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April 21, 2014 - v0.3.2 released - major improvements in weather server data, bug fixes.

December 26, 2013 - v0.3.0 released - major update, user interface, bug fixes.

October 7, 2012 - v0.2.1 released - including various patches and bug fixes.

December 3, 2011 - v0.2.0 released - v0.2.0 BETA is released with X-Plane 10 compability

December 30, 2009 - v0.1.9 released - v0.1.9 BETA is released

December 11, 2007 - v0.1.8 released - v0.1.8 is released

December 10, 2006 - v0.1.7 released - v0.1.7 is released


May 2006

May 22 - first version featuring peer2peer
Public Beta 0.1.6 was released, featuring a long list of new features, the most important ones being TeamSpeex support for mac, and peer to peer (p2p) position updates. P2P makes it possible to fly in close formations with a realistic movement display of your fellow pilots - you really can see what they are doing now!

For a list of new features please refer to the list of features.


November 2005

November 25 - release of version 0.1.4
Public Beta 0.1.4 was released today. Changes in this version:

- Display strobes/beacon/navlight/landing light only if the other pilot has turned them on
- Remember radio coupling setting
- Check for updates on connection
- All strobe and beacon lights flash at the same time, and with the same speed
- Different blink intervals for different aircraft types (beacon + strobes)
- Multiplayer movement is not steady
- Improved model matching (dont show an A320 for a BE58)
- TCAS should now show traffic 30000ft below or above you


September 2005

Planned features for the next version:

- Detailed light controls, for each individual aircraft. See only the lights on other aircraft if they are actually turned on, so if a pilot forgets to turn on his strobes, you won't see them!

- Beacon and strobelights will flash at different intervals, depending on the type of aircraft: the strobes of an Airbus are different from the strobes of a C172 or a Boeing
- Lights will flash at different times, you won't have all aircraft lights blinking at the same time any more


September 23 - release of version 0.1.2
Public Beta 0.1.2 was released today, fixing a lot of minor problems and bugs of the previous version. It also introduces a new FMC Utility.


September 22 - preparing the next public beta: The next version (0.1.2) is going to be released very soon and will include a lot of bug fixes and additional features. This is a (shortened) list of changes:

- A new FMC programming utility:

- A easy way to program SIDs and STARs into the FMC
- FMC Waypoints are now exported with the filed flight plan altitude
- Airway resolver improved
- Improvements of the weather engine
- Better explaination of the flight plan
- Support for special liveries
- Some additional .dot commands, like .help and .model
- TCAS blips were invisible sometimes


September 11 - first public beta: After a summer break, multiplayer for the Mac version is finally working and version 0.1.0 has been released as first public beta. Some of the new features:

- Full weather support with high altitude enroute winds and wind smoothing
- Transponder and Radio (both frequencies) tuning with easy text commands
- Freely moveable, translucent chat windows - as many as you like
- Chat with multiple people in only one chat window
- Text message popup window, so you can hide the main window without missing any text instructions

- Easy export of your filed flight plan route into the X-Plane FMC - including all fixes on the airways in your route
- ICAO code search functionality in the flightplan form (for aircraft type and airline)


August 2005

August 6: Still working to get multiplayer running on Mac


July 2005

July 27: X-IvAp private beta 0.0.2 release - first version

Today, the first BETA - 0.0.2 was released for review to a limited team. Some of the features:

- Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac
- Integration into X-Plane as a half-transparent window
- Automatic TeamSpeak channel switching for voice using Comm Radio or user interface (Windows only)
- Auto Selection of active ATC frequency
- Comm radios, transponder etc. can be tuned via the aircrafts cocpit panel and the user interface
- Radio coupling: you can receive on both radios at the same time (text only)
- Realistic FMC characteristic

- Supports all IvAc ATC client advanced features, latest and future IVAO server protocol, which includes flight plan change, no voice tag, and others
- Easy ATIS, METAR, TAF and SHORTTAF requests via the user interface
- Text communication via the user interface
- Smooth multiplayer aircraft movements
- XSquawkBox CSL files are compatible with X-IvAp

This new pilot client release of the development team is the first of many steps for bringing online flight and air traffic control simulation to other computer platforms and operating systems. Expect more news and BETA versions soon.


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