10:00 - [XN] Stockholm Arlanda RFE

On behalf of IVAO Nordic Region, it's our pleasure announce the Stockholm Arlanda 2019 RFE! This real flight event will take place in Stockholm Arlanda International Airport (ESSA) the 21st of September 2019 from 10z to 16z.
The booking system has been already released in order to allow all of you to book your favorite flight and/or rotation!
There's a lot of choice between international and domestic flights with different air-frames in order to give you the opportunity to choose your favorite flight with your favorite airline!

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15:00 - [SO event] [GR] Operation Proteas

Special Operations Event: Summer is coming to a close but the danger of wildfires in the area still exist. In the area of Michio Hill, fires are still in progress. All Fire Brigades are invited to take part in putting out these fires. All units must approach the site and perform their assigned task in accordance with the briefing document. All aircraft, at the end of their task, will land at Andravida Airport (LGAD) for debriefing.

Event Master Plan is provided on the HQ-SOD website.
Participants' registration is required on the HQ-SOD website.

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16:00 - [MA] Morocco Online Day

You are welcome every saturdays, at the most important Morocco airports, like Casablanca, Marakesh, Fes, etc.
Make sure your flight is arriving or departing from Morocco.

To obtain the Morocco Online day badge you must participate in 10 sessions of control during our Romania Online Evening.

Members out of Morocco division must have the GCA.

Fun are guaranteed.

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17:00 - [SI] Ljubljana - Belgrade Airbridge

Fly between Slovenian and Serbian capital cities Ljubljana and Belgrade and enjoy in great ATC service between 17Z and 20Z

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You are welcome every Saturday from 1800z to 2100z, at the most important Algeria airports, like Algiers, Oran, Constantine, etc.
Make sure your flight is arriving or departing from Algeria (DAAA FIR).

To obtain the Algerian Online day Award you must participate in 25 sessions of ATC or Pilot

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IVAO COLOMBIA, VENENZUELA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC and Netherlands Antilles Invites you to participate in the evenet ONLINE DAY.An event in which you can enjoy flying or controlled in a afternoon with the majority of dependencies of our four divisions, achieving a higher level of immersion in the operations that are carried out in real life.

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We are pleased to invite you to the BAIRES OVERLOAD 2019 event taking place in SEPTEMBER 21th from 19 to 22 UTC. Our members will be bringing full ATC coverage at Baires TMA. Join us making a fly in or out of Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport (SABE), Ministro Pistarini International Airport (SAEZ), Palomar airport (SADP) and San Fernando airport (SADF)

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