International Virtual Aviation Organisation

The International Virtual Aviation Organisation, IVAO for short, was founded in 1998 to provide an online platform for flight simulation enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated real-world environment, in company of other people, flying or providing Air Traffic Control services.

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Upcoming Events

[18 JUN | 17z] [HQ] Fly With A Governor - Leg 57

This events series is brought to you by the Board of Governors and is a combination of two parts The first part of this event will be a group flight from LOWW to LGAV The second part of the event will be a QA session with one of the Board of Governors For this edition, Mathias, the IVAO Assistant Treasurer and IT Officer will be hosting the Questions and Answers session

[20 JUN | 20z - 22z] [AR] National Flag Day

Bring your wings and fly this air bridge enjoying this special date with us We will wait for you

[21 JUN | 15z - 17z] [IR+TR] Weekend with Persian Tour "13th Leg of Iran IFR Tour 2024"

In the year 2024 the Iran Division of IVAO will host weekly events featuring IFR 2024 tour routes will take place and this leg is with cooperation of Turkey division

[21 JUN | 18z - 22] [HQ+LB+DZ+EG+GR+TN] Airplane Mode

We are thrilled to announce this special event, first of a long series that will evolve around the mediterranean sea With 11 controlled airports, including 294 IFR and 50 VFR slots, there are a total of 344 slots up for grabs

[22 JUN | 14z - 20z] [HQ+HU] Budapest PDE 2024

We invite you to be part of this unique event in a unique location in Hungary Check more datails on the forum

[SO Event] [GR] Tiger Meet 2024

Hellenic Division, Special Operations and HAFv organizes the Tiger Meet Event for the 2nd year on 22th June 2024 Squadron “TIGER” History 335 is the oldest Greek Squadron established in October 1941 during WWII in airport Akir in Palestine due to German - Italian occupation in Greece at this time Greek Royal Air Force Pilots escaped from Greece then were the first Squadron personnel trained by RAF Squadron was equipped by Hurricane IIB/IIC firstly but since December 1943 by Spitfire VB/VC operating in North Africa, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania and occupied Greece (Crete, Cyclades and Dodecanese islands) During WWII conducted 8500 operational flight hours plus 12000 training flight hours and lost 18 pilots In June 1947 Squadron was equipped with Spitfire IX, in October 1953 by F-84G and RT-33A, in Autumn 1957 by F-84F, in May 1965 by F-104G and since April 1993 until 2009 by A-7E Nowadays is equipped by F-16M Block 52 Advanced Event Master Plan is provided on the HQ- SOD website Participant registration is required on the HQ- SOD website

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