Chile Online Day takes place every Sunday from 00:01z. Come and join us, full ATC coverage service and a escalated rate of pilots in the skies.

We hope see you there.

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14:00 - [TN] Tunisia Online Day

Every Sunday IVAO Tunisia is having its weekly Online day
Time : 1400z - 1800z

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17:00 - [CH] Swiss Sunday

After the typical hourlong family dinner, the pile of homework or the hours of doing nothing, come fill up the swiss skies! A blast of fresh air before diving back into the week.

Bring over your wings to Switzerland and meet our beautiful airports. Come on to do some IFR between our main airports or take your VFR certified plane out of your hangar!

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18:00 - [DE] Prop is top

Did you ever noticed the remark "Prop only" within charts?

And you are more than familiar with them? Perfect, because you will have a lot of fun at this event. Welcome to "Prop is top" on 17th November 2019. Between 18z and 21z we invite everyone to join our FlyIn/Out at Hannover (EDDV) airport. The clue is in the name of the event: join it only with prop planes.

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19:00 - [HQ+XU] Challenge the Staff Team

It's back, the chance that you have all been waiting for. Something that will put the staff team under a lot of stress and strain. Challenge the staff team. Your challenge is to fly between Heathrow and Manchester and put stress on our staff team. The Staff Teams challenge is to control the extra workload and provide the best quality ATC service for every pilot. Who will win? There's only one way to find out.

As is to be expected in an event of this scale, there will be a lot of aircraft on the ground/in the air around Heathrow and Manchester. To avoid frame rate problems on approach, which will cause severe delays, you must reduce your aircraft display distance to 10-15 miles and limit the amount of aircraft IvAp will draw to something your system will handle. We recommend 10-15 as a maximum for most average systems. Pilots using low-end systems are advised to reduce rendering settings as much as possible.

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The event it will consist of a flight plan IFR in which you fly from / to / between the Santiago FIR (SCEZ), the airports involved in the FIR are La Florida (SCSE), Carriel Sur (SCIE) & Santiago (SCEL). However, it is not mandatory to fly to these airports directly: you can both fly in the FIR on a “in transit” flight, as you can also arrive to the FIR from any airport you want. We recommend flying to airports that have connected approach, like SCSE and SCIE.
Let's support Joaquín Ampuero in his ACC exam to get his third golden star!

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