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The International Virtual Aviation Organisation, IVAO for short, was founded in 1998 to provide an online platform for flight simulation enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated real-world environment, in company of other people, flying or providing Air Traffic Control services.

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Upcoming Events

[04 OCT | 23z] [HQ] Fly with a Governor - Leg 42

Welcome to the forty-two edition of Fly with a Governor This events series is brought to you by the Board of Governors and is a combination of two parts The first part of this event will be a group flight from SCEL to SAEZ

[06 OCT | 15z - 18z] [HU+AT] Sármellék - Wiener Neustadt/Ost VFR Airbridge [LHSM-LOAN]

Date: 06 10 2023 | 15z - 18z Type: VFR Airbridge Countries (divisions) involved: Hungary, Austria Airports involved: LHSM, LOAN

[06 OCT | 17z] [CZ] 100th anniversary of CSA | Groupflight

Czech Airlines is celebrating its 100th anniversary! Come and join us on their first route from Prague to Bratislava this Friday!

[07 OCT | 08:30z - 11:30z] [PDE+ES] Santiago/Bilbao - Madrid

In regards of the PDE that will be held at the ETSIAE (Madrid), next Saturday, October 7th, we are going to hold a virtual event in parallel to the PDE You can take off from Bilbao (LEBB) or Santiago (LEST), and our destination could not be other than Madrid (LEMD), in a one-way airbridge It will serve to publicize the operation and organization behind an event of this type, imitating in an almost real way the real-life operation

[07 OCT | 13z - 16:30z] [PDE+ES] Madrid Overload

For the afternoon we have this big event scheduled, also in parallel to the PDE, and where we will be covering Madrid skies with traffic and ATCs! The PDE event will be held next October 7th at the Higher Technical School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering (ETSIAE)

[07 OCT | 15z - 19z] [DE] Memorial Event

In Memory of In recent years, we have painfully experienced the passing of members These losses have left deep marks within our division, and it is our heartfelt desire to preserve their memory and express our gratitude for their contributions to our division! On 07102023 from 15z to 19z, we warmly invite you to our Memorial Event, in the form of a Triangle Airbridge between the airports Cologne (EDDK), Berlin (EDDB), and Munich (EDDM) - locations that held special significance for our departed members Luca Born, Jürgen Hahn, and Niklas Kirchert Their dedication and passion for the network, our division, and aviation in general, whether in real life or virtually, will always be remembered by us We want to emphasize that this event is not only dedicated to the three mentioned members Each and every one of you is warmly invited to participate in this remembrance and honor your own losses, be it a beloved friend or a member of our division! Let us come together on this evening to mourn, remember, and give thanks Together, we will uphold the memories of our passed members! Luca, Jürgen, and Niklas - as well as all other former members of the division - we will never forget you!

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