cyprus Scenery

cyprus Scenery

Type Data
Name cyprus 
Size 1.269.129 
Date 08/02/97 
Author Ilan Papini 
Description Cyprus (semi photo-realistic) (does not contain navaids) 

Flight Simulator:
Code Name
FS5.X  FS5 versions (FS5.0, FS5.0a, F 
FS95  FSFW95 (which is FS 6.0) 

Required components:
Code Name Included
No Required components-info available yet

Downloadable at:
Code Name
FlightSim  FlightSim 
CompuFlight  CompuFlight and its mirrors 
Sim-Flight  Sim-Flight and its mirrors 
  Sim-Flight USA 
  Comox Valley Flight Sim Stopov 

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