00:00 - [XR] Eastern Europe and Nothern Asia Online Day

We want to welcome everyone to join us every Friday to enjoy plenty of ATC service and mini-events in the Russian Federation, Belarus, and Kazakhstan skies.
We are extremely happy to announce that the Online Day Tour is open.
See you there.

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Every friday between 15z a 23z on winter use time, and 14z a 22z on summer time, we invite all of users to fly within Spain. We have great airports like Madrid, Barcelona, Palma or Málaga, where you can fly in.
In this year, we integrate a new event model, AD ON DUTY.
It is an event focused on several of our most important airports.
Full atc is provided so that any user feels welcome to fly to Spain.

15:00 - [XG] GCC Region Online Day

GCC Region Online Day

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18:00 - [11 NOV | 16z - 18z] [UA] Visit Ukraine Odesa

Dear pilots, IVAO Ukraine would like to invite you to Visit Odesa. Are you interested? Odesa is the third most populous city and municipality in Ukraine. Also, it has the biggest port in Ukraine. The Port of Odesa. It was founded in 1794 and is located in the country southwest. Fly to Odesa, Ukraine biggest port city, with our ATCs providing professional service over Ukrainian airspace. We are waiting for you all!

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