00:00 - [CL] ONLINE DAY

This is an event every Sunday from 00:00z to 24:00z, in which you can control in the position you prefer, and fly in the aircraft of your choice.

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00:00 - [PE] Online Day

Let's fly and enjoy our Online Day.

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13:00 - [IT+HQ] Roma CAPUT MUNDI 2020 RFE

One of the most anticipated events of the whole year finally returns to fill our virtual skies!
Saturday 25 January 2020, from 13z to 17z (14/18 local time)
comes back the "Roma Caput Mundi" Real Flight Event 2020!
To wait you, full ATC service and hundreds of flights to schedule on Roma Fiumicino LIRF, Roma Ciampino LIRA,
and also on Roma Urbe LIRU to fly, controlled in live by Roma, your favourite VFR flights!
An afternoon of full immersion "As real as it gets" impossible to miss.
In collaboration with Aero Club Di Roma that will host us in their rooms in order to allow us to control live all toghether!

We are waiting for you!

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17:00 - [PL] Poland Online Evening

New series of Poland Online Evenings!
Fly or control throughout Polish skies to have magnificent fun and to collect a Division Online Day Award.
Forward to hearing you on the frequency!

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18:00 - [DE] Password Event Stuttgart

Do you know everything about aviation?

Prove your knowledge at our Password Event Stuttgart. We invite you to join our little quiz on 25th January 2020 between 18z and 21z. During approach you will need to answer a more or less simple question. If you are right, you will receive your landing clearance. If not - Go around! Please note, that you will have to divert if you fail to answer correctly three times in a row.

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