18:00 - [GR] Greece Online Day

Enjoy every Wednesday at 18:00 UTC the Hellenic Division Online Day!!!

18:30 - [SO EVENT] Green Light Exercise

IVAO Belux invites you to an exercise in order to practice your tactical helicopter flying with NVGs.

The main principle:

- You take a helicopter, alone or with a copilot

- You join the exercise briefing at the beginning of the event (on Discord)

- The mission commanders you a list of targets to find

- You prepare your flight, alone or with your colleague

- You proceed to the exercise area in order to spot as many targets as possible within the given timeframe

- You get out of the area on time, return to base and submit your screenshots for validation

The mission commanders will then make a ranking with all the pilots/teams, depending on how many targets were discovered.

Be the most efficient and effective one, and win the exercise!

For more information click here.