00:00 - ARAIG-Event: Hamburg (EDDH)


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07:00 - Olympic - online day

Affirm the values of sport!

Saturday, June 27th, 7h00Z to 10h00Z, Come and learn in many sporting disciplines in New Caledonia, attend spectacular demonstrations of graduates in these disciplines and participate in the "values of sport".
Take-off Nadi (NFFN) or Port Villa (NVVV) and come celebrate the Olympics on Noumea (NWWW)

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07:00 - New Caledonia online day

Welcome in NEW CALEDONIA, in the discovery of numerous islands, we hope that you will
passed pleasant moments in flight under our division.

The online day will take place of Saturday 07h00z.

Thank you all and good flight !!!

Bienvenue en NOUVELLE CALEDONIE, a la decouverte des nombreuses iles, nous esperons
que vous passerez d'agreables moments en vol sous notre division.

Le online day se fera chaque samedi 07h00z.

Merci a tous et bons vols !!!

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08:00 - Malmi Aviation Club Onlineday

Malmi Aviation Club from Helsinki, Finland sets up an onlineday on Saturday June 27th from 8-15z.

Air traffic control is provided to Finland; Helsinki-Vantaa and Helsinki Malmi airports are staffed, as well as area controll over Finland.

Malmi is an secondary airport in Helsinki, used mainly by general aviation and some business jets aswell. This event is organized on location at Malmi airport, where the members have set up facilities for virtual air traffic control.

Charts you will find from AIP Finland: https://ais.fi/ais/eaip/en/


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17:00 - Euro Shuttle Event

The United Kingdom division of IVAO are pleased to announce a group flight taking place on the 27th June 2009, the Euro Shuttle Event. We will be flying from East Midlands to the capital of Germany, Berlin. ATC will be arranged for the departure, arrival and for en route.

The departure window from East Midlands will be from 17z to 18z approximately.

The suggested route is : DTY M189 OLNEY P166 BANTO UP155 UMBAG UP137 SONDO UM183 REDFA UL620 ARNEM UP147 RKN UL980 DLE T207 BATEL

We hope to see you all there!

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17:00 - C3 Exam at Damascus (OSTT_CTR)

C3 Exam at Damascus, come and Help Mehdi Azhari to get his third golden star.

Good luck !!

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17:00 - (SY Online Nights Tour) Live Domestic

Welcome to Syrian Division Online Night every Saturday at 1700 UTC. Special Domestic IFR Tour been made to be operated during the online nights only, 30 legs will give you the chance to fly around Syrian Arab Republic main Airports in a round trip flights to feel the reality of domestic operations Takeoff time between 17:00 till 22:00 Zulu. Enjoy the ATC in our syrian skies, looking forward to seeing you.

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17:00 - Ukraine on-line Evening

Every Saturday from 17-00UTC we have on-line day in Ukraine.
At this day in Ukraine work Kiev center and some other Fir have Center position. In Borispol airport work full staff.
VA Ukraine International Airlines have regular trips from Borispol to L'viv, Donetsk, Odessa and Simferopol at this day.

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18:00 - Kuwait Online Day

Kuwait Online Day. Every Saturday from 1800Z.

Welcome to Kuwait Skies


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18:00 - Egypt Online Day

Egyptian online night is every Saturday at 1800 UTC. Bring your Wings & Come to see the River Nile and the Great Pyramids, and fly under our great ATC.

Also feel totally free to contact me if you need anything on (eg-ec@ivao.aero)

See you there..

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Dear all,

From the name of the bulgarian members would like to invite you to Bulgarian Airspace for the regular online evening.

All charts, sceneries and NEW AFCADs are available here.

We are expecting for you!

Come and enjoy!

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Turkey Division organizes the "Turkish Online Day" every Saturday at 18:00Z. Istanbul (LTBB) and Ankara (LTAA) FIRs are staffed with virtual and real controllers to provide you with the best possible service.

What are you waiting for... Book your flight now and download the charts from
Turkish Charts

Go with the Rhytm... Come and discover Turkey ! IVAO-TR

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18:00 - Emirates Online Day

The Emirates Division is proud to present: The Emirates Online Day every Saturday at 18.00 UTC Please feel free to join us, as all pilots are welcome.

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18:00 - Saudi Online Day

Saudi Online Day. Every Saturday from 1800Z.

Welcome to Saudi Skies


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19:00 - Morocco Online Night

Welecome to Morocco Division Online Night, every Saturday from 19Z, Enjoy Full ATC services in most great Airports.

Moroccan ATC Awards
Available only in ATC Online Day, Every Wednesday from 18:00Z in one of subscribed ATC position minimuim 2h.
More Informations are here
Moroccan Pilot Award, Fly inbound and outbound min 2h over Moroccan Airspace during 10 Online Days/Nights or participate in 10 events organized by the MA-DIV or 10 exams, to get the Pilot Award.
More Informations are here

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