Staff member Rules

Revised 05 March 2013 (9.1.1)

            IVAO™ Rules and Regulations

    9.- Staff member Rules and Regulations

9.1. - Application requirements.

To apply for a staff position at IVAO™ a user must meet the following requirements at the time of application:

9.1.1 - Staff member appointments shall adhere to the following restrictions:
- Divisional staff should be at least 18 years old, however, can be appointed at age 16 (with the exception of the ADIR) provided that the division director accepts full responsibility for their actions.
- Department advisers and managers shall be at least 18 years of age. Waivers can be granted by the Executive for applicants whom they believe are suitably skilled and mature to fulfill the role.
- Supervisors and Divisional Directors shall be at least 21 years of age. Waivers can be granted by the Executive for applicants under 21 whom they believe are suitably skilled and mature to fulfill the role.
- Executive Staff and Department Directors/Assistant Directors shall be at least 21 years old. Waivers can be granted by the Board of Governors for applicants under 21 whom they believe are suitably skilled and mature to fulfill the role.

9.1.2 - Prospective staff members must be an active IVAO™ member for at least 6 months prior to appointment.

9.1.3 - Prospective staff members must have at least Aerodrome Controller or Private Pilot rating except the following:

- MC/MAC require minimum Advanced ATC Trainee or Advanced Flight Student rating

- WM/AWM/PR advisors require no minimum rating

9.1.4 - Prospective staff members must have sufficient knowledge for the desired staff position. Depending on the position to man, a staff member must have extremely good knowledge of approved software, flight simulators, Xplane and/or real world flying/ATC

9.1.5 - Staff members must be able to devote at least 5 hours per week to their position. Enforcement of this provision will be by Executive, the Department responsible and Division HQ. As an example, the Training Department can review the Training Coordinator, Training Assistant Coordinator, or Training Advisors and propose a course of action to Executive up to and including dismissal.

9.1.6 - New divisional staff members shall be "On Trial" for at least 1 month. Senior Staff and Divsional Director/Assistant Directors shall be "On Trial" for at least 2 months. If a divisional staff member is moving from one position to another, the "On Trial" period may be waived.

9.1.7 - A Division Director/Assistant Director shall hold at least a Aerodrome Controller and Private Pilot rating, shall be a resident of the country in which the division represents, and shall be required to pass an interview with a member of Executive. Only one staff member, either DIR or ADIR, is required to be a resident.

9.1.8 - IVAO™ recognizes that, in some exceptional situations, it may be of benefit to the organization to waive certain rules governing the formation and staffing of new divisions for a period to be determined by Executive but not exceeding two (2) years, to enable an active IVAO™ division to develop a division in a country where IVAO™ is not currently represented. It is a condition of such approval that interim-staff will resign their positions when Executive believes that the new division is capable for all practical purposes of self regulation and operation.

9.1.9 - Staff members must be able to speak and read/write at least one official language of the country represented.

9.1.10 - The Training Director/Training Assistant Director reserve the right to monitor and evaluate Training Staff during practical exams and, if required, take appropriate action.

9.2. - General.

9.2.1 - Staff members are automatically subscribed to IVAO™ staff mailing lists and are required to check the IVAO™ forum on a regular basis.

9.2.2 - Staff members must use their IVAO™ E-mail account when sending IVAO™ related E-mails. Instructions for setting up your e-mail program can be found here

9.2.3 - Staff members must have a good working knowledge of the information available on the IVAO™ website and therefore are encouraged to browse the website on a frequent basis.

9.2.4 - Staff members are prohibited from being staff members of any competing organization.

9.2.5 - Staff members, as a general rule, should not hold more than one operational position within the following departments: Members, Events, Training, and Operations. The division director shall assess and approve any staff members holding more than one operational staff position at the divisional level for a limited time in order to accomplish the priorities set forth in 8.2. Executive assessment and approval is required in the case of a senior staff member holding more than one operational positioin. In either case, a person may hold no more than four staff positions. Server Administrator positions do not count towards this quota.

9.2.6 - Staff members are directed to follow IVAO™ policies which are set forth by the Board of Governors.

9.2.7 - Staff members are required to attend regular staff meetings.

9.2.8 - Staff members are required to disclose their date of birth via their user profile prior to staff appointment.

9.3. - On-line conduct.

9.3.1 - When connecting to the network without the intention of acting as a pilot or air traffic controller, staff members are encouraged to use their IVAO™ Staff callsign.

9.3.2 - Staff members are required to maintain an online presence not only on the IVAO™ network but also in flight simulator related forums and newsgroups to assist and promote our community. In particular, division directors, assistant directors, and operational staff members should maintain a regular presence on the network. Lack of activity from staff members for a period of three months can lead to removal from the staff position.

9.4. - Supervisors.

9.4.1 - To be considered for Supervisor appointment, the candidate must be an IVAO™ staff member at the time of application with at least 200 hours logged on IVAO™ and hold a Approach Controller AND Senior Private Pilot ratings. Supervisor applications can be requested for Divisional Staff by the Division HQ, or for Senior Staff by Executive which does not mean that the process for upgrading will be initiated. This will be decided by the Executive as the rating of Supervisor has to be considered like a privilege and not like a right.

9.4.2 - Superseded

9.4.3 - All supervisory candidates must pass an oral interview with a member of Executive or with the Membership Director/Assistant Director prior to being considered by Executive for Supervisor status. This interview will assess the candidate's English language ability, decision making ability, and knowledge of IVAO™ rules and regulations.

9.4.4 - The table below shows a guideline for the number of SUPs by Division and should not be considered as a quota as such. Given that the tasks of Supervisors are not related with a specific Division but with IVAO worldwide, the Executive could consider other circumstances such as geographical situation or online activity at certain hours in order to balance the total number of Supervisors.

Divisions with 40-100 members 1 SUP
Divisions with 101-200 members 2 SUP
Divisions with 201-500 members 4 SUP
Divisions with more than 500 members 5 SUP


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