00:00 - [XR] Russian Federation and Kazakhstan Online Day

We want to welcome everyone to join us every Friday to enjoy plenty of ATC service and mini-events in the Russian Federation and Kazakstan skies.
We are extremely happy to announce that the Online Day Tour is open.
See you there.

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00:00 - [ES] ONLINE DAY


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00:00 - [ID] Bali Run : Online Holiday 2020

We need your help with our system!

. In order to have new features in IVAO-ID system and also in preparation for the "Hajj Ops 2020" event, therefore let's help IVAO-ID by participating in the Bali Run: Online Holiday 2020 event!

And in addition to being a trial, this event also supports government programs in reducing the spread of COVID-19 through "social distancing" and #stayathome.

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12:00 - [ID] Friday Online Day

IVAO INDONESIA proudly present our ONLINE DAY every Friday at 12.00z - 16.00z, All members allowed to online as ATC or Pilots. Also after reaching 24 points, you will recive "DIVISIONAL ONLINE DAY AWARD".

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13:00 - [XE] East Asia Online Day

During the 3 hours period, we encourage all members to participate, as a pilot or ATC in our division coverage. This includes 6 FIRs in the region - Hong Kong, Taipei, Incheon, Manila, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh ACC. We hope to boost the number of connections in the timeframe and light up our region.

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15:00 - [27 MAR 2020 | 15z - 18z] [IR+XG+TR] ] Happy-Nowruz

We proudly invite you to join us to celebrate the Persian calendar`s new year (Nowruz - which means "new day" at the start of Spring) by the event of "Happy Nowruz" on 28th March 2020 from 15:00 to 18:00 UTC.

There will be three flight corridors from Doha (OTHH), Dubai (OMDB), and Ankara (LTAC) to Tehran IKA Intl. (OIIE)

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18:00 - [HQ+SI+HR] Balkan Capital Connect

A great event, with a total of eight countries included. We will provide fully ATC coverage over Slovenia and Croatia.

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18:00 - [XB] BeLux Online Evening

Every Tuesday and Friday BeLux Region is having its weekly Online Evening. The goal of this evening is to attract as much traffic as possible to one or more focus airports situated in Belgium and Luxembourg. These focus airports will vary from time to time in order to give the participating pilots and controllers the possibility to explore the different commercial airports in the vicinity. Make sure to check the page below before participating to the Online Evening to see where the traffic activity will be going on. We look forward to seeing you there!

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