Callsign Badge Position Name E-mail
TD Training Director Zoltan Gyenge
TAD Training Assistant Director Patrick Lademann
PRD Public Relations Director Ozan Komurcu
(on trial)
PRAD Public Relations Assistant Director Brandon Fradette
(on trial)
MD Membership Director Jens Janssens
MAD Membership Assistant Director Marius Lungan
(on trial)
WTD World Tour Director Robertino Mihai
WTAD World Tour Assistant Director Nicolae Podaru
(on trial)
ED Events Director Alexander Clover
Note: Holiday 27.09.2021-30.09.2021. Limited availability.
EAD Events Assistant Director Lucas Rodari
SOD Special Operations Director Ryan Moore
SOAD Special Operations Assistant Director Joao Saloio
(on trial)
AOD ATC Operations Director Shaun Ellis
AOAD ATC Operations Assistant Director Marco Pache
FOD Flight Operations Director Benoit Vagner
FOAD Flight Operations Assistant Director Rafael Milone
HTM HAL Training Manager Aldo Benitez
HTAM HAL Training Assistant Manager Stanislas Chareyre
TDM Training Documentation Manager Erwan L'Hotellier
TDAM Training Documentation Assistant Manager Julien Chabbey
(on trial)
Note: Limited availability until the 31th of October, fully available via Discord, email and forum
HPM HQ Pilots Manager Dionysis Moustakis
HPAM HQ Pilots Assistant Manager Mohamed Salah
FA Forum Administrator Rick Hennig