16:00 - [12 NOV | 16z - 19z] [SI+HQ] Unlock the Runway at Ljubljana

Experience the IVAO Slovenia Password Event, where precision and knowledge count. Answer a question to unlock the runway for landing. A missed attempt means a go-around, and a second try could lead to a diversion. Are you up for the challenge?

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23:59 - [12 NOV | 20z - 24z] [VE+HQ] Airline Skies

AIRLINE SKIES, is a divisional event that celebrates the opening of international commercial operations in the 6 most important airports in the country: SVMI, SVMG, SVMC, SVVA, SVBC, SVBM. It is intended to cover the airspace of the Maiquetia FIR with real and virtual airlines through national and international flights that currently operate in Venezuela.

We invite you to participate and fly with us this November 12, 2023!

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