFB Ground 126.100 KSSC_GND
Shaw AFB Tower 120.000 KSSC_TWR
Shawnee Muni. Tower 122.700 KSNL_TWR
Sheboygan County Memorial Tower 122.700 KSBM_TWR
Shelby Tower 122.800 KSBX_TWR
Shelby County Approach 123.800 KEET_APP
Shelby County Departure 123.800 KEET_DEP
Shelby Muni Approach 134.750 KEHO_APP
Shelby Muni Departure 134.750 KEHO_DEP
Shelby Muni Tower 122.800 KEHO_TWR
Shelbyville Muni Approach 127.150 KGEZ_APP
Shelbyville Muni Departure 127.150 KGEZ_DEP
Sheldon Tower 122.800 KSHL_TWR
Shell Lake Muni Tower 122.800 KSSQ_TWR
Shelter Cove Tower 122.900 K0Q5_TWR
Shenandoah Municipal Approach 124.500 KSDA_APP
Shenandoah Municipal Departure 124.500 KSDA_DEP
Shenandoah Municipal Tower 122.800 KSDA_TWR
Shenandoah Valley Regional Approach 132.850 KSHD_APP
Shenandoah Valley Regional Departure 132.850 KSHD_DEP
Shenandoah Valley Regional Tower 123.000 KSHD_TWR
Sheppard AFB/Wichita Falls Muni Approach 118.200 KSPS_APP
Sheppard AFB/Wichita Falls Muni Clearance Delivery 121.200 KSPS_DEL
Sheppard AFB/Wichita Falls Muni Departure 120.400 KSPS_DEP
Sheppard AFB/Wichita Falls Muni Ground 125.500 KSPS_GND
Sheppard AFB/Wichita Falls Muni Tower 119.750 KSPS_TWR
Sheridan County Tower 123.000 KSHR_TWR
Sherman Muni Tower 122.800 KSWI_TWR
Show Low Muni Tower 123.000 KSOW_TWR
Shreveport Downtown Approach 121.400 KDTN_APP
Shreveport Downtown Clearance Delivery 119.600 KDTN_DEL
Shreveport Downtown Departure 121.400 KDTN_DEP
Shreveport Downtown Tower 120.000 KDTN_TWR
Shreveport Regional Approach 119.900 KSHV_APP
Shreveport Regional Clearance Delivery 124.650 KSHV_DEL
Shreveport Regional Departure 121.400 KSHV_DEP
Shreveport Regional Ground 121.900 KSHV_GND
Shreveport Regional Tower 121.400 KSHV_TWR
Sibley Muni Tower 122.800 KISB_TWR
Sidney Muni Tower 122.800 KI14_TWR
Sidney Muni Tower 122.800 KSNY_TWR
Sidney-Richland Muni. Tower 122.800 KSDY_TWR
Sierra Blanca Regional Tower 122.800 KSRR_TWR
Sikeston Memorial Tower 122.800 KSIK_TWR
Siloam Springs-Smith Fld. Approach 121.000 KSLG_APP
Siloam Springs-Smith Fld. Departure 121.000 KSLG_DEP
Siloam Springs-Smith Fld. Tower 122.800 KSLG_TWR
Silver Bay Muni Tower 122.900 KBFW_TWR
Silver City - Socorro Muni Tower 122.800 KONM_TWR
Silver City - Taos Muni Tower 122.800 KSKX_TWR
Simmons AAF Approach 133.000 KFBG_APP
Simmons AAF Clearance Delivery 121.900 KFBG_DEL
Simmons AAF Departure 133.000 KFBG_DEP
Simmons AAF Ground 121.900 KFBG_GND
Simmons AAF Tower 125.900 KFBG_TWR
Sioux Center Muni Tower 122.800 KSOY_TWR
Sioux City Approach 124.600 KSUX_APP
Sioux City Departure 124.600 KSUX_DEP
Sioux City Ground 121.900 KSUX_GND
Sioux City Tower 118.700 KSUX_TWR
Sioux Falls Approach 126.900 KFSD_APP
Sioux Falls Departure 125.800 KFSD_DEP
Sioux Falls Ground 121.900 KFSD_GND
Sioux Falls Tower 118.300 KFSD_TWR
Siskiyou County Tower 123.000 KSIY_TWR
Sitka Tower 123.600 KSIT_TWR
Skagway AK Tower 122.900 KSGY_TWR
skarshamn Tower 122.150 Kosk_TWR
Skyhaven Approach 125.050 KDAW_APP
Skyhaven Departure 125.050 KDAW_DEP
Skypark Tower 122.800 KBTF_TWR
Slidell Approach 133.150 KASD_APP
Slidell Departure 133.150 KASD_DEP
Sloulin Fld Intl Tower 122.800 KISN_TWR
Smith Field Approach 132.150 KSMD_APP
Smith Field Departure 132.150 KSMD_DEP
Smith Field Tower 122.800 KSMD_TWR
Smyrna Approach 128.450 KMQY_APP
Smyrna Clearance Delivery 121.700 KMQY_DEL
Smyrna Departure 128.450 KMQY_DEP
Smyrna Ground 121.400 KMQY_GND
Smyrna Tower 120.000 KMQY_TWR
SOCAL Approach 128.500 KSCT_APP
SOCAL Departure 124.300 KSCT_DEP
Solon Springs Muni Approach 125.450 KOLG_APP
Solon Springs Muni Departure 125.450 KOLG_DEP
Solon Springs Muni Tower 122.900 KOLG_TWR
Somerset-Pulaski County-J.T. Wilson Field Tower 122.800 KSME_TWR
Sonoma County Ground 121.900 KSTS_GND
Sonoma County Tower 120.000 KSTS_TWR
South Arkansas Regional At Goodwin Field Tower 123.000 KELD_TWR
South Bend Regional Airport Approach 118.550 KSBN_APP
South Bend Regional Airport Clearance Delivery 121.900 KSBN_DEL
South Bend Regional Airport Departure 132.050 KSBN_DEP
South Bend Regional Airport Ground 121.700 KSBN_GND
South Bend Regional Airport Tower 118.900 KSBN_TWR
South Jersey Regional Approach 127.500 KVAY_APP
South Jersey Regional Departure 127.500 KVAY_DEP
South St. Paul/R.E. Fleming Approach 121.200 KSGS_APP
South St. Paul/R.E. Fleming Departure 121.200 KSGS_DEP
Souther Field Approach 126.550 KACJ_APP
Souther Field Departure 126.550 KACJ_DEP
Souther Field Tower 122.800 KACJ_TWR
Southern California International Approach 124.550 KVCV_APP
Southern California International Departure 124.550 KVCV_DEP
Southern California International Ground 124.450 KVCV_GND
Southern California International Tower 122.900 KVCV_TWR
Southern Illinois Ground 121.800 KMDH_GND
Southern Illinois Tower 120.000 KMDH_TWR
Southwest Georgia Regional Ground 121.900 KABY_GND
Southwest Georgia Regional Tower 120.000 KABY_TWR
Southwest Michigan Regional Approach 118.550 KBEH_APP
