18:00 - [05 MAR | 09z - 18z] [NL] Schiphol Sunday

Every first sunday of every month the Dutch division organize Schiphol Sunday.

Expect full ATC from 09:00z to 18:00z

Plan your VFR or IFR flight from or to EHAM Schiphol.

Full ATC staff is available to guide you through Dutch Airspiace.

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18:00 - [05 MAR | 10z - 17z] [IT+HQ] [PDE] Verona Model Expo 2023

After the ROMA vCRAV, another great classic of our division returns: the Verona Model Expo

Saturday, March 4 and Sunday, March 5, 2023 from 10z to 17z (11-18LT),
one of the most anticipated network events returns to the skies of IVAO, which will affect the airports of:
LIPX Verona Villafranca, LIPZ Venice Tessera and LIPL Ghedi.

Waiting for you, full ATC coverage and lots of flights to schedule, for an afternoon of full immersion "As real as it gets"
Let is all check back in together, in fact, a vCRAV will be organized for this event, for a fantastic weekend with friends!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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20:00 - [05 MAR | 16z - 20z] [ES+HQ] Virtual Airlines fly to the Paradise

Virtual Airlines are a fundamental piece of our division. They are a place where our pilots can simulate the real operations of their preferred airline, fly to countless airports that no real airline would ever fly, or train you from scratch all the way to flying today most famous airlines.

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