00:00 - CU ONLINE DAY 2020-2021

Every Saturday from 22z - 04z in winter and from 21z - 03z in summer, we celebrate our ONLINE DAY.
Pilots and ATC are welcome.
See you in "The largest of the Antilles"

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00:00 - [PL]Poland Online Day 12-21z

Come and fly to Poland! We are providing full ATC every saturday from 12z to 21z

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03:00 - [UY] Uruguay Online Day, ALL DAY!!

Come fly and enjoy in our online day, every saturday all day long!!
(Peak hour 19z - 23z)

10:00 - [XE+ID+IN+MY+TH+XO+HQ] 2021 4th Full Control Asia and Oceanic

The event of the largest scale in Asia is back this January, as the 2021 Full Control Asia and Oceanic is approaching! With six divisions co-organising this event, you can enjoy a full ATC coverage within the 20 FIRs all the way north from Korea and south to Australia. Choose from the list of focus cities and have your own combination of short haul hops, or a long relaxing flight. Visit the island of Phuket with sunshine, experience the Oceanic Radio through your journey to Colombo, explore the down under and fly to Darwin, or immerse into metropolitan by descending into Hong Kong - plan your night and fly with your friends!
The whole event will be on 16 January 2021, from 1000z to 1500z.

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Even though Christmas is way in the past, gifts are far from being over! In fact, you will act as some kind of benefactor and allow everyone to attend reunions, auctions, parties, sales, and all sorts of events taking place in Venice (LIPZ), Palma de Mallorca (LEPA), and Marseille (LFML). Prepare your business aicraft, today your clients won't fly airlines!

Book your assignment and join us over the Mediterranean Sea.

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The Virtual 23 Wing is pleased to invite you to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the arrival of the Northrop F-5B Freedom Fighter (AE.9). It was November 12, 1970 when the first three F5s manufactured at Construcciones Aeronáuticas S.A. landed. The following year they would be fully incorporated and began their career as a school attack aircraft in the 23rd Wing.

Our mission will consist of a low-level visual flight through the autonomous community of Extremadura, Spain. On this flight we are going to visit several places that are used by the 23rd Wing for the training of its pilots.

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16:00 - [CO] Colombia Online Day

The "Online Day" event will be held, every Saturday from 4:00 pm (HLC) 2100 (UTC) until 9:00 pm (HLC) 0200 (UTC). It is very important to clarify that it will be held EVERY Saturday.

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18:00 - [SD] Sudan Online Day

Bring your wings to our [b]Online Day[/b] every Saturday from 18z-21z

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19:00 - [BR] Online Day

Todos os Sábados (com excessão aqueles que já tenham outros eventos) a IVAO Brasil fará um Evento Online Day, que acontecerá das 19z-22z. O evento consistirá de dois ou mais aeródromos ou TMAs oferecendo FULL ATC durante toda a duração do evento. Cada Online Day será em localidades diferentes, as localidades serão escolhidas pelos membros por meio de votação pelos nossos canais do discord ou pela nossa pagina do facebook, as localidades que receberem a maior quantidade de votos serão as que partiparão do evento.

A votação se iniciará na segunda feira, e se encerrará na quinta feira precedente ao sábado do evento.

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19:00 - Ecuador Online Day

Come and fly to/from/in Ecuador and enjoy the Online Day to discover the beautiful landscapes we have in our country. Mountains, Sea, Galapagos Islands and Amazon regions are waiting for you with ATC Service from 19z every Saturday.
Report to our Tour system and get your medal after 25 participations as ATC or Pilot in our country !

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19:00 - Venezuela Online Day

Online Day Venezuela Division

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