Southwest Michigan Regional Clearance Delivery 119.700 KBEH_DEL
Southwest Michigan Regional Departure 118.550 KBEH_DEP
Southwest Michigan Regional Tower 120.000 KBEH_TWR
Space Center Executive Approach 134.950 KTIX_APP
Space Center Executive Departure 134.950 KTIX_DEP
Space Center Executive Ground 121.850 KTIX_GND
Space Center Executive Tower 120.000 KTIX_TWR
Sparta Community-Hunter Field Approach 125.200 KSAR_APP
Sparta Community-Hunter Field Departure 125.200 KSAR_DEP
Sparta Community-Hunter Field Tower 122.800 KSAR_TWR
Sparta/Fort McCoy Tower 124.600 KCMY_TWR
Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Approach 119.400 KSPA_APP
Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Clearance Delivery 120.550 KSPA_DEL
Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Departure 119.400 KSPA_DEP
Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Tower 120.000 KSPA_TWR
Spearfish-Black Hills Approach 119.500 KSPF_APP
Spearfish-Black Hills Departure 119.500 KSPF_DEP
Spearfish-Black Hills Tower 122.800 KSPF_TWR
Spence Tower 123.000 KMUL_TWR
Spencer Muni Tower 123.000 KSPW_TWR
Spencerport Airpark Tower 122.700 KD92_TWR
Spirit Of St Louis Approach 126.700 KSUS_APP
Spirit Of St Louis Clearance Delivery 133.100 KSUS_DEL
Spirit Of St Louis Departure 126.700 KSUS_DEP
Spirit Of St Louis Ground 121.700 KSUS_GND
Spirit Of St Louis Tower 120.000 KSUS_TWR
Spokane Intl Approach 133.350 KGEG_APP
Spokane Intl Clearance Delivery 127.550 KGEG_DEL
Spokane Intl Departure 133.350 KGEG_DEP
Spokane Intl Ground 121.900 KGEG_GND
Spokane Intl Tower 120.000 KGEG_TWR
Spokane-Felts Fld Approach 133.350 KSFF_APP
Spokane-Felts Fld Departure 133.350 KSFF_DEP
Spokane-Felts Fld Ground 121.700 KSFF_GND
Spokane-Felts Fld Tower 120.000 KSFF_TWR
Springdale Muni Approach 128.150 KASG_APP
Springdale Muni Departure 128.150 KASG_DEP
Springdale Muni Ground 121.600 KASG_GND
Springdale Muni Tower 120.000 KASG_TWR
Springfield Regnl Approach 124.950 KSGF_APP
Springfield Regnl Clearance Delivery 123.670 KSGF_DEL
Springfield Regnl Departure 124.950 KSGF_DEP
Springfield Regnl Ground 121.900 KSGF_GND
Springfield Regnl Tower 120.000 KSGF_TWR
Springfield-Beckley Muni Approach 118.850 KSGH_APP
Springfield-Beckley Muni Departure 118.850 KSGH_DEP
Springfield-Beckley Muni Ground 121.700 KSGH_GND
Springfield-Beckley Muni Tower 120.000 KSGH_TWR
Springhill Approach 121.400 KSPH_APP
Springhill Departure 121.400 KSPH_DEP
Springhill Tower 122.800 KSPH_TWR
St Augustine Approach 120.750 KSGJ_APP
St Augustine Departure 120.750 KSGJ_DEP
St Augustine Tower 122.800 KSGJ_TWR
St Clair County Approach 125.450 KPLR_APP
St Clair County Departure 125.450 KPLR_DEP
St Clair County Tower 122.800 KPLR_TWR
St Cloud Regional Ground 121.600 KSTC_GND
St Cloud Regional Tower 118.250 KSTC_TWR
St George Muni Tower 122.800 KSGU_TWR
St Johns Industrial Air Park Tower 122.800 KSJN_TWR
St Landry Parish-Ahart Field Approach 128.700 KOPL_APP
St Landry Parish-Ahart Field Departure 128.700 KOPL_DEP
St Landry Parish-Ahart Field Tower 122.800 KOPL_TWR
St Louis Downtown - Parks Approach 123.700 KCPS_APP
St Louis Downtown - Parks Clearance Delivery 121.800 KCPS_DEL
St Louis Downtown - Parks Departure 123.700 KCPS_DEP
St Louis Downtown - Parks Ground 121.800 KCPS_GND
St Louis Downtown - Parks Tower 120.000 KCPS_TWR
St Louis Intl/lambert Approach 126.500 KSTL_APP
St Louis Intl/lambert Clearance Delivery 119.500 KSTL_DEL
St Louis Intl/lambert Departure 124.900 KSTL_DEP
St Louis Intl/lambert Ground 127.550 KSTL_GND
St Louis Intl/lambert Tower 120.000 KSTL_TWR
St Louis Regional Approach 124.200 KALN_APP
St Louis Regional Clearance Delivery 120.200 KALN_DEL
St Louis Regional Departure 124.200 KALN_DEP
St Louis Regional Ground 120.200 KALN_GND
St Louis Regional Tower 120.000 KALN_TWR
St Marys Muni Clearance Delivery 121.300 KOYM_DEL
St Paul Ground 121.675 KSTP_GND
St Paul Tower 119.100 KSTP_TWR
St Petersburg/ Clearwater Intl Approach 125.300 KPIE_APP
St Petersburg/ Clearwater Intl Clearance Delivery 120.600 KPIE_DEL
St Petersburg/ Clearwater Intl Departure 125.300 KPIE_DEP
St Petersburg/ Clearwater Intl Ground 121.900 KPIE_GND
St Petersburg/ Clearwater Intl Tower 120.000 KPIE_TWR
Stanly County Approach 120.050 KVUJ_APP
Stanly County Clearance Delivery 128.500 KVUJ_DEL
Stanly County Departure 120.050 KVUJ_DEP
Stanly County Tower 123.000 KVUJ_TWR
Stanton Airfield Tower 122.800 KSYN_TWR
Staples Muni Tower 122.900 KSAZ_TWR
Starke County Approach 132.050 KOXI_APP
Starke County Departure 132.050 KOXI_DEP
Starke County Tower 122.800 KOXI_TWR
Statesboro Muni Approach 120.400 KTBR_APP
Statesboro Muni Departure 120.400 KTBR_DEP
Statesboro Muni Tower 122.800 KTBR_TWR
Statesville Muni Tower 123.050 KSVH_TWR
Steamboat Springs Tower 122.800 KSBS_TWR
Stennis Intl Approach 127.500 KHSA_APP
Stennis Intl Departure 127.500 KHSA_DEP
