Member List - Eastern Europe and Northern Asia MCD

Member List of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia MCD


We currently have 12 members in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia MCD.
To enter in the company system site - click on the VID

Enter Name Website ICAO IATA System Status
Access X-Airways Link XRW XA Active
Access Transaero Link TSO UN Active
Access AEROFLOT Link AFL SU Active
Access Rossiya Airlines Link SDM FV Active
Access Virtavia Link VAA VA Active
Access Aurora Link SHU HZ Active
Access Flybird Int Link FBD FB Active
Access S7 Airlines Link SBI SB Active
Access Rostov Training Center Link RTD RT Active
Access Pobeda Link PBD DP Active
Access Pskovavia Link PSW LP Active
Access WEST HILLS Airlines Link WHA WH Active


If you want your company will become Active, the person who registered it
have to send an email requesting it, including your IVAO Id number
and your IVAO forum's nick. Click here to send it.

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