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X-IvAp - v0.4.0 - 2017-10-16
	* fixed situation when the plugin ignores p2p config parameters, and always works with default ones
	* fixed sending spoiler armed state
	* fixed several sound/fmod issues
	* added obj8 support with an availability to setup multiplay liveries with the same one object file
	* added several custom x-plane commands to manage x-ivap windows
	* added the clamping feature, it can put csl models accurate onto the ground
	* added a couple of usefull x-ivap commands for csl developers (try <.help> to see the list of existing commands)
	* improved x-ivap command line, now you can move the cursor along the line and edit text at any position
	* added the x-ivap command line history feature, exactly like every terminal(console) has, try it with arrow-up and arrow-dn (+ctrl)
	* added a new config file parameter: (PREFERENCES group) MODERN_KEYMAP_FOR_CMDHISTORY, 
		- if 0(default) then the arrow keys scroll content as usually, and the arrows keys + ctrl allow you to use the cmd line history
		- if 1 then the arrows keys allow you to use the cmd line history feature, and the arrows-keys + ctrl scroll content.
	* added a new config file parameter: (PREFERENCES group) CMDHISTORY_BETWEEN_SESSIONS,
		- if 0(default) then x-ivap won't save the cmd line history between sessions, otherwise it will.
	* added a new config file parametr:  (PREFERENCES group) CLAMPING,
		- if 1(default) then the clamping feature is active, otherwise it is not.

X-IvAp - v0.3.5 - 2017-09-30
    * Fixing Interface display for Linux and Mac version with X-Plane 11
    * Fixing no sound issue for Linux and Mac version with X-Plane 11
X-IvAp - v0.3.0 - 2013-12-26
    * Implement 64 bit support for Windows, Mac, Linux.
    * Discontinue 32 bit support in Mac and Linux versions.

X-IvAp - v0.2.1 - 2012-10-07
    * Remove of loading all objects and textures when IvAp connects to the network as this caused crashes of the simulator with many people (contributed by Denis M.).
    * Dynamic loading of objects and textures (contributed by Denis M.).
    * Fix dancing of aircraft when crossing 360 degrees line (contributed by Denis M.).
    * Change LIT prefix in CSL to X-Plane standard (contributed by Denis M.).
    * Support for sounds (contributed by Bert v.K.).
    * Support for graphics in UI (contributed by Bert v.K.).
    * Fix Teamspeak bug with X-Plane 10 (contributed by Bert v.K.).
    * Update X-Plane SDK to v2.0 (contributed by Kenny Moens).
    * Supply X-Plane version to the FSD network (contributed by Kenny Moens).
    * Remove old (hardcoded) server names of IVAO (contributed by Kenny Moens).
    * Include X-CSL updater as part of packages, with kind permission of X-CSL team.

X-IvAp - v0.1.9 - 2009-12-30
    * Implementation of SELCAL (Windows platforms only).
    * Support connection as follow me car.
    * FPL aircraft is updated only if x-ivap found a working value of the new aircraft when the user change his plane.
    * It is now possible to not remember user credits on connect.
    * Restore UNICOM in ATC list (122.800 for IVAO version).
    * Fix the "error 004" on the IVAO network.
    * You can quit Teamspeak when you close X-IvAp.
    * If 2 ATC stations are using the same frequency, X-IvAp should select the nearest, or the one selected by the user.
    * Switching to 122.8 leaves the current teamspeak channel.
    * Switching to text-only ATC leaves the current teamspeak channel
    * Fix a bug with 25 kHz frequency. 


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