IVAO Honorific Award Member status assigned by the Board of Governors.
Effective member of IVAO NPO Status assigned by IVAO General Assembly.
Spirit of IVAO Given to anyone showing the real spirit of IVAO. Proposed by Division DIR/ADIR. Issued by Executive.
Bright Idea Given to anyone that provide any innovative ideas and solutions that will benefit IVAO as a whole. Issued by Executive.
Great Information Given to anyone adding valid and important documentation to HQ for a long period of time. Proposed by HQ. Issued by Executive.
Medal of Honour Given to anyone that makes an exceptional contribution to IVAO. Issued by BoG in special cases.
Creativity Given to anyone creating artwork like logos, badges or presentations related to HQ. Proposed by PRD/PRAD. Issued by Executive.
Virtual Sky Creator Given to active and distinguished contributors to IVAO-owned media outlet: Virtual Sky. https://virtualsky.ivao.aero. Issued by Public Relations Department.
World Tour Creativity Given to WT Advisers and contributors for creating World Tours. Proposed by WTD/WTAD. Issued by World Tour Department.