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The Team

IVAO virtual X-Plane client - X-IvAp


Name Position Tasks
Martin Domig Programmer Main programmer
Kristof Provost Programmer Mac port
Andrew McGregor Programmer Multiplayer Engine


X-IvAp is using Ben Supniks multiplayer code for XSquawkbox, and would have been impossible to implement without his invaluable help. My personal thanks also go to Peter Meininger for providing the CSL models for XSquawkbox and X-IvAp, to Sandy Barbour for the excellent X-Plane SDK, Patrick Zangerle for the artwork, Mikkel G. Hangaard and Splendor Bouman for the first beta tests (and for hooking me to X-Plane), the people from the networking and softdev departements as well as many many other nameless people who helped with the creation of this plugin.

You guys are great!

  - Martin



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