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Dear members,

Welcome to the Membership Department Website!


!Please note that all World Tours are handled by the new WT Department!


On this page you will find instructions on how to manage your account and your profile but if you are just joining us please start by registering here.

In the menu to the left you will find a list of members, ratings, including awards and the requirements, password reminder and your own details where you can also update it with the link on the bottom "Change my details".

If you have any questions first read the FAQ and if you need to contact us include your ID# (VID) and a detailed request, please use English only if you are unable you can always contact your division staff and they will get in contact with us.

We hope you enjoy your time spent on IVAO as a pilot and ATC.



Michael Fuchs

Membership Advisor

Membership Director


Jens Janssens

Membership Advisor

Membership Assistant Director



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