Registration 1/4

Welcome to the Registration section of .

Please read this page carefully.  It contains information you are required to know to use the network.   The network is a place for learning and enjoyment, but a few rules are required to allow everyone to enjoy it; most of these rules are common-sense.

If you already have had an account in the past, please contact the Members Director or Members Assistant Director who will reactivate your former account. It is normal that you cannot create a second account.

This section will provide you with an ID and password to use IVAO's network - IVAN.
There are several requirements for using the network to ensure that all users can enjoy the facilities.  Supervisors and administrators, although they are online to help you.



Now, take some time and read carefully our Rules and Regulations by following this link: IVAO Rules and Regulations



You are also asked to observe the following guidelines in order that the network runs as well as possible:

  1. Read the information for new users at and visit the training department in order to learn about the system.  You should read the Basic ATC guide if you wish to control.
  1. Please monitor the IVAO forum ( and Events Department webpage for details about IVAO.
  1. You may contact a division - sub-divisions of IVAO for geographical areas - if there is one active to get information and local training within that country when you have joined.
  1. Please use our Scheduling Systems, so others can see,  when you intend to be online.
  1. When online - Please use the callsigns, frequencies and information listed in the database.
  1. If observing - do not use 'valid' callsign extentions (CTR, APP, TWR etc.) use always a callsign ended in _OBS.

    7.  Visit our Software Development Department for the latest software

    8.   Be online as much as possible - enjoy the network, and ask for help from people with higher ratings (Controllers, Instructors, Supervisors, Administrators) if you need.

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