Stennis Intl Tower 122.800 KHSA_TWR
Sterling-Crosson Fld Tower 122.800 KSTK_TWR
Stevens Point Muni Tower 122.700 KSTE_TWR
Stevensville Tower 122.800 K32S_TWR
Stillwater Muni Tower 122.700 KSWO_TWR
Stockton Metropolitan Approach 127.750 KSCK_APP
Stockton Metropolitan Departure 127.750 KSCK_DEP
Stockton Metropolitan Ground 121.900 KSCK_GND
Stockton Metropolitan Tower 120.000 KSCK_TWR
Storm Lake Tower 122.700 KSLB_TWR
Strother Field Tower 122.800 KWLD_TWR
Stroud Muni Tower 122.900 KSUD_TWR
Stuart Powell Field Approach 120.150 KDVK_APP
Stuart Powell Field Departure 120.150 KDVK_DEP
Stuart Powell Field Tower 122.800 KDVK_TWR
Stuttgart Muni Approach 135.400 KSGT_APP
Stuttgart Muni Clearance Delivery 123.700 KSGT_DEL
Stuttgart Muni Departure 135.400 KSGT_DEP
Stuttgart Muni Tower 122.800 KSGT_TWR
Suffolk Muni Approach 127.900 KSFQ_APP
Suffolk Muni Departure 127.900 KSFQ_DEP
Suffolk Muni Tower 122.700 KSFQ_TWR
Sugar Land Muni/Hull Field Approach 123.800 KSGR_APP
Sugar Land Muni/Hull Field Clearance Delivery 121.400 KSGR_DEL
Sugar Land Muni/Hull Field Departure 123.800 KSGR_DEP
Sugar Land Muni/Hull Field Ground 121.400 KSGR_GND
Sugar Land Muni/Hull Field Tower 118.650 KSGR_TWR
Sullivan County Approach 119.250 KSIV_APP
Sullivan County Departure 119.250 KSIV_DEP
Sullivan County Tower 122.800 KSIV_TWR
Sullivan County Intl Approach 132.750 KMSV_APP
Sullivan County Intl Clearance Delivery 121.600 KMSV_DEL
Sullivan County Intl Departure 132.750 KMSV_DEP
Sullivan County Intl Tower 122.800 KMSV_TWR
Sullivan Regional Tower 122.800 KUUV_TWR
Sulphur Springs Muni Tower 122.800 KSLR_TWR
Summersville Approach 119.200 KSXL_APP
Summersville Departure 119.200 KSXL_DEP
Summit Approach 118.350 KEVY_APP
Summit Clearance Delivery 125.300 KEVY_DEL
Summit Departure 118.350 KEVY_DEP
Sumter Muni Approach 125.400 KSMS_APP
Sumter Muni Departure 125.400 KSMS_DEP
Sumter Muni Tower 122.800 KSMS_TWR
Sundance Airpark Approach 124.600 KHSD_APP
Sundance Airpark Clearance Delivery 123.700 KHSD_DEL
Sundance Airpark Departure 124.600 KHSD_DEP
Sundance Airpark Tower 122.700 KHSD_TWR
Susanville Muni Tower 122.800 KSVE_TWR
Sussex County Approach 128.000 KGED_APP
Sussex County Clearance Delivery 125.550 KGED_DEL
Sussex County Departure 128.000 KGED_DEP
Sussex County Tower 123.000 KGED_TWR
Sussex, Sussex Airport Approach 127.600 KFWN_APP
Sussex, Sussex Airport Departure 127.600 KFWN_DEP
Sylvester Tower 122.800 KSYV_TWR
Syracuse/ Hancock Intl Approach 124.600 KSYR_APP
Syracuse/ Hancock Intl Clearance Delivery 125.050 KSYR_DEL
Syracuse/ Hancock Intl Departure 124.600 KSYR_DEP
Syracuse/ Hancock Intl Ground 121.700 KSYR_GND
Syracuse/ Hancock Intl Tower 120.000 KSYR_TWR
Tacoma Narrows Approach 120.100 KTIW_APP
Tacoma Narrows Departure 120.100 KTIW_DEP
Tacoma Narrows Ground 121.800 KTIW_GND
Tacoma Narrows Tower 118.500 KTIW_TWR
Talkeetna AK Tower 123.600 PTKA_TWR
Talladega Muni Approach 125.450 KASN_APP
Talladega Muni Departure 125.450 KASN_DEP
Talladega Muni Tower 122.800 KASN_TWR
Tallahassee Regional Approach 135.800 KTLH_APP
Tallahassee Regional Clearance Delivery 126.650 KTLH_DEL
Tallahassee Regional Departure 135.800 KTLH_DEP
Tallahassee Regional Ground 121.900 KTLH_GND
Tallahassee Regional Tower 120.000 KTLH_TWR
Tampa Intl Approach 119.650 KTPA_APP
Tampa Intl Clearance Delivery 133.600 KTPA_DEL
Tampa Intl Departure 132.520 KTPA_DEP
Tampa Intl Ground 121.700 KTPA_GND
Tampa Intl Tower 120.000 KTPA_TWR
Tanana AK Tower 123.600 PTAL_TWR
Tangier Island Approach 120.050 KTGI_APP
Tangier Island Departure 120.050 KTGI_DEP
Tangier Island Tower 122.800 KTGI_TWR
Tarboro-Edgecombe Tower 122.900 KETC_TWR
Taunton Muni Approach 128.700 KTAN_APP
Taunton Muni Departure 128.700 KTAN_DEP
Taunton Muni Tower 122.700 KTAN_TWR
Taylor County Tower 122.700 KAAS_TWR
Taylor County Tower 122.800 KMDZ_TWR
Taylorville Muni Approach 124.450 KTAZ_APP
Taylorville Muni Departure 124.450 KTAZ_DEP
Taylorville Muni Tower 122.800 KTAZ_TWR
Tehachapi Muni Tower 123.000 KTSP_TWR
Tekamah Muni Approach 124.500 KTQE_APP
Tekamah Muni Departure 124.500 KTQE_DEP
Tekamah Muni Tower 123.000 KTQE_TWR
Telfair-Wheeler Tower 122.900 KMQW_TWR
Telluride Regional Tower 123.000 KTEX_TWR
Terrell Muni Tower 122.800 KTRL_TWR
Teterboro Approach 127.600 KTEB_APP
Teterboro Clearance Delivery 128.050 KTEB_DEL
Teterboro Departure 126.700 KTEB_DEP
Teterboro Ground 121.900 KTEB_GND
Teterboro Tower 119.500 KTEB_TWR
Texarkana Regional-Webb Field Ground 121.700 KTXK_GND
Texarkana Regional-Webb Field Tower 120.000 KTXK_TWR
The Francis S Gabreski Approach 132.250 KFOK_APP
The Francis S Gabreski Departure 132.250 KFOK_DEP
The Francis S Gabreski Ground 121.800 KFOK_GND
The Francis S Gabreski Tower 125.300 KFOK_TWR
Thermal Approach 118.850 KTRM_APP
Thermal Departure 118.850 KTRM_DEP
Thermal Tower 123.000 KTRM_TWR
Thibodaux Municipal Approach 118.900 LA37_APP
