00:00 - [TR] TR Online Day

IVAO Turkey Division Online Day Event

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00:00 - [IT] Italy Online Day

EVERY Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm you are all invited
to choose your preferred FIR airport that you will find in the calendar.
You can't miss it! We are waiting for you!

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03:00 - [MX] MMUN-MGGT One way airbridge

Fly MMUN-MGGT starting at 0300 UTC

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17:00 - [RELAY+SK+PL] Santa's Urgent Delivery II

Dear pilots, listen up! After very succseful event last year, when we had 164 total number of traffic during the event across the 3 airports, we are bringing you the same event also this year, just with a small change! Christmas is right behind the door and the last presents are being delivered around the globe. There is one small problem though! Santa leaves for his tour around the world soon and he needs a help from you to deliver the presents from Slovakia and Poland! Therefore, the presents have been stacked up in airports of Bratislava and Warsaw, and they need to be delivered to the port of Gdansk, where Santa will pick them up and deliver them to their destinations. You, in your pilot groups, will pick the presents from the Bratislava airport and head to Warsaw, where the presents will be combined and prepared for their final destination, Gdansk.

You as the pilots will split into teams of two, where the first pilot will fly from Bratislava to Warsaw. Right after the first pilot lands in Warsaw, second pilot can take-off from Warsaw and head to Gdansk to finish this relay.

As Santa is too good, he decided to give a prize of 4 products to two randomly chosen teams. One team = two pilots, one product for each pilot. That means, that just a week before Christmas, 4 of you will be leaving this event with even a better mood after receiving the prize from our event sponsor - Drzewiecki Design.

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17:00 - [RO] Romania Online Day

IVAO Romania invites you to participate to "Romania Online Day" every Tuesday between 17:00 and 20:00 UTC.

To obtain the Romania Online Day ATC badge you must control in 25 sessions during the online day.


Members outside of the RO division must have GCA.

Each control session will be reported in the MODA System under the ODATC20 Tour.

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17:00 - [UA] Ukraine Online Day

IVAO Ukraine is pleased to announce the start of Online Evenings in Ukraine! We're waiting for all of you every Tuesday from 17:00z in Ukrainian airspace! And stay tuned for further updates as we have many interesting things to come!

For charts and sceneries refer to our website: http://en.ivao-ua.com/

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17:00 - [HU] Hungarian Online Evening

Hungarian Online Evening, every Tuesday 17:00 UTC - 21:00 UTC.

Hope to see you there.

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18:00 - [DE] German Onlineday

German Onlineday 2020. Available every second Tuesday.

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18:00 - [SK] Slovak online day

IVAO Slovakia invites you to join our Online Evening every Tuesday from 1800z till 2000z. For charts and sceneries, visit our divisional website.

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18:00 - [CZ] Czech Online day

Fly to fully controlled Prague FIR! Charts can be found on link below.

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18:00 - [SI] Slovenia Online Evening

IVAO Slovenia Online Evening every Tuesday from 1800UTC till 2100UTC. We welcome you to our airports.

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18:00 - [SI] Santa's Pilots

We would like to welcome you the last event in our division for the year of 2020. As it is few more days until the Christmas holidays lets bring all the Santa's presents to Ljubljana! Lets celebrate the Christmas holidays all together and let's take a step towards the year of 2021.

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