00:00 - Sweden Online Day

Welcome to participate in the Swedish Online Day!

From 19-21 Local Swedish time, we will try to be online as much as possible.

Don't forget to announce your online intentions on http://se.forum.ivao.aero.

SE staff

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17:00 - Spanish Online Day

Wednesday evening. Great ATC coverage in Spain. Perfect for flights to and from Spain.

IVAO Spanish Division presents: Spanish Online Day. Spanish Division organises an online day every week on Wednesday.

Great coverage of ATC with great service, 5 Control Centers and many Internationals Airports. You can come and fly to most another destination.

Follow the IVAO thumb rule "As real as it gets" and...

Fly with your favorite airplane and the kind of flight that makes you enjoy. If you fly in visual, you can found wonderful beaches and fabulous cliffs. If you fly in instrumental, you follow the instructions and remember, you are number 5 in approach, speed back 210 kt, continue descent to 5000 feet and maintain present course.

If you choose to participate at this event as an ATC, you will get all the responsibility that real ATC has.

You can find charts for all Spanish airports at AENA in Aeronautical Information (AIS) banner.

Come and fly in Spain !

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17:00 - Portugal Online Day

Welcome to the Portuguese Online Day.

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19:00 - Algeria Online Day

The Algerian Division Welcome You All Every Wedensday To Fly In The Door Of The African Country And Enjoy It As Real As Its Gets.....

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