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World Tour Staff list

Callsign Badge Position Name E-mail
WTD World Tour Director Robert Nagy wtd@ivao.aero
WTAD World Tour Assistant Director Wilm Hendrik Schulz wtad@ivao.aero
WTA1 World Tour Advisor 1 Andre Brands wta1@ivao.aero
WTA2 World Tour Advisor 2 Robertino Mihai wta2@ivao.aero
WTA3 World Tour Advisor 3 Leonardo Martinetto Ferreira wta3@ivao.aero
WTA4 World Tour Advisor 4 Alberto Helmfelt wta4@ivao.aero
WTA5 World Tour Advisor 5 Eddy Gamboa wta5@ivao.aero
WTA6 World Tour Advisor 6 Martino Franzini wta6@ivao.aero
WTA7 World Tour Advisor 7 Julien Jeuniaux wta7@ivao.aero
WTA9 World Tour Advisor 9 Vahid Navazan wta9@ivao.aero
WTA10 World Tour Advisor 10 Andres van Goozen wta10@ivao.aero


!Please note that ALL World Tours are managed by the new WT Department!

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Robert Nagy

Membership Advisor

World Tour Director

Wilm Hendrik Schulz

Membership Advisor

World Tour Assistant Director


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