Thibodaux Municipal Departure 118.900 LA37_DEP
Thief River Falls Regional Tower 122.800 KTVF_TWR
Thomas C Russell Fld Approach 121.200 KALX_APP
Thomas C Russell Fld Departure 121.200 KALX_DEP
Thomas C Russell Fld Tower 122.700 KALX_TWR
Thomaston-Upson County Approach 124.200 KOPN_APP
Thomaston-Upson County Departure 124.200 KOPN_DEP
Thomaston-Upson County Tower 122.800 KOPN_TWR
Thomasville Muni Approach 126.600 KTVI_APP
Thomasville Muni Departure 126.600 KTVI_DEP
Thomasville Muni Tower 123.075 KTVI_TWR
Thompson Falls Tower 122.900 KTHM_TWR
Thomson-McDuffie County Approach 126.800 KHQU_APP
Thomson-McDuffie County Departure 126.800 KHQU_DEP
Three Rivers Muni Dr Haines Approach 121.200 KHAI_APP
Three Rivers Muni Dr Haines Departure 121.200 KHAI_DEP
Three Rivers Muni Dr Haines Tower 122.800 KHAI_TWR
Timmerman Clearance Delivery 121.700 KMWC_DEL
Timmerman Ground 121.700 KMWC_GND
Timmerman Tower 120.500 KMWC_TWR
Tinker AFB Approach 126.650 KTIK_APP
Tinker AFB Clearance Delivery 119.700 KTIK_DEL
Tinker AFB Departure 126.650 KTIK_DEP
Tinker AFB Ground 121.800 KTIK_GND
Tinker AFB Tower 120.000 KTIK_TWR
Tipton Tower 127.000 KFME_TWR
Toccoa Rg Letourneau Field Tower 122.800 KTOC_TWR
Toledo Express Approach 134.350 KTOL_APP
Toledo Express Clearance Delivery 121.750 KTOL_DEL
Toledo Express Departure 134.350 KTOL_DEP
Toledo Express Ground 121.900 KTOL_GND
Toledo Express Tower 118.100 KTOL_TWR
Toledo State Tower 122.900 K5S4_TWR
Toledo-Winlock Ed Carlson Memorial Field Tower 122.900 KTDO_TWR
Tom B. David Fld Tower 122.800 KCZL_TWR
Tompkins County Approach 124.300 KITH_APP
Tompkins County Departure 124.300 KITH_DEP
Tompkins County Ground 121.800 KITH_GND
Tompkins County Tower 119.600 KITH_TWR
Tompkinsville-Monroe County Tower 122.800 KTZV_TWR
Tonopah Tower 123.000 KTPH_TWR
Torrington Muni. Tower 122.800 KTOR_TWR
Tower Tower 122.900 K12D_TWR
Tracy Muni Approach 123.850 KTCY_APP
Tracy Muni Departure 123.850 KTCY_DEP
Tracy Muni Tower 122.800 KTCY_TWR
Traverse City Ground 121.800 KTVC_GND
Traverse City Tower 124.200 KTVC_TWR
Travis AFB Approach 126.600 KSUU_APP
Travis AFB Clearance Delivery 127.550 KSUU_DEL
Travis AFB Departure 126.600 KSUU_DEP
Travis AFB Ground 121.800 KSUU_GND
Travis AFB Tower 120.750 KSUU_TWR
Trent Lott International Approach 121.000 KPQL_APP
Trent Lott International Departure 121.000 KPQL_DEP
Trenton Muni Tower 122.800 KTRX_TWR
Tri-Cities Approach 133.150 KPSC_APP
Tri-Cities Clearance Delivery 120.000 KPSC_DEL
Tri-Cities Departure 133.150 KPSC_DEP
Tri-Cities Ground 121.800 KPSC_GND
Tri-Cities Tower 120.000 KPSC_TWR
Tri-Cities Regional Tn/Va Approach 125.500 KTRI_APP
Tri-Cities Regional Tn/Va Departure 125.500 KTRI_DEP
Tri-Cities Regional Tn/Va Ground 121.700 KTRI_GND
Tri-Cities Regional Tn/Va Tower 120.000 KTRI_TWR
Tri-County Tower 122.800 KASJ_TWR
Tri-County Regional Tower 123.000 KLNR_TWR
Tri-State Steuben County Approach 132.150 KANQ_APP
Tri-State Steuben County Departure 132.150 KANQ_DEP
Tri-State Steuben County Tower 123.075 KANQ_TWR
Tri-Township Approach 125.950 KSFY_APP
Tri-Township Departure 125.950 KSFY_DEP
Tri-Township Tower 122.700 KSFY_TWR
Trinidad-Perry Stokes Tower 122.800 KTAD_TWR
Troy Muni Approach 121.100 KTOI_APP
Troy Muni Departure 121.100 KTOI_DEP
Troy Muni Ground 121.900 KTOI_GND
Troy Muni Tower 120.000 KTOI_TWR
Truckee-Tahoe Tower 122.800 KTRK_TWR
Truth Or Consequences Muni Tower 122.800 KTCS_TWR
TSTC Waco Approach 135.200 KCNW_APP
TSTC Waco Departure 133.450 KCNW_DEP
TSTC Waco Ground 121.700 KCNW_GND
TSTC Waco Tower 120.000 KCNW_TWR
Tucumcari Muni Tower 122.950 KTCC_TWR
Tulip City Approach 119.800 KBIV_APP
Tulip City Clearance Delivery 123.950 KBIV_DEL
Tulip City Departure 119.800 KBIV_DEP
Tulip City Tower 123.050 KBIV_TWR
Tullahoma Regional Arpt/Wm Northern Field Tower 123.000 KTHA_TWR
Tulsa Intl Approach 120.700 KTUL_APP
Tulsa Intl Departure 120.700 KTUL_DEP
Tulsa Intl Ground 121.900 KTUL_GND
Tulsa Intl Tower 120.000 KTUL_TWR
Tupelo Municipal - C D Lemons Ground 121.825 KTUP_GND
Tupelo Municipal - C D Lemons Tower 118.775 KTUP_TWR
Tuscaloosa Muni Approach 120.150 KTCL_APP
Tuscaloosa Muni Departure 120.150 KTCL_DEP
Tuscaloosa Muni Ground 121.800 KTCL_GND
Tuscaloosa Muni Tower 120.000 KTCL_TWR
Tuscon Approach 119.400 KTUS_APP
Tuscon Clearance Delivery 126.650 KTUS_DEL
Tuscon Departure 125.100 KTUS_DEP
Tuscon Ground 124.400 KTUS_GND
Tuscon Tower 118.300 KTUS_TWR
Tustin MCAS Approach 132.700 KNTK_APP
Tustin MCAS Departure 132.700 KNTK_DEP
Tustin MCAS Tower 132.100 KNTK_TWR
Twentynine Palms Tower 122.800 KTNP_TWR
Twentynine Palms EAF MCAGCC Tower 135.520 KNXP_TWR
Twin County Approach 126.000 KHLX_APP
Twin County Departure 126.000 KHLX_DEP
Twin County Tower 122.800 KHLX_TWR
Tyler Pounds Field Approach 128.750 KTYR_APP
Tyler Pounds Field Departure 128.750 KTYR_DEP
Tyler Pounds Field Ground 121.900 KTYR_GND
