• Work as an Air Traffic Controller
    IVAO allows you to work just as a real air traffic controller would
    directing traffic on the airfield or from your radar
    as an approach or area controller
  • Take to the Skies as a pilot
    Fly your aeroplane in a busy environment just like a real pilot
    You can fly visually from smaller airfields or join the jets
    waiting departure from the worlds’ busiest airfields
  • Join our global community
    IVAO is more than just flying and controlling, it is about being
    part of a community of over 170,000 members in over 50
    countries who share your passion for aviation

International Virtual Aviation Organisation

The International Virtual Aviation Organisation, IVAO for short, was founded in 1998 to provide an online platform for flight simulation enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated real-world environment, in company of other people, flying or providing Air Traffic Control services.

  • Our community already has hundereds of thousands of members from around the world
  • We create and supply the software you need to connect to the network
  • We provide comprehensive training allowing you to develop your skills
  • All our services are free and always will be

Upcoming Events

[AR+BR+CL+CO] Montevideo Fly In/Out

We are pleased to invite you to attend the event Independence of the Republic of Uruguay, the divisions of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia participate in the MONTEVIDEO FLY IN/OUT which will take place the day August 25 to 21 a 00 UTC Thus accompany the IVAO Community Members Uruguay in your project making flights to or from Carrasco (SUMU)

[DZ] RFE Algiers DAAG 2016

RFE Algiers (DAAG)

Here we are, the event is here!
Algeria Division is pleased to present its annual event - The Real Flight Event Algiers -

The event will take place in Algiers (DAAG / ALG) Friday, August 26, 2016, for a period of 14 hours non stop from 0800Z to 2200Z
Exceptionally 160 flights await you with a wide selection of domestic and international flights, medium or long haul assured by at least 20 airlines worldwide
Our ATCs will give you a real non-stop coverage and high bills Algiers airports will be Full covered

[IR+XG] Tehran & Shiraz <> Dubai & Bahrain Airbridge Event

Multiple airport airbridge - fly between Iran (OIIE Tehran or OISS Shiraz) and the GCC (OMDB Dubai or OBBI Bahrain)

Brought to you by the Iranian and GCC Divisions


During the summer season, the XB division is coming out in the open!
Our events are temporarily replaced by Public Demo Events

[XG] Doha <-> Dubai Airbridge

IVAO - Gulf Region Division (XG) presents the busy short haul route of Doha (OTHH) to Dubai (OMDB) - fly in either direction


During the summer season, the XB division is coming out in the open!
Our events are temporarily replaced by Public Demo Events

[PL] Discover Polish Coast

The Polish Division would like to invite you to participate in the Discover Polish Coast event, which will take place over the Polish Baltic airspace on 28th August (Sunday), from 12UTC

During this event you will have great opportunity to discover our amazing coastland on General Aviation aircraft under Flight Information Service as well as on Airline aircraft under fully staffed Gdansk (EPGD) and Szczecin (EPSC) airports Come fly with us and enjoy our airspace

[SI+SK] VFR trip to Portoroz

Hello everyone,

we would like to challenge you to join us on a 500km VFR crosscountry trip across The Alps from Slovakia to Adriatic coast in Slovenia!
Departure airfield is not stated, so you may choose any airport in Slovakia Our destination will be a scenic town of Portoroz

[TR] 30 August Victory Flight

30 August Victory Flight Event
FLY - IN ANKARA (LTAC) | Tuesday Aug 30, 2016 - 18:00z - 21:00z

Every year on the 30th August Turkey celebrates Victory Day (Zafer Bayram)

Victory Day in Turkey marks the final battle in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922 lead by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk the founder of the Turkish Republic

#LTAC# for Civil inbound traffic
#LTAD# for Military inbound traffic

If you have any Question, please contact TR Event Department

IVAO Turkey Events Department

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