10:00 - [XN] Copenhagen RFE 2019

The first RFE of 2019 is here! Join us and light up the skies of Denmark as never seen before!

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12:00 - [HQ+ID+MY+TH] 101 EAST - Southeast Asia Airbridge

To celebrate and welcome our new neighbors "Malaysia Division" to IVAO network, we will hold a joint event to party together with all IVAO members, With our target airport at Bangkok/VTBD and Bandung/WICC to Kuala Lumpur/WMKK. Come and join us on this celebration.

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13:00 - [16 FEB | 13z -17z][GR + IT] LIBR - LGZA Airbridge

Join us in this airbridge between LIBR and LGZA. A great opportunity to fly a VFR and IFR route between this beautiful destinations.

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16:00 - [AO] Angola Online Day

Angola division new online day 16 to 21UTC.

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16:00 - [MA] Morocco Online Day

You are welcome every saturdays, at the most important Morocco airports, like Casablanca, Marakesh, Fes, etc.
Make sure your flight is arriving or departing from Morocco.

To obtain the Morocco Online day badge you must participate in 10 sessions of control during our Romania Online Evening.


Members out of Morocco division must have the GCA.

Fun are guaranteed.

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