Tyler Pounds Field Tower 120.100 KTYR_TWR
Tyndall AFB Approach 124.150 KPAM_APP
Tyndall AFB Clearance Delivery 118.050 KPAM_DEL
Tyndall AFB Departure 124.150 KPAM_DEP
Tyndall AFB Ground 121.900 KPAM_GND
Tyndall AFB Tower 120.000 KPAM_TWR
udiksvall Tower 122.050 Khuv_TWR
Ukiah Muni Tower 123.600 KUKI_TWR
Ulysses Tower 122.800 KULS_TWR
University Of Illinois-Willard Approach 121.350 KCMI_APP
University Of Illinois-Willard Clearance Delivery 128.750 KCMI_DEL
University Of Illinois-Willard Departure 132.850 KCMI_DEP
University Of Illinois-Willard Ground 121.800 KCMI_GND
University Of Illinois-Willard Tower 120.400 KCMI_TWR
University Of Oklahoma Westheimer Approach 120.450 KOUN_APP
University Of Oklahoma Westheimer Departure 120.450 KOUN_DEP
University Of Oklahoma Westheimer Ground 121.600 KOUN_GND
University Of Oklahoma Westheimer Tower 120.000 KOUN_TWR
University Park Clearance Delivery 118.550 KUNV_DEL
University Park Tower 122.800 KUNV_TWR
University-Oxford Tower 123.000 KUOX_TWR
Upper Cumberland Rgnl Tower 122.800 KSRB_TWR
Uvalde - Garner Fld Tower 122.800 KUVA_TWR
Vagabond AAF Tower 126.200 KFCT_TWR
Valdez Tower 122.200 KVDZ_TWR
Valdosta Regional Approach 126.600 KVLD_APP
Valdosta Regional Departure 126.600 KVLD_DEP
Valdosta Regional Ground 121.700 KVLD_GND
Valdosta Regional Tower 120.000 KVLD_TWR
Valdosta-Moody Afb Approach 126.600 KVAD_APP
Valdosta-Moody Afb Departure 126.600 KVAD_DEP
Valdosta-Moody Afb Ground 120.620 KVAD_GND
Valdosta-Moody Afb Tower 128.450 KVAD_TWR
Valentine-Miller Fld. Tower 122.800 KVTN_TWR
Van Horn - Culberson Muni Tower 122.800 KVHN_TWR
Van Nuys Approach 135.050 KVNY_APP
Van Nuys Clearance Delivery 126.600 KVNY_DEL
Van Nuys Departure 135.050 KVNY_DEP
Van Nuys Ground 121.700 KVNY_GND
Van Nuys Tower 119.300 KVNY_TWR
Van Wert County Approach 132.150 KVNW_APP
Van Wert County Departure 132.150 KVNW_DEP
Van Wert County Tower 123.000 KVNW_TWR
Vance AFB Approach 126.750 KEND_APP
Vance AFB Departure 120.520 KEND_DEP
Vance AFB Ground 121.800 KEND_GND
Vance AFB Tower 120.000 KEND_TWR
Vandalia Muni Tower 122.800 KVLA_TWR
Vandenberg AFB Clearance Delivery 121.750 KVBG_DEL
Vandenberg AFB Ground 121.750 KVBG_GND
Vandenberg AFB Tower 124.950 KVBG_TWR
veg Tower 122.200 Kevg_TWR
Venango Regional Clearance Delivery 126.250 KFKL_DEL
Venice Muni Approach 124.950 KVNC_APP
Venice Muni Departure 124.950 KVNC_DEP
Venice Muni Tower 122.700 KVNC_TWR
Vermilion County Approach 121.350 KDNV_APP
Vermilion County Clearance Delivery 121.700 KDNV_DEL
Vermilion County Departure 121.350 KDNV_DEP
Vermilion County Tower 122.700 KDNV_TWR
Vermillion-Harold Davidson Tower 122.800 KVMR_TWR
Vernal, Vernal Airport Tower 122.700 KVEL_TWR
Vero Beach Muni Clearance Delivery 124.250 KVRB_DEL
Vero Beach Muni Ground 127.450 KVRB_GND
Vero Beach Muni Tower 120.000 KVRB_TWR
Vicksburg Muni Tower 122.800 KVKS_TWR
Victoria Regional Tower 122.700 KVCT_TWR
Vidalia Muni Tower 122.800 KVDI_TWR
Vinton Veterans Meml Arpk Approach 134.050 KVTI_APP
Vinton Veterans Meml Arpk Departure 134.050 KVTI_DEP
Vinton Veterans Meml Arpk Tower 122.800 KVTI_TWR
Virgil I Grissom Muni Tower 122.800 KBFR_TWR
Virginia Highlands Approach 128.670 KVJI_APP
Virginia Highlands Departure 128.670 KVJI_DEP
Virginia Highlands Tower 122.800 KVJI_TWR
Virginia Tech Approach 126.900 KBCB_APP
Virginia Tech Clearance Delivery 124.850 KBCB_DEL
Virginia Tech Departure 126.900 KBCB_DEP
Virginia Tech Tower 123.050 KBCB_TWR
Visalia Muni Approach 118.500 KVIS_APP
Visalia Muni Departure 118.500 KVIS_DEP
Visalia Muni Tower 123.050 KVIS_TWR
Volk Field Approach 135.150 KVOK_APP
Volk Field Departure 135.150 KVOK_DEP
Volk Field Ground 121.900 KVOK_GND
Volk Field Tower 127.500 KVOK_TWR
W H 'Bud' Barron Approach 124.200 KDBN_APP
W H 'Bud' Barron Departure 124.200 KDBN_DEP
W H 'Bud' Barron Tower 122.700 KDBN_TWR
Wabash Muni Approach 121.050 KIWH_APP
Wabash Muni Departure 121.050 KIWH_DEP
Wabash Muni Tower 122.800 KIWH_TWR
Waco Regional Approach 135.200 KACT_APP
Waco Regional Departure 133.450 KACT_DEP
Waco Regional Ground 121.900 KACT_GND
Waco Regional Tower 119.300 KACT_TWR
Wagner Mun Tower 122.800 KAGZ_TWR
Wahoo Muni Approach 120.100 KAHQ_APP
Wahoo Muni Departure 120.100 KAHQ_DEP
Wahoo Muni Tower 122.900 KAHQ_TWR
Wahpeton-Harry Stern Tower 123.000 KBWP_TWR
Wakefield Muni Approach 127.900 KAKQ_APP
Wakefield Muni Departure 127.900 KAKQ_DEP
Wakefield Muni Tower 122.800 KAKQ_TWR
Walker County-Bevill Field Approach 127.670 KJFX_APP
Walker County-Bevill Field Departure 127.670 KJFX_DEP
Walker County-Bevill Field Tower 122.700 KJFX_TWR
Walker Field Approach 119.700 KGJT_APP
Walker Field Departure 119.700 KGJT_DEP
Walker Field Ground 121.700 KGJT_GND
Walker Field Tower 118.100 KGJT_TWR
Walla Walla Regional Approach 133.150 KALW_APP
Walla Walla Regional Departure 133.150 KALW_DEP
Walla Walla Regional Ground 121.600 KALW_GND
