Member List - Germany

Member List of Germany


We currently have 19 members in Germany.
To enter in the company system site - click on the VID

Enter Name Website ICAO IATA System Status
Access Hamburg Air Link HAM HA Active
Access Terra-Fly Link TEF TF Active
Access HAMDUS Link HDU 3O Active
Access DLH Virtual Link DLH LH Active
Access Leipzig Air VA Link LHA LE Active
Access Sachsen Express Link SXE 4S Active
Access München Airways Link MUC MA Active
Access European Airwings VA Link EAS EA Active
Access Berlin Sky Airline Link BES BS Active
Access German-Airlines Link VGA GA Active
Access German Butterfly Link GBP GV Active
Access INTER-WINGS Link ITW IW Active
Access skyline. virtual Link DSG 5L Active
Access Starship Group Virtual Link STS ST Active
No Access gravity Link GVY F8 Request activation
Access Edelwings Link EWN EN Active
Access BushBagger Link BUS BB Active
Access Stroopwafels Express Link SWE SE Active
Access lunafly Link LUN LU Active


If you want your company will become Active, the person who registered it
have to send an email requesting it, including your IVAO Id number
and your IVAO forum's nick. Click here to send it.

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