00:00 - [ES+HQ] Illes Balears 24hrs.

24 hrs. Full ATC at LEIB, LEPA & LEMH

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07:00 - [DE] Langen Summer Days

Are you ready for LSD part two?

We are happy to announce our second Langen Summer Days event. On 29th June 2019 between 07z and 16z, you can expect full ATC coverage at Frankfurt (EDDF) and Stuttgart (EDDS) live from Kastellaun.

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12:00 - [HQ+XG] Dubai RFE

The GCC Division invites all IVAO members to participate in our event, Dubai RFE. This RFE involves two hubs. See you!

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16:00 - [MA] Morocco Online Day

You are welcome every saturdays, at the most important Morocco airports, like Casablanca, Marakesh, Fes, etc.
Make sure your flight is arriving or departing from Morocco.

To obtain the Morocco Online day badge you must participate in 10 sessions of control during our Romania Online Evening.


Members out of Morocco division must have the GCA.

Fun are guaranteed.

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IVAO COLOMBIA, VENENZUELA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC and Netherlands Antilles Invites you to participate in the evenet ONLINE DAY.An event in which you can enjoy flying or controlled in a afternoon with the majority of dependencies of our four divisions, achieving a higher level of immersion in the operations that are carried out in real life.

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