May 17, 2008 





All pilots are requested to connect at the gate as assigned to your flight. After all necessary pre-flight checks and FMS loading, contact Mumbai Delivery VABB_DEL (121.85) who will then issue you your clearance for the flight. (Suggest you contact at least 15mins before your assigned slot time). The clearance will consist of a SID, initial climb (FL 070 ) and a squawk code. After receiving the clearance, contact Mumbai Ground who will then issue you the taxi clearance via specific taxiways (Keep the ground charts handy) Refer to the chart below.

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Standard Instrument Departures [SID�S]

All SID�s can be found at

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When arriving into Mumbai, you will be handed over to either Mumbai North Approach (VABB_N_APP) or Mumbai South Approach (VABB_S_APP). You will be cleared to one of the arrival gates depending on your arrival track SAMUD MANDI SHABA KALAM. From here you will be provided vectors to the runway for an ILS approach. Expect runway 14 if coming in from north or west and runway 27 if coming from south or east.

Please Follow the speed schedule of 220kts within 30miles and 170kts within 15miles or as specified by ATC. If there is lot of traffic you will be made to hold at one of the entry gates as mentioned above. You may be advised to descend in the hold and then as per your sequence will be vectored to the runway in use and be cleared to intercept ILS and descend on the glide. Once you have landed, vacate the runway as soon as possible and advice tower of the same. Contact ground for taxi instructions to the gate .Please refer to the ground charts onboard as u will be given specific taxi instruction to the gate.


Incase of heavy traffic, expect to hold over the arrival gates as follows;

Mandi D25.0 BBB R-183 Left Hand      North

Kalam D30.0 BBB R-268 Right Hand    East

Shaba D25.0 BBB R- 344 Left Hand     South

Samud D30.0 BBB R-090 Right Hand    West

North approach control will vector the north and west traffic onto

Runway 14.

South approach control will vector the south and east traffic onto

Runway 27.

Flight Planning

All pilots must follow the routes from the route database to avoid any delays and conflicts. All the plans have been updated in Flight booking/plans. Maintain the slot time given to you for pushback/startup. Expect a lot of traffic so carry extra fuel for holding. Log in at least 15mins prior to your slot time to be able to anticipate, for departures, time required for flight plan clearance and taxi. 


>VABB_DEL (Clearance Delivery) 121.85

>VABB_GND (Mumbai Ground) 121.90

>VABB_TWR (Mumbai Tower) 118.10

>VABB_N_APP (Mumbai Approach) 127.90

>VABB_S_APP (Mumbai Approach) 120.50

>VABB_DEP (Mumbai Departure) 119.30

>VABF_N_CTR (Mumbai Centre) 132.70

>VABF_S_CTR (Mumbai Centre) 125.35

Cross Runway Operations

Mumbai has 2 runways, 09/27 and 14/32. Runway 09/27 is the primary runway used for all operations. But during heavy traffic loads runway 14/32 is used together with runway 09/27. All departing traffic will be assigned runway 27 for departure. All arrivals are however vectored to runway 27 or 14 depending on their arrival track.

Scenery Add-On�s

>FS2004 Mumbai scenery here

>FS2004 AFCAD is available here

>FSX AFCAD is available here

Virtual Airlines

All virtual airlines who wish to take part in this event send us an email so we can discuss the slots that can be made available to you.

Air Traffic Controllers

We will be keeping all major positions open in addition to neighboring FIR/states. Expect utmost professionalism but be patient.