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Instruction to set up
Outlook Express


  • Click on "Tools" - choose "Accounts"


  • Click on "Add" choose "Mail"
  • - As "Your Name" type your Firstname Lastname
    F.i. John Smith
  • - Click "Next"


  • As "E-mail address" type your assigned PERSONAL IVAO email address.
  • - Click "Next"


  • E-mail Server Names - POP3 server and SMTP server
    Type your private ISP server names - Not IVAO server names
  • - Click "Next"


  • "Friendly Name" - Choose a name for you IVAO mails - F.i. IVAO mail.
  • - Click "Next"


  • Choose your connection type - click "Next"
  • Click "Finish"

  • Open properties for the new created account
    Add the same to "Reply address"  as you
    have in "E-mail address"
  • - Click "OK"


  • Set your IVAO mail as Default


You can now when you send an email choose to send it via your IVAO mail,
or your private mail account.

If you ISP doesn't accept these kind of "fake" email addresses,
Contact our Network Administrator ( ) to get an
IVAO POP3 account instead of redirecting emails to your
private account.