IVAO Division Procedures

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Default TA: 10500ft.
Default TL: FL115.

In Israel's domestic ATS routes (J10, J14, etc.), although the max alt might be even 19,000ft, there is no use of TA and TL, so in domestic flights, QNH is always in use. In extremely heavy traffic load on J10, expect and make sure you are capable of RTE offset.

The upper routes (UJ10 etc) are RVSM authorised, of course.

For security reasons, normally flying below 6000ft further then 7 miles from LLBG aerodrome is prohibited, unless if otherwhise permitted. Any traffic incoming from the east, fly above BGN VOR and then perform the required procedure. Same as aircrafts departing eastbound - check correct SIDs.

CVFR, Israel's version of VFR means Controlled VFR. There are certain defined routes and waypoints just like in IFR, except those waypoints are visually recognized instead of using instrument flight aid/s. Also, constant communication with LLPT_CTR or LLLL_CTR is required, for waypoint report and saperations. If none is online, report each point in Unicom 122.80. CVFR sq is 51XX.

For maps, charts (ATS, CVFR, aerodromes) and sceneries check please www.ivao-il.org (Don't miss LLBG 2006's great photoreal scenery). We have a very strict ATC training exams, thus any controller in our division is both fully professional and familiar with his airspace, and also required to be able to help new by pilots.

To all inbound flights arriving LLBG, fly through SOLIN and then via H2 to SIRON, in which the approaches begin (there are no STARs to LLBG). westbound flights departing from LLBG, fly via Deena1 departure via transition SUVAS or GITLA.

It would be appreciated if pilots use the NAVDATA SID/STAR database for the FMCs.

In reality, aircraft identification is required in a special IDENT control station located in Mt.Meiron. The identification takes place for any incoming aircraft flying inbound the Israeli FIR, and shall occur 200nm to BGN VOR. In IVAN, that identification is optional for any pilot wishes to come a bit closer to the procedures in reality. It's not a must, and unlike reallity, fighters are not to be sent to accompany you away from our little country, if you are too close and unidentified. If any of the following FIR/ACC is online (LLLL_CTR, LLBG_APP, LLBG_TMA, LLSC_CTR), by the written priority, make the identification as followed:

Enjoy your stay in Israel!