00:00 - CL Online Evening

Come and fly at Chilean Airspace, all sundays. Between 2000 - 23000z

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13:00 - [XU+XN+FR+DE+NL+GR+CH+PT+CZ] Destination Scotland

IVAO XU along with multiple IVAO Divisions would like to invite you to Destination Scotland. With the success of Destination Dublin it's time to take the idea and utilise it with a different arrival airports. With Full ATC expected during the whole event what more do you want?

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14:00 - [CH] Swiss Sunday

After the typical hourlong family dinner, the pile of homework, or the hours of doing nothing, come fill up the Swiss skies! A blast of fresh air before diving back into the week.

Bring over your wings to Switzerland and meet our beautiful airports. Come on to do some IFR between our main airports or take your VFR certified plane out of your hangar!

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