00:00 - [EVERY SUNDAY | 00Z - 03Z] UY ONLINE DAY

Welcome to Online Day of the Uruguayan division of IVAO!
We are waiting for you throughout Uruguay with a great ATC service

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13:00 - [IT]

On Sunday 17th December from 13z to 17z we are proud to present a new event that we hope it will become a "MUST" :
The "Classic" Turnaround Airbridge: Rome<>Milan!
An airbridge between four of the most loved italian airports.
It will have four short routes, so you can fly either ways!
Choose any order you want to fly the routes and go!
Ready to the new Classic? We're waiting for you!

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17:00 - [XN] Nordic Region Online Day

Each week the Nordic Region will provide the possibility to have ATC coverage for a stunning area from Helsinki to Reykjavik, from the North Cape to Copenhagen.

Bring your wings and enjoy this great ATC coverage.

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19:00 - [CL] Chile Online Day

Se trata de un evento todos los Domingos desde las 19:00z, en el cual puedes controlar en la posición que prefieras, y volar en la aeronave que prefieras.

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19:00 - [HR] Croatia Online Evening

Croatia Online Evening is organised every Sunday from 19:00z. Come and join us, expect extended ATC service and enjoy the magnificent scenery of our country.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

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IVAO Argentina and Uruguay divisions, in collaboration with IVAO HQ, are proud to invite you to participate in the River Crossing event, which will be taking place in the December 17th from 20 to 23 UTC . Celebreting this last bridge of the year, we would be flying betwin Córdoba (SACO) and Punta del Este (SULS) airports.

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