Chile Online Day takes place every Sunday from 00:01z. Come and join us, full ATC coverage service and a escalated rate of pilots in the skies.

We hope see you there.

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IVAO HQ and IVAO India Events welcomes all IVAO Pilots and members to our upcoming mega Chennai Real Flight Event.

We strongly request you to bookmark Sunday, 24th November 2019 date on your calendar and join our fully staffed 7th LAN Party event on IVAO.
Event starting at 0930Z through 1330Z.

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12:00 - [HQ+ID] Battle of Heroes!

Fly 2 legs between Juanda, Surabaya (WARR/SUB) and Ngurah Rai (WADD/DPS) to join the “Heroes Day” celebration in our “BATTLE OF THE HEROES (APP CONTROLLERS EDITION)” city-pair overload event. Bring your jets, bizjets, turboprops, pistons or even helicopters, and enjoy the controlled chaos provided by ATC services covering the airspace for this dual-city overload event, in particular Surabaya Approach and Bali Approach as they battle out on who can provide the best service.
Event Date : Friday, 24 November 2019
Event Time : 1200z ? 1600z
Airport Location : Juanda Int’l Airport (WARR) & I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Bali (WADD)
Type of Event : Overload Bridge


Indonesia celebrates its Heroes Day on November 10 and IVAO-Indonesia plans to celebrate this in a new, different way. This year's event, "Heroes Connect", celebrates two key battles in the Indonesian National Revolution, the Battle of Surabaya, and the Battle of Maragana (Bali).
?Battle of Surabaya
On 10 November 1945, the Battle of Surabaya took place, in which British forces fought Indonesian forces who put up an all out and fierce resistance. While the battle resulted in British military victory, Indonesia won the much needed political and psychological support from the international community, and Britain's support for the Dutch colonial restoration faded, to the extent of eventually supporting the Indonesian independence.
What is not well known is that while the battle nearly wiped out Indonesia's military capability, the battle actually lasted only until 20 November 1945.
?Battle of Maragana
The Battle of Maragana took place on the Island of Bali on 20 November 1946. A year after the Battle of Surabaya, the British left Indonesia to avoid getting further involved in the restoration of Dutch colonial rule.
Dutch forces returned to the island of Bali on 11 November 1946 and quickly moved to surround Indonesian forces on the island. With Indonesia still recovering its military strength, and faced with potential conflict with the Indonesian batallion on the island, the batallion commander, Lt. Col. I Gusti Ngurah Rai, decided to divide the batallion, leaving behind a platoon sized number of troops to put up a fierce final stand ("puputan") and allow the rest of it to escape and regroup with other Indonesian units elsewhere.

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14:00 - [TN] Tunisia Online Day

Every Sunday IVAO Tunisia is having its weekly Online day
Time : 1400z - 1800z

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17:00 - [CH] Swiss Sunday

After the typical hourlong family dinner, the pile of homework or the hours of doing nothing, come fill up the swiss skies! A blast of fresh air before diving back into the week.

Bring over your wings to Switzerland and meet our beautiful airports. Come on to do some IFR between our main airports or take your VFR certified plane out of your hangar!

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18:00 - [IT + SK] LIMJ - LZIB Airbridge

Dear Pilots, come and join us during our event with Italian and Slovak divisions where airbridge between LIMJ and LZIB takes place

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19:00 - [HR] Croatia Online Evening

Croatia Online Evening is organised every Sunday from 18:00z. Come and join us, expect extended ATC service and enjoy the magnificent scenery of our country.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

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