00:00 - [CL] ONLINE DAY

This is an event every Sunday from 00:00z to 24:00z, in which you can control in the position you prefer, and fly in the aircraft of your choice.

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00:00 - [PE] Online Day

Let's fly and enjoy our Online Day.

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12:00 - [XN] Oslo Gardermoen and Oslo Sandefjord RFE

It's that time again for the first RFE. We are starting in Norway more specifically Oslo. This year we are doing it a bit differently. This year we will be staffing two airports. Gardermoen and Sandefjord more commonly know as Oslo Torp. Gardermoen will have slots to book whereas Torp will have IRL slots and is open to anyone wanting to fly in with a Virtual airline or private flights. Slots are open and there are a big variety of flights to be booked, there is a flight for everyone!

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14:00 - [XM-GE] Amman-Tbilisi Airbridge

Amman - Tbilisi Airbridge

22th Feb from 14:00 - 19:00 utc

All Stations are covered (we try our best!)

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17:00 - [PL] Poland Online Evening

New series of Poland Online Evenings!
Fly or control throughout Polish skies to have magnificent fun and to collect a Division Online Day Award.
Forward to hearing you on the frequency!

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17:00 - [DE] Karnevals FlyIn EDDK

"Karneval" is right around the corner

The city of Cologne is one of the most famous carnival festival locations in Germany known for their large colourful parades on the streets and parties in public squares and in pubs. For that reason, we kindly invite you to join our annual "Karneval-FlyIn" event which is taking place at Cologne Airport (EDDK) on 22th February 2020 between 17z and 21z.

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19:00 - [AN] Carnival Event

Fly in or out TNCM and join Carnival with us

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