Walla Walla Regional Tower 120.000 KALW_TWR
Wallops Flight Facility Approach 127.950 KWAL_APP
Wallops Flight Facility Clearance Delivery 121.700 KWAL_DEL
Wallops Flight Facility Departure 127.950 KWAL_DEP
Wallops Flight Facility Tower 126.500 KWAL_TWR
Walnut Ridge Regional Tower 122.800 KARG_TWR
Walterboro Muni Approach 120.700 KRBW_APP
Walterboro Muni Departure 120.700 KRBW_DEP
Walterboro Muni Tower 122.800 KRBW_TWR
Warminster NAWC Tower 126.200 KNJP_TWR
Warren County Memorial Tower 122.800 KRNC_TWR
Warren Field Tower 122.700 KOCW_TWR
Warroad Intl-Swede Carlson Fld Tower 122.800 KRRT_TWR
Warsaw Muni Approach 127.200 KASW_APP
Warsaw Muni Clearance Delivery 134.050 KASW_DEL
Warsaw Muni Departure 127.200 KASW_DEP
Warsaw Muni Tower 122.700 KASW_TWR
Waseca Muni Tower 122.800 KACQ_TWR
Washington Tower 122.700 KAWG_TWR
Washington Center 133.720 KZDC_CTR
Washington County Clearance Delivery 127.300 KAFJ_DEL
Washington County Regional Ground 121.900 KHGR_GND
Washington County Regional Tower 120.000 KHGR_TWR
Washington Dulles Intl Clearance Delivery 135.700 KIAD_DEL
Washington Dulles Intl Ground 132.450 KIAD_GND
Washington Dulles Intl Tower 120.100 KIAD_TWR
Washington National Ground 121.700 KDCA_GND
Washington National Tower 119.100 KDCA_TWR
Washington-Wilkes County Tower 122.700 KIIY_TWR
Wasilla AK Tower 122.800 KIYS_TWR
Waterbury-Oxford Approach 135.100 KOXC_APP
Waterbury-Oxford Clearance Delivery 135.100 KOXC_DEL
Waterbury-Oxford Departure 135.100 KOXC_DEP
Waterbury-Oxford Tower 122.700 KOXC_TWR
Waterloo Muni Approach 126.750 KALO_APP
Waterloo Muni Departure 126.750 KALO_DEP
Waterloo Muni Ground 121.900 KALO_GND
Waterloo Muni Tower 120.000 KALO_TWR
Watertown Intl Approach 128.250 KART_APP
Watertown Intl Departure 128.250 KART_DEP
Watertown Intl Tower 123.000 KART_TWR
Watertown Muni Tower 123.050 KATY_TWR
Watertown Muni Approach 119.150 KRYV_APP
Watertown Muni Departure 119.150 KRYV_DEP
Watertown Muni Tower 122.800 KRYV_TWR
Waterville Robert Lafleur Approach 128.350 KWVL_APP
Waterville Robert Lafleur Clearance Delivery 124.600 KWVL_DEL
Waterville Robert Lafleur Departure 128.350 KWVL_DEP
Waterville Robert Lafleur Tower 122.700 KWVL_TWR
Watsonville Muni Approach 127.150 KWVI_APP
Watsonville Muni Departure 127.150 KWVI_DEP
Watsonville Muni Tower 122.800 KWVI_TWR
Waukegan Regional Approach 120.550 KUGN_APP
Waukegan Regional Departure 120.550 KUGN_DEP
Waukegan Regional Ground 121.650 KUGN_GND
Waukegan Regional Tower 120.000 KUGN_TWR
Waukesha County Approach 125.350 KUES_APP
Waukesha County Clearance Delivery 128.700 KUES_DEL
Waukesha County Departure 125.350 KUES_DEP
Waukesha County Ground 121.600 KUES_GND
Waukesha County Tower 120.000 KUES_TWR
Waupaca Muni Tower 122.800 KPCZ_TWR
Wausau Downtown Tower 122.700 KAUW_TWR
Waycross-Ware County Tower 122.800 KAYS_TWR
Wayne County Clearance Delivery 121.750 KBJJ_DEL
Wayne County Tower 122.800 KEKQ_TWR
Wayne Muni Approach 134.600 KLCG_APP
Wayne Muni Departure 134.600 KLCG_DEP
Wayne Muni Tower 122.800 KLCG_TWR
Weatherford - Parker Co Approach 135.970 KWEA_APP
Weatherford - Parker Co Departure 135.970 KWEA_DEP
Weatherford - Parker Co Tower 122.700 KWEA_TWR
Webster City Tower 122.800 KEBS_TWR
Webster OLF Approach 120.050 KNUI_APP
Webster OLF Departure 120.050 KNUI_DEP
Webster OLF Tower 126.200 KNUI_TWR
Weedon Field Approach 126.020 KEUF_APP
Weedon Field Clearance Delivery 134.250 KEUF_DEL
Weedon Field Departure 126.020 KEUF_DEP
Weedon Field Tower 122.800 KEUF_TWR
Weide AAF Approach 119.000 KEDG_APP
Weide AAF Departure 119.000 KEDG_DEP
Weide AAF Tower 126.200 KEDG_TWR
Weiser Air Park Approach 123.800 KEYQ_APP
Weiser Air Park Departure 123.800 KEYQ_DEP
Weiser Air Park Tower 122.800 KEYQ_TWR
Wellington Muni Approach 134.800 KEGT_APP
Wellington Muni Departure 134.800 KEGT_DEP
Wellington Muni Tower 122.800 KEGT_TWR
Wells-Harriet Fld Tower 122.800 KLWL_TWR
Wellsville Muni Arpt-Tarantine Fld Tower 123.000 KELZ_TWR
Wendover Tower 122.800 KENV_TWR
West Bend Muni Approach 125.350 KETB_APP
West Bend Muni Clearance Delivery 124.750 KETB_DEL
West Bend Muni Departure 125.350 KETB_DEP
West Bend Muni Tower 120.000 KETB_TWR
West Georgia Rgnl - O V Gray Field Approach 121.000 KCTJ_APP
West Georgia Rgnl - O V Gray Field Clearance Delivery 118.700 KCTJ_DEL
West Georgia Rgnl - O V Gray Field Departure 121.000 KCTJ_DEP
West Georgia Rgnl - O V Gray Field Tower 122.700 KCTJ_TWR
West Houston Approach 123.800 KIWS_APP
West Houston Clearance Delivery 121.150 KIWS_DEL
West Houston Departure 123.800 KIWS_DEP
West Houston Tower 123.050 KIWS_TWR
West Memphis Muni Approach 126.700 KAWM_APP
West Memphis Muni Clearance Delivery 121.700 KAWM_DEL
West Memphis Muni Departure 124.650 KAWM_DEP
West Memphis Muni Tower 120.000 KAWM_TWR
West Plains Muni Tower 122.800 KUNO_TWR
Westerly State Approach 125.750 KWST_APP
Westerly State Departure 125.750 KWST_DEP
