Level: Senior Controller (SEC)


Subject Version Date of Publication
Exam Briefing
Exam Briefing for SEC level 2.7 17-04-2017
Theory advanced
Air Traffic Flow Management terminology 1.1 05-07-2015
RNP Operations 1.1 15-02-2016
IFR Separation without radar 1.1 31-01-2016
Strategic lateral offset procedure - SLOP 1.1 05-07-2015
ATC light signal 1.1 05-07-2015
Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (planned)  
Human performance
Tool for Decision Making: FORDEC (planned)  
Aerodrome structure
The strength of airport pavements (ACN / PCN) 1.2 10-05-2017
IFR procedures advanced
Extended-range Twin-engine Operations (ETOPS) 1.2 05-07-2015
Radio communication failure procedures 1.1 05-07-2015
Aircraft instruments and settings
Inertial Systems (planned)  
External Links
Aircraft classification number table (ACN) (c) Transport Canada 12-01-2014