12:00 - [XB] Low VFR Experience

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting smoother, spring is in the air! What better time than now to take your small single engine prop out of the hangar for some cross country VFR flying?

The BeLux division invites you to a bidirectional VFR airbridge between the beautiful, yet challenging aerodromes of Grimbergen and Kortrijk. If you are eager to experience cross country flying as real as it gets, this event is for you!

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17:00 - [CH] Swiss Online Day

Swiss Online Day at 19.00 LT

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20:00 - Denver ARTCC Online Day

20 to 23Z - Let's see if we can make Denver ARTCC more crowded than ZLA was yesterday!

ATC are welcomed to control KDEN_APP, KDEN_TWR, KDEN_GND, KDEN_DEL, KCOS_TWR, KCOS_GND, KASE_TWR, and anything else in Denver ARTCC.

Pilots are welcomed to fly IFR in or out of KDEN, local IFR within the ARTCC, or VFR in and out of KCOS

Each flight over an hour counts as one participation for the online day award, and ATC are eligible too for participation including adjacent CTR's

Welcome to Denver

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