IVAO Division Procedures

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United Arab Emirates

A) Transition Altitude and Transition Level are fixed in the UAE airspace; TA: 13,000ft TL: FL150

B) RVSM applies to all flights. Odd levels for eastbound flights and even levels for west bound flights. for VFR flights, same applies with +500ft. normal VFR flights will remain below 5,000ft unless flying a flightplan. for the choppers, ceiling is 1,500ft. exceptions are military flights.

C) Airways: Minimum altitude for Low Airways is 6,000ft. arriving aircrafts will leave High Airways when reaching TL (FL150). there's also some airways for overflying traffics, mainly form/to Bahrain FIR and Muscat FIR, these airways are used for regional flights only.

D) Airspace Structure:

TMA in the following aerodromes is considered Class C Airspace:

>>with ceiling of FL145:
OMDB - Dubai
OMAA - Abu Dhabi
OMSJ - Sharjah
OMAL - Al Ain

>>with ceiling of 6,500ft:
OMRK - Ras Al Khaimah
>>with ceiling of 9,500ft:
OMFJ - Fujairah

Above the upper limit of these TMAs, the aircraft will be handed to UAE control (OMAE_CTR).

OMDB (Dubai) and OMSJ (Sharjah):
from ground surface to 1,500 is airspace Class D and is controlled by Dubai Tower (OMDB_TWR) and Sharjah Tower (OMSJ_TWR). point to point reporting is used for VFR flights flying within the vicinity.

E) SSR Codes: codes vary with the airport and type of the flight, Please check SSR Codes tabel for more information.

F) Phraseology: ICAO standard.