00:00 - CU ONLINE DAY 2020-2021

Every Saturday from 22z - 04z in winter and from 21z - 03z in summer, we celebrate our ONLINE DAY.
Pilots and ATC are welcome.
See you in "The largest of the Antilles"

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00:00 - [PT] Portuguese Online Day

Come and join us on the Portuguese Online Day every Saturday between 14z and 23z.
If you fly according to the rules and suggested route you can earn 1 point for the Division Online Day Award!

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03:00 - [UY] Uruguay Online Day, ALL DAY!!

Come fly and enjoy in our online day, every saturday all day long!!
(Peak hour 19z - 23z)

12:00 - Toulouse RFE 2021

Welcome to Toulouse ! Part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, we are delighted to invite you to our Toulouse RFE 2021 event!

You cannot not find the flight for you! Scheduled commercial flights, cargo, and even some Airbus operation flights such as Beluga flights, deliveries, and some test flights!

Last but certainly not least, we are thrilled to have 2 of our partners by our side to make this event a huge success: Aerosoft and TFDI Design. They will award 3 IVAO members with 3 giveaways, you need to find out more in the forum thread or on ivao.fr !

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IVAO Algeria Division presents an Online Day, every Saturday at 1700z - 2000z.
Full coverage of ATC with great service.
Come fly in the Algerian sky and discover the different airports!
The Algeria Division wish you a good flight !

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17:00 - [DE] Karnevals FlyIn Cologne

to be announced soon

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17:00 - [XM] Online Day

Prepare your wings to fly and enjoy our XM division online day, every Saturday starting 17z until 21z.

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18:00 - [EG] Egypt Online Day

Egypt Online Day

Every Saturday IVAO Egypt will hold an Online Day Event, which will take place from 18z-21z. The event will consist of two or more aerodromes or TMAs offering FULL ATC for the duration of the event. Each Online Day will be in different locations, the locations will be chosen by members through voting through our EG Discord channel or through our EG Facebook page, the locations that receive the most votes will be those that will participate in the event.

Voting will start on Monday, and will end on the Thursday preceding the Saturday of the event.

If you have any questions, here are our email: eg-ec@ivao.aero

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18:00 - CL Special Operations Launch Event

Puerto Montt city needs medical supplies so, the Chilean Air Force (FACH), requests international pilots in order to transport and protect the shipload.
This is the first event of Special Operations category in Chile since 2017 when we closed the Department. So we are very proud to announce it, and we would your presence!

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18:00 - [SD] Sudan Online Day

Bring your wings to our [b]Online Day[/b] every Saturday from 18z-21z

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19:00 - Ecuador Online Day

Come and fly to/from/in Ecuador and enjoy the Online Day to discover the beautiful landscapes we have in our country. Mountains, Sea, Galapagos Islands and Amazon regions are waiting for you with ATC Service from 19z every Saturday.
Report to our Tour system and get your medal after 25 participations as ATC or Pilot in our country !

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19:00 - [VE] Venezuela Online Day

Venezuela Online day

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20:00 - [XA] North America Online Day | KBOS - CYUL

This week's North America Online Day features Boston and Montreal.

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20:00 - [XC] Leewards are waiting for you !

Leewards islands are waiting for you, expect full coverage within the Juliana TMA !

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