General Guidelines for IVAO Software

The usage of the software published on this page is limited to the IVAO Network.

Any usage of this software on any other network (not approved by IVAO) is strictly forbidden.

Hotlinking to and/or uploading the downloads is strictly forbidden.

IvAc Downloads

IvAc - IVAO virtual ATC client v1.2.4 b225 2012-12-25 [Download] [Changelog]
IvAc - IVAO virtual ATC client v1.2.2 b207 2011-12-01 [Download] [Changelog]
IvAc - Sectorfile Testing Utility v1.0.4 2004-12-31 [Download]  
IvAc - Sectorfile Circle Generator v1.0 2004-03-12 [Download]  

IvAc Addons

Name Author Function  
Zoom Thomas Jawer Adds extra zoom positions to IvAc. [Download]