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IVAO virtual Pilot client - IvAp



June 8: v1.6.0 released.



December 25: IvAp v2.0.2 b2773 and v1.5.2 b2771 released.

November 13: IvAp v2.0.0 b2760 released.

November 12: IvAp v1.5.0 b2752 released.



January 7: IvAp v1.4.2 released.



December 25: IvAp v1.4.0 released.

January 15: IvAp English Manual updated for IvAp v1.3.8.

January 15: IvAp French Manual updated for IvAp v1.3.8.

June 30: IvAp Chinese Manual available.



October 22: IvAp v1.3.8 released.

October 18: IvAp v1.9.8 for FSX released.

October 16: IvAp v1.3.6 released.

February 3: IvAp v1.9.6 for FSX released.



August 27: IvAp v1.9.4 for FSX released.

May 16: IvAp v1.9.2 for FSX released.

January 28: MTL installer v3.0.2 released (FS2004), including lots of new liveries and models.



October 12: IvAp v2 for FSX (v1.9.0) released as public beta.

September 9: IvAp v1.3.4 release

April 15: IvAp v1.3.2 release

March 11: IvAp v1.3.0 release

November 25: IvAp v1.2.1 release

November 20: IvAp v1.2.0 release

October 2: IvAp v1.1.3 release

October 1: IvAp v1.1.2 release, v1.1.0 and v1.1.1 disabled with immediate effect

September 9: IvAp v1.1.1 release

August 27: IvAp v1.1.0 release

June 3: IvAp v1.0.0 release

May 15: MTLv2 released, mini-pack of MTL coming during next weeks

Apr 18: Release Candidate 4 (v0.5.6) released

Apr 2: Release Candidate 3 (v0.5.4) released

Mar 29: Release Candidate 2 (v0.5.2) released

Mar 23: Release Candidate 1 (v0.5.0) released

Feb 6: BETA Preview Release 0.4.0 released

Feb 4: Beta Released


January 2005

Works on Beta - and


December 2004

Dec 19: BETA Preview Release 0.3.8 released

Dec 18: BETA 0.3.7 released

Dec 13: BETA Preview Release 0.3.6 released

Dec 06: BETA 0.3.5 released


November 2004

Nov 28: BETA 0.3.4 released

Nov 23: BETA 0.3.3 released

Nov 17: BETA Preview Release 0.3.2 released

Nov 10: BETA 0.3.1 released


October 2004

Oct 31: BETA Preview Release 0.3.0 released - First public release

Oct 31: BETA 0.2.29 released

Oct 30: BETA 0.2.28 released

Oct 24: BETA 0.2.27 released

Oct 23: BETA 0.2.26 released

Oct 22: BETA 0.2.25 released

Oct 20: BETA 0.2.24 released - First version with working weather

Oct 19: BETA 0.2.23 released

Oct 04: BETA 0.2.22 released - Testing are underway for weather section

Oct 03: BETA 0.2.21 released - First release implementing weather

Oct 02: BETA 0.2.20 released

Oct 01: BETA 0.2.19 released


September 2004

Sep 23: BETA 0.2.18 released

Sep 22: BETA 0.2.17 released

Sep 21: BETA 0.2.16 released

Sep 20: BETA 0.2.15 released

Sep 19: BETA 0.2.14 released

Sep 18: BETA 0.2.13 released

Sep 8: BETA 0.2.12 released

Sep 5: BETA 0.2.11 released

Sep 2: BETA 0.2.10 released


August 2004

Aug 26: BETA 0.2.9 released

Aug 26: BETA 0.2.8 released

Aug 22: BETA 0.2.7 released

Aug 19: BETA 0.2.6 released

Aug 19: BETA 0.2.5 released

Aug 18: BETA 0.2.4 released

Aug 16: BETA 0.2.3 released

Aug 14: BETA 0.2.2 released

Aug 12: New screenshots published

Aug 8: BETA 0.2.1 released to testers


August 4, 2004

Today, the new IvAp Development Team brings out its first BETA - 0.2.0 - to a limited team. Some of the features of the new version:
- Complete Integration into Flight Simulator as one complete program!
- FSUIPC, SBHost, SBRelay, or Third Party Tools are not required!
- Aardvark and FSPainter Muliplayer Traffic Library (MTL) included for aircraft textures during multiplayer sessions!
- IvAp Modules can run on different PC's to reduce processor load!
- Automatic TeamSpeak channel switching for voice using Comm Radio or user interface!
- Auto Selection of active ATC frequency!
- Advanced visual multiplayer using the Multiplayer Traffic Library (MTL)!
- Supports all IvAc ATC client advanced features, latest and future IVAO server protocol, which includes flight plan change, no voice tag, and others!
- Real life ICAO Flight Plan with RVSM, routing syntax, and more . . . !

- Correct text format of text fields for the Callsign and flight plan route description!
- TCAS Module with data available to third party software like PMDG 737
- Realistic FMC characteristics with different looking templates!

- Easily accessed squawk mode C transponder with IDENT Button
- Aircraft Push back module with turning and final HDG indicated!
- Easily accessible Metar and Acars retrieval

IVAO created a new aircraft library to replace the old CSL system used by SquawkBox to improve the aircraft textures. This was accomplished with the assistance and permission from AI-Aardvark and FSpainter to use their models for the MTL. The quality, detail, and improved frame rates of their models for AI are astonishing! Several high quality paints of real life airlines are included from different well-known painters like: Boback Shahsafdari, Daniel DiBacco, Peter Pavlin, FSpainter, Vital Vanbeginne, just to name a few.

In addition IVAO member VA's will be able to submit their own aircraft textures "paints" for inclusion to the MTL. These textures will be verified for quality by the IVAO Flight Operations Department.

This first release of the new development team is the first step for completing the IvAp project, expect more news and BETA versions out soon.


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