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IVAO virtual X-Plane client - X-IvAp

Additions in v0.1.8

  • Text messages finally appear in a small extra-window (top right of the screen), so you don't need to have the main window all the time
  • Repaired the flight plan form: flight plan remains intact after ATC altered it.

Additions in v0.1.7

  • CSL model information was sometimes not sent to the network
  • Added support for 3rd cloud layer (new in 8.50 - but the SDK doesn't know about it, so it won't work for now)
  • (8.50) Flightplan tries to guess aircraft type from currently loaded aircraft (if stored in the acf)
  • added some configuration options to preferences file X-IvAp.conf

Additions in v0.1.6

  • TeamSpeex support for Mac
  • peer to peer (p2p) for formation flying
  • Multiplayer movement engine completely rewritten
  • Added support for the not yet released Goodway freeware FMS by St�phane Maurel
  • Display a warning message when connecting without a flightplan
  • Added .info command for quick navigation lookup (try .info KERKY for example)
  • Implement parts of the XSquawkBox SDK (For inter-plugin communication)
  • On demand CSL loading (faster startup time, less memory used)
  • Universal build for the new MacIntel computers
  • Multiplayer engine only used when needed (improves compatibility to other plugins)
  • Added rain to the weather engine
  • Added .QNH and .ALT shortcuts to tune the altimeter
  • Radar will always display the target at correct flight level, even if local QNH is different
  • Support for frequencies with 3 digits after the comma (like 121.805)
  • Added more hardcoded fallback servers if server list fails to download

Additions in v0.1.4

  • Smooth movement
  • Highly detailed light controls
  • Improved model matching

Additions in v0.1.2

  • A new FMC programming utility that provides an easy way to program SIDs and STARs into the FMC
  • FMC Waypoints are exported with the filed flight plan altitude
  • Improvements and explainations in the flight plan window
  • Support of special airline liveries
  • New .dot commands: .help and .model
  • Further improvements to the weather system
  • Scrolling and .dot commands in chat windows

Feature list of v0.1.0

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Complete Integration into X-Plane as a half-transparent window
  • Automatic TeamSpeak channel switching for voice using Comm Radio or user interface (Windows only)
  • Auto Selection of active ATC frequency
  • Comm radios, transponder etc. can be tuned via the aircrafts cocpit panel and the user interface
  • Radio coupling: you can receive on both radios at the same time (text only)
  • Color coded text messages - if a message is addressed to you, it is hilighted in a different color
  • Supports all IvAc ATC client advanced features, latest and future IVAO server protocol, which includes flight plan change, no voice tag, and others
  • Easy ATIS, METAR, TAF and SHORTTAF requests via the user interface
  • Text communication via the user interface
  • Realistic FMC characteristic
  • Smooth multiplayer aircraft movements
  • XSquawkBox CSL files are compatible with X-IvAp
  • Transponder and Radio (both frequencies) tuning with easy text commands
  • Freely moveable, translucent chat windows - as many as you like
  • Chat with multiple people in only one chat window
  • ICAO code search functionality in the flightplan form (for aircraft type and airline)
  • Easy export of your filed flight plan route into the X-Plane FMC - including all fixes on the airways in your route
  • Text message popup window, so you can hide the main window without missing any text instructions
  • Full weather support with high altitude enroute winds and wind smoothing

...and more to come!


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