10:00 - [PL] Poland Domestic Overload 10-18z

We would like to invite everyone to another, very special event, during which you will be able to get a new Airline Tour badge. Celebrate the last day of holidays with us!
All you need to do is perform any 4 domestic flights from the LOT Polish Airlines offer during the event.
All details can be found in the forum post.

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17:00 - [SK] Online Tuesdays

Online days of Slovak Division

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17:00 - [UA] Online Evening

IVAO Ukraine is pleased to announce Online Evenings in Ukraine! We're waiting for all of you every Tuesday from 17:00z in Ukrainian airspace!

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17:00 - [CZ] Czech Online Day

Fly to fully controlled Prague FIR!

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17:00 - [RO] Romania Online Day

IVAO Romania invites you to participate to "Romania Online Day" every Tuesday between 17:00 and 20:00 UTC.

To obtain the Romania Online Day ATC badge you must control or fly to/from one Romanian airport for 25 sessions during the online day .


Members outside of the RO division that want to control must have GCA.

Each control session or flight will be reported in the MODA System under the ODATC20 Tour.

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18:00 - [SO EVENT] [SI] Bled Strategic Forum And EU Presidency FlyIn

Special Operations Event: We proudly represent you the second International Special Operations Event within IVAO Slovenia division. Whole event is based on a simple fly-in event to Ljubljana (LJLJ) from different countries in Europe on 31st August 2021. Transport Head of States and their delegations to Slovenia between 1800z and 2000z as our country is hosting two important events. The Special Operations event is running parallel to the real Bled Strategic Forum event which is anually hosted in Bled. Many different important people will meet each other and talk about relations and the future of the Balkan region as also about the future of the Europe. And finally there will also be talks about the post-epidemic recovery. In the meantime Slovenia is also hosting the European Union Presidency where delegations from Bled Strategic Forum and other European Union delegations will meet at Ljubljana, Brdo and Bled. Of course ordinary talks about European Union and its future will take place. Enjoy the event and then if you want you can also depart from Ljubljana (LJLJ) on 3rd September 2021 to transport the delegations back home.

Event Master plan is provided on the HQ-SOD website.
Participants' registration is required on the HQ-SOD website.

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21:00 - [TR] Turkey Online Day

Turkey Division's exclusive online day is on every Tuesday night at 18:00 UTC! Save the date and don't promise to anyone to catch up with the most crowded night of the week!

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