Westerly State Tower 123.000 KWST_TWR
Westfield-Barnes Muni Approach 125.650 KBAF_APP
Westfield-Barnes Muni Clearance Delivery 121.700 KBAF_DEL
Westfield-Barnes Muni Departure 125.650 KBAF_DEP
Westfield-Barnes Muni Ground 121.700 KBAF_GND
Westfield-Barnes Muni Tower 118.900 KBAF_TWR
Westmoreland County Ground 121.800 KLBE_GND
Westmoreland County Tower 125.000 KLBE_TWR
Westover ARB/Metropolitan Approach 125.650 KCEF_APP
Westover ARB/Metropolitan Departure 125.650 KCEF_DEP
Westover ARB/Metropolitan Ground 118.350 KCEF_GND
Westover ARB/Metropolitan Tower 120.000 KCEF_TWR
Wexford County Tower 122.800 KCAD_TWR
Wheatland Phifer Airfield Tower 122.900 KEAN_TWR
Wheaton Muni Tower 122.900 KETH_TWR
Wheeler Afb Approach 118.300 PHHI_APP
Wheeler Afb Departure 118.300 PHHI_DEP
Wheeler Afb Ground 121.700 PHHI_GND
Wheeler Afb Tower 126.300 PHHI_TWR
Wheeler-Sack AAF Approach 128.250 KGTB_APP
Wheeler-Sack AAF Departure 128.250 KGTB_DEP
Wheeler-Sack AAF Ground 121.900 KGTB_GND
Wheeler-Sack AAF Tower 126.200 KGTB_TWR
Wheeling Ohio Co Ground 121.750 KHLG_GND
Wheeling Ohio Co Tower 118.100 KHLG_TWR
Whidbey Island NAS /Ault Field/ Approach 120.700 KNUW_APP
Whidbey Island NAS /Ault Field/ Clearance Delivery 135.100 KNUW_DEL
Whidbey Island NAS /Ault Field/ Departure 120.700 KNUW_DEP
Whidbey Island NAS /Ault Field/ Ground 121.750 KNUW_GND
Whidbey Island NAS /Ault Field/ Tower 127.900 KNUW_TWR
White County Tower 122.800 KMCX_TWR
White Plains-Westchester Co. Approach 126.400 KHPN_APP
White Plains-Westchester Co. Departure 120.550 KHPN_DEP
White Plains-Westchester Co. Ground 121.800 KHPN_GND
White Plains-Westchester Co. Tower 119.700 KHPN_TWR
Whiteman Approach 134.200 KWHP_APP
Whiteman Departure 134.200 KWHP_DEP
Whiteman Ground 125.000 KWHP_GND
Whiteman Tower 135.000 KWHP_TWR
Whiteman AFB Approach 127.450 KSZL_APP
Whiteman AFB Clearance Delivery 121.750 KSZL_DEL
Whiteman AFB Departure 125.920 KSZL_DEP
Whiteman AFB Ground 128.270 KSZL_GND
Whiteman AFB Tower 120.000 KSZL_TWR
Whiteside Co Arpt-Jos H Bittorf Fld Approach 126.000 KSQI_APP
Whiteside Co Arpt-Jos H Bittorf Fld Clearance Delivery 128.000 KSQI_DEL
Whiteside Co Arpt-Jos H Bittorf Fld Departure 126.000 KSQI_DEP
Whiteside Co Arpt-Jos H Bittorf Fld Tower 123.000 KSQI_TWR
Whiting Field NAS-North Approach 127.350 KNSE_APP
Whiting Field NAS-North Departure 127.350 KNSE_DEP
Whiting Field NAS-North Tower 121.400 KNSE_TWR
Whiting Field NAS-South Approach 127.350 KNDZ_APP
Whiting Field NAS-South Departure 127.350 KNDZ_DEP
Whiting Field NAS-South Tower 121.400 KNDZ_TWR
Wichita Mid-Continent Approach 134.850 KICT_APP
Wichita Mid-Continent Clearance Delivery 125.700 KICT_DEL
Wichita Mid-Continent Departure 134.850 KICT_DEP
Wichita Mid-Continent Ground 121.900 KICT_GND
Wichita Mid-Continent Tower 120.000 KICT_TWR
Wichita-Beech Factory Approach 134.800 KBEC_APP
Wichita-Beech Factory Clearance Delivery 125.000 KBEC_DEL
Wichita-Beech Factory Departure 134.800 KBEC_DEP
Wichita-Beech Factory Ground 121.700 KBEC_GND
Wichita-Beech Factory Tower 120.000 KBEC_TWR
Wichita/Colonel James Jabara Approach 134.800 KAAO_APP
Wichita/Colonel James Jabara Clearance Delivery 125.000 KAAO_DEL
Wichita/Colonel James Jabara Departure 134.800 KAAO_DEP
Wiley Post Approach 124.600 KPWA_APP
Wiley Post Departure 124.600 KPWA_DEP
Wiley Post Ground 121.700 KPWA_GND
Wiley Post Tower 120.000 KPWA_TWR
Wiley post-will rogers mem Tower 123.600 KBRW_TWR
Wilkes Barre-Scranton Intl Approach 124.500 KAVP_APP
Wilkes Barre-Scranton Intl Departure 126.300 KAVP_DEP
Wilkes Barre-Scranton Intl Ground 121.900 KAVP_GND
Wilkes Barre-Scranton Intl Tower 120.100 KAVP_TWR
Wilkes County Tower 122.700 KUKF_TWR
Wilkes-Barre Wyoming Valley Tower 122.800 KWBW_TWR
William B. Heilig Field Tower 123.000 KBFF_TWR
William H. Morse State Approach 125.000 KDDH_APP
William H. Morse State Departure 125.000 KDDH_DEP
William P Hobby Approach 134.450 KHOU_APP
William P Hobby Departure 134.450 KHOU_DEP
William P Hobby Ground 119.900 KHOU_GND
William P Hobby Tower 118.700 KHOU_TWR
William T. Piper Memorial Tower 122.800 KLHV_TWR
Williams Gateway Approach 124.900 KIWA_APP
Williams Gateway Clearance Delivery 118.800 KIWA_DEL
Williams Gateway Departure 124.900 KIWA_DEP
Williams Gateway Ground 128.250 KIWA_GND
Williams Gateway Tower 120.000 KIWA_TWR
Williamsburg County Approach 127.400 KCKI_APP
Williamsburg County Departure 127.400 KCKI_DEP
Williamsburg County Tower 122.700 KCKI_TWR
Williamsburg-Jamestown Approach 119.450 KJGG_APP
Williamsburg-Jamestown Departure 119.450 KJGG_DEP
Williamsburg-Jamestown Tower 122.800 KJGG_TWR
Williamson County Regional Clearance Delivery 125.300 KMWA_DEL
Williamson County Regional Ground 121.700 KMWA_GND
Williamson County Regional Tower 120.000 KMWA_TWR
Williamsport-Lycoming County Ground 121.900 KIPT_GND
Williamsport-Lycoming County Tower 119.100 KIPT_TWR
