19:00 - Tunisia Online Evening

Every Friday, during 2 hours from 19:00z to 21:00z , one airport will be fully covered by ATC service and members are invited to fly in or out this airport.

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23:59 - [17 NOV | 21z - 01z] [PE+HQ] Peruvian Password Event

Come fly and test your knowledge in this event!?

The rules of the game are as follows, before obtaining your authorization to land, the tower will ask you an aeronautical knowledge question according to the range you have in IVAO (FS1, FS2, FS3, PP, SPP, CP, ATP). If you answer correctly you will be “Cleared to land.” Otherwise, you will apply maximum power, into the air and then try again! You have 2 opportunities, otherwise you must go to your alternate airport.

Date: 17nd November, 2023
Timeframe: 21:00z - 01:00z
Event Type: Password Event
Division: PE
Airport: SPJC

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23:59 - [17 NOV | 17z - 00z] [CZ+HQ] 30-Hours Prague RFO | Day 1

After one year, we are more than honoured to announce the next volume of traditional and the largest event of the Czech division – the Prague 30-hour RFO! The 30 hours of immense challenge, fun, and continuous flying will start counting down on Friday, 17th November at 17:00z. The end is scheduled at midnight from Saturday to Sunday, i.e., 18th November at 23:00z.

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