• Work as an Air Traffic Controller
    IVAO allows you to work just as a real air traffic controller would
    directing traffic on the airfield or from your radar
    as an approach or area controller
  • Take to the Skies as a pilot
    Fly your aeroplane in a busy environment just like a real pilot
    You can fly visually from smaller airfields or join the jets
    waiting departure from the worlds’ busiest airfields
  • Join our global community
    IVAO is more than just flying and controlling, it is about being
    part of a community of over 210,000 members in over 80
    countries who share your passion for aviation

International Virtual Aviation Organisation

The International Virtual Aviation Organisation, IVAO for short, was founded in 1998 to provide an online platform for flight simulation enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated real-world environment, in company of other people, flying or providing Air Traffic Control services.

  • Our community already has hundreds of thousands of members from around the world
  • We create and supply the software you need to connect to the network
  • We provide comprehensive training allowing you to develop your skills
  • All our services are free and always will be

Upcoming Events


Dear pilots, IVAO Georgian Division would like to invite you to participate in our event “Operation: Save the Bears” You will be able to participate in various IFR and VFR missions out of Kutaisi “Kopitnari” airport (UGKO) and simulate rescue operations The event consists of two possible scenarios: The first choice is a helicopter search operation in the mountains north-northwest of Kutaisi Depending on the number of participants, the task of dispatchers is to send one or more helicopters to the points conventionally designated as A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 All these points have certain coordinates that you can use to navigate During the event, you will be assigned a destination point by the air traffic controller The second choice is IFR from Kopitnari to Tbilisi There are no restrictions in choosing the type of aircraft Simply, if possible, choose cargo, although the final choice is yours

[XG] Dubai Night

here we're coming again with the night event, so the XG division would like to invite all pilots & virtual airlines to join us on Thursday, 24th June between 18Z and 21Z, where you can fly from anywhere to Dubai, we believe you will get an unforgettable experience in our sky and we guarantee you fully staffed in OMDB to take advantage of the ATC We really hope to see you there!

[XU+NL] City Connect - Newcastle <> Amsterdam

IVAO XU is pleased to bring our next event in the City Connect series This time it's a short hop to Amsterdam Newcastle to Amsterdam is a popular route for KLM Come and join us on Friday 25th June 2021 from 16:00z - 20:00z as we provide FULL ATC between the two airports You will be able to fly both legs and enjoy the ATC coverage We invite you to join us on 25th June 2021 in this City Connect event!

[DE] Passwort-Event EDDL

Landing Not without a password! That is the slogan of this year's password event The events takes place on 26th June from 16z until 19z at Duesseldorf (EDDL) aerodrome In the following we explain the type of event for everybody not knowing it: The password event is a tradition for years in the German Division It is a modified version of a normal Flyin in which pilots have to answer questions from the tower controller If the answer is not correct, the pilot has to fly a go around But do not worry, you can get as many tries as you need

[HQ+Asia+Oceania] Asia and Oceania Continental Online Day

Every active IVAO Division holds one Online Day per week Members will have the chance to either fly or provide ATC service in a much busier environment by participating at one of these regular events To bring this idea to the next level, we are proud to present to you the third edition of our recently released series of events called Continental Online Day This new series will consist of four events per year, each time within another region We invite you to join us on 27th June 2021 to participate in this amazing Continental Online Day!

[PT] Azores In Sight

Welcome to our newest event! The Event department, on behalf of the Portuguese IVAO Division, has the pleasure to invite you to the Azores In Sight Event to be held on June 27th Many of you are thinking, what’s going on! So, the Azores In Sight Event main goal is to encourage you to fly into oceanic routes with real world procedures You’ll be guided by our Santa Maria Oceanic Control Do not be afraid, it will be easy if you follow the following steps Join us and enjoy it!

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