Willmar Muni-John L Rice Field Tower 122.800 KILL_TWR
Willoughby Lost Nation Muni Tower 120.000 KLNN_TWR
Willow Grove NAS JRB Approach 123.800 KNXX_APP
Willow Grove NAS JRB Clearance Delivery 121.800 KNXX_DEL
Willow Grove NAS JRB Departure 123.800 KNXX_DEP
Willow Grove NAS JRB Ground 121.800 KNXX_GND
Willow Grove NAS JRB Tower 119.600 KNXX_TWR
Willows-Glenn County Tower 122.800 KWLW_TWR
Wilmington Approach 118.350 KILG_APP
Wilmington Departure 118.350 KILG_DEP
Wilmington Ground 121.700 KILG_GND
Wilmington Tower 120.000 KILG_TWR
Wilmington / New Hanover Intl Approach 135.750 KILM_APP
Wilmington / New Hanover Intl Clearance Delivery 121.900 KILM_DEL
Wilmington / New Hanover Intl Departure 135.750 KILM_DEP
Wilmington / New Hanover Intl Ground 121.900 KILM_GND
Wilmington / New Hanover Intl Tower 120.000 KILM_TWR
Winchester Regional Approach 120.450 KOKV_APP
Winchester Regional Clearance Delivery 126.150 KOKV_DEL
Winchester Regional Departure 120.450 KOKV_DEP
Winchester Regional Tower 122.700 KOKV_TWR
Winchester Muni Tower 122.800 KBGF_TWR
Winder-Barrow Tower 120.000 KWDR_TWR
Windham Approach 135.400 KIJD_APP
Windham Clearance Delivery 128.600 KIJD_DEL
Windham Departure 127.800 KIJD_DEP
Windham Tower 122.700 KIJD_TWR
Windom Muni Tower 122.900 KMWM_TWR
Windsor Locks/ Bradley Intl Approach 125.800 KBDL_APP
Windsor Locks/ Bradley Intl Clearance Delivery 121.750 KBDL_DEL
Windsor Locks/ Bradley Intl Departure 127.800 KBDL_DEP
Windsor Locks/ Bradley Intl Ground 121.900 KBDL_GND
Windsor Locks/ Bradley Intl Tower 120.300 KBDL_TWR
Wink-Winkler Co Tower 123.000 KINK_TWR
Winnemucca Muni Tower 122.800 KWMC_TWR
Winona Muni-Max Conrad Fld Tower 122.800 KONA_TWR
Winslow Muni Tower 122.800 KINW_TWR
Winston Field Tower 122.800 KSNK_TWR
Winston Salem/ Smith Reynolds Approach 124.350 KINT_APP
Winston Salem/ Smith Reynolds Departure 124.350 KINT_DEP
Winston Salem/ Smith Reynolds Ground 128.250 KINT_GND
Winston Salem/ Smith Reynolds Tower 120.000 KINT_TWR
Winter Haven's Gilbert Approach 120.650 KGIF_APP
Winter Haven's Gilbert Departure 120.650 KGIF_DEP
Winter Haven's Gilbert Tower 122.700 KGIF_TWR
Wiscasset Approach 118.150 KIWI_APP
Wiscasset Departure 118.150 KIWI_DEP
Wiscasset Tower 122.800 KIWI_TWR
Witham Field Ground 121.700 KSUA_GND
Witham Field Tower 126.600 KSUA_TWR
Wolf Point L.M.Clayton Tower 122.800 KOLF_TWR
Wood County Airport Gill Robb Wilson Fld Ground 121.700 KPKB_GND
Wood County Airport Gill Robb Wilson Fld Tower 120.000 KPKB_TWR
Woodward Field Approach 125.400 KCDN_APP
Woodward Field Departure 125.400 KCDN_DEP
Woodward Field Tower 123.000 KCDN_TWR
Woodward West Woodward Tower 122.800 KWWR_TWR
Worcester Muni Approach 119.000 KORH_APP
Worcester Muni Clearance Delivery 128.650 KORH_DEL
Worcester Muni Departure 119.000 KORH_DEP
Worcester Muni Ground 123.850 KORH_GND
Worcester Muni Tower 120.000 KORH_TWR
Worland Muni Tower 122.700 KWRL_TWR
Worthington Muni Tower 122.800 KOTG_TWR
Wright AAF Approach 125.300 KLHW_APP
Wright AAF Departure 125.300 KLHW_DEP
Wright AAF Ground 121.700 KLHW_GND
Wright AAF Tower 127.350 KLHW_TWR
Wright-Patterson AFB Approach 118.850 KFFO_APP
Wright-Patterson AFB Ground 121.800 KFFO_GND
Wright-Patterson AFB Tower 120.000 KFFO_TWR
Yakima Air Terminal Approach 123.800 KYKM_APP
Yakima Air Terminal Departure 123.800 KYKM_DEP
Yakima Air Terminal Ground 121.900 KYKM_GND
Yakima Air Terminal Tower 133.250 KYKM_TWR
Yampa Valley Tower 123.000 KHDN_TWR
Yellowstone Tower 122.800 KWYS_TWR
York Approach 124.100 KTHV_APP
York Clearance Delivery 121.650 KTHV_DEL
York Departure 124.100 KTHV_DEP
York Tower 122.800 KTHV_TWR
York Muni Tower 122.800 KJYR_TWR
Youngstown-Warren Regional Approach 133.950 KYNG_APP
Youngstown-Warren Regional Clearance Delivery 118.250 KYNG_DEL
Youngstown-Warren Regional Departure 133.950 KYNG_DEP
Youngstown-Warren Regional Ground 121.900 KYNG_GND
Youngstown-Warren Regional Tower 119.500 KYNG_TWR
Yuba County Approach 125.400 KMYV_APP
Yuba County Departure 125.400 KMYV_DEP
Yuba County Tower 119.300 KMYV_TWR
Yuma M C A S/ Yuma Intl Approach 124.700 KYUM_APP
Yuma M C A S/ Yuma Intl Clearance Delivery 118.000 KYUM_DEL
Yuma M C A S/ Yuma Intl Departure 125.550 KYUM_DEP
Yuma M C A S/ Yuma Intl Ground 121.900 KYUM_GND
Yuma M C A S/ Yuma Intl Tower 120.000 KYUM_TWR
Zamperini Field Approach 127.200 KTOA_APP
Zamperini Field Departure 127.200 KTOA_DEP
Zamperini Field Ground 120.900 KTOA_GND
Zamperini Field Tower 120.000 KTOA_TWR
Zanesville Muni Tower 123.000 KZZV_TWR
Zephyrhills Muni Approach 120.650 KZPH_APP
Zephyrhills Muni Departure 120.650 KZPH_DEP
Zephyrhills Muni Tower 122.800 KZPH_TWR
Zuni Pueblo - Black Rock Tower 122.900 KZUN_TWR
Even though all frequencies and codes SHOULD be real,
they are only for use with IvAc, IvAp, and Flight Simulator,
and should NOT be used for real